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It's Complicated by SunnyWitch
Chapter 3 : The Aftermath
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Oh Merlin. Oh Godric. Oh anyone who's listening, get me out of this nightmare!

I was too anxious to go to my tree, since I'd probably fall out of said tree and crash through the branches, plunging to my immediate doom.

Although that might be a relief, seeing as the day so far had been hell. Roll the tape:

a) Teddy was banned from Quidditch, which made him miserable, which made me miserable

b) That fucker Flynn Allen was spreading rumours that we'd (Teddy and I, not Flynn and I) slept together, even though nothing of the sort had happened

c) I was being called a slut, a traitor to my house, and there was a rumour I was pregnant

d) No one had bothered to tell me the new password, and I couldn't go back to Teddy, now could I?

e) My sorry ass was sore from being tripped over, and I'd been crying all day

Welcome to the joyful life of Victoire Weasley, the biggest screw up since someone threw Salamanders into the common room fire.

Yeah, someone was dumb enough to try that.

It almost killed someone.

They still have a little burn on their forehead shaped like a star.

I shook myself out of my little Salamander-filled blank moment. I had to find a place where no one would bother me. So, of course, I went to the kitchens.

Thank Merlin for my uncles. Without them, I'd have never found out where the kitchens were, and how to get into them. I tickled the pear, wincing as it giggled - the sound irritated me, don't ask why - and walked into the passage the painting had concealed. Immediately, I was surrounded by noise and voices, making me feel as if I was at a Wotter family gathering. I grinned and sat down at a strategically placed floating island in the middle of the kitchens. As soon as I sat down, three house-elfs swarmed around me, like bees when a flower is in their midst. I laughed and asked for a Butterbeer and a piece of rich chocolate cake. One of them rushed off while the others milled around, smiling at me and avoiding my eyes. Reminded me of Hugo, who was still quite a few years away from Hogwarts, although Rose was getting close. Maybe she and Dom would be in the same year.

The house-elf returned with my food, bowing and placing it in front of me. I smiled at him, which made the little house-elf blush and almost swoon. They scampered away, probably to prepare tonight's meal, while I dug into the cake. Like all other house-elf made food, it was delicious. Aunt Hermione always shouted about the rights they had, but if they enjoyed making food, and I enjoyed eating it, surely that was alright.

I mean, you do what you love doing, right?

I sighed and took a swig of the Butterbeer. Yesterday, my friends were around me, and I slept in Teddy's arms. Today, I was sitting alone in the kitchens while Teddy was moping, Flynn was spreading rumours about me being a slut, Tyler was nowhere to be found, and Leila...

My mind brought up the argument we'd had this morning at breakfast.

"How could you, Victoire! He's your best friend, and you just carelessly seduced him and fucked him?" My vision was filled with a red haze, and I lunged forward, pressing my wand into Leila's neck.

"I did not fuck him, or seduce him, or anything of the sort. I was locked out, and he let me sleep with him for the night. That is all that happened, and if you're too idiotic and shit-brained to believe me, leave now before you get hurt. Go hang out with Flynn or something. I'm sure if you beg he'll let you into the Victoire Hate Club. Maybe you can even get a badge." Leila backed away from me, her eyes filled with hurt and betrayal. She spat at me and ran away, leaving me slumped against the wall, tears running down my face.

I'd lost everything I loved in one fell swoop, and it was all one person's fault: mine.

I finished the Butterbeer and left to go to my tree.

Unfortunately, that required going past people, so the entire way I was laughed at, spat on and kicked. I just kept stumbling past, trying to ignore the cruel words and taunting stares, but after someone offered to give me a Sickle for a quickie, I snapped.

"Fuck off, all of you!" I pulled out my wand and fired jinxes around, not caring who I hit. I heard screams and footsteps, and finally I was alone.

Great. Just the thing to add to my reputation. Slut, pregnant, traitor and a sadist.


I ran to the tree, crying again. At this rate, I'd die from dehydration before the day was done.

