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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 43 : Us Against the World
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 Chapter Forty Three

I stared at Lily. I immediately knew it wasn’t her who had told everybody, even if she was mad at me I knew deep down she’d never be able to do something like that. I looked around at Hugo, Rose and Al and regarded them as my family; I knew there was no way that they could do this either. As Jack sobbed into Lily’s arms I forgot I was angry, I forgot that everyone out there knew my dark secret and were probably laughing at us and I forgot all of the stupid drama that had been going on with me and my stupid love life lately because Jack was crying. My little brother, the most precious person in the world too me was sobbing his little heart out and all I wanted to do was hug him.

I took Jack’s hand and led him to my dorm and asked everyone to leave us alone for a while. Jack and I sat down on my bed and I cuddled Jack into me as he began to sob again. I wanted to kill; I wanted to find whoever had said something about my dad and tear them in two. Not for me, because I could deal with it, but for Jack who would have this following him for the rest of his time at Hogwarts now. Jack who was the sweetest little thing in the world would be bullied for having a ‘freak’ for a dad and there was nothing I could do stop it, I would be gone from Hogwarts in a year and Jack would be on his own. He didn’t really understand what was wrong with our dad himself and I’d tried so hard to shield him from it but that hadn’t worked. Jack knew there was something wrong with dad he just didn’t know what or why he was like that which meant he could hardly defend himself. Jack’s sobs stopped after a while and for a bit we just sat there in silence, he eventually drifted off into sleep his eyes still red from all the crying and I looked at him. I thought about how I would do anything, absolutely anything for this boy and how I knew he would do anything for me back. It was us against the world. Me and him, together, united it always will be for as long as we live.

Someone had upset him, someone had said something too him that had made him as upset as he was and I wanted to know who. I wanted to know who could be so cruel as to make this perfect little boy so upset, who would want to hurt him? I could’ve understood if it had been me but not Jack. He was the sweetest little kid in the whole wide world and he’d never upset anybody in a million years, what’s more he wouldn’t want too and if he did accidentally then the guilt would eat away at him until he was forgiven. When I was nine and he was four, Jack accidentally broke our grandfather’s war medals that had been left to me in his will when he died. I’d loved them because my granddad had been my hero and I was so upset when little Jack broke them. But as he sobbed as I shouted at him I’d suddenly thought how much I loved him. How he was my little brother and it was my job to protect him so I forgave him and told him it was alright. But that wasn’t good enough for Jack, he spent the next few months doing favours for me that I’d never asked him to do but he did them anyway because he wanted to make it up to me. Forget Lily and Abi, I looked at Jack and knew that there was someone in the world who loved me just as much as I loved him and my heart tore in two when I walked in and saw Jack crying his heart out on Lily

After what couldn’t have been for then half an hour Hugo, Louis, Al and Freddie were standing in the dorm with determined looks on all of their faces

“I want to find who did this” I said. Jack was still sound asleep “I want to find who did this and I want to make them pay – got a problem with that Albus?” I shot at Al. If anyone was going to stop me it was probably going to be him

“No. Not all” murmured Albus darkly. I got the impression he was going to try and stop me but he’d quickly realized nothing he could say or do was going to stop me.

“Good” I said getting up “Hugo, could you stay here with Jack please?”

“But I wanted to help you kick some ass” said Hugo sounding disappointed

“I know, I know” I replied placing a hand on his shoulder “But Jack’s really upset and I wouldn’t want him waking up around anyone but me or you. No offence guys but Hugo’s the only one I trust leaving Jack with”

“Sure” said Hugo looking at Jack “I’ll stay with him, but make sure you get a few punches in for me”

“Wait a minute” said Albus “This sounds as if you already know who told everyone, do you Oliver?”

“I have an idea” I said “It was Malfoy. It has to be, when we were in fourth year and he was finding ways to make my life a living hell he broke into Nev’s office and riffled through my student records. That’s when he found out about my dad, he blackmailed me for a while but then Lily hexed him and he’s been scared to say anything since. Guess he figured that he had nothing to lose so he’s told everyone”

“Bastard” whispered Louis

“Would explain why he was so cocky and arrogant with us all earlier” said Freddie “That was gloating if ever I saw it and I’ve known James all my life – that was definitely gloating”

“Guys, I hate Malfoy just as much as you all do” said Albus “But come on, we have no proof he did this and we can hardly just go charging round there. Oliver, is there anybody else that knows who could have said anything”

“Only Abi but this isn’t really her style” I replied “It’s got to be Malfoy, he’s the only person who knows who dislikes me”

“He’s the only person in the world who dislikes you” said Louis.

“Right so what are we going to do then?” asked Freddie “Because I’m all for punching Malfoy in the gut and I hate to say this but his dad is pretty high up. He could have us all expelled if he wanted too”

“No way would Nev let that happen” said Hugo sitting himself on the bed next to Jack and casting a protective arm around my younger brother “Besides, Draco Malfoy may be high up but he’s deeply unpopular and no one would really listen to him. Plus we have Harry fucking Potter on our side”

“Look” said Albus quietly “I don’t wanna get involved in this, I’m head boy and I can’t be seen doing things like this, but I’m not going to tell anyone and if asked directly if I knew I’ll say I didn’t. Oliver, I’d love to help you but I can’t”

“I understand” I replied with a nod

I looked to Louis and Freddie “Are you guys up for this?”

