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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 2 : First Encounters
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Chapter 2

Rose’s foot smacked hard against the red punching bag, as she spun around kicking it again with her other foot. The sweat was dripping down her face, neck, arms, and stomach, making all the parts of her skin that were showing glisten in the light. She didn’t know how long she had been in the facility and she honestly didn’t care.

Leaning forward she punched the bag repeatedly feeling her hands starting to bruise. Hey, that was all she could focus on, not even a hey how are you, just a simple hey, that was all she could muster up. One wouldn’t believe her surprise and shock to see Scorpius Malfoy come strutting into Cornell’s office two days ago. Sitting down in the room, she could hardly say a word, having no recollection of signing the partner agreement even though she had a copy of the form sitting on her desk. Hey, that was all she said to him, and as far as she was concerned that was all she was going to say to him until he got his stubborn arse back to a portkey site and was on his way back home to London.

“So whose face are you picturing on that thing?” His voice asked from behind her.

Rose didn’t speak as she hit the bag hard enough to make it move a considerable amount.

Scorpius sighed, and crossed his arms; he had to admit seeing Rose was less than ideal especially since his current situation was already sensitive. He turned around to see Matt as he only shook his head advising him to not continue to push Rose, although little did Matt know that he was probably one of the only people who knew how far he could actually push Rose Weasley. “You know you can’t just ignore me forever, eventually you are going to have to talk to me,”

She didn’t even flinch as she continued to hit, kick, and torture the poor bag. Scorpius could feel himself becoming annoyed by her childish attitude, he didn’t plan on this happening but if working with her was part of his job then he was going to do it whether she liked it or not. She still ignored him attacking the bag with all her wrath as she made a slight growl. He watched as she focused all her rage onto her current task, “That’s it.” Scorpius mumbled quickly placing his arms around the bag in a firm hold, so that it was forced to stay in place. He wasn’t trying to provoke her but he sure as hell wasn’t going to put up with this attitude from her for the next six months.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she almost shouted meeting him in the eyes for the first time since he arrived in New York, only to quickly glance away to focus on the bag again.

“You need a time out,” he said sternly “Children get time outs and seeing as how you are acting like a four year old…”

“Excuse me!” Rose said. “You think that I am acting like a child?”

“Well children do generally throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.”

Rose’s mouth dropped as she felt her hand ball up into a stiff fist of rage. Going back to being silent she kicked the bag hard enough so that it was forced to push from Scorpius’ grip, punching the bag several times in a row with her fury.

Scorpius shook his head realizing that maybe calling her a child wasn’t the best tactic in the world even though that was how she was acting. One thing that would never change is that Rose Weasley doesn’t take insults well and he had crossed that line. 

Taking a slightly calmer tone he said “Rose I get that your pissed but…”

She stopped moving raising an eyebrow to him “Pissed is that what I am,” she gave a sarcastic laugh “I’m pissed when I misplace my wand.” She glared at Malfoy, while punching the bag “I’m pissed when Carla uses all the hot water when I want to take a shower.” Rose stopped what she was doing and grabbed her water bottle that was sitting on the floor. Taking a large gulp she shook her head “This isn’t pissed, this is infuriated.”

Scorpius becoming more irritated leaned forward “Well I’m sorry that seeing me makes you so infuriated but you might as well get used to it, because until my contract is up I’m not going anywhere, and there is not a damn thing that you can do about it.” Scorpius spat.

“I could write my father,” Rose threatened.

Scorpius narrowed his eyes “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Really,” Rose said realizing that she had the upper hand, “Try me,” she tempted.

Scorpius paused a minute replaying her words in her head, giving a smirk he leaned his head in closer to hers “You can make that empty threat all you want, but at the end of the day you won’t do it.”

“And what makes you think that I wouldn’t” their faces were so close that they were almost touching.

“Because if you do that then you give your father the satisfaction of knowing that you still need him,” Scorpius raised his eyebrows to see if he was right and judging by Rose’s lack of a reaction he assumed that he was.

She stood still, almost as if someone had poured ice water down her back “What are you doing here?” she whispered, watching as he averted his gaze away from hers, straightening his posture almost seeming as if he was uncomfortable by the thought.

“That’s none of your business,” he said professionally, he took a look around the facility noticing as all the other Aurors minded their own distance but they still observed him as he was the outsider. He sighed deciding that he wasn’t going to get anywhere with Rose acting the way she was, turning around he headed for the locker room.

Rose was stunned by his response, in a way he didn’t owe her a answer but she rushed after him “Hey,” she yelled tugging on his shoulder hard enough that he was forced to turn around, “You waltz back into my life, I get to know why you’re here.”

Scorpius fumed “You’re not getting the answer to that, the point is that I’m here and I’m not going back to London anytime soon.” Yanking his shoulder from her grasp he continued to walk away.

Rose stood still, she wasn’t sure what had come over her, but the next thing she knew she saw her water bottle flying through the air towards the direction of Scorpius smacking against the back of his head and he froze “Scorpius Malfoy don’t you dare take another step towards that door without giving me an answer.” She yelled to his back.

