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The Piano by TheHallow
Chapter 3 : Intoducing Alice Smith
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Introducing Alice Smith

It’s the first weekend back to Hogwarts, I smiled as I woke from my four poster bed in Griffindor Tower.

It’s good to be back, I’ve missed this place.

As I got up to get dressed, I noticed that everybody else was already up,

Thanks for waking me

When I got down to the Great Hall my best friend, Alice, was already sitting eating her cereal while reading the Daily Prophet. Alice, has a blonde pixie cut and is from America, she moved here when she was ten, one year later she found out she was a witch and got sent straight to Hogwarts. Her family was thrilled; American’s tend to love things like magic and fairytales.

I sat down across from her and said, “Anything interesting?”

Alice chomped away on her food, she finally replied after a billion years, “Meh, not really”.

Setting aside the paper she leaned against the table and drew her face closer to me, “I noticed Scorpius was chasing after you on the train the other day!” with a gleam in her bright green eyes that I knew oh so well.

“Ugh! Don’t even go there Alice. I just caught Parkinson on his lap and he saw me and I wanted to avoid getting teased!” I tried to justify what happened but …

“PAH!” Alice huffed, “Yeah right! I also saw him lean against the bathroom door you ran into and murmur something! Tell me right now! What did he say?” Alice is waaayyy too persistent.

“Nothing! He didn’t say anything!”


When Alice wants to know something she will find a way to get it out of you eventually.

“Fine!” I exclaimed! “I’ll tell you later! You’ll find a way to get it out of me anyways!”

She beamed and started doodling on the Daily Prophet, as if she won the Quidditch cup!

“Soooooo, how was your summer?” I asked her. She glowered.

“Samantha and I… got in a fight.”

“WHAT!?” Suddenly the hall became quiet, and everybody was looking at me. “eerr sorry carry on with your knitting!” I keep forgetting I get a little too loud.

“Tell me what happened?!” I said in a smaller voice.

“I called her and her friends Immature and what not.” She said while leaning on her hand watching her swirly doodle on the Prophet.


“Well they were being annoying! They would interrupt me and they would squeal every time they saw a cute boy down the street and I got sick of it!” She began to rant a little but stopped herself. She is still trying to break her ranting habit I suppose.

“Oh, Alice… Did you have to say that though?” I began doodling on the prophet with her it was a thing we liked to do every once in a while.

“I didn’t say it to them! I told Samantha! And then she tells all her friends and they all team up on me cussing at me and calling me a no life, boarding school, nobody.  If I wasn’t a witch I would have taken that boarding school part really offensively!”

I chuckled at that part; Alice always found a way to make some conversation a bit lighter with her jokes and such.

“Then what happened?” I said as a doodled a bee on her flower she drew.

“Then she told me we weren’t friends anymore. And that was that.”

“I’m sorry Alice”

“It’s perfectly fine! If she was going to let her friends treat me that way then I guess it is best that she isn’t my friend anyway! It just sucked that we’re neighbors because I saw her and her new 'best friend' playing around in her pool all summer. But it’s fine at least I still have my best witch friend!” She finally finished.

I felt bad for my best friend. She was so light hearted, yet so easily offended.

We both fist pumped the air in a ‘like a boss’ matter and said “Best Witch Friends!” then bumped fists making a noise similar to a bomb exploding. That was something we liked to call our ‘secret handshake’ but only everybody else new exactly how it went so it wasn’t exactly ‘secret’.

We both got up and went out to the library, we both loved to read, it was a hobby we shared. And that was actually how we met! We were both in the library when we accidentally reached for the same book, ever since then we had been sharing books like a secret book club.

“So what’s on your schedule this year?” I asked her.

She replied “Probably all the same as yours unless you have taken a new subject like ancient runes or something dumb. But I did add muggle studies on my schedule!”

“And that’s not dumb?” I asked her. She sometimes said the most contradicting things.

“Is not!!” she exclaimed. “It’s an easy A! Plus I can’t wait to laugh at the mistakes the teacher will make!”

“Oh. Alice.”

When we got to the Library we both sat down near the back and exchanged what we had been reading over the summer. Alice scrunched her nose looking at the title of mines, since it was a cheesy title, but then looked at the summary on the back and nodded her approval. I looked at the book she was reading and scoffed.

“A zombie novel?”

“Yeahhh I know, but it was okay, the writer was obviously an amateur though because she kept getting her guns mixed up but I don’t think that would matter to you since we don’t need guns.” She explained to me. She always justified whatever she did or does, but I find it amusing and I like the explanation.  

As I looked up I saw bright blonde hair facing away from me a few aisles down, reaching for a book,

 Well, this just made my day.

Alice turned and looked in the direction I was looking, she turned back to me and gave me that same mischievous smile and gleaming green eyes. “Soooooo, are you going to tell me what happened on the train, Rose?” She said pronouncing my name a little louder.

