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Wolf Calling by onestop_hpfan18
Chapter 1 : Decision
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

  I hadn’t expected this. I had gone through life without being noticed, that was until my supervising healer approached me. He told me that I didn’t have to decide right away, but that I should still get back to him before the week was up with my answer. My head was still spinning. I still didn’t feel like a healer having finished my training only months previous, yet my supervisor seemed to think my brains could help aid the research in finding the werewolf behind a string of attacks on children. It was bollocks that.

It made me wonder if any of the other healers from my training classes had been recruited or if I was the only one. If it was only me they were recruiting, then what had they seen in me that could be of use to their research? I mean, aside from finishing my training at the top of my class there wasn’t anything special about me. I was twenty-three and I still got picked on by my sisters for crying out loud. I was nothing, a zero. Yet they had seen something in me.

Me, the bloke who couldn’t even land a date; imagine that. But that’s irrelevant. The point was that my supervisor thought I could help the research move forward. Right now the research team had hit a dead end. Maybe they needed me because I was great at the science part of researching. I was good at science because I liked how everything had a scientific conclusion. Maybe the reason my social skills was lacking was because I thought too much.

My mum worried about me. She said I focused too intently on my work. I told her that I had to if I wanted to excel in my career, but she said that I could still excel if I allowed myself more time to socialise. But she didn’t get how demanding being a healer was, how much people looked to you for answers. It was the whole reason I had wanted to be a healer. Being the youngest, I was never looked up to. At least as a healer I could be the one looked to for the answers.

But that still didn’t mean I was ready to join a research team that was working with both the Aurors and the Werewolf Control Unit to find the werewolf behind these attacks. My uncle Harry was Head Auror and he said they had no leads whatsoever about who was running around infecting these poor children; they were all scrabbling around in the dark on this one. The children would definitely be my main motive for accepting if I did. Who would ever dare attack a child? Children were defenseless, innocent.

I had basically already made my decision based on my need to help avenge for these children being infected, destined to turn into werewolves every full moon for the rest of their lives. I was the bloke, after all, who donated spare knuts to children in need even when I was barely making enough to squeak by when I was still in training.

Aside from wanting my voice to be heard, the other reason I had become a healer was to help people in need. Being the youngest in my immediate family, not counting all my cousins because there are far too many of them, I liked to think I could get down to a child’s level enough for them to open up to me. Heck, I was still a child myself. Just ask my Dad and he’d tell you that I still couldn’t do my own taxes; or even my Mum because I still brought my laundry over every weekend for her to wash. For someone who was supposed to be smart, I was still quite dependant on my parents.

Another factor to consider in making my decision was that my Dad had been bitten, too. Of course he had been bitten by a werewolf who was still in his human form, which was why he didn’t shift on full moons. Instead the only thing my Dad felt was restlessness on the day of the full moon; and he had an appetite for extra rare steaks. He had it lucky. Yet he didn’t. But my brother-in-law wasn’t so lucky, or rather his son wasn’t.

I had known Teddy since I was old enough to remember people. He and Victoire had always been friends, but they had started dating the summer before Victoire had started her last year at Hogwarts. But I digress. Teddy’s father had been a werewolf and passed the gene on to his son even if Teddy never had shifted himself, he still managed somehow to passed it on to his son. My nephew was only three and he had been through more pain than I ever had; just on full moon nights alone. It was curious, then, how exactly lycanthropy was passed on; why would it skip Teddy, but not his son? It was enough to hurt my brain just thinking about the science behind the study of werewolf genetics.

But the main point here was in finding a conclusive DNA strand that would tell us whether the werewolf behind the attacks was registered. If he wasn’t registered then it almost seemed like all the work being done to find out who was attacking these children was pointless. I mean, I’d still put my everything into finding the sick bastard that was responsible for ripping a normal childhood from these kids, but was I smart enough to work alongside the Healers that had already had years of experience under their belts? Probably not; I was, after all, still fresh out of training. In fact, I was still assisting my supervisor for crying out loud. But how could I ever be ready to move forward in my career if I didn’t at least try when opportunities like this one were offered to me. I had to try because if I didn’t I could never forgive myself for letting it pass me by.

I guess you could say I had just made my decision right then, but I had no intention of running to tell my supervisor just then. No, I decided, I’d sleep on it. Of course, I was working the night shift so it wouldn’t be until after the sun had risen that my head touched my pillow. But those were details.

“Louis, what are you doing just standing in the hallway?”

I turned on the spot to notice my supervising healer staring at me. “I, uh, was just coming to find you.” I hoped that I didn’t look as much like an idiot as I sounded. Maybe I shall explain. See, my eyes had a tendency of widening for no apparent reason when I was startled. Or even nervous. Actually, my eyes would widen anytime, no matter what emotion I was feeling; it was annoying. I only knew about the tick because my sisters teased me about it when I was a kid.

“Well, get in here, then,” Healer Newman said.

“What’s the issue,” I said, trying to sound professional.

I say trying because really there wasn’t anything professional about me. Or at least that’s the way I felt a lot of the time. Despite the fact that I wore these lime green healer robes with the bone and wand insignia over the left breast pocket, I still felt like an imposter, like any second I would wake up to a completely different life.

“Apparently Ms Granthen had another dizzy spell,” Healer Newman told me as we walked into the room, then addressed the Ms Granthen. “You just can’t stay away from us, can you, Ethel?”