The room was silent as all eyes were glued onto them. Scorpius turned around slowly taking four large steps toward her so that he was towering over her “And if I don’t?” He asked in a dark tone.

Her eyes narrowed as she quickly swung her arm in the direction of his jaw. “Damn you’re a lot stronger than I remember,” Scorpius said rubbing his swelling jaw, slightly impressed because she in no way looked like she could possibly throw a punch that hard.

“Yeah well a lots changed since the last time you knew me.”

“Oh really?” Scorpius asked quickly grabbing a hold of her arm forcing her to spin around as he pulled Rose close to his body wrapping his muscular arms securely around her upper body, holding her captive “Doesn’t seem like that much has changed.” Noting the fact that her weakness was still being taken off guard.

Rose struggled against his body, his bare chest touching the skin of her spine only making her current situation worse because he instinctively tightened his grip around her. She looked at her fellow coworkers as the had now officially stopped what they were doing and gathered in small groups. “You are really going to regret it is you don’t let me go?” she seethed.

He breathed calmly, too calm as he leaned his head in towards her ear. The hairs on her neck stood up as he emitted warm humid air against her moist skin. Scorpius made a slight grumble of a laugh “You forget Rose, we used to do this for a sport.”

Rose felt as his abdomen pressed against her spine slow calm breaths sucking in and out, as chills ran through her. Sweat trickled between their two bodies, closing her eyes she turned her head into his direction lifting it up slightly so he lips could meet his ear, feeling his body becoming rigid behind her, he still clasped her “You’re right we did,” she whispered each word sharply so that each puff of air would hit against his skin. Opening her eyes she smirked meeting his same provoking gaze.

Rose raised her right foot along his leg feeling his heat as it radiated through the dampness of her skin clutching yoga pants, quickly she slammed her heel into his foot catching him off guard enough to loosen his grip on her.

Willing for enough space she elbowed him in the ribs, as he let go of her. Turning around he wasn’t crouched over like most people would be but his face said that he was shocked. Swinging her leg into the air he caught her by her calf an inch before her foot could make contact with his face.

“I’m not going to fight you,” Scorpius stated, noting that the only barrier between their two bodies from touching was her leg which was firmly grasped above his head.

“What nervous that I might actually be able to beat you?” She gave a sinister smile.

“No,” He shot quickly meeting her eyes with a sharp look “I just know that I can hurt you.”

“You’ve hurt me before what’s so different about now?” she pushed determined. Scorpius let out short breathes, he didn’t answer he only stared at her. Her heart went racing with that look, “That’s not a reason.” She whispered, knowing his excuse for not fighting her. Scorpius didn’t let his eyes fall.

Taking a deep breath Rose sighed attempting to recompose herself not meeting him in the eyes “If I win you leave and go back to London.” Scorpius shook his head advising her not to do this, “and if you win,” she tempted raising her eyebrows, catching his attention. “I work with you and mind my own business.” Scorpius was strong but she was sure that she could beat him, she knew that the London Auror department didn’t require as much physical fitness training as the New York department.

“You’ll drop the bloody attitude.” Scorpius added.

“Do we have a deal,” she asked leaning her head in.

Scorpius thought for a moment, his heart pounding hard against his sternum. Releasing her leg “Deal,”

“Good,” Rose said grabbing ahold of his neck and tackling him to the ground.

“Well that was a cheap move,” he mumbled as she positioned her hand around his neck.

“We’ve never played fair before,” was all she said before she punched him in the nose.


“What’s up with Weasley and the new guy,” Grey Holms asked coming up behind Carla and Matt.

“No clue, but I’m assuming that she knows him.” Carla said leaning over the railing to better observe the fight that was going on down below on the gym floor.

Matt looking slightly concerned didn’t pull his eyes away from the fight as he said “What gives you that idea?”

Carla crossed her arms “You don’t attack someone like that and not know them.”

“Last time I saw her that angry I hid for a week.” Grey commented as a few more Aurors clumped around the railing at the top of the bleachers.

“Well in her defense you didn’t tell her that you were using her as live bait to get the guy.” Carla defended watching as Rose straddled Scorpius’ abs, while she dug her knees into his sides. “Quit going easy on me because I’m a girl!” she heard Rose yell, followed by a large pounding noise of her fist connecting to his face again. Carla laughed, Rose hated it if she fought a man and he didn’t fight back, to her it was the ultimate insult.

“I swear if he hits her I’m going to be pissed,” Matt said in a protective tone.

“Oh she’ll love it and you know it.” Carla stated, knowing that Rose had taken out guys twice as big a Scorpius Malfoy, and still remained unharmed. “It will fire her up to make her want to kick his ass more, which from the looks of it doesn’t seem like it will take too much.” Noticing as he already seemed to be slightly put off.


