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Heritage by lilypotterfan123
Chapter 9 : Such a Dangerous Game.
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 "Cavendish to Bradberry, oh wait Bradberry passes it to Weasley who dodges the Bludger thanks to his brother, Bill Weasley! Weasley then passes it to Florence Coffin and wait," the commentator's voice picks up in volume and excitement, "Can Grey save it, no because Coffin scores totalling Gryffindor at 70 points and Ravenclaw at 55 points!"  As Gryffindor scored another point, Charlie turned to the Hufflepuff box and grinned, hoping his two female friends would see his enthusiasm and the thrill that quidditch gave the whole team. Phoebe waved back with a cautious look on her face whilst Tonks returned the grin with a smile and a wink. Once he turned back to the game she rolled her eyes and turned to her friend,



"That Grey's a load of crap if you ask me. You've never played a game of quidditch in your life yet I'm pretty damn sure you could play a lot better than him!" Tonks grumbled, a competitive streak showing whilst Phoebe was becoming more anxious as the game drew on,


"I wish he'd look where he was going," she then lowered her voice to a whisper, "He's the only family I have, I don't want anything happening to him." Phoebe's friend sighed,


"Look, hardly anyone dies in a quidditch game and if Charlie does think about it, he's got five brothers and a sister waiting for him at home, not to mention his parents so it's not like you're short of family!"  She explained, and Phoebe then contemplated on this ill given advice. It had never occurred to her that she was related to one of the biggest families ever. The way Charlie had talked about all his aunts and uncles, and all his brothers and little Ginny. Phoebe had cousins, and an aunt who could've known of her mother's identity.


As the wind blew the game changed direction entirely and everyone began to pull down their knitted hats and scarves which displayed house pride.  Tonks then cried out with excitement,



"Look! The snitch! Oi! Gryffindor lad, erm, Boothe! Walter Boothe!" she screeched,


"It went to the other side, go on, go get it!" and a boy next to her looked at the two girls with dismay,


"Excuse me, I do not agree with cheating! Please keep your hints to yourself." he advised in a snooty manner,


"Oh well sorry if I'm trying to help a fellow student! Cheek of it." she snapped back, her hair flashed blood red as it had began to boil, no doubt. Phoebe touched her arm and looked at her friend,


"Tonks, ignore him and just watch the game. I think that...Boothe boy knows where the snitch is, look he's going after it as well." Phoebe noted cheerily. Charlie froze again, unsure of what to do as the crowd were following the seekers. Bill seemed to be taken in by the one on one that was taking place between the two players that were in search of the snitch. He didn't notice the bludger which made Charlie its new target. The ball launched itself in his direction and the first year scarpered at top speed racing around in the air. He raced off up into the air, as high as he could in order to get some distance between the bludger and himself.




Phoebe leaned forward in fear for her cousin, and bit her lip anxiously,


"Tonks, you need to get Bill's attention! That bludger is after Charlie!" She cried immensely afraid of the future event. Tonks looked over at the boy who was glaring back at her, aware of every word that had been spoken and her intention,


"I would but...he's watching me, and I have a feeling he'd be prepared to send me off to Sprout if I step a foot out of line. Charlie 'll be fine, don't worry! Like I said it's not like he'll die or anything." Tonks said hastily trying to locate the Gryffindor boy.  Phoebe just imagined Charlie crashing down from a great height, each bone broken and a face that was once full of happiness cracked, smashed and heartbroken. She quivered, afraid of the thoughts that scurried round her head, worried that the nightmarish daydreams that haunted her would meet reality.



The two of them then saw Bill looking round for Charlie, once he had no luck he discontinued his search and set out to find his brother's two friends. When he had, Phoebe looked up and Tonks contributed by pointing up madly much to the snooty boy's annoyance. The beater then shot up into the air like a flash in an attempt to find his brother, and a sigh of relief escaped Phoebe's mouth.  However as time drew on neither of them had returned, and in the Professors' box it was plain to see some staff were becoming anxious. Their eyes were no longer fixed upon the two seekers who'd been soaking up the attention, but instead gazing into the clouds in search for the two Weasley boys. Whispers turned into echoes of everyone's thoughts, and suddenly some Gryffindors began to chant 'Weasley' repeatedly and eventually everyone was joining in, with Tonks putting in the odd,


"Come on Charlie!" 


