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Falling in Love With Him by witch23
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Okay, so everyone knows who I am and who my best friends are. It's common knowledge in the wizarding world. In fact, I'm even mentioned in a few books, but that is beside the point. See those books are actually about my best friend, Harry Potter, and the authors of these volumes never interviewed him or any of the rest of us for that matter. I'm pretty sure everyone has seen Rita Skeeter's new book; Harry Potter: The Boy-Who-Lived or the Boy-Who-Got-Lucky? She dedicated a whole chapter to the "love triangle" between myself and my best friends. Harry and Ron. Let me just say that is utter rubbish. Yes, after the war I dated Ronald Weasely and yes we talked about marriage. But after a few months I realized that nothing had actually changed betweeen us. Other than the fact that we were living together at the Burrow. I don't really count that as living together as the rest of his family was there also. We never slept together. In reality I don't think I ever got over him leaving Harry and me last year when we were out trying to find the Horcruxes so that we could destroy Lord Voldemort. I had wanted to give him a chance, but we were not meant to be together. As for Harry, I don't think I ever saw him that way. I was closer to Harry than Ron, but that was because Harry would attempt to listen to me. Oh, look at that, I got off track. Anyway the point is you can't always believe what you read in a book.

I have decided to tell my story myself because I think there are things that people need to know about me. One, I pride myself on being a know-it-all. Two, I'm not as brave as everyone thinks I am. Three, I happen to like being known as the brightest witch of my age. And four, I happen to be falling in love with someone who was on the opposite side during the war. My friends know the first three, but I haven't found the courage to tell them the fourth. So much for being in Gryffindor where the brave at heart dwell. I'm not a coward per se, but I am living with Weaselys. I don't want to oust myself just yet. I have had a difficult time since the war ended.

Immediately after the war and all the celebrations I had decided to go to Australia and find my parents. I fully intended to reverse the spell that I had put on them before leaving with Harry, but once I got there I saw how happy they were and I didn't want to worry them. I had never told them about how close to death I had come in my time at Hogwarts. I knew that if I reversed the spell they would see what kind of hell I had been through that year and I was afraid they might insist on my leaving the world I belonged to and rejoin them in the muggle world. So that's how I ended up living at the Burrow. I can't afford my own place yet and I want to finish my education.

My education is very important to me. I lost a year going off to fight the war, but a lot of people lost that year. Hogwarts is reopening in a couple of months and I have decided to return for my seventh year. Ron and Harry will be joining me there. It took some convincing, but I finally told them that it would be a good thing to go through N.E.W.T. year so that they are fully prepared for when they go to join the Auror Office. Personally, I don't know what I'm going to with my life, but I do know that whatever it is it will be easier with a full seven year education under my belt.

Alright I know a lot of you are wondering how in the midst of everything I managed to fall in love with my enemy. I think it started when we were caught by the snatchers last year and taken to Malfoy Manor. I saw him in different light when he refused to recognize us. Yes, I'm speaking of none other than Draco Malfoy.

A/N: I own nothing but the plot and any OCs I put in here. Please don't forget to leave a review. And I apologize for any typos as I'm not used to using my phone to type anything this long. Thank you for choosing my story.

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Falling in Love With Him: Chapter One


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