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Love's Vengeance by AHarryTale
Chapter 3 : Wondering
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I stared at Ron, I stared into his burning eyes. We stood there completely silent, it was only yesterday that we were talking to each other, like normal. Everything had changed, in one single day. But how did it all happen so fast? How did Ron find out about my pregnancy, before me as well? My brain ached, I had so much on my mind lately. Then I thought, all this stress can't be good for the baby! Hold yourself together Hermione.

I felt a sharp pain in my chest as my heart skipped a beat. We stood there watching each other, our faces were dull and lifeless.

From the corner of my eye I saw Ginny approaching, she was back from the kitchen. she was holding a tray, overflowing with a huge variety of different snacks. There was so much to choose from, it's almost as if she knew Ron would be here, and prepared some food for him too. Well actually, she most probably did know that Ron would be here, he's her brother, he's obviously going to visit her every once in a while! But when when she saw him, she didn't look very pleased, she looked very surprised to see him indeed...

Ginny also held a butterbeer in her other hand, she was struggling to carry it all. I'm guessing she felt the cold breeze drifting through the house, as she immediately looked over at Ron hunched over in the doorway. The wooden door lay there, completely demolished on the cold, wooden floorboards. She dropped the tray, I listened as I heard the glass of butterbeer smash into many tiny pieces. But I couldn't move my body, and I couldn't take my eyes off Ron; I was afraid, but I didn't know why. I felt like I couldn't let him leave my sight. I felt as though something bad was going to happen. Something terrible.

"What do you want?" Ginny asked calmly. Although, I could hear the anger in her tone. But why would she be angry with Ron?

"I'm here for my son." he stated.

"Hugo's here?!" I interrupted with my yelling, surprising the Weaslys, my throat taking a beating. Why had I not been informed? Why didn't anyone think of telling me, or even better asking me if it was okay? I'd been with Ginny for about 5 minutes, that's plenty of time, she could of told me that she had been taking care of my son! Then I remembered the conversation that me and Ron had the night before. Before the party when Ron told me that Hugo was staying with our old, close friend Neville. wasn't Hugo supposed to be staying with him?

That Ronald Weasly...

"I- I can e-explain..." he stuttered, his face that had previously been tense with pain and anger was now loosening. His eyebrows shifted as his eyes widened, he looked sorry. He pouted innocently. Wow, that really tugged at my heart strings, I felt my heart beat faster. His face alone was tearing me apart, I hated it when he used those puppy-dog eyes on me... He stared at me apologetically, I melted.

"Ron! I'm so sorry, it was a very last minute thing, so I didn't get the chance to tell you! I'm so sorry, he's upstairs, with Harry." Ginny sobbed, pointing towards the staircase, her arm was shaking. She was shaking all over, she slowly brought her arm back and covered her face with her hands as she cried. So it seemed that Ron hadn't known where Hugo was either... My gaze was now on Ginny, my mouth wide open. I was shocked, astounded. I couldn't close my mouth, I was astonished. How come she hadn't told me that Hugo was here? I began to grow very suspicious of Ginny. What a trustworthy and reliable friend she turned out to be...

Ron stood there, still. Frozen, as the wind whistled through the doorway, and then through his scruffy ginger hair. He didn't head towards the stairs, or even look at them for that matter. He just looked at me, glaring. It was a cold, spiteful look. Not like the looks he used to give me, the heartwarming joyful looks he'd given me throughout the years, when his eyes were full of wonder and his lips full of passion. I did miss the nights we spent together, when I'd run my fingers through his tatty ginger hair. Those were the days... But why wasn't he moving? He was as still and as lifeless as a lonely, neglected statue.

"Why is she here?" Ron asked Ginny after an incredibly long pause, he gave her an evil glare before shifting his eyes to meet mine. I stiffened up, his voice sounded rough and furious but calm. Oh great, what was my excuse for visiting Harry? Oh right, I came to see Ginny, she is my friend after all, plus we were all family. I didn't expect Ron to suspect anything, as Harry was family, as was Ginny. Harry was my brother in law, and I was having an affair with him. It was so wrong, but nothing felt more right. Being with him was all I ever wanted, he was all I ever wanted.

"She just came round to chat, she is my friend you know... Now are you going to take Hugo or not?!" Ginny snapped. Ron smirked. He gradually began making his way towards the spiraling staircase. He finally reached the ancient staircase and reached out to hold onto the crooked, wooden handrail, preparing to drag his weight up the stairs. There was nothing but silence. Ron turned his head to face us, followed by his body, as he spun slowly on his heels. He smirked again, before walking over to the couch I had previously been sitting on. Ginny and I threw him a questioning look.

"Carry on... Pretend I'm not here." Ron insisted. I hadn't spoken once since I'd left the flat.