I made it to the archway, tears blurring my vision, and climbed blindly as far up as I could. When I finally stopped climbing, I couldn't see anything past the tears. I sobbed quietly to myself, not bothering to wipe away the tracks of mascara on my face. As I lay crying, I heard footsteps approaching. I didn't even bother raising my head.

"Go away. I'm not in the mood. Now scat before I start firing hexes down there." There were more footsteps, then the rustle of branches. I wiped my eyes and looked down, scowling at the intruder.

The scowl faded quickly when I saw it was Teddy, his hair deep blue. I cursed at myself.

"I'm sorry about that, Teddy. I'm not at my best at the moment, as you can see." I waved to my mascara and tear streaked face, knotted hair and crumpled uniform. He just smiled and sat in the branch opposite me, stretching out.

"Vicky, no matter what you look like, it's fine to me. But if you insist on being beautiful..." Teddy waved his wand and my hair unknotted. I felt the gunk on my face drain away and watched my clothes become unwrinkled. I gave Teddy a smile of gratitude. And then, my idiotic nature decided to do the worst thing possible:

"What's happening with Quidditch?"

Teddy froze, his hair darkening to black. I scrambled back, knowing I'd made a mistake. "Teddy, I didn't mean to - " He scowled at me, the first time he'd ever done so, and started climbing down. I followed him, ignoring the branches scratching my sides and undoing all the work Teddy did. By the time I was down, he was gone, only footsteps to show where he was. I started following his trail, holding back tears as I did. The footsteps led me to the Whomping Willow, and into the trunk where I knew was a secret passage. I stabbed at the trigger point with a levitated stick, holding it there as I scrambled down into the tunnel. I followed the snowy remnants of his footsteps until I found Teddy, curled up in a corner beside a shredded curtain. His hair and eyes were the darkest blue, almost black. I sat down next to him, cursing at myself for being so stupid. He didn't even lift his head, just began to speak.

"I'm sorry. I've just had too much happen. You breaking up with Seth, Flynn spreading rumours, and now this. Quidditch was the best part of my life, apart from...ahem, never mind. Now it's gone, thanks to that fuckwit Flynn." His hair turned black then, and he looked at me with eyes full of primal fury. Teddy stood up and tore down the curtain, clearly very angry.

"I'm going to kill the damn boy, and string him up by his own intestines!" An old grandfather clock went crashing into the ground, but Teddy was still finding more stuff to destroy.

"I won't even use magic, that would be too merciful! I'll do it with my bare hands!" I pulled at his arms, trying to stop him, but he just kept kicking things and pulling down picture frames and shouting.

"Teddy!" He didn't listen, just kept rampaging.

"I will put him at the top of the Astronomy Tower and strangle him, and push him over the edge and watch him plummet to his death!" I couldn't bear it anymore. I ran in front of him and screamed right into his face.


He froze, not even blinking. Then, he seemed to crumple in on himself, collapsing into a little heap of sadness. I crouched beside him as he cried, which was rare for Teddy.

"He's not worth this, Teddy. You're better than him." Teddy laughed, a melancholy sound that chilled me. He looked at me with tear drenched blue eyes, staring into my soul.

"You've got that right. Do you know what he said? That bastard Flynn threatened to rape you, to get you drunk and rape you. He isn't even worthy of a cell in Azkaban." The red haze descended like someone had put cellophane over my eyes. I stood up, a fire boiling my insides to magma-like temperatures. Teddy must have seen my eyes going from jewel blue to glacier blue, like they did when I was furious, and automatically threw his arms around me, to hold me back. I pulled out of them and ran out, red-tinged rage flooding my body.

"I am going to feed him to the Thestrals, and laugh as he screams in pain as invisible horses eat his flesh! Then I'll pull him away when he's on the brink of death and use the Cruciatus Curse on his sorry ass, and then I'll kick him so hard he'll end up in China, where a dragon will eat him!" I was running now, almost to the Gryffindor Tower stairs, Teddy running behind me.