After a few minutes a long yell was heard, and a broom had emerged from the clouds with a wizard in tow, none other than Charlie Weasley.



"Merlin, get this bloody thing away from me!" He yelled in a desperate attempt to get the ball away from him. Soon after Bill returned with his bat in hand shouting,


"Charlie keep still! I'll get that bloody bludger if it kills me, because if it doesn't then mum will!" He shouted back, causing the crowd to burst into cheers and claps to see the two brothers safe.  This meant the game could resume properly, but all the attention was sure to be on them.  Charlie then flew in a zigzag formation to avoid the wrath of the bludger with Bill hot on his tail to save his brother's skin; and his own.  Phoebe wondered what Charlie's mother was like, she knew her name was Molly from what the boys had said but they portrayed her as this caring but strict woman who'd give them the odd 'wallop' but love them all the same. Bill made her seem more loving than the younger Weasley boy.  He didn't say much but from what the young girl could recall Molly could make a 'great beef stew and dumplings!'. Aunt Molly. Auntie Molly. A smile spread across Phoebe's face as she spoke them in a soft tone so no one could hear but herself; just picturing a small woman with an apron and her hair threw back into a lazy bun and those big eyes like her father had, like she had. 


Still in a daze she felt Tonks grip her arm and begin to shake her a little,




"Phoebe, he just got hit by that bludger! It just smacked him right in the arm. Bill's a bit shook up, but look Charlie says he can still play seeing as there's not long left." Tonks explained as the shock was still settling in the girl's mind, all she could register was: Charlie's hurt. Despite all the fretting that took place, he took the 'show must go on' attitude but his flying was more timid and careful, as if the something was holding him down and protecting him from harm. The ravenclaws then realised they had more of a chance whilst Boothe was more concerned for Charlie. This meant Judy Barrett could grab the snitch whilst it was unattended and the commentator burst into excitement,


"Barrett's closing in on the snitch, Boothe needs to up his game because if he's not careful- BARRETT HAS THE SNITCH AND THE GAME IS OVER WITH RAVENCLAWS AS THE WINNERS!" Many Gryffindors threw their hats on the ground, moaning and shouting whilst the opposing team erupted with applause. Phoebe then grabbed Tonks and hurried down to the pitch to see if her cousin was alright. The brooms touched down onto the pitch, and Charlie left his broom, clearly shaking from the hit that the bludger created. Halfway through his steady pace the young Weasley came to a halt, his skin pasty white like Headless Nick and with not a moment to spare he fell to the ground unconscious.  Both Madam Hooch and Madam Pomfrey ran across the pitch, with the nurse lifting the skirt of her dress slightly above her ankles to gain speed. Behind her the quidditch teacher was prepared to destroy the ball that had attacked the first year, this woman seemed a lot more sharp and quicker than the nurse did. Phoebe and Tonks tried to make a break to catch up with them but a hand extended in front of them preventing them from moving any further. Looking up it was Professor McGonagall with the headmaster beside her,


"You two can see him at the hospital wing, but don't go following him there as you don't want to make a scene." the old woman warned them both, a single eyebrow raised. This was her being lenient towards them both instead of her usual stricter self. It appeared she was growing soft in age, or she just felt sorry for the two first years.


Phoebe kept biting her lip until blood was drawn, but even then she continued to batter it to a pulp with her teeth. Both she and Tonks watched as Charlie was carted off quickly with little drama involved. The transfiguration professor was right, it was better without a reaction or any intervention from others. Now all they could do was wait for their friend to come round and get healthy in a flash, for Phoebe was incredibly grateful for her lack of skill in quidditch as it was a dangerous game indeed.



A/N - So this took ages to write, but I cannot write quidditch chapters for the life of me. I hope you like what I wrote and that you have time to review! It won't take long, 



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Heritage: Such a Dangerous Game.


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