"I'll get you another butterbeer then." Ginny said, as she nudged me and raised her eyebrows.

I nodded as I continued to stare at the floor, trying desperately to avoid eye contact with the man who was now sat opposite me. Then man who had just accused me of having an affair. Rightly... The father to my children, and possibly the father to my unborn child. The thought drained my brain. There was a little life in me, for the third time, I was going to give birth. I was excited for my second child, so why not the third? Oh that's right, I didn't know who the father was, how could I be excited? I felt my eyes begin to water, I couldn't control my emotions, I was a wreck!

From the corner of my eye I could see his eyes, focusing on me, examining me. He had a look of disgust on his face, his mouth twitched. I knew him too well, he wanted to say something, or something was bothering him. He was hiding something, I knew it, and he knew I could see it.

Ron looked at my stomach and locked his gaze. I crossed my arms in his way. He looked at me coldly. I returned the look, snarling him.

"How's the baby?" Ron questioned. He wasn't concerned about my health, just the baby's, that's if it was his. He'd only care if it was his, I wondered what he would say if the baby was his. Sorry would be a nice start. But I couldn't take hin back, I don't think he'd expect me to. Plus, I was with Harry, Ron had just made it easier for Harry and I to be together actually. I couldn't live with Ron, and let him forgive me, wrongly. I think I'd have a breakdown!

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out... I looked at him blankly. He stopped frowning, he looked at the floor guiltily.

"I'm sorry." Ron whispered. I fluttered my eyelashes as I felt the warm tears fill up my eyes.

"No. I'm sorry..." I spoke quietly, beginning to cry. I meant for him to hear me, but I didn't want to say it, I didn't think I could say it. I let out a sigh of relief, which I soon took back when I saw the pure, angelic look upon Ron's face disappear. He turned red with rage and anger, I could see his veins, trying to tear their way from underneath his skin. He began breathing heavily, jolting in his place. Then he leapt out of his seat.

"Is that what you came to tell Ginny?! Where you going to tell her who the father is?! Where you going to tell her who've been having an affair with?!" Ron exploded in my face. At that moment, Harry walked down the wooden staircase. Every step he took made the delicate floorboards creak, alerting both me and Ron. Ron turned around in a flash and was surprised to see the glum, depressed look upon Harry's face. He looked mortified.

I stared at Harry, something else was bugging him, besides the current situation and events taking place. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was deathly pale, what had happened? I wondered...

"Where's Hugo?" Ron questioned, trying to force a smile. It didn't work, he just carried on scowling at Harry. Ginny entered the room and looked at Harry confusedly.

"What's wrong?" Ginny asked shakily. She could see it too, he obviously wasn't trying to hide it. We could all blatantly see there was something, something that he wasn't telling us.

Harry began to quiver, his eyes rolled back and he fell to the floor, creating a heavy thud. Ginny screamed, then rushing over to his unconscious body. She felt for a pulse. Ginny threw her arms around Harry's still body as she burst into tears which had been welling up in her eyes. She drenched his cold body with her warm, loving tears; we tried to pull her away from him, but she wouldn't let go.

"I can't feel his heartbeat!" she shouted. My heart skipped a beat.

"Don't just stand there! Send for help!" Ginny commanded, Ron obeyed as he nodded and jumped to his feet. His eyes were red, I could see tears forming in his eyes. He was holding back, he wanted to cry but he stopped himself. No longer could I see that aggressive fire burning in his eyes, just tranquillity and worry flowed within them, the anger and hate had left his body, he now only felt worry, anxiousness and compassion. He wanted to help Harry, he needed to. He had been his best friend since their first year! He had no idea how he could help, who could help us? What could we do?

Before long a few paramedics came to examine Harry. When they arrived, Ginny was still gripping Harry's body tightly and protectively. The paramedics asked her to move out of the way politely, but she refused and continued to cling to her husband. The paramedics then had to pull Ginny away, sobbing and screaming. Ron and I covered our ears, as not to be deafened by her lethal screeching. Ginny had a tantrum and roared at the men in anger, she wanted to stay with Harry. The paramedics tried to explain to her that it was best if she moved away, but she could barely hear them over her yelling. When Ginny finally wore herself out, she fell on the floor, exhausted, out of the paramedic's grip.

"He only fainted, nothing too serious." the first paramedic reassured. Ron and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"He seems to be quite traumatised though, it may be a while before he awakes." the second paramedic explained.

Ginny's eyelashes batted as she opened her tired eyes.

"How's Harry?" she yawned, another tear falling.

"He's fine, he fainted. He should be waking up soon." I reassured. Ginny felt relieved, I could see it in her eyes, she was calling down. She brushed the sweat from her forehead and rubbed her tired eyes, stretching.