"Vicky! You'll regret it!" I ignored him and kept running, but I was getting tired, and soon Teddy caught me, cutting me off as I ran up the stairs. I beat at his chest with tired fists, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Let me past, jackass! I need to kill him!" Teddy grabbed my hands, so I started kicking him, sobbing like a small child.

"I need to murder the bastard, so just let me past, please, I need to - "


I froze. Teddy's hair turned pink, then red, then blue, then pink again. "Oh shit, sorry." I withdrew my hands and sat down, not blinking.

"No, no, it got through to me. That's what counts, right?" I gave a weak laugh and wiped my cheeks. Teddy's hair turned  to purple, and he sat down next to me, rubbing my back.

"Vicky, it's alright to be angry. I was pretty pissed when I found out he'd been spreading those rumours. You just can't go and start that sort of shit with them. I did, and look where it landed me. Banned from Quidditch." His hair flashed to dark blue, but then he noticed my expression and changed it back to purple, which seemed to take a bit of effort. I nodded and swallowed the small lump in my throat.

"Yeah, I'm sorry, I just was...really angry, you know? Maybe that's why I got into Slytherin." I laughed darkly, remembering the fateful shout of the Sorting Hat, condemning me to seven years in a house where I was scorned because of my last name and blood status, and let's not even mention my father. All the shit I've gotten into because my loving dad was attacked by a werewolf and got some animal traits and some scars. I'd had raw steaks served to me, silver bullets placed in my bed, and I'd even woken up one morning with a dog collar on, chained to my bed like a rabid..well, a rabid dog.

I hadn't realised I was talking out loud until Teddy hugged me, murmuring reassurances into my ears.

"I didn't realise you had it that bad. From my point of view, they all loved you in there." I laughed again, still sounding dark.

"Well, we have to present a united front for the other houses, don't we? We're Slytherin, house of ambition and cunning, with alliances going back the centuries. We're the den of thieves, the pit of vipers, and everyone is probably related somewhere down the line. Hell, I'm probably Scorpius Malfoy's cousin. If we seem to be fighting amongst ourselves, we're doomed right from the get go." Teddy's hair turned dark, his eyes flickering like a crackling forest fire. He stood up, glaring at me, his currently hell-dark eyes burning into the back of my skull.

"You say we like you're one of them, but you're not. You're ten times more honourable than all of them put together, and with twice the heart. They don't deserve to be in the same house as you. You have more compassion that a Hufflepuff, double the wit of a Ravenclaw, and enough bravery to be high above any Gryffindor. They're not worthy to have you. I'm not worthy to have you."

I launched up into his arms, hugging him, whispering apologies and thanks into his ears. He smiled, his hair going to a light yellow, his happy colour, and hugged me back.

"I'm so lucky to have you." I smiled at him and ran a hand through his hair.

"Not as lucky as I am to have you."

Clapping interrupted our embrace, and I turned to see Flynn Allen applauding, his face twisted into a sarcastic grin.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Two little lovebirds, proclaiming endless love. No wonder you slept with her, Lupin." Teddy's eyes flashed, but I held him back.

"Allen, I have some things to say to you." I strode up and stepped very deliberately into his personal space, forcing him back into a wall.

"One, you're a disgrace of a human being. For someone who got in Gryffindor, you seemed to be lacking in loyalty and bravery, and you're overflowing with Slytherin traits. Two, even for someone who should be in Slytherin, you're a backstabbing piece of filth. Three, we have never slept together, now or earlier, and you're awful for jumping to that conclusion. Four, if you ever spread rumours, threaten or abuse either of us, the whole Weasley family will hunt you down and hurt you. Are we clear?" Flynn swallowed and nodded, looking down the stairs. I backed away and let him run, but of course, he had to have the last word.

"No wonder that Leila ditched you. You're a real piece of work."

