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The Sight by Xaria
Chapter 3 : First Day
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Chapter 3: First Day


The sun pierced through the window beside her bed. Delphia groaned and opened one eye, there was a crack between the curtains of her four poster bed where the light was shining through. Peeking out she saw a girl with short brown hair digging through her trunk, Alice Prewett. The bathroom door swung open slowly and Lily walked out wearing her new Gryffindor uniform.


Delphia groaned again and pulled out her own uniform and trudged slowly into the bathroom. After taking a very warm shower she faced herself in the mirror, sighing deeply. Her reflection was just another reminder that she could never be normal. That she lived a cursed life. Once she finished brushing her long hair she quickly turned away and walked out of the bathroom. The two other girls had already woken up, a tall blonde with her friend that had unmistakably dyed blonde hair that was way too yellow to be natural.


“Delphia, Alice and I were about to head down to breakfast, do you want to come?” Lily asked from the doorway. She nodded to them and followed them out of the dorm and down the stairs. The common room was nearly empty, except for a few older students lounging on the sofas across from the warm fire.


But outside the portrait of the fat lady Alice stopped, her eyebrows furrowed. “Um, does anyone remember where the Great Hall is exactly?”


“Oh, uh, I think it's down this corridor...” said Lily, sounding unsure of herself.


Delphia rolled her eyes, “It's down that corridor, make a right and there's the staircase. The Entrance Hall is at the bottom on the first floor.”


Alice and Lily looked relieved as they lead the way to the staircase. By the time they had gotten to the Great Hall more students were already filing inside to sit at their house tables.


“Lily! Lily come sit with us!” a voice shouted from the middle of the Gryffindor table. Lily's cheeks turned scarlet.


“Do you know him?” whispered Alice.


“James Potter, he and his friend Sirius Black sat with me on the train. Oh he is so annoying!” Lily growled and plopped down at the end of the table, trying her best to ignore the outburst from James.


Delphia cocked her head to the side as she took a seat on Lily's right. James looked a little crestfallen when she made it plain that she didn't want to sit with him. He turned to his dark haired friend and muttered something. The boy, who she assumed to be Sirius, had shaggy black hair and silver eyes. He was rather attractive (as attractive as one can be for such a young age), but he looked awfully familiar.


Fixing her attention onto the food in front of her she began to make a small stack of pancakes coated with maple syrup. Shaking her hair away from her mouth, she began to eat. Delphia listened to Alice and Lily talk excitedly about their classes and teachers. Suddenly a mass of black feathers fell from the sky and landed on top of Alice's toast.


“Ew, get off you stupid bird!” groaned Alice and shoved the owl off her plate. The owl shook his feathers and hopped over to Delphia, dropping a letter onto her lap.


“Oh, Memphis. Sorry this is my owl.” said Delphia as she quickly opened her letter. Memphis clicked his beak impatiently. She pushed some hashbrowns towards him where he gulped it down gratefully.


Dear Delphia,

How are you? I know it's your first day at Hogwarts and I just hope you are doing fine. I sent Memphis on his first mission to deliver your letter. Hopefully he got the right destination! Owl me after classes. (I don't want you missing any just to send me a letter.)

With love, Your father


Delphia folded up the letter and put it in her pocket of her cloak just as McGonagall was going around handing out schedules.


“Miss Fay, Evans, Prewett. Here's your timestables.” she said, handing the three girls each a parchment.


Lily read off her list. Alice grinned happily as she mentioned she had the same classes. Delphia looked down at her own schedule.


“Well I guess we all have the same classes.” she smiled.



Potions was down in the dungeons, where the only light was from torches. Outside the only windows was green water with fish swimming by. The dungeons were clearly beneath the Black Lake. Delphia sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. Shaking her head to keep her hair in front of her face she looked up as some more students arrived. Instead of red and gold colors of Gryffindor they bore the green and silver colors of Slytherin. Lily immediately went to Severus's side and animatedly began to talk to him. Delphia noticed the other Slytherins sneer at her red haired friend and she suddenly felt a surge of anger.


“Oy, that girl's hair is blue!” one of the Slytherin's shouted. The heat of anger was swiftly taken over by the cold icy feeling of dread. Delphia felt her cheeks burn up and she looked down at the cold stone floor. Their laughs and remarks pierced through her skin.


“Leave her alone!” snapped Lily, her face red with anger. No longer next to the Slytherin boy she stood beside Delphia, her wand out and pointed at the Slytherin first years. Alice on her other side was glowering, but her hand clutched tightly around her wand in her pocket.


“You nasty mudblood, your blood is too filthy to know any spells!” sneered one boy with brown hair.


“That's enough!” boomed a much older voice. A large pudgy teacher waddled forward. “Inside everybody!”


Besides the tension that hung heavily in the air they all pushed passed each other to find a seat in the back of the classroom. Delphia took a seat closest to the door with Alice next to her. Lily on the other hand joined Severus in the front.


“I am Professor Horace Slughorn, your potions master. I'll teach you to brew potions to cure boils, stop death, and heal the wounded. Before I continue I must remind you that there is no fighting or dueling inside the corridors.” Slughorn nodded as if he felt proud to give such a presentation. He turned around to write on a chalk board.


Delphia, not feeling like taking notes, looked around the room. Chills ran up her spine and she turned around. A Slytherin boy with brown hair was gazing at her. His chocolate eyes narrowed in thought. He whispered something to the boy next to him. Delphia suddenly felt that if she didn't leave something bad would happen to her.


“Professor!” she called with her hand raised, pushing down her fears of being noticed.


Slughorn turned around, “What is it miss - ?”


“Miss Fairchild, sir. May I go use the restroom?” she asked quietly. Quiet chuckles were heard behind her, she glared at James and Sirius who were busy doodling on the table, their grins showing their unmistakable laughter.


“Oh, um, yes. Hurry back.”


Delphia hurried out of the door, her heart pounding in her chest. She tried to retrace her steps up to the Entrance Hall but the dark corridors inside the dungeons were like a cold deadly maze. Suddenly without warning something grabbed her hair, yanking her backwards.


“Where are you going, girly?” hissed the cold voice. It was the blonde boy from the train. His grip moved to her neck, shoving her into the wall. Delphia felt the cold stone against her cheek. Her heart hammered in her chest that she was sure he could hear it.


“Oh, Lucius, it took us a while to find her, now let me take a look at her!” said a female voice. Lucius forced her into the light beneath one of the lanterns, she gazed up at a girl much older then her. Her hair black as night and her eyes just as dark. “Are you sure this is Braxton's daughter?”


“I'm sure, Bellatrix, although she looks more like her mother.” sneered Lucius.


“Pity Braxton had to run off with that dirty bitch. I guess whores was always his taste!” spat Bellatrix.


Anger swelled up inside her. “Don't talk about my mother like that!” she screamed, squirming in Lucius's grip.


With a swift movement she had her wand in her hand, “Crucio!”


Piercing hot pain swelled up inside her, like every inch of her body was being stabbed with the sharpest of knives. Lucius covered her mouth as she hollered out in pain.


“Don't you talk to me like that you mutt!” sniffed Bellatrix, casually putting her wand back into her pocket. “Now let me see your eyes.”


Delphia's pain was too intense to protest as Bellatrix's cold inhuman fingers brushed against her forehead to push her hair out of the way. The two teenager's dark eyes cut through her skin. But consciousness was slowly slipping away from her. Their lips moved but all sound had left their mouths. Lucius let go of her once he was certain she would stop complaining. With a thud she hit the ground and finally the darkness swallowed her up.



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The Sight: First Day


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