"I don't know what I would have done without you guys..." Ginny added. I smiled at her. I felt a lot more relaxed now, even with Harry lying next to me, unconscious on the floor.

Ron heaved himself off the floor, using my shoulder to gain balance. He soon removed his hand as I looked up at him, glaring at him horridly.

Ron stood at the bottom of the stairs quietly, trying to listen for any noise coming from upstairs.

"I can't hear anything, are you sure he's up there?" Ron asked Ginny, one eyebrow raised. She looked up at him and nodded, smiling genuinely. He turned to face the stairs again, looking confused. He looked at the stairs, almost as if the wooden steps formed an impossible puzzle. He opened his mouth for a while, hesitating.

"What? Say it." I instructed firmly. Ron took a deep breath.

"Hugo!" he called. No answer.

"Stop messing around and come down here this instant!" I scolded. But still, silence. Ron turned to look at me, worried out of his mind. His face glowed in the light as his face began to sweat. I looked back at him, biting my lip with worry. I was on the verge of crying.

Ron ran up the stairs rapidly. I shouted after him.

"Wait!" I began running up the spiraling steps. Losing my breath very quickly. Ron wasted no time in turning to look at me, he didn't bother waiting. But I could see why.

I tripped on a step and fell on the stairs, my stomach less than an inch away from the sharp edge of a wooden step. I let out a huge sigh of relief, which was shortly caught back again as I realised, I was at the top of the stairs. I gradually dragged myself off the stairs. I struggled to my feet and felt for something to hold on to hoping not to fall down the stairs, I was disorientated and dizzy. I looked around at the many doors, it was a big house. My sight had gone blurry, I was shaking and swaying from side to side. I heard an extraordinarily small whimper, I headed towards a door. I heard the whimper again, it was defiantly coming from the other side of the door. I looked around to find no sign of Ron, he had to be in one of the rooms. I put forward my hand to open the door. With a gentle touch it opened smoothly, I quickly noticed the ginger hair of Ron, he was lying huddled up on the floor, crying.

"What is it? Is it because of Harry?" I questioned curiously, my eyes fixed on Ron. He sniffled in response. I lifted my head, my eyes following, to examine the room. But before I had a chance, I saw something. I held my breath and cried with shock, disgust, anger, pain, upset, and anything else that you can think of that may be negative. Lay in the middle of the room was Hugo. I knew he was dead, I looked at his motionless body which was usually full of happiness and life. I fell to my knees and sobbed my eyes out, until they were dry.

At that moment I heard the paramedics leaving. I wailed, my voice was muffled, Ginny more than likely didn't understand a word I said, but came rushing to see what was wrong anyhow. She heard me, I sounded as though I was in distress, so she came as fast as she could.

The paramedics were gone, what was I going to do?! I clung to my son's body lovingly. My little boy, how did this happen? I clung for a while, he was as cold as ice, he chilled my warm body. I was sweating, those stairs really did take it out of me. I felt his cold skin with my palm as I unattached myself. I felt my heart beating slowly, it was as though it couldn't beat any longer. It was as though I couldn't live without Hugo, literally.

I closed my eyes and cried, he didn't deserve this. Why him? Why not me instead? He didn't deserve this, if anybody did, it was me.

I examined Hugo carefully. I found his wand in his hand, I decided not to touch it. We needed someone to investigate, he could have been murdered for all we know. And if that was the case, I would like to see some justice.

After a few minutes, I was sitting in a puddle of tears. Ginny advised me to come downstairs and have something to eat and drink. At first I refused, but I soon realised that I would have to leave Hugo eventually. I walked down the staircase, as quiet as possible. Ron and Harry were watching a Quidditch game, best not to disturb them, as they love that game. However, they didn't look as excitable about the game, which was strange, as it was a huge game, featuring some of their favourite sporting stars. I tilted my head, like a confused puppy, starring at them puzzled. Then Harry looked up at me.

Harry looked incredibly hurt and guilty, he looked apologetically into my eyes, his eyes glinted, sparkled. I looked back at him forgivingly, but I wasn't quite sure why. Why did he look so guilty and damaged? Furthermore, what made him faint earlier? I grew more and more suspicious of Harry. After looking at him for a very long while, I tore my eyes away from his, unable to look at him for another second. I walked out of the room, staring at the floor I walked upon, in a trance. The wooden floorboards creaked as I trod upon them, I walked cautiously as to make less of a noise. I walked outside and stood in the cold, crisp air. The wind blew past my face, through my hair, I breathed the refreshing air into my lungs blissfully. I let the air out in a sigh, I stared into the distance as I wondered, day dreaming. I thought about Harry, what is it that he had done? I couldn't stop thinking about it, I couldn't stop thinking about him, but not in a positive way. I felt like something was wrong, he was hiding something from me.

I knew it. But what?

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