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The Sun Will Shine Again. by SydneyBlack
Chapter 7 : Jeremy and his Wands
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A/N: So, continuing with the flash back! I think this might be the last full chapter in the flash back, and maybe half of chapter eight :) so yeah.. enjoy :D



Mr Ollivander's POV



"Good Night, Mr Brown" Jeremy called, as he slung his bag across his shoulder.


"Good night Jeremy, say hello to your father for me" Mr Brown said, a small smile on his face.

Jeremy nodded, and walked out the open door.




"Dad?" Jeremy called into the still house. He listened for any signs of life, leaving his ears disappointed, as the house was completely silent. He took several steps into the living room, where his father was now sprawled out on the couch, his breathing quiet and steady.


Jeremy smiled with relief, and put his bag down by the door. He walked into the kitchen, to start dinner.



Michael Ollivander, Jeremy's father, woke up to the smell of frying bacon. He sat up, groaning at the pain in his back and knees.  He walked slowly towards the kitchen door, he smiled at the slim figure of his son, leaning over the sink, washing carrots and cucumber from the back garden.


 Michael looked over to the stove, the bacon sizzling on the pan. "How was work, Jeremy?" he asked sitting down at the dinner table, which had already been set.

 Jeremy jumped, then laughed, "It was great! The man who owns the building, Colin Brown, said he knew you".


 Michael's smile widened, "Colin? Yes I knew him, we were good friends during Hogwarts" he laughed, "I remember one year, fifth or sixth, Colin wanted me to join the Hufflepuff quidditch team. So we went out to the quidditch pitch, and tried to get me on a broom. I was up in the air for maybe ten seconds before I fell off. I broke my nose and my wrist" Michael laughed, his finger tips brushing across his nose.


 Jeremy laughed, dishing out some bacon and vegetables on his father's plate, and then his own.


 For a few minutes they ate in silence, each caught up in their own thoughts.


 "Where's mum?" Jeremy asked suddenly, folding his hands in his lap.


 "She had to stay late at work, something nasty happened with a teacup, and a few Muggles. Mum's been sent to sort things out" he chuckled.


 Jeremy nodded.



When they had finished eating, Jeremy cleaned up the dishes, while his father went to lay down.




"Jeremy? Why aren't you in bed?" Eleanor, or Elly, Ollivander walked into the kitchen.


 It was past eleven, and Jeremy sat at the table with designs spread out before him.

 "Mum!" Jeremy jumped from his seat, moving between his mother and the table, trying to hide the drawings behind his thin frame.


 Elly craned her neck, trying to get a look behind her tall son.


 "Jeremy, what are you doing?" Elly turned her eyes back to her son, who squirmed under her intense gaze.


 "Well..I-I was..uh.." Jeremy stuttered, frantically trying to make something up.


 "Jeremy Ollivander, spit it out!" she said, throwing her hands up in the air, "And don't you lie! I can see right through you!" she added.


 Admitting defeat,  Jeremy explained.


 "I was looking at the wands Mr Brown sells, and noticed that they were all the same. I remembered my friend from school, Julia", Jeremy paused, as he flushed bright red, "She used to tell me how her wand sometimes didn't respond to her, it didn't listen. I was thinking that maybe if we change the things we put in our wands, for the core, and if we changed the type of tree we use for the shaft, maybe it would work better" Jeremy paused, searching his mother's face.


 Elly moved around her son, "What about these?" She gestured to the papers.


 "Designs" Jeremy said shortly.


 "Designs?" Elly picked up the nearest paper.


 Drawn neatly in the center was a wand, but it was unlike the standard thick black wands Colin brown sold.


This wand had triangle shapes etched in the first three inches of the shaft. The remaining nine inches was plain, but had a rough exterior, like it been cut straight off the tree, and had been crafted right after.


 "It's beautiful" Elly murmured as she read a few notes in the corner of the page, which listed what type of tree the wand was made from (Elm), and its core.


"Phoenix feather? Dragon heartstring?"Elly looked up at Jeremy.

Jeremy nodded, a grin splitting across his face, "Yes! The wands we have are only infused with magic, we cast spells and charms on them. But, I was thinking, if we used magical substances, perhaps the magic from those substances would allow the wands to perform spells ."


His mother's eyebrows were furrowed, "You're mad, absolutely bonkers".


Jeremy laughed, "Well, what do you think?".


"I think it's brilliant, really. But where are you going to get dragon heart strings?" Elly stared up at Jeremy, smiling slightly.


"I know people, mum" he said simply, rolling his eyes.


 "Oh? And who do you know, Jeremy?" she raised an eyebrow.


 "Well, some of my mates from school went off to work with dragons in Romania. And Julia is working with magical creatures all over the world." Jeremy explained.


 Elly nodded, "Okay, and how will you make these wands?" she inquired.


Jeremy shrugged, "Dunno yet."


 Elly huffed, "What are we going to do with you?".








Short chapter :( Sorry! 

I REALLY wanted to get chapter seven up, so I cut it kind of short...

I promise chapter eight will be longer...






Okay! See ya later alligators!

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