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The Hufflepuff Quidditch Team by HuffleyPuff
Chapter 3 : III
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Chapter Three - So it Begins

*Stunning CI by 365daysdone @ tda*

The letter sat in the palm of my hand the following morning at the Hufflepuff morning. Around me was the chatter of students as they ate, but Megan and I were staring at the letter in my hand. I had eventually managed to write to Josh the previous afternoon about my situation and being the brother he was he had responded to it instantly so the owl arrived that morning. If it were any other situation Josh would have taken days to reply, but in this case he had responded quickly as the topic was to do with his old team.

“What...a...prat,” Megan stated bluntly as she blinked a few times at the letter in my hand, the plate of bacon and eggs forgotten on the table.

I could only agree with her as I read the few words Josh had written to me. I had gone out of my way and written a long letter to him and he had only responded with a few sentences which involved digging out my grave or begging for forgiveness.

“Ugh,” I moaned as I scrunched up the letter before aimlessly chucking it behind me at the Slytherin table. “Well he was absolutely no help whatsoever.”

Megan smiled sympathetically at me before patting my arm in a comforting way. “It could be worse...” she trailed off as she noticed my burning glare and so she cleverly decided to close her mouth again and turn back to her breakfast.

I grumbled something under my breath before staring at the plate of food in front of me which contained a half eaten slice of toast and some hash browns. Sighing pathetically I picked up my fork and began poking the hash browns with the prongs. It was now official that I was going to die and then the whole of Hufflepuff would hate me for the rest of my life. In coming to Hogwarts I was hoping that might leave with some dignity left, but that was not going to happen since I joined the team.

Saying a few angry words rather loudly so people turned their heads I face planted the table as I pushed my half eaten breakfast out of the way. I could feel everyone's eyes burning into my back, but ignored them all as I began to swear rather loudly and angrily into the wooden surface. Too bad I hadn’t heard Megan’s awkward cough from above me and felt her jabbing my ribs with her elbow.

“Miss Smyth, I would ask you what you are doing, but instead I am going to deduct 10 house points from Hufflepuff for foul language.”

Prising my face from the table I gulped a few times before turning my head behind me to find Professor Longbottom standing there with a stern look on his face. Of course the head of Gryffindor had to walk over at the moment I was decided to express my feelings towards Gryffindor house.

Composing myself slightly I pushed away from the table with my hands before wiggling nervously in my seat. “Sorry Professor, I was just...uhh...” trailing off I looked towards Megan for some help, but I scowled as I realized she was staring into her plate. Some best friend she turned out to be. Turning my attention back to the Herbology Professor before sending him a sweet smile though he still didn’t seem amused. In the end I decided to shrug my shoulders before angrily kicking Megan under the table. “I was just expressing my feelings at the table, we have great conversations sometimes.”

Professor Longbottom stared at me with a raised brow for a moment before blinking once he realized he was staring. “Okay, but can I ask you to keep your conversations between you and the...uhh...table instead of the whole hall? We do not need to hear that kind of language coming for you.”

Continuing to smile as the Professor uttered a quick goodbye before walking over towards the Gryffindor table where I could see the giggling faces of the Potter and Weasley clan. I sent them a scowl before returning my attention back to Megan who was trying very hard not to laugh. Pointing a threatening finger at her my glare darkened. “Laugh and I will make it my personal mission to kill you.”

Megan grinned before smiling sweetly. “Oh sure, I’ll be over here and leave you to your thrilling conversation with the table.”

I glared at her angrily before kicking her in the shins again under the table. Megan yelped before kicking me back so instead I decided to slap her arm angrily. “Some help you were in that situation,” I grumbled angrily as I returned to poking my half eaten breakfast with my fork. I had completely gone off my food and the situation was about to worsen as James Potter came drifting over to our table flanked by his equally annoying brother Albus and of course they were both grinning like idiots.

Looking at them I gave them a snarl before turning my back. Rather annoyingly James slipped into the empty place beside me as Albus beside him. I tried my best to ignore them both sitting there, but that was pretty impossible as James was staring at me. Eventually I gave into their constant starting and so I snapped my head towards them viciously. “What do you want, Potters?” I asked maliciously. “Thought about the bet long enough and want to call it off as there is no possible way you can win?”

James looked almost hurt at my comment, but I wasn’t going to let myself get distracted by his pout. “Thats no fun way to play, Smyth,” he pined as Albus tried to not to chuckle from beside him. “I was just coming over here to wonder when you want the pitch for try-outs? That is if you’re holding them this year as no one ever wants to try out?”

I felt Megan’s grip on my arm as if she was holding me back from lashing out and wiping that grin off James’ face. However much my urges for slapping the older Gryffindor around the face where I somehow managed to hold back and so I smiled instead to try and stop the snarl from reappearing. “I was thinking of next Saturday afternoon for us,” I responded professionally. “Oh and people will be turning up so no need to worry your little cotton socks about it.”

James stared at me in confusion at the comment and I could even imagine Megan facepalming beside me. “Well okay then,” James responded awkwardly as he stared in confusion at me. “Okay next Saturday afternoon is yours.” Without another word the boy nudged his brother before they both stood up and left without looking back.

Feeling rather proud of myself for not slapping him I turned back to Megan who was frowning. “You know he’s going to send a spy to your try-outs?” She pointed out as her eyes glanced back over at the Gryffindor table.

I nodded in response before finally taking a bite of my now stone cold piece of toast. “Oh yeah, that’s why I’m going to be ready for him. I have the perfect plan.”

Megan seemed interested in knowing what this great plan was so she leaned in slightly with an expectant gaze. We stared at each other for a moment, but when she caught the look in my eye she drew back rather quickly. “No,” she stated bluntly with folded arms. “Oh no you don’t, Annabeth Smyth. You are not dragging me into this plan of yours. I want no part of it.”

A small grin formed on my lips as I gazed at my friend. I nodded before turning away, but I was still grinning. Now was not the time to tell her she actually had no choice in the matter. She was helping me in my plan and James Potter and his gang were not going to be getting a preview of the Hufflepuff team that year.

Hello all and welcome finally to the third chapter of my story! I would like to quickly thank the two amazing people who left me an amazing review on the previous chapters, they really mean a lot to me :) I hope you enjoy this chapter and the story as a whole as there is a lot Anna has to sort out.

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