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We're The Lucky Ones by MaddiePHughes
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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 She stood there for a few moments starring at the closed bedroom door completely and utterly shocked. Hermione rushed over to her closet and quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a torn faded grey sweatshirt. She pulled her boots onto her feet and rushed out the door of her apartment. She knew he couldn’t have gotten far, the wards for appartion weren’t for a few blocks, he’d only be gone by now if he ran, and knowing Draco, he wouldn’t.

Hermione ran out into the middle of the street standing in the pouring rain looking through the blurry streets for any sign of his white t-shirt. Her eyes finally spotted a man, with a soaking wet shirt attached to his skin and his hair sticking to his face. She did the only thing she knew how to do.


She ran as fast as she could to catch up to him, but it always seemed he was to be ten steps in front of her. Suddenly, when she was almost caught up to him, he stopped, forcing her to run into his back and fall back down onto the ground. She pushed herself off the ground and forced Draco to turn around and face her.

“What are you doing out here Hermione? Get back inside,” Draco demanded.

“I came out here to follow you,” She whimpered biting down on her lip.

“Get. Inside.” He growled.

“Will you just let me talk for one goddamn second?” Hermione screeched through gritted teeth.

Draco’s silence was her answer.

“I don’t, - I can’t put the words together. It’s hard- it’s- it’s so hard. But I want this. I, want, you.”

“How do I know you aren’t going to be gone in the morning?” He spat hurting her with his words.

“Because, I’m who I used to be when I’m with you. When I’m with you I laugh, I smile, I play. Everything is so different, you make me feel alive. I don’t feel broken anymore, I feel more alive than I ever have. And I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

“You and I walk a fragile line,” Draco whispered placing his left hand on her cheek.

“Let’s not break it,” Hermione replied pulling her face closer to his.

“Never,” He replied picking her up and carrying her the last few steps towards the apparation point. Hermione felt the familiar tug and pule of apparation, and then appeared inside a large unfamiliar living room decorated in dark greens and blacks.

Draco slowly set her down on the ground and began backing her up towards the wall until her soaked shirt was pressed upon it. His ran his fingers down her face stopping at the nape of her neck and began kissing her slowly and sensually.

Hermione brought her hands up to the hem of his shirt and tugged it up until he pulled his lips away from a moment to pull the rest of the shirt over his head. She started to pull his face back to her own until he stopped her by smirking widely and tugging her shirt off quickly and unexpectedly.

His hands traveled down her face towards the bareness of her chest and he grasped lightly feeling a small moan escape from her lips. Draco began kissing down her neck to her collarbone and replaced his hands with his mouth producing her to sigh heavily.

He clasped his hands around her thighs and wrapped them lowly around his waist making it so he could walk her to the large flokati rug in the center of the furniture, right in front of the largely lit fire. 

Gently, he lied her down on her back and kissed from her neck down to the beginning of the waistbands of her jeans. His fingers slowly dipped inside and swiftly pulled the jeans off, leaving her in nothing but her bare body.

She wrapped her legs around his waist forcing him to fall down on top of her where she immediately turned him around so that she was straddling him and tore off his jeans. Hermione shifted her body so that her chest was pressed against his own and his lips were on hers in an instant. He moved his body so that they were both in an upright position, nose to nose.

“Draco, love me,” She moaned on his lips.


The now dimly lit fire shined weakly through the dark living room of Draco’s large loft, where Hermione confusingly woke. She sat up from the cream colored flokati rug she had fallen asleep on and clutched the thick green wool blanket to her chest glancing around for sight of Draco.

“Hello?” Hermione called with a smile on her face.

She rose from the floor and wrapped the blanket around her body playfully running around the loft looking in every room for sight of him. Her eyes wandered to the large set of spiral stairs leading to a balcony and another door Hermione was guessing was his bedroom.

Hermione climbed the steel stairs quickly bursting into the empty bedroom in front of her. She wandered over to the bed and glanced down at the small piece of paper and pink rose lying on top of the black silk duvet bed.


I had to go to the Ministry; I didn’t have the heart to wake you. I promise to be back soon.



A small pout formed on her lips but she quickly wiped it away at the reminder of the large bathtub in Draco’s master bathroom. Her pout transformed to a large smile and she quickly made her way to the bathroom looking for all assortments of bathtub material she needed.


The water around her was filled to the top and different sized bubbles changing from white to pink surrounded her. Hermione felt at piece with the warm water soothing her. She had tied her messy hair up into a loose knot on top of her head with large pieces falling everywhere and a few sticking to the nape of her neck from being wet. Hermione pulled her fingers up from under the water and giggled to herself at the sight of her wrinkled fingers.

Soft music in the background filled the room with a woman’s soft soothing voice playing along with it. Hermione playfully threw a handful of bubbles into the air watching as they cascaded down and dissolved in the air producing small drops to fall in the tub and on her face.

