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Average Ally. by BlameItOnTheNargles
Chapter 13 : Rule Number Thirteen: Growing Up Is Okay, Right?
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“Sup Fredster!” I exclaimed collapsing onto the sofa beside the boy, a yawn escaping my lips.


Wait....something is definitely wrong here.

“Why are you in the Hufflepuff common room you lion?” I exclaimed wildly.

Or maybe I’m in the Lion’s den...Nope, everything is like a bumble bee, meaning I am definitely in the puff land.

“Visiting Reed.” He shrugged sounding so casual and cool. I wish I could pull that whole I don’t care act. However if I tried I would fail epically. We all know that.

“Where is she?” I questioned looking around for the blue haired girl. Unless she has suddenly turned invisible she definitely isn’t here. Nor in the dormitory, considering I just came down from there.

“No idea.”

Damn, why does this dude make it seem so awkward. Does he not know how to have conversation?

Obviously not. I mean he isn’t even looking at me. He hasn’t even looked my way once. ONCE.

I bet he would look at me if I was naked. Just saying.

“Right.” I trailed off, wiggling my toes. Though not going to lie they didn’t wiggle that much, they were in socks. Not just socks. Fluffy socks.

Silence filled the air between us. Each second passing making me a second closer to exploding.

I hate silence.

What the hell does Reed see in this idiot?

“Hey Reed.” I screamed finally seeing the blue mop of hair walking into the common room.

Oh, now the boy looks at me.

Scrambling upwards I flung myself at my best friend. “Thank god you’re here.” I exclaimed, my feet leading me out the common room. That was definitely tough. Tougher than a boxer in a...boxing ring? Yeah...

Now what to do with my life?

A million possibilities, however my brain seemed to think of nothing. Zero, nilch, nada, zip. Sometimes I wished I was a Ravenclaw. Why you ask? Because then I would never get bored. I would have books as my best friend and actually like it.

As it is at the moment, I’m allergic to books.

Okay, I’m not, but I wish I was. Because I would never have to do any work then, and I would be awesome. Who am I kidding? I’m already awesome. Or you know, currently wishing I’m awesome.

Feet leading me outside, my eyes squinting shut as the sun beamed down brightly on the world. Way too brightly in my opinion.

I couldn’t believe I would be home for the summer in a week. A WEEK.

It would also all change next year. James wouldn’t be here. Though I would finally get Reed back to myself on the plus side.

I’m pretty shocked me and James are still dating. I have definitely been his longest relationship. Mine too for that matter. My only relationship. We’ve been together for like five months. Give or take. I’m not exactly the worlds greatest time keeper.

James on the other hand was an excellent keeper. Or was it chaser? I really need to start learning about bloody Quidditch. Well it doesn’t really matter, he has been signed and will be big and famous before I even know it.

In all reality I doubt we will last. I mean we will rarely see each other.

However I didn’t think we would last a week, or a month, and so on.

To be truthful the whole world knows that I’m not in the same league as James, including myself. Nobody gets what he see’s in me. Including myself. 

Flopping down onto the grass, my eyes followed the clouds as they moved slowly. Though there wasn’t exactly that many clouds in the blue sky today.

“Party girl.” A familiar voice spoke, a smile appearing on my features, as his body layed down beside mine.

“Party boy.” It seemed the nicknames had stuck through the relationship as well.

“Where are your shoes?”

“A dinosaur ate them.”

“That’s cool.”

“I thought so too.” His soft laughter reached my ears, making my smile widen.

I hate to admit it, but I have definitely sorta have, kinda feelings for the boy beside me. Just something about James Sirius Potter drives me wild.

“What’s going to happen next year James?” I whispered, as his fingers linked through mine.

“What you mean?”

“Well I’ll be still at Hogwarts.”

“I know.” I rolled my eyes lightly, the corners of my lips tugging upwards. Even in a serious conversation, it can’t be serious. Serious is just not us. Well it is technically James.

“I’ll be here and you’ll be in London. Meaning we won’t see each other.” I stated, the whole thing worrying me, when I know I shouldn’t be worried. I just can’t help it.

“Ally.” He stated, leaning over me, his eyes looking into my own. “I promise we will still see each other.” He whispered, his lips finding mine.

I have to admit, kissing James was something I never thought I’d like. However as it is, I love it.

Pulling away after a minute. Or maybe three, I smiled up at him.

“Thanks James.”

“I love you, Ally.”

Just like that I felt like I had a million elephants stomping all over my body. Eyes as wide as the London Eye, I froze, mouth slightly ajar as I just looked up at him. He lo-love me. ME.

WHAT IN THE NAME OF MERLINS PANT IS GOING ON? This was never meant to happen. Ever. Not even in a billion years. Or in another life, or anything.

“Oh, look a giant flying pig.” I squeaked scrambling to my feet, as his laughter filled the air, his hand holding on to wrist.

“Ally.” He is grinning. Why is he grinning? “Look, you don’t have to say it back until you’re ready. However I had too. For some crazy reason you’ve captured me Alison Turner. When we first started I highly doubted we would last, however something about you kept me hooked.” He spoke, his voice holding a whole new toning which I’ve never heard before. His one hand still gripping onto my wrist while the other cupped my cheek. His hazel eyes boring into my own. My heart racing a million miles an hour.

Unsure what to do, I brought my lips back to his. The kiss being so different from all the others we shared. My stomach flipping and turning, sparks running through me.

“I love you too.” I  murmured against his lips.

Ladies and Gentlemen the apocalypse has finally happened. I, Alison Turner spoke those three forbidden words which nobody thought would ever escape her lips.

Author Note: DON'T HATE ME ALIBUS SHIPPERS! I promise the story is no where near over yet!

Anyway I just want to thank you all for sticking with me, 90 REVIEWS AND 51 FAVORITES! Do you know how happy that makes me? MEGA! 
I love you all! 

Anyway I would love to hear what you think! I'm worried about peoples reactions to this chapter. 

Team Alibus or Team Jally? 
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.



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Average Ally. : Rule Number Thirteen: Growing Up Is Okay, Right?


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