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The Rogue Dementor by RosieWeasly11
Chapter 1 : The Corridor
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"Bye Mum, Bye dad!" My parents seem to disapper in smoke as the train began to crawl out of the station but I could still hear my mothers voice, loud and clear:

"be good, stay safe, do your homework and..."

but the rest of her words were drowned by the final from the guards and the noise of the pistons. I began to heave my trunk and my little barn owl, jed towards a spot at the end of the train where is saw a small figure with flaming red hair cascading down her back. Lily, my cousin. 

"hey Lils, wanna get that compartment?"

"sure I was waiting for you. Rose ,Al and James left me!" she said with a slight note of hurt in her voice.

I wasnt suprised. I saw Rosie, Al, James and scorpius in the 2nd to last compartment. Rosie and scorpias looked very comfy. Lily and I made sick noises outside the compatement and got several rude jestures back (mainly from james).

we finally found a compartment with a handfull of kids like us (starting hogwarts) and I  sat next to Lily by the window. At one o'clock a plump little lady came pushing a massive trolly, layden with sweets. everyone in the compartment bought there fair share of sweets which we all ended up sharing. We where laughing and cheering: all those sweets we bought DO (for future reference) have a result. Lily and I couldnt wait! James, Al and Rosie had all said really loudly when we where in the room: 

"Oh yes do you remember that hex we learned" and much more. And after two years of that I was ready to go. The train ratteled and I pocketed the last of the chocolate frogs and a few packets of Drewballs best blowing gum.

"Hey Hugo, isnt that Teddy's voice next door?" Lily asked.

"Yeah it is" "what's he up too?" 

After having Ron Weasly and Hermione (once was granger) Weasly as my parents and Harry Potter as my Uncle and hearing about all the adventures THEY had at Hogwarts and how they always seem to medal in thing that they had no concern in what so ever, I felt it was only fair to do my fair bit of exploring

I got up. The noise of Teddy and his wand was making me more eager to see what was going on.

"Hm Hm Hugo" Lily tutted "where do you think your going?"

"Teddy's compartment! DUH!" I said. Lily looked shocked at the incredulaty on my face as if she'd just asked me what a wand is!

"But Hugo" I heared Lily say "Just because Teddy is of age and can use magic when he pleases does not meen that you have to go see every single time! Also does a 7th year really want a first year around? Said Lily, exasperated

"I meen, you see your paents do it all the time so why inthe name of merlins most baggy y fronts do you HAVE to go watch Teddy! Daddy said just watch Hagrid whith his pink umbrella, that'll be a much better show!" Lily ranted.

I silenced her by shutting the compartment door. Phew peace and quite!

I heard teddy's voice and was about to slide the compartment door open but then, all the lamps when out and the train shook. The trunks that fell out of the rackes made a termendous noise and then, everything turned cold.

Suddenly I felt a chill behind me. I looked round, all the hoped drained out of me as I saw a towering hooded creature with no eyes or features for that matter. Only a mouth a gaping mouth that was getting too close for comfort. 

I fell the thing was getting closer and closer. I shut my eyes only to see the form of Teddy, his hair (red with anger this time) glowing showing the rage he felt, shouting a spell. A white Wolf errupted from the end of his wand and drove the thing down the exit of the train, into the night. All the lights came back on and teddy hauled me up. I heard some of the older kids muttering about thing thing that teddy explained was a dementor that is SUPPOSED to be guarding the wizard prison, Askaban.

"Their supposed to be under ministry control" said Teddy "but hay ho, you always find a rogue one!"

"Teddy, how did you learn to do that?" I asked increduasly

"as a matter of fact its was you uncle who taught me just like my father taught him" said Teddy with a smirk that confirmed I was gawping like an ididot. big fat awkard moment much?

With that, we pulled into hogsmead station and I  saw hagrid as dad had said  

"First years, First years over 'ere!" "y'all right Hugo, Lily you?" Hagrid called

he knew us as we'd seen him a couple of times over the previous summers. As we headed down to the lake, I felt a tingle of exitment. Finally I was able to experiance hogwarts firsthand. 

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