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Dear Mr. Wizard God, Why do you hate me? Sincerely, Avery Willington by Crazy101
Chapter 4 : The Supreme lord of chocolate and awesomeness tries out for quidditch
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A/N: NOBODY reviewed nobody loves me I'm forever alone WAHHH!!! Will you make my day? Wait you probably won't 😓I just have to deal with it.oh yeah guys how awesome was that last cliffhanger? Totally rad right? Oh yeah you're giving me the silent treatment.


I slooowly turned around with my wand still out.

To my horror, the golden mask man,same one in my dream and same as my friends described, slowly reached out to me.

I was frozen in fear.


I finally came to my senses when he touched me. I shot my famous jelly-legs jinx, then petrified him.

His temporarily boneless legs were stuck out at an odd angle. He looked at me in the eye. His milky white eyes (freaky, right?) bore info mine and suddenly I started to feel woozy. I blacked out.

I was dead.

MWAHAHA JUST KIDDING FOOLS!!!! Bet I scared the poop out of you. Well, bet you're wondering what the rest of the story is.



I woke up in the hospital wing with light shining through the white windows. I felt eyes on me. I heard some whispers.

"You think she'll be alright?"

"Dude, she was dealing with TROMLEDOV."

"Point taken"

"Look what you've done you've woken her up days before schedule!"

When I opened my eyes, I found my awesome group of friends in a circle around my hospital bed.

"Sup?" I said weakly and grinned.

Dom tackled me in a hug. She began screeching,

I just laughed. Then I frowned.

"How long have i been out?"

"a week" fred said nonchalantly.

"A WEEK???!!!" i screeched.

"rose got all your schoolwork,Dont worry"

Soon, to my disappointment, madam Yerfmop (that name makes me laugh) cleared everyone out and thrust a cup in my hand.

It looked like the cat brought something in and someone put it in the blender. I choked it down (it tasted as horrible as it looked) and read a book.


The day Madam Yerfmop (hehe) finally let me go, I quickly changed out of those dreadful gowns and into my jeans and a t-shirt.

Tasha (nice roomie, if you forgot) made me a funny card and some chocolate. (CHOCOLATE. it is the worlds best invention. I could not live without it. Chocolate is my weakness in life. If the subject is chocolate related, I'm in)

The next day was Sunday. When most people were in the castle or going to hogsmeade, I was in what I like to call cat woman's lair (mcgonagalls office).

I was grabbing floo powder.

I was going to church, whether I'm a witch or not.

I was in my church clothes.

"Tunnel Church" I announced in the strange, green flames.

Imagine being launched off a canon,twirling,and nose clogged with soot.

Fun time.

As soon as everything stopped spinning, I collapsed on the church floor. I picked myself off and dusted the ash off my hair and off my sky blue dress. I stomped my white flats to get stuff from the bottom. I then entered the church service.

After we sang a few hymns, the preacher (brother Louie) started preaching about no matter what people said, you were you and I left, knowing that it was truer than true.

Brother Louie always knew what to say. I went into the little room and floo powdered my way back.

I went back to my dorm and changed into my regular clothes. When I was walking to Hagrid's Hut to have some tea, Potter following me, poking me every two seconds, me slapping him to cut it out.

the Trip Sisters were mocking me left and right.

"Oh look at you, little nerd who is clinging to James' side. Well you just don't know how pathetic and ugly you are" One girl hissed.

"Have you SEEN how blubbery she is?" Another girl laughed. She had a pointy face.

"Oi! Back off you lot!" James hissed and they retreated in surprise.

We got to Hagrid's, and I saw that he wasn't there.

"Ohshameheisntthereohwellseeya" I mumbled and took off to the lake.

Tears slid down my face as I sat under my favorite tree.

Tasha came up quietly and just sat beside me by the lake. I hastily wiped the tears away.

"Sorry, you weren't supposed to see that. I'm the supreme lord of chocolate and awesomeness"

Tasha just smiled.

I just burst out in tears again.

When I was finished, Tasha said quietly,
"Whatever happened, know this: you are the supreme lord of chocolate and awesomeness and you can take anything."

I just hugged Tasha.

"Thank you" i whispered.

She just smiled and left. That was exactly what I needed. I smiled through the tears, and left.


The quidditch try outs were today.

I signed up for chaser.

Potter's ego keeps getting bigger and bigger each day.

I want to put him in a catapult and shoot him across tea-and-crumpet-world.

Anyways, I changed into a bright green tank top and running shorts. I had my hair in a high ponytail, with my delicate loops bouncing with every step. I grabbed an old,muddy school broom and headed out.

To my great disappointment, Potter was the captain. When he saw me, he did that little smirk that sets all the other girls crazy.

For some reason, butterflies appeared in my stomach. you're just nervous about getting on the team, I thought. I let it go since i had a quidditch tryout to do.

I did a silent wand less jinx to make his pants fall down.

I know, mature.

The whole quidditch pitch laughed (the girls giggled). He turned red and hastily yanked them back up.

Now,for chaser, it was me against some snivelly fourth year and a muscly 7th year guy who wasn't the brightest star in the sky.

Well this will be easy.

I easily grabbed the quaffle and made 3 goals.

Everyone gaped.


When the quaffle got tossed to snivelly, he screamed and dropped it.

I easily caught it and made another goal.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have our team! Tasha as keeper, Dylan"(Dylan is the hottest guy of our year,he's also real sweet)" and Fred as beaters, Lily,Dom, and Avery as Chasers,and I am the seeker! Great job everyone!"

Dom and I shrieked and jumped for joy.
Sang a hyperactive Dom.

"Practice tomorrow, 3:00 am sharp,you'll get your uniforms"

We all groaned.

That next morning, I put on my regular quidditch outfit (we haven't gotten our uniforms yet) and headed out to the pitch with Dom,lily,and tasha (she has been officially part of our gang now,we had a meeting and everything).

Fred looked kinda disappointed.

"Aww, we have our uniforms." He sighed dramatically.

I realised he had been looking at me and slapped his arm playfully.

What can I say? He's my homie!

(and if you hate, even just a little bit, I will jelly-legs you)

We all got our uniforms and changed in the locker rooms.

We all headed out.

Potter started with this long, dreary speech.

Fred drools when he sleeps.

"50 laps,now" Potter barked to the team.

I was done without a sweat with the fastest people,Dylan and Potter.


I drank a sip of water. They looked a little worn out.

"A little worn out, Potter?" I called.

He glared while I smirked. I waited for about 3 minutes (dang stragglers) until finally, everyone was on their knees at the finish.

Apparently Potter didn't like my triumph and made me do 10 more laps.

"As you wish, my lord" I bowed dramatically and started running again.

Merlin, he sure knows how to break a girl's legs.

By the time I was done, Potter was still giving his SECOND speech.


too early for this rubbish.

I plopped down, exhausted, with the rest of my friends.

"Not bad Willington" Dylan muttered quietly.

I smiled.

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