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Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 20 : Fight, Flight and Might
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A/N: Hey, all! Updating pretty quickly for this and I hope you really enoy it. Next chapter, you meet Mr. Benjamin Malfoy! ;)

The hectic race to the Potions room seemed to take a lot longer than Albus would have liked as he and his companions tripped, cursed and nearly fell over on one another in the corridors. Hogwarts was starting to settle in for the night and he knew that if they didn't settle this issue and get his Cloak in the next few minutes that some smart Prefect, perhaps Louis from his own House, would dock points. Though the thought did make him wince a little, considering that he and his friends were in a lot more trouble than he could possibly fathom, it didn't slow him down.

By the time that they were all skidding down the corridor towards the Potions room, Rose and Sue Corner still dripping with bucket water, his heart felt like it was about to explode. The Potion room door was open slightly and as they neared it, he was able to detect that earlier foul stench, “If this is what Wolfsbane smells like, then I'm surprised that Zabini hasn't keeled over!” Rose gagged, putting her robe sleeve to her nose.

Sue Corner agreed. “It was bad earlier in class but now its just noxious!” she coughed and Albus had to nod his head at that, knowing from the sudden greyness of Scorpious's cheeks that he might just vomit.

Lavender was the only one who didn't seem to be too affected by the smell, though he thought he saw her eyebrows curling. “I wonder how long it'll take before he finishes boiling them all?” she asked around wrinkling her nose.

“I have no idea, it depends on how much Wolfsbane he's making at one time, Patil. But from the smell of this, it won't take long, the whole castle is going to smell for weeks at this rate!” Rose said, coughing a little.

Albus gave her a pat on the back as they slowed their steps and slinked to the open Potions door. Carefully and feeling Scorpious stabbing him in the back with his wand, he crept closer and peeked inside just as Roxanne Weasley poke her curly head out, making them all jump, “There you are! I told Peeves to get you ages ago!” his cousin said in a sharp whisper.

“Sorry, but he probably took his time on purpose!” Rose managed to gasp in a wheeze as they regained their breathing. Roxanne gave her a worried look before roaring with laughter at the sight of Sue Corner dripping with water, appearing like some river monster that Albus had seen on TV. “Roxie!”

Roxanne coughed into her fist, looked over her shoulder warily and then slipped out of the room. Scorpious had turned pink at the sight of her but Albus was too busy rubbing Lavender's back worriedly as she tried to catch her breath, “There's been some trouble in here, you know,”

“Where's Zabini? What's going on?” Albus asked impatiently while Lavender began to turn a normal shade of brown again. For a minute she'd been rather green and he'd worried that she would throw up, “isn't he in there?”

Roxanne placed her hands on her hips importantly. There was a very annoyed frown on her face, “Yeah, he's in there all right—Merlin, do you guys know what its like being in there with that smell?” she asked, making a face as the stench hovered over them like a cloud. “Anyway, not only that but I think he has mice or something, I could hear scratching in the walls. Bad sign, that,”

“Yeah, we know about all that but did you manage to give him the Knock-You-Out Drought?” Albus asked impatiently, thinking that the very world hung on a very thin thread.

Scorpious managed to shove the others out of the way to get to Roxanne's side, where she draped an arm around him with a laugh. He seemed awfully smug just then in Albus's opinion, “Don't get testy with her, Albus. She's trying her hardest.”

Sue Corner rolled her eyes, looking more like a drowned squirrel by the minute and Albus saw Lavender smirk. “Oh, shut up, Malfoy.” Rose snapped at him, looking oddly disgruntled as Roxanne gave his blonde head a fond little pat. He grinned happily up at her, “Roxie, sorry to break up your moment with the ferret but did you manage to knock Zabini out?”

Roxanne gave her a sly look that Albus didn't really understand, thinking girls were just weird like that. “That's the problem. You see, I managed to slip the Knock-You-Out Drought into his tea when he got up and turned his back for a second but the problem is, there wasn't a lot in there like I'd thought.”