A large tapping on the bathroom window caught Hermione’s attention. She quickly pulled the drain and wrapped the fluffy white towel around her body while rushing to open the window.

A cherry colored owl was perched outside holding a small piece of parchment inside her beak. Hermione held her arm around for the owl to drop the letter in and then watched as it took off and disappeared into the early afternoon sun. She unraveled the letter and smiled a very large school girl smile.


I’m hoping you read the letter I left for you on my bed. It was an exquisite night for me; I’m assuming it was for you also. I won’t be home for a few more hours. The days going by slow for me, all I want is to come home to your beautiful face.



A bright idea was brought up into Hermione’s mind. She closed the window and walked towards Draco’s bedroom searching for her clothes that were no longer in the living room. Hermione walked inside his large closet and noticed a small box on the ground wrapped up tightly like a present with her name printed in gold on the tag.

Happily, Hermione ripped open the present and grabbed the few items that were inside. Draco had left her a change of clothes after all. Inside the box was an over-sized quarter length cream colored sweater and a pair of black silk shorts with lace trimming. The shorts stopped mid-thigh hugging her comfortably. She quickly dressed and pulled her hair up into a ponytail.

She walked down the spiral staircase and into Draco’s massive kitchen. The plan she had conjured up reappeared in her mind catching her attention. Opening the fast refrigerator Hermione grabbed baby potatoes, a small amount of cilantro, the dish of salmon, and the ingredients for the sour cream dip she wanted to create for Draco.

Everything had to be absolutely perfect.


“Reina, can you please come get these files from my desk and deliver them to Kingsley so I can go home?” Draco pleaded through the intercom from his office.

“Yes Mr. Malfoy,” Reina responded quickly. He heard a small amount of shuffling and then his office door opened. His assistant Reina Lincoln walked in with a large smile plastered on his face.

“Is this all?” She asked clutching the files to her chest.

“Make sure nobody else comes to visit me, I need to adjust my things and get home,” He responded rubbing the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb.

“Okay.” Reina walked slowly out of the room adding a desperate sway to her walk, which Draco disapprovingly noticed.

He shook his head and chuckled to himself after rising from his seat and gathering all of his belongings into his briefcase. Draco placed his briefcase down and shrugged on his large black overcoat and ran his hands through his hair.

The door to his office opened, but this time it wasn’t Reina, it was Astoria Greengrass. Her perfect blonde hair was curled and largely looking. She was dressed in a red shift dress with large white buttons holding the thick straps to her chest. Her feet were decorated in a pair of small kitten heels.

“I’m sorry Mr. Malfoy, I told her not to come in, but she was insistent,” Reina explained with terror in her voice.

“It’s alright. Just give me a moment with Miss. Greengrass,” Draco said as she shut the door.

“May I help you Astoria?” Draco sighed glancing at her annoyingly.

“I thought I’d stop by and we could have an early lunch,” Astoria said with a beaming smile.

“No thank you, I need to be getting home,” He declined beginning to walk towards the door.

Astoria quickly stepped in front of him still smiling, “Draco, I think it’s best to come with me.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, shouldn’t we be getting to know each other more, I mean we are to wed,” She giggled.

“I declined that offer many times; it’s never going to happen Astoria.”

“I wouldn’t oppose to quickly Draco, bad things may happen,” She warned now glaring at him.

“Is that a threat?” He asked inching closer to her face.

“Why yes it is.”

“I’ve faced many threats in my life, and I have lived through each of them.”

“This one involves your new relationship,” Astoria admitted catching his attention.

“How do you-,” He began but stopped when she help up the front page of The Daily Prophet. Sure enough on the front page was a picture of Draco carrying Hermione down the muggle streets of London.

“Where did they get this?” Draco growled.

“Well, Hermione’s loft is in muggle London, the reporters have been trying to get a new story on her. They desperately needed her address, and who am I, a lovely woman, to say no in the appearance of the press.”

“You did this?”

“Not necessarily, I committed so what, yes,” She said proudly.

“You aren’t going to stop me from being with her,” Draco replied pointing a finger in her face.

“What happens when your mother finds out you’re in love with a mudblood?” Astoria asked.

Draco looked at her wide eyed then laughed loudly causing her to stare confusingly, “I thought you of all people would know who the famous Hermione Zabini is. She is dirty blood you twit, she is pureblood, the same as us. She is Blaise’s twin sister, soon to be Ginny Wealsey’s sister in law, whom is also a pureblood. Get everything straight before you warn me Astoria. Better yet, find another wizard family to support your own, because I will not be sharing my assets with you, or your gold digging paws. Good day.”

With that Draco had pushed past her and began walking down the corridors of the Ministry until reaching apparation point and appearing in the front room of his apartment.

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