“Getting even with the guy who publicly outed me” said Louis “You fucking bet I am, it’s about time the pathetic little toad got what was coming to him”

There was a laugh

Lily entered the room

“I’m sorry” she said “But hearing you guys go all Fight Club is so funny. Not that you couldn’t take Malfoy of course” she added when Freddie looked offended. “Is he OK?” she asked me looking at Jack

“He’ll be fine, I hope” I said “We’re gonna leave Hugo with him so if he wakes up there’ll be someone with him he knows and trusts”

“So what should we do then?” asked Lily “Because beating him up is definitely not the answer at all”

“Well why the hell not” I asked “He deserves it, because of him Jack’s been crying his little heart out for the past three hours and I want him to pay”

“And we can make him pay” said Lily almost pleadingly “Oliver, we can make him pay and we will but beating him up is the best way to do that”

“Well I can’t think of a better way” I said storming past Lily and down through the common room out of the portrait hole I didn’t even looked behind me to see if any of the others were following me I just wanted to find Malfoy and punch the living daylights out of him. I knew he was on prefect patrol on the third floor because Melissa was with him and she’d complained about having to spend that much time alone with him. I only became aware that Lily, Freddie and Louis were following me when I heard them bickering from behind me

“He’s gonna do something he regrets”

“I think he’s doing the right thing. This is what I’d do if anyone ever upset Roxy”

I ignored them and continued running until I found Malfoy. He was outside the boy’s bathroom, leant against a wall looking smug and twat like as normal. He shot me an evil and amused glare

“What’s this Benson, come for round two have we?” he snarled “Good. I was hoping I could get you alone this time when you’re not around your little friends. I am ever so sorry that everyone has found about your head case father but I suppose it had to come out eventually”

“You piece of scum” I spat. Malfoy smirked as Lily, Louis and Freddie arrived on the scene. Freddie stood forward to get Malfoy but Louis held him back “What has Jack ever done to you eh? You know the little twelve years old whose life you’ve just ruined by telling everyone. All of his friends won’t talk to him and they’re calling him crazy and saying he’ll turn out like dad. Why now? Why did you tell now?”

Malfoy looked a little taken aback

“Benson” he said “I can honestly tell you that it wasn’t me who told the school this time. I’ve kept this for secret of yours for two years now – do you want to know why?”

“Why” asked Lily

“Because of what Oliver mentioned earlier” said Malfoy “Because of Jack, because of his little brother and I didn’t want to be the cause of someone getting bullied”

“Like I’m gonna believe that after all the shit you put me through” I shouted

“The shit I put you through ended two years ago Oliver” exclaimed Malfoy “Believe it or not, you don’t really enter onto my radar much these days. It’s not that I didn’t dislike you, because I really do, but as you say I have nothing against your little brother and further more I just simply didn’t care enough to be bothered to tell anyone”

“He’s lying” said Freddie

“No he’s not” piped up Lily “Guys, I know when Scorpious is lying and today he isn’t lying.  Honestly, I think he’s telling the truth”

“Well if it’s not him then who the hell else could it be” asked Louis

“Abi” I said, even I was shocked “Abi is the only person in the school who knows besides your lot and Malfoy. It must have been Abi, it can’t be anyone else because no one else even knows about my dad being ill”

It was Abi

I couldn’t believe I was saying it but Abi Clayton was the one responsible for everyone finding out. Malfoy smirked and left us behind. I turned to Lily who looked just as shocked as I did whilst Louis and Freddie just looked confused

“That bitch is dead” said Lily turning on her heels and running in the direction of the Hufflepuff common room. I caught up with her and turned her around

“Whatever happened to violence isn’t the answer little red” I asked her, she smirked and punched me in the arm. After persuading Lily not to knock Abi’s head off we decided to confront her anyway, I wanted to know how she could be so heartless and tell everyone something that I’d confided in her privately

Unfortunately none of us knew the Hufflepuff password so had to send in a weedy looking second year to go and fetch Abi who came out rather slumped and red faced. I instinctively held onto Lily to keep her from knocking Abi’s head off, I felt awkward as this was the first time she and I had seen eachother since we’d broken up

“Hi” she said in a voice so quiet I could barely hear her

“Hi” I said back “Care to explain why everyone knows everything about what’s wrong with my dad, just to let you know Jack’s devastated and cried himself to sleep”

“I’m sorry” she said in an equally quiet voice “I didn’t… I mean I… technically it wasn’t me who told everyone about your dad”

“What do you mean it wasn’t technically you” shouted Lily in disgust “Who the fuck did tell everybody then?”

“It was Hailey” Abi murmured again “She’s my best friend and I had to tell her when I found out, then when Oliver dumped me she said we should get revenge. I didn’t want too but she said you deserved it so she began telling people and it just spread like wildfire”

“Why the fuck did you even tell that little bitch in the first place” I shouted angrier than I ever had been in my life “Why the hell would you do that? I told you that under the belief that it was something you could keep to yourself, just between us”

“Hailey’s my best friend” Abi said in a voice that made me realize that even she knew that this was the worst excuse in the world “She made me tell her, I didn’t really want to do it”

“Well you certainly didn’t have too did you” I shouted “Thanks for ruining my life you stupid little cow, I’m well shot of you”

We turned and left

Heads held high. Except for Louis, because he fell over 

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