Albus felt a little panicked at the words and understood now in more clarity what “no sleepy for Zabini” had meant when Peeves had told them. “So it didn't really knock him out?” he asked his cousin.

Scorpious had practically glued himself to her side and Roxanne seemed distracted but eventually said. “It took a long time but he eventually passed out. Its just that now we have to really hurry up and get your Cloak because he can wake up at any time,” she informed them in all seriousness.

Rose looked aghast. “We'd better get in there then!” she said and started, despite the smell, to go into the Potions room. “We're going to have to be really quiet,” she hissed.

Albus said dryly. “Yeah, cause you're doing a great job of that.” Lavender laughed a little as she followed after Rose, Sue Corner slipping and sliding as she tried to keep up, her black hair turning into thick tangles. To Roxanne, he said, “are you going to come in with us?”

Roxanne had been making herself busy cooing at Scorpious, who looked like a besotted slave. She stopped promising him the world long enough to usher them all into the room, grinning happily, “Sure, sure. I'm the only one who can perform a Summoning Charm anyway.”

Scorpious had swaggered into the room looking awfully pleased with himself and Albus said to his cousin. “Why're you flirting with him anyway?” Roxanne had taken out her wand and was twirling it lazily between her fingers, “he's going to be impossible to deal with even more than usual.”

Roxanne choked on her laughter and made a shushing motion to remind him to stay quiet. The Potions room was a tad cold and there were only a few lanterns lit, giving the stations and other inanimate objects an eerie shadow, “Oh, he just reminds me so much of Benjamin. And he seems like a nice enough kid—that's all you can hope from coming from the house he grew up in,” she said with a sad little sigh.

Albus supposed she knew quite a bit about the Malfoy's since she was dating Scorpious's older brother. “So is it true about their grandfather being sort of, you know, not there?”

Roxanne gave a slight nod while the others started looking around the Potions room, darkly fascinated. “Yeah, its really messed up. He thinks that little Malfoy is a prince or something, Benjamin was telling me a lot about it but it might be smart not to mention it often, okay?” she asked pleadingly and Albus nodded.

As much as it upset his friend, he would be careless to nitpick. “I won't say anything Roxie, you don't have to worry.” His cousin gave him a fond little smile before he turned his attention away, feeling slightly better. As he looked further around, he gave a jump at the sight of Zabini passed out in his chair, his face planted onto the surface of his desk, a tray of tea, sweets and cups lying carefully nearby.

The girls had warily moved closer to him, each of them looking as if they would run the moment he twitched. Scorpious was inching towards his desk and Albus and Roxanne walked over, his cousin looking over her shoulder expectantly, though he wasn't sure what she was waiting for. “Merlin, I didn't think he could sleep,” his moody blonde friend said to them, watching as Zabini let out perfectly human breaths.

Though his arms were at his sides and he looked, in Albus's opinion like a murder victim, he didn't look particularly uncomfortable. Roxanne snorted in amusement, giving them each a sign to stay quiet and Rose shot Scorpious a venomous look. “I think he was about to keel over eventually, he was pretty tired when I came in.”

“What did he make you do?” Lavender whispered to her in concern, looking around for some sign of torture devices. The stations were clean though and Albus saw no sign that his cousin had been maimed and felt himself growing very confused.

Roxanne thought about it while Rose took in the sight of the tea and treats suspiciously. Their cousin took a bit of cake and popped it into her mouth, “Nothing really. We talked for a minute and he asked me how my mum and dad were and if I was still dating Benjamin since he hates him.”

“Who doesn't?” Scorpious asked dryly.

Roxanne shot him a little frown and he flushed in embarrassment. While Albus was staring at her in disbelief, still trying to understand what he had heard, his cousin went on, “Anyway, I don't know if you little monsters know but Zabini was in an accident about a year ago and he's been having a lot of problems. That's probably half the reason why he's been so nasty this year,”

“Isn't he mean all the time?” Sue Corner asked while mentally seeming to debate if it would be safe to start the search for Albus's Cloak in the man's robes. Rose looked very wary as she wandered around to the back, her face green, “I've never seen him smile or anything.”

