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The Power of Being Vulnerable by AccioTeddyLupin
Chapter 1 : The Power of Liking Someone
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When reading stories, the boy usually falls for the girl who is his best friend, his enemy or the girl who has been 'basically' family since birth.

You never hear about the story where the boy fell in love with the mousy nerd who literally had no friends, not at Hogwarts or home.

So you will now understand how horrible it is when you tell James Potter and I quote 'I like you. A lot actually.' He probably thinks I'm some fan girl who wants a piece of his hair.

Which I'm not a fan girl, but now he probably thinks I am. And I don't want a piece of his hair. His hair should remained intact on his very handsome head.

You see, at dinner someone had slipped me a truth telling potion. I guess somebody thought it would be funny to slip me some. In other words, I would have never, EVER told anyone my feelings on them, especially the first born of the savior of the wizarding world.


Maybe it doesn't matter if you're not friends with him, or anyone for that matter. Maybe he will just forget about it, like he probably does with every other girl who is obsessed with him.

Well I'm not exactly obsessed with him, I just find him to be kind, loyal and absolutely, 100% gorgeous.

I'm just some Hufflepuff who happens to beat Molly Weasley on every text, I'm actually very proud of that thank you very much. I mean who doesn't want to beat the Head Girl on every single test?

Anyways as to not inflate my ego...Here are some reasons why I have no friends.

1. I'm blunt. I don't beat around the bush, I'll tell you straight up and along with that I have the weirdest sense of humor.
2. I basically spend all of my time studying. I want to be a Healer who accompanies Aurors on missions, so a Aurler or Hearor, if you will.
3. I don't really like people in general. Girls are backstabbers, Boys are liars. Plain and simple.
4. I'm an only child and so were my parents, so I really had no human contact besides my parents and grandparents till I was 11.
5. I'm a Hufflepuff. Most people try to stay clear of Hufflepuffs because they think we are hopelessly happy all the time which is untrue. We have our moments in let's say 'happy mode' but being a Hufflepuff is so much more than that. It's trying to have a positive outlook when other can't, being loyal, understanding and caring. But like I said before, most people and by most people I mean everyone, just sees the stereotypical traits of the home of the badger.

Wait! I have been so rude as to introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Arielle Elizabeth Marie Watson but my friends call me Elle. Well if I had any friends they would call me that.

7th year Hufflepuff in the house and I attend Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizarding.

And If you haven't caught on yet which if horrifying if you haven't, I'm a witch.

I have dirty blonde hair that goes halfway down my back and blue eyes that have this rim of green near the center.

My family is let's face it, rich. Being pureblood, both my parents received both families fortunes when my grandparents started to pass on.

Due to our 'place' in society, I had to learn the etiquette that was needed, such as how to ride a horse side-saddle, (Merlin, I wish i could just ride it like a boy, it's so bloody annoying!) to speak French, Spanish and Italian fluently, how to play a billion different instruments that I will never play again and those idiotic manners. But unlike all of the other children of pureblood decent, my parents hated it putting on a show, so I hardly had to use the manners the family detested.

My parents had met at Hogwarts. My mother being the innocent little Hufflepuff and my father being the macho and intelligent Ravenclaw. They began dating in their 6th year and they were literally thee perfect match or so how my godmother tells me.

After Hogwarts my mum went into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. She started as an assistant and she worked her way up head of the department. My dad on the other hand, was an exceptional quidditch player He holds the record for the most offers to play on a team in Hogwarts history. Eventually he chose to play professionally for the Chudley Cannons, his favorite team. Dad helped turn the team from it's major losing streak to winning the Quidditch World Cup, and it only took 2 years. After about 10 years of playing, with 10 World Cup wins, my dad realized that his true calling was to coach. The Chudley Cannons took him up on the offer and thats what he still does today.

After Hogwarts my parents continued to date for another 3 years before my father proposed to mum while on vacation in American. At the Statue of Liberty my father got down on one knee and asked mum to marry him and she said and I quote 'about bloody time." A year later they were married and another year after that, I showed up.

It definitely was the best day of their lives...

Anyways, I grew up in a town called Wells in England. My home was a victorian mansion that was excessively large for just 3 people to live in because it was my grandmother's dying wish, on my fathers side, that we live in the family home.

Surrounding the house was many, many, many, many acres of land. With multiple gardens, a rather large pool, many beautiful lakes, a barn that held my horse; Lucy, and trees upon trees upon trees. Although our land was pretty spectacular, I preferred to just read the vast amount of books in the library. The books ranging anywhere from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis to History of the Snitch by Miles Bungard.

Because the house was in the middle of nowhere, the Ministry of Magic couldn't pick up on any under-aged magic, so from the age of 6, I studied magic under the supervision of my parents. According to my father, he did the same when he was young. And by 1st year I could already perform non-verbal magic, and by 3rd year i could perform wandless magic.

Let's say I'm very advanced child. Naturally, I'm the best in my year.

Now that you know me we should get back to the problem at hand. I now have to keep away from James Potter at all costs, which is going to be pretty hard considering he is in every single one of my classes.

Why the hell does he have to be smart too! Merlin hates me, I know it!

But hey look on the bright side! We're 2 months into term meaning I only have to hide from James for 7 more months. And what's to say he will even what to talk to me? Like I said I'm just some girl in the background, and he probably doesn't even know my name, let alone want to speak to me.

Okay, I have concluded, James Sirius Potter doesn't remember me and I am 100% in the clear.

what up.

review and tell me if it's crap or not(;


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The Power of Being Vulnerable: The Power of Liking Someone


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