“Alice!” I hissed. “Don’t you dare!”

“Oh you know what I’m talking about! I saw Scorpius chasing after you!”

I looked over at the back of Scorpius’ head and saw he was looking up from his book his ears perked up.

Thank you so much Alice.

“I-It was nothing, nothing happened! It doesn’t matter!”  I said it loud enough so Scorpius could hear. I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea that I was gossiping behind his back!

Wait since when did you care about Scorpius’ feelings?

“I’ll tell you later!” I hissed at Alice. “Come on! Let’s go someplace else!”

After I put the zombie book in my bag I grabbed Alice’s wrist and just as we were leaving I saw Madame Pince giving us a cold glare over the book she was reading. I smiled in apology and dragged Alice into the closest empty classroom.

“Why would you do that!” I turned on her.

“I just thought it would be fun to torment him a little, I mean he has tormented you since we first got here why not torment him back?”

“Because!” I snapped at her, sometimes I can sound so much like my mother, “I don’t want him to get the right idea and find the need to tease me back!”

“Oh please!” she drawled, “He hasn’t bullied you since third year!”

There was an awkward silence, I was stuck she caught me good, he hadn’t teased me in over a year now, and it was rather odd but I guess he just had better things to do.

“I guess I’m just not worth teasing anymore!” I reasoned with her.

“pfft” she replied, “You’re the perfect person to tease!”


“Are too…”

“ugh, let’s just drop it please!”

“Fine!” she exclaimed getting bored.

“Have you been playing still?” she finally said.

“Yeah I played a bit yesterday” I replied.

Alice was the only person, besides my brother and cousins of course, who knew that I was the ‘Mysterious Music’. Since she is muggleborn she believes I am a true prodigy. I still don’t know if I am, It’s not like I take some test to figure out if I am or not.

“Good, never stop playing.” Alice always encouraged my skills, especially my piano skills.

I knew I could play some Violin and Oboe, but I truly loved the Piano.

After a few seconds I said, “Wanna go find Albus and play some exploding snap?”

“I wouldn’t miss it!” She exclaimed and we both ran towards Ravenclaw’s common room in search of Albus.

Neither did they know a certain Blonde Slytherin was standing just behind the door.


I was having a pretty uneventful morning so far. I woke up, ate breakfast, and went to the library. Jewely Parkinson was trying to flirt with me again and Zane Zabini ignored me as usual. We both agreed on being silent friends, we never really talked together, but we did eat together and study together, we also shared our classes together. We just enjoyed having the silent company, we didn’t have to be alone, yet there wouldn’t be somebody to ‘chat it up’ when we needed silence.

After I ate, I pleaded Zane with my big grey eyes to distract Parkinson for me, he sighed and put down his book, giving his best fake smile to Jewely he asked her a question and I made my escape as she began going on and on about her summer. I owe him one now. Even though I have no idea what kind of trouble he could possibly get into.

I strolled into the Library and looked up a book in the muggle section; I was rather intrigued in the Chronicles of Narnia. When I heard a voice say:

“Soooooo, are you going to tell me what happened on the train, Rose?” My head jerked up from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair and I listened intently. Even though I could tell Rose’s name was called out specifically for somebody to hear, the subject caught me off guard.

“Oh you know what I’m talking about! I saw Scorpius chasing after you!”

It was the voice of Alice Smith, her voice was quite distinguishable when she wanted to be, and her mischievous character seeped into her voice.  

“I-It was nothing, nothing happened! It doesn’t matter!”  I heard Rose’s pleading voice.

  She hates you.

I then stared at the title Alice in Wonderland: through the looking glass intently when I finally heard the scuffling of chairs, I turned to see Rose dragging Alice out of the Library.

I being the cunning Slytherin I am, couldn’t bear staying in the library when I knew Rose was going to be gossiping about me to Smith.

So… I followed them, I smoothly put my book back on its shelf and strolled out of the library, saluting to the Librarian… Madame something I forget her name. I saw Rose pull open the closest abandoned classroom and throw Alice inside. This is just too easy.

I leaned next to the door and listened…

…After their conversation the door bolted open and I stuck out my hand to catch the door from slamming on my face, because a black eye was not very Slytherin like. And I closed it.

Playing what? Quidditch?


Hey there whoever is reading this! This chapter is much longer than the first two! I know that those first two chapters weren't all that juicy! But hey my creative flow is starting to build up!

Anyways! I Have already started writing the fourth chapter and I will submit it right after this chapter is validated! 

A comment on suggestions or what you would like to happen will be really helpful! 

You might just see your idea in the story! :P

*I used the titles*

"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair" by: C.S Lewis and

"Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass" by: Lewis Caroll

All rights are reserved to them




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The Piano : Intoducing Alice Smith


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