And with that remark, like the spineless coward he was, Flynn Allen ran away, leaving me slumped against the wall, my ears ringing with his words. Teddy's hair turned white and he rushed over.

"She didn't...he didn't mean that..." I pushed him away, blinking away tears. Dammit, I need to learn how to control that.

"She did, and it's my fault. I don't know if she's ever going to forgive me. I was a real bitch. Allen's right." Teddy brushed back my hair.

"No, no, Allen is not right. You are kind, and beautiful, and clever, and the best person I know." I looked onto his eyes, the clear blue of a deep ocean, almost exactly my shade, and smiled weakly.

"You really mean that?" He held up a hand in an oath.

"I swear it by Dumbledore's beard." I laughed, then stopped. It seemed like Teddy was waiting for something. A strange heaviness hovered in the air.

I broke the staring contest first, blinking and standing up. "We should get going. It's almost dinner. We...can't sit together, can we?" Teddy blinked, then shrugged.

"Let them think what they think. We don't care. After all, it's not like it's true, right?" I smiled and helped him up, linking arms with him. We walked down to the Great Hall, ignoring the stares and whispers, most of which were some variation of 'slut' and 'traitor'. I just let the words float over my head, feeling the warmth of Teddy's arm around mine, and smiled at everyone who stared.

We went in, and Teddy let me sit down first, before sitting next to me. I grinned and grabbed a bit of chicken, tearing into it with gusto. Yeah, I was overdoing it, but who cares?

Apparently Teddy did, because he stole it from me and threw it away. I heard someone shout in protest, and looked over to see a second year rubbing his head.

Meh. He was a Hufflepuff. He'd probably buy us ice cream for getting in the way of us throwing food.

I grabbed another piece of chicken, eating more conservatively this time, and Teddy was appeased. He ate his pie carefully, making sure not one bit spilled onto his shirt, and that he savoured every mouthful.

The temptation was really way too much.

I shoved the pie into his face, smearing meat and the lathering of sauce Teddy had painstakingly drizzled onto the top into his hair, on his nose and covering his cheekbones. He gave me a grin and wiped his face with his hands, before pushing the pie meat and sauce into my face and shirt. Headmaster Slughorn made a disgruntled noise as the small mock-fight erupted into a full blown food fight, with all the houses joining in. Gryffindor flipped over the table, hiding behind it and throwing food over everyone into Slytherin, who fired both jinxes and meals at us. Hufflepuff was sitting there, shocked at everyone fighting, while Ravenclaw put up a magical shield and continued with their meal. Teddy and I only went for each other, meaning we were covered in food. I had mashed potato in my hair, grease on my shirt, pie on my cheeks and something sloppy and orange on my shoes that could have been either pumpkin soup or pumpkin juice mixed with gravy.

We spotted Flynn Allen at the same time. Teddy looked at me, holding a pot of gravy. I grabbed a bowl of soup and nodded, eyes lighting up. With a battle cry, we threw it all into his face, smearing his face with now unidentifiable glop.

"Hey! Leave me alone, bastards! What did I - " I silenced his shouts with a piece of pie crust, shoving it in his mouth, laughing.

This was more fun than I'd had since sixth year began.


A/N: Hiya guys, this one took longer than it should have *bites lip*

Sorry 'bout that. Shouldn't have kept you hanging.

So, you likey? I likey. I likey a lotty.

That probably made no sense to you. I apologise.

Please please please please please review! I'm craving the ego boost getting one gives me. It's like a drug.

Made of words.

And sometimes criticism.

Oh well, I like it.

Thanks for reading this little outburst of inner thoughts, and also for reading!

Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D


Hey guys! FINALLY *cough cough Phoenix cough cough*!

That took forever! Siriusly.

Anyway, agreed with the whole ‘lack of reviews is totally killing our buzz’ thing.

So, I’m going to pout. You can’t see it, but it is the equivalent of a puppy that just wants a hug.

I’m adorable, okay?

Okey dokes, love ya lots, review!

Cheers, SW!



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