Roxanne was holding out her wand curiously, as if unsure where to start before answering the girl. “I'm not going to lie, he's a pretty grumpy bloke but he's not as bad as everyone says—Accio Invisibility Cloak,” she said distractedly, giving her wrist a very clever flick.

Albus waited hopefully, feeling his heart pounding nervously. The others waited patiently and after a minute or two, he heard something banging and bumping in the drawer of Zabini's desk and Rose jumped, “He's had it in his desk this whole time—the prat,” he snapped while rushing over.

Roxanne followed, pushing a panicky Rose out of the way gently. Albus had never been this close to Zabini before and stole a glance at him, finding it to be the scariest moment of his life.

He tried to open the drawer where his Cloak was trying to free itself, the banging and bumping making Zabini stir. “Out of the way newbie,” Roxanne said importantly while digging into her hair and withdrawing an ordinary hair pin, “leave this to the professionals,”

“What's that supposed to do?” Scorpious asked doubtfully.

Roxanne had moved Albus out of the way, much to his protests as she bent carefully, the drawer still bumping and banging. Zabini stirred more forcefully this time and the girls exchanged worried looks, “Don't you know anything baby Malfoy? All the best thief tricks come from Muggles.”

Lavender looked very impressed by this while Rose and Sue Corner glanced at one another worriedly. Albus knew that they were probably very upset about the thought of not only breaking the rules, but also the fact that Roxanne had enough experience to have done this more times than once.

With stealthy skill worthy of the most trained and prized thief, Roxanne inserted the pin into the lock of the drawer. She gave it a little wiggle here and there while humming happily to herself.

Albus's palms were starting to sweat and with the horrible stench in the room, it was getting hard to breathe. While he wondered if they would each pass out, there was a scratching sound behind the walls again, “Mice again,” Roxanne muttered with a furrowed brow.

Albus didn't know why, but he found himself wandering over to the source of the noise. There was a rather large bookshelf filled to the brim with vials and tomes but he could hear the scratching come from beyond there, imagining mice in between the ancient stone and wood. “Sounds really weird,” he said to his friends.

“Why don't you two go wait outside and be lookouts? I can smell the stink of your fear, its distracting me.” Roxanne said while looking up and giving Rose and Sue Corner an aggravated look. They'd been fidgeting and tapping their feet, “go on, we'll be all right and by the time Zabini wakes up, my distraction will keep him occupied.”

Rose and Sue didn't look as if they minded that so much and he watched his cousin nod at Roxanne importantly. “Okay, we'll be just outside if you need us,” she said while dragging a damp Sue out of the room, “come on Sue, let's see if I can dry your hair off,”

Roxanne snickered a little before going back to work, sweat breaking out along her brow. “Weasley is awfully serious,” Lavender said while walking up to Albus, who was still listening to the mice behind the wall. Scorpious had stayed with Roxanne, admiring her skill, “strange about mice being in there don't you think?”

Albus turned his attention to her with a confused frown. The scratching was still going on, sounding a little desperate, “Why?”

Lavender shrugged a little. “Well, its a stone wall. How would they get trapped in there like that?” she asked and Albus had to concede that she had a point. “Unless there's something behind these bookshelves, I hate to think that poor little mice are stuck back there.”

Albus wondered if she would feed them to Sheriff if she got her chance but never got to ask. Just as Roxanne opened the drawer with a triumphant crow, Zabini muttered angrily in his sleep and a bolt of terror went through them all, “Hurry, hurry,” Scorpious whispered frantically while Albus's cousin dug around in the desk.

Zabini's body was stirring more and more and Albus could see, even from where he stood that his eyes were opening. Panicked by that, he and Lavender rushed over to his cousin and Scorpious just as Roxanne pulled out the luxurious shape of his Invisibility Cloak, the sight of it soothing him immensely.

“Got it!” she said happily and before they could say a thing, she was on her feet, ushering them out. The Misfits crossed the room faster than humanly possible with her at their back, Zabini threatening to wake any moment as he groaned and grunted, “out, out! He's going to wake up—dammit Peeves!”