“With healers as attractive as you fine young men I’d like to see you try to keep me away.”

I laughed nervously. So I’m used to old ladies hitting on me on a fairly regular basis, but women my age didn’t typically find me attractive. Or at least that’s how I saw it since they never seemed to notice me in that way, or any way for that matter. I supposed I’m not anyone’s type except for old witches who fainted on a regular basis just to land themselves in St. Mungo’s overnight on observation. Yeah, I was living the life.

“Yeah, my fiancé finds me dashing, too,” Healer Newman said.

“Enough of this fiancé business,” Ethel said. “Run away with me.”

“I don’t think your husband would be too thrilled with that idea.”

“Oh, he’ll get over it,” Ethel said. “You come, too, Louis.”

“Uh,” I said, unsure of how exactly to respond without hurting the elderly witch’s feelings.

“Always the shy one,” Ethel remarked of me. “I will break through that tough shell of yours soon, I promise you that. Just ask Thomas.”

Healer Newman shook his head, still wearing a grin, as he measured out Ethel’s nightly dosage before handing it to her. While the witch drank the potion down, Healer Newman ran his wand over her body, assessing any changes in her vitality before marking the check-up off on the clipboard that hung at the end of the bed. There wasn’t much left for me to do, which was why I hated that every healer had to complete a certain number of hours with a supervising healer before they could practice on their own. I was so close to completing my supervision.

“Louis isn’t as shy as you’d think,” Healer Newman said. “He’s just reserved, but he can talk your ear off when he’s in a chatty mood.”

This was sort of a lie, sort of not. I could talk a lot, but only when I had something to talk about. That said, there was little I felt like talking about outside of my circle of friends. Or maybe triangle of friends was more accurate since I only had two friends, who also happened to be my flatmates. But I preferred to keep to myself, especially at work. The last thing I needed was to get intertwined in the gossip mill that changed on a daily basis among the staff here at St. Mungo’s. If I had to hear about who hooked up with whom one more time, well, you get the picture. I didn’t like gossip one bit and I tried my damn best to stay out of it.

Though there was this one girl in training that had… no, I’m not going to say. To say anything would be to spread gossip and I’m against that. I honestly couldn’t really tell you what the current gossip was because I tended to tune it all out. I find it easy to block out unnecessary things. In a way, I lived inside my own head, though that just made me sound crazy. Anyway, I digress.

“You’re on watch on the children’s floor this evening,” Healer Newman told me when we were back in the hall. “I’ll be checking in with you every couple hours to make sure everything is running smoothly. If any medical issues crop up you’re to page me over the magi-com, and I’ll come straight away.”

“Of course,” I said. “Wouldn’t dream of trying to save a kid’s life before paging you to inform you of what’s happening.”

“Louis,” Healer Newman said, eyebrows raised.

“Yeah, yeah, I know what to do, Thomas.”

“You’re almost finished with your supervision,” Healer Newman reminded me. “I know you don’t like it, but it’s mandatory for a reason.”

“Of course it is.”

I felt less a healer when there was someone watching me, critiquing everything I did wrong. It made me feel inadequate. It was helpful, which was why it was mandatory, but it was also mind numbing. Being supervised made me feel as though I were a charmed toy, acting the way the supervisor directed me to act. There were times I felt like I was Thomas’s puppet because he always seemed to parrot what he wanted me to do and since he’s my supervisor I had to listen and do as he told me to.

At least I was stationed on the children’s floor that night. That was probably the least busy of our floors currently, the most hectic being the Dai Llewellyn Ward. The few occupied rooms in the children’s ward held a boy with Spattergoit, a girl still recovering from the enlargement charm that had caused her to swell up hours ago, and a girl with a fever and ailment—she still hadn’t been diagnosed. The most recent werewolf bitten children were up in the Dai Llewellyn Ward.

I hated it on that ward. Being up there always made me feel helpless because often times there wasn’t anything we could do for the patients except give them potions or rub a solvent over their injury or, in the case of those bitten by a werewolf, help them get accumulated to their new lives. I got frustrated when there wasn’t a definite cure for something.

That’s probably going to be the key that helped me decide on whether I accepted my supervisor’s offer or not. Even if there was no cure, I still felt like I had to at least try to find the werewolf responsible for the crime.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this first chapter of my new story. It's definitely different from what I usually write so any and all feedback is welcomed. Thanks for reading!

On a side note, here's the family tree I'm working with (which is the same as my last two next generation fics):

Bill Weasley -- Fleur Delacour
Victoire Weasley  (29) married Teddy R. Lupin (30)
Dominique Weasley (25)
Louis Weasley (23)

Charlie Weasley - single

Percy Weasley -- Audrey Clearwater {younger sister of Penelope}
Molly Weasley (II) (27) {married}
Lucy Weasley (21)

Fred Weasley - deceased {RIP}

George Weasley -- Angelina Johnson
Fred Weasley (II) (25)
Roxianne Weasley (23)

Ron Weasley -- Hermione Granger
Rose Weasley (24)
Hugo Weasley (22)

Ginny Weasley -- Harry Potter
James Sirius Potter (II) (25)
Albus Severus Potter – (24)
Lily Luna Potter (II) (22)

Luna Lovegood – Rolf S. had two sons, Lorcan S. and Lysander S. (twins) (22)

Neville Longbottom – Hannah Abbot had a son, Frank Longbottom II (22)

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