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The Art of Divination by marauder5
Chapter 1 : The prediction
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Beautiful CI by bonkers&co@TDA!



The small room in the Auror Department of the Ministry of Magic was dimly lit. Two torches spread their flickering light over the walls, and the figures of the four people who had squeezed together in the tiny office cast long shadows over the wooden floor. There was very little furniture in there, because the office hadn’t been used in a long time. Only a worn desk in dark wood, full of scratches and ink stains, stood by the wall under the window, which was placed high up on the wall. A chair had been placed next to the desk for this special occasion, and a woman was sitting in it, staring blindly into a large crystal ball.

One of the men standing by the wall whisperingly told the others that she was “one who sees clearly”, and that they, with her assistance, would finally put a stop to the rising murder rate that they were dealing with. Every now and then he stopped his whispering and adjusted his glasses or scratched his chin while studying the old woman’s face as a wrinkle formed on his forehead.

“Clairvoyance”, he then whispered with a complacent look on his round, shiny face. “It’s been the solution to our problem all this time, and who came up with it? I can tell you this much: Harry Potter never even mentioned it when he was Head of the Auror Office!”

He got no response from the others. The one standing next to him, a lank, grey-haired man, whose long fingers tapped impatiently against the doorframe, eyed the woman with suspicion.

“She sure is taking her time”, he said in a coarse voice. “Are we paying her by the hour, Barrett?”

The first man, Barrett, looked offended. “Are you questioning your superior, Marwick?” he asked.

The skinnier man lowered his head, and everyone returned to staring at the old woman. She was leaning over the table, staring into the crystal ball from just a few inches away. Her hands gripped the tabletop so tightly that her knuckles whitened, and her entire body seemed to be shaking. Barrett nodded as he watched this, as if he was happy with the result, but the sceptical look on Marwick’s face didn’t go away.

“We’ll show the Daily Prophet, alright”, mumbled Barrett with his eyes fixed on the divination ball. “Saying that they should have chosen someone younger to take Potter’s place as Head Auror… as if I won’t do the job ten times better than any of the youngsters that they’ve let in to the Department…”

Marwick looked like he was going to say something again, but before he had even opened his mouth, a loud noise coming from the old woman stopped him. She gasped for air, and her fingers dug into her own skin as she threw herself backwards, away from the crystal ball. She wailed with pain as she hit the floor with a loud bang.

“Oh dear”, she said, her voice shaking. “Oh, Merlin…”

Barrett hurried over to her, grabbed her thin arm sternly and pulled her to her feet. Completely ignoring the frightened, distraught look on her face, he crossed his arms over his chest, raised his eyebrows and said:


“He’s going to kill her”, the woman wept. “He’s going to murder his wife.”


A/N: This is a very short chapter, but it's also just the prologue, and the rest of them will be a lot longer (and more eventful). Please leave a review and let me know what you thought of it so far! :)

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