Albus didn't know why she was cursing the poltergeist but they somehow managed to get out into the corridor in one piece. Rose and Sue Corner had been whispering in worried tones but jumped nearly three feet in the air at their sudden appearance, “W-what's wrong? What's going on?” Rose demanded tightly.

Albus made a motion for her to stay quiet, pointing behind him towards the Potions room and whispering frantically. “Zabini is waking up, we've gotta get out of here!” he said and Rose's brown eyes got very wide while Sue Corner's jaw dropped.

Scorpious pushed it roughly back up. “Don't scream Corner or he'll know we're out here,” he snapped in an angry hiss. Lavender looked warily over her shoulder and he took her arm to get her attention, “come on, I'll drag you if I have to.”

Albus frowned. “Don't do that!” he snapped angrily.

The sound of Zabini coming out o f his spell-induced slumber stopped Scorpious from responding. Roxanne had been watching them with impatient amusement but stiffened a little as the sounds of Zabini coming back to life grew louder and louder, causing the children to freeze with terror, “WHY IS THIS DRAWER OPEN—MS. WEASLEY!”

Roxanne cringed visibly, though Scorpious looked as if he might defend her if he had to. He even took out his wand as Albus's cousin, still handling his Cloak, yelled innocently back, “I have no idea what you're talking about Zabini! I was happily sipping my tea!”

Zabini let out a slew of curses that caused Albus to cover Rose's ears while Roxanne covered Lavender's. Sue Corner looked stunned while Scorpious had an oddly impressed look on his face, “DON'T YOU DARE LIE TO ME! TWENTY POINTS FROM HUFFLEPUFF—GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!”

Roxanne, sensing that the end was near, said hastily to Albus and the others. “You all get out of here, all right? My escape is going to arrive at any moment and he better not have forgotten!” she snarled while the sound of Zabini's steps drew nearer. “Take your Cloak, Albus and I'll see you lot the night before Halloween.”

He didn't like that she was going to get into so much trouble and hoped she would be all right. Uncle George and Aunt Angie would never forgive him if he didn't at least take credit and Freddie would give him the worst wedgie if he found out that he had gotten his baby sister into this, “Thanks, Roxie, you're the best!” he whispered while taking his Cloak from her.

MS. WEASLEY, I KNOW POTTER JR. PUT YOU UP TO THIS! YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO!” Zabini snarled viciously, his steps growing closer.

Roxanne motioned for them to run, shooing them. “Save yourselves! Get out of here and run as fast as you can before he spots you!” she hissed, looking as if she would be facing off with a horde of demons. A very dramatic expression entered her eyes and Albus thought she had never looked braver, “remember me as your favorite cousin!” she cried with a near swoon, turning around to confront her fate.

Albus and the others fled as fast and hard as they could.

Rose looked near to tears as they rounded a corner, all of them gasping, stumbling and tripping over their robes. “I hope Roxie will be all right!” she sobbed while the horrible sound of Zabini yelling in the distance bounced in their ears, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

Scorpious was appearing quite furious that he wouldn't be able to play the hero and Albus knew that he would harp about it later. “I can't believe we just left her! My future wife needs me!” he gasped as the paused to catch their breath.

They were a fair distance away but a few portraits were eyeing them curiously as they tried to suck in air. Rose's face had turned brilliantly pink but she managed to shoot Scorpious an irritable glance regardless, “She wouldn't marry you!”

“Like you would know!” Scorpious snapped at her, panting furiously.

Before Rose could say anything, her friend snapped. “Oh, give it a rest!” Sue Corner hissed while Lavender leaned against the wall for support. Albus gave her arm a comforting pat, “there's nothing you could have done!”

Scorpious shot her a look but nodded at Albus proudly. “Well, at least you've got your Cloak back, right?” he wiped a bit of sweat from his brow, flicking it at Rose.

Albus watched his cousin glower at him before saying, still rubbing Lavender's arm worriedly. “Yeah, I just hope Roxie doesn't get into too much trouble because of it, I don't know how she'll get away from Zabini.” He said as he took his attention away from Lavender to put his Cloak into his robes.