Scorpius placed his hands on Rose’s stomach, letting his fingers lead the way as his arms began to snake around her bare hips and back. Gripping her tightly, he tugged forcing Rose’s upper body to press completely against his as he rolled over on top of her.

His body weight was crushing as he covered her, squeezing her thighs tightly around his waist she locked her feet firmly. Scorpius remained still for a moment, making sure that he had her trapped tightly beneath his body so that she couldn’t move. His head was pressed to the crook of her neck as he took in the thick air from the enclosed space, his heart raced as he felt the pulse from her neck rapidly thumping. Her body convulsing under his as she struggled to become free. His lips barley brushed the skin of her neck but he could still taste the salt that was perspiring from it. Closing her eyes Rose gasped as he shifted his face up, the tip of his nose skimming her check as he pressed his forehead against hers.

Rose was forced to breathe when he did, the weight of his muscle pushing tightly on her lungs. Slow heavy breathes she opened her eyes to meet his, both of them inhaling the same air.

Scorpius couldn’t speak as he let himself adjust to how close he was to Rose. “I don’t need to hit you in order to win.” Sweat skimming down his forehead and on to hers, their bodies molded together. He had her pinned to the ground, with no chance of letting her go anytime soon, taking a deep breath she did the only thing she could. Swinging her head out from his she pummeled her forehead into his, hard enough that the sound was heard all around the gym.

Scorpius pulled his hands from under her, standing up and crouching forward as she jumped up, staring him down as she leaned forward slightly to punch him. Scorpius moved his head backwards avoiding her hand, maneuvering his elbow knocking her arm out of its path, taking a step forward so that she was forced to go backwards. Raising her other arm he blocked it as well. 

“What you too much of coward to hit me back,” Rose yelled, annoyed that she was the only one actually attempting to fight, all he was doing was defending himself.

“Believe me I don’t need to hit you in order to win this.” He said sternly.

Something in that statement, the way he said it so sure of himself made Rose want to kill him “Oh really,” she spat with a rabid look in her eyes “Prove it,” balling her hand up as tight as she could letting all of her aggression fuel it. She was going for a right hook either, she was aiming for the middle of his face, not caring if she might break her own hand in the process. Leaning back to get a little more force she shot her fist at him knowing that there was no way that he could block her arm.

Closing her eyes she felt as it smacked into something hard, the cracking noise so loud that it almost sounded like someone had apperarated. Her fist throbbed achingly as she felt herself unable to pull it back towards her. Opening her eyes she saw Scorpius standing a foot from her his own hand held out in front of his face with her knuckles firmly pressed into his palm, his fingers clenched around the top of her fist. He had a dangerous look in his eyes and a scowl on his face, “This is me proving it,” he said not giving Rose the chance to respond as he fought the tension in her arm and Marched her backwards so that her back was slammed into the wall.

Raising his knee up so that it was jabbing into her stomach, twisting her arm she yelped shocked by the pain as he constrained her fist and pinned it against the wall above her head.

Rose clawed against his arm with her other hand watching as his blood seeped onto her finger nails, but he seemed as if he didn’t even notice that she was done it. Grabbing a hold of her other hand Scorpius cuffed it with her other hand pushing harder on it so that there was no chance of her wiggling free. Gliding his other arm across the slippery skin of her chest he held her down, so that she couldn’t even push her head forward.

He breathed slowly adding some pressure to the arm that was against her neck, he wasn’t pushing on her hard enough to actually hurt her, but she defiantly couldn’t move out of the position. Rose was stuck, every defensive part of her body had managed to be pinned down by Scorpius Malfoy and there was no way out.

Her face was plastered in sweat, as she felt his breath sweep across her face, for a moment she felt chills pulse through her, from the familiar position and she was unnerved. Squirming slightly nothing moved. Scorpius narrowed his eyes as he added all of his body weight against hers. “You forget I know your weaknesses, which is the best weapon to use against a person.” He whispered softly, his breath brushing a cool breeze against her skin blowing a lose piece of hair from her forehead.

She looked into his eyes, those grey blue eyes that used to numb her senses, he jerked his head back his pale blond hair reflecting the beads of sweat that were dripping from the tips, his whole body plastered in sweat. Raising his eyebrows he pushed his knee further into her abdomen fisting his hand around her wrist to the point that he hands were starting become red, he held her gaze as he waited for her to admit defeat.

She waited a moment before she said “Six months and your gone?” her voice barely audible.

“Six months and I’m gone.” he answered slowly, his heart pounding from the fight but racing because of how close he was to her.

Rose took a shaky breath forcing her eyes away from his, loosening his grip on her she yanked her arms free pushing him away from her as she stormed out the door. 

A/N: So I hope you liked it, and for those of you who read Fighting Temptation I hope you enjoyed the little shout out to chapter two of that story, although it isn’t as mean. So Rose… she definitely has some aggression going on there. I hope I did a good job with it, I was going for a fight scene but with some passion in it so please let me know if I succeeded by reviewing.

Thank you so much for reading, NEXT UPDATE will be in two weeks. Please Please Please Review.

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