“Do you think she'll get expelled?” Rose asked worriedly.

Albus hoped that she wouldn't and he felt a wave of guilt. From this distance, they couldn't hear Zabini yelling at her but he knew that what she was facing couldn't possibly be pleasant, “I hope not, I mean, if she doesn't tell him what she did, she might not.”

Lavender pointed out weakly, looking truly winded. “But Zabini might expel her for lying. I mean, he was already mad at us for it,” she pointed out and Albus and Scorpious exchanged a horrified look.

“But I think Zabini actually likes your cousin, Potter. Why else would he be sitting around giving her tea and cakes?” Sue Corner asked as she managed to finally catch her breath. She looked like a drowned rat but there was a sharp edge to her face that made him wince, “he might just yell at her.”

Albus thought that she had a point, though he couldn't quite understand how pleasant sipping tea with Zabini could be. Then again, Roxanne hadn't seemed to mind but she had Peeves as friend too, which was just as worrisome, “Either way, we won't be able to talk to her until tomorrow at the latest. We've gotta make sure no one suspects us of doing anything, and if anyone asks, we were in the library.”

“Do you think anyone would believe that?” Rose asked in a slight panic.

Albus knew that he and Scorpious really wouldn't be the first ones that people would think of to be found in the library. But they had been in there a few times studying and in his moody blonde friend's case, falling asleep, “It'll have to do. I don't think anyone really pay attention to what the three of us do anyway,” he said, indicating his two friends.

“They should since you three make such a mess out of things.” Sue Corner said dryly and he shot her an irritated look.

Ignoring her, Albus was about to ask Rose if they would be heading back to Ravenclaw Tower when the loudest, most earsplitting explosion go off towards the staircase, “What was that?” Lavender asked in alarm.

Scorpious shrugged. “Do you think we should take a look?”

Albus nodded as another boom echoed down the corridor, causing various portraits to shriek in alarm. More curious than anything, he and the others rushed down the corridor towards the staircase, eager to see what the commotion was about.

They weren't the only ones either that were curious, Albus noted as groups of students came out of nowhere. Soon, there was a massive crowd in the corridor and Albus had to squeeze and push he and the others through, nearly stumbling as they finally halted near the staircase.

“Merlin,” Lavender murmured in shock, looking up with wide eyes.

Albus had never seen such a mess. Peeves had been spending his time tossing various furniture, dishes and even a suit of armor over the staircase, looking like a figment from a nightmare. The fact that he was wearing a pair of red panties only made the sight all the more surreal, “Bang, bang, bang!” the ghoul cried evilly.

“Oh, what a mess!” Rose cried, eyes wide.

Lavender said idly. “He looks like he's having a lot of fun.”

“I bet he is,” Scorpious said with a grin beside her.

Albus could only nod numbly while Sue Corner winced. “He's tearing the castle to pieces!” she cried, sounding aggrieved.

It was a horrible sight but the five of them were unable to look away, transfixed as Peeves went wild. He had made a pile of furniture and various other junk on the steps and was tossing as much of it over the staircase as possible and he could have sworn that he saw fireworks sticking out amongst the pile.

“What's going on?” a fourth year Ravenclaw boy asked furiously from behind the group. The portraits on the walls were screaming and a Albus saw a group of nuns swoon dramatically, “Someone should get a teacher!”

Albus could have sworn that he heard James say somewhere in the midst of the growing crowd. “And what? Ruin the fun?!”

“Do you think Roxanne was the one to tell him to do this?” Rose asked Albus in a tense whisper and he nodded, jaw falling open. Peeves was now tossing knives and forks in every direction, causing a few students to scream or throw up hasty Shield Charms, “I hope she knew what she was getting into!”

For some reason, Albus doubted that. Roxanne had set this up quite well but he was worried that it wasn't going to be enough and he worriedly hoped that his cousin wasn't getting the blood drained from her lifeless body, “Yeah, but I don't think this was the distraction she was talking about.”

“I don't think so either,” Rose said, appalled at the spectacle.

Albus was growing more and more worried, thinking that he might go back and check on her under the Cloak when Peeves cried. “Whoot! Whoot!” and snatched the portrait of nuns from the nearest wall and tossed it over the edge, the women screaming shrilly.

PEEVES!” Filch's gravely voice thundered as he stomped over, his ghost cat not too far behind and making several students recoil. Albus turned and saw the crone shoving awed and laughing students out of his way. “I'll have you exorcised for this!” the caretaker promised viciously, “I swear on my grave!”

Peeves took sight of the man and made a rather rude face that had Scorpious roaring with laughter. “Nope, nope, nope!” the ghoul cried tauntingly, doing a crude little dance with his red panties (Albus covered Lavender's eyes), “can't catch me!”

As Filch drew closer and the mass of students and outraged teachers began to crowd the corridor, the poltergeist snatched a few fireworks from the pile and zoomed over their heads. “You can have my matches!” James cried to the thing as he passed, holding up a box.

Peeves snatched them from him and Albus got a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. “Thank you, kind sir! Lady Weeeeeasley!” he crowed while an enraged Filch ran after him, shaking his fist and threatening all sorts of evil, “your knight shall save you!”

Albus and the others turned to see the ghost round a corner, Filch hot on his trail with his ghost pet. While various teachers and students complained and tried to create a bit of order, he whispered hastily to the others, “Let's get out of here and up to Gryffindor Tower. It wouldn't be good for Zabini to spot us out here if he comes looking.”

Rose nodded in agreement just as they heard an explosion of bangs and pops that could only be coming from the Potions room. Various students, teachers and portraits jumped in alarm as Zabini's furious voice bellowed, “PEEVES! MS. WEASLEY!” in a threatening way that made Albus oddly relieved that his cousin was all right.

He wasn't sure what she might be up to but he used the noise as an excuse to usher the orders through the large crowd towards Gryffindor Tower. They managed to slip away without anyone noticing and Albus felt a burst of satisfaction, the pops and booms still shaking the castle foundation.


The destruction left from Peeve's rampage caused quite a few rumors and entertaining stories for the next few days as Albus and the others prepared and finalized their plan for Halloween. It took a very long time to come up with a new and improved version of the original but with Rose and Sue Corner's help, the Misfits were able to broaden their ideas to new heights.

Albus wasn't sure if they would be able to pull it off now that the five of them weren't allowed at the Halloween Feast but he was certain that if they all remembered their roles, it would go smoothly. Smith would be looking over them during the dinner and he was such an idiot that Albus was certain that it wouldn't take long to get the upper hand on him.

Thought it had been hard knowing (And convincing Scorpious) that they would have to rely on Rose and Sue Corner, they really had no other choice. Zabini had his supply of Wolfsbane and the night they were to meet up with Benjamin Malfoy was also a full moon, causing Albus to think that any mistake could be a grave one.

There was really no room for disaster this time and with Professor Longbottom keeping an even more focused eye on the three of them, they all had to be on their best behavior. Albus and his friends tried, as hard as they could to act as normal—that resulting of course in more than one explosion, near-death and panties in each class.

Rose and Sue Corner had gone in the opposite direction, becoming very serious and a little stoic. Albus had told them once in the Gryffindor common room that if they continued being so stiff and unsmiling that their faces would get stuck that way.

Scorpious had said, in that rude way of his that he wouldn't have minded, which had caused Rose to harp and yell at him for at least ten minutes. Albus had broken it up, fearing that she would try to choke him again (She'd taken out her wand at some point and Scorpious had used Lavender as a shield).

His moody blonde friend had more than enough to worry about though in Albus's opinion. The day before Lavender's anticipated Quidditch match, the three of them had been wrestling over the last slice of bacon when Albus and Scorpious's owls had delivered fresh copies of the Daily Prophet. As Mason had stolen the bacon from them, the Misfits had opened and spread out a newspaper onto the table, noticing that it had announced the most terrible news:


Unrest at the Ministry?

The Daily Prophet is the first to announce that Rebecca Flint, a two year intern at Witch Weekly magazine was found murdered in an alley after being reported missing a week ago by her father, Marcus Flint. Flint, who had been hoping to see his only child become editor and chief was reported to be heartbroken when he received the news that his daughter's lifeless body had been found.

As you know, dear readers, the Death Eater child murders have swept like a plague across our country this past summer, taking with them six live so far, Rebecca Flint being the seventh. The rising panic over the perpetrator's continued freedom has brought many former Death Eater's to either hide in their homes or take drastic action at the Auror Department.

As you know, many former Death Eaters and their families were forced to register by the Ministry in order to keep track of their activities and there are suspicions that this has led to the current events. Vampires have been known to keep amongst themselves and have been limited to Britain in many years, causing some to speculate that either the beasts have returned or that all is not as it seems.

That leaves others to debate whether or not the Regulation and Protection of Magical Creatures Act is shielding this fiend, who, we fear may not stop killing anytime soon. With the growing panic, the Auror Department is flooded with former Death Eater's complaints, threats and are being hailed as the worst Auror's the Ministry has had in centuries as these murders spiral out of control.

With that, we must wonder if Harry Potter can truly handle this case and whether we all must continue living in fear of the day when the murderer comes after other, more decent children? There have been other worries of course at the Ministry with growing employee outbursts and a new rumor that there may be another gathering of Death Eaters on the horizon.

Rita Skeeter, our trusted correspondent asked none other than Harry Potter himself what he thought of this most troubling rumor and was declined a statement. We, however will keep you informed of any latest news regarding both the Death Eater child murders and the unrest in the Ministry, hoping that we all will continue as one to solve this dilemma—


“What a load of bull! They didn't even mention the girl after a while!” Scorpious had fumed, snatching the newspaper and crunching it into a ball. Lavender and Albus had stared at him in alarm, “no one cares about the kids!”

We do, Scorpious!” Lavender had cried firmly and he had glared at her a little before taking in their worried faces and nodding curtly. He had looked pale and sickly and she'd given him a loose hug (James had hooted), “we'll figure this all out, we just have to stick together.”

Albus had agreed with her, watching as Scorpious's face had turned back into a normal, healthier shade. There was a growing panic in his blood though and he prayed that his father and Uncle Ron would be able to take care of this situation soon but doubted that it would be as easy as that. “Try not to worry about it so much, okay, Scorpious?”

“I can't help but worry about it. Its my life we're talking about and I haven't even snogged Roxanne!” Scorpious had cried, looking grief stricken. Lavender had rolled her eyes a little while Albus had laughed.

Although Zabini hadn't made it outwardly apparent that he suspected Albus and his group, he had sensed his rage. Throughout each Potions class, it had been rather hard to ignore the feel of his penetrating stare, the stench of Wolfsbane in the room and his own failure at his poisons.

Roxanne herself had scraped by with her life intact, though she had told him that she and Peeves (Filch had been told by McGonagall not to exorcise him) were being forced to clean up the entire seventh floor girl's lavatory as penance.

Luckily for Albus, his cousin hadn't told Zabini a single thing about helping them get his Cloak back and for that, Hufflepuff had lost twenty more points. He owed her more than ten Galleons, his Chocolate Frog card collection (She wanted Lily for Christmas).

While Lavender had fallen silent, perhaps thinking about the growing problems and her Quidditch match, Scorpious had groused to Albus. “There's already enough going on without this too!” he'd tossed the Prophet at Sally Creevey as he'd said this, the bulk of paper bouncing off of her knit-clad head and making her howl with anger.

That had been more than true, as Albus had learned from Hagrid that the person taking down the wards was still out there. The half-giant hadn't wanted to tell him but after he had informed him quite earnestly that he and his friends had received more than enough punishments and wouldn't do anything about it, he'd given up the information.

It was worrying of course but that paled in comparison to what they might find out on Halloween and Albus had grown silent at the thought, knowing that they couldn't afford to lose.

Okay, next up for real this time is Audrey and her Weasley! Thanks again for stopping by. Much love. :)

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