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Beyond the Veil by Tazzi
Chapter 10 : Christmas with the Potters (and Weasleys)
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Chapter 10: Christmas with the Potters (and Weasleys)

The next day was, well for lack of a better word, insane.

Albus and Lily woke us up at six in the morning. They then proceeded to drag us downstairs to wake up Teddy. He wasn’t as happy as Albus and Lily that is was Christmas and threw us all out. James swore as he tripped and fell on me and Albus, as Teddy slammed the door on us.

Lily then continued on downstairs to wake up Ginny and Harry. Fortunately, they were already up and Ginny even had breakfast started. Ginny gave her children all kisses on the foreheads and even gave me one. After breakfast, Teddy had finally come downstairs and joined us for opening presents.

When the living room was a mess, with wrapping paper and items everywhere. Ginny and Harry charmed all the presents up to there respective rooms and the paper vanished. They rushed us upstairs, because the rest of the family would be arriving anytime.

Just as James and I pulled our handmade Molly sweaters, over our heads there was a knock at the door.

“Come on!” James pulled me out of his room. “You have to meet the rest of the crazy family.”

I grinned.

The first to arrive was Percy with his wife Audrey and their two daughters Molly and Lucy, who were both already in school with us. Molly was a fourth year and Lucy was a third year. Next was Molly and Arthur, Molly was carrying a few pots with food in them. Arthur and Harry shook hands as Molly rushed off to the kitchen with Ginny.

Fred and his sister, Roxanne, arrived through the Floo Network and George and Angelina apparated after them a few minutes later. Fred tackled Albus upon his arrival and broke a vase. Angelina and Ginny seemed to make a bigger deal out of it than George and Harry did. Harry said it was a gift from Petunia and Vernon and that it looked better broken. Ginny fixed it regardless of Harry’s protest.

Bill and Fleur were the next to arrive with their children Dominique and Louis. Teddy started to disappear upstairs before he heard that Victoire was coming later, he then acted like he was going into the kitchen. Dominique hurried after him when she spotted him.

Charlie arrived shortly after that and just as he walked in Molly called that lunch was now ready.

The kitchen was packed and had three extra tables instead of the just one table, like this morning. Ginny looked around and frowned.

“Where’s Ron and Hermione?” She turned to Harry and asked.

Harry looked around and shrugged.

“Well it’s not like they live far or anything.” George said. “Leave it to Ron to be the last one here when he lives down the road.”

“Should we go get them?” Audrey asked.

“We’ll go!” Fred yelled, volunteering James and I with him.

“We should just eat without him, it’s his fault for not being here.” Percy said.

“Perce! That’s so rude.” George grinned at him.

“Victoire still isn’t here either.” Dominique said glaring at Teddy. It dawned on me that Victoire’s sister might know about Teddy and Victoire, I just wondered how much.

“No, I just came in.” Victoire said as she came through the door. “Sorry I’m late, I had to get some stuff ready for school.”

I noticed how she positioned herself as far from Teddy as possible, in a room with over twenty people.

Just then there was a small scream.

“Get off me Hugo!” A girl’s voice came from the living room.

“I can’t help it Rose, Dad pushed me through.” A boy, Hugo, replied.

The two came through the door to the kitchen covered in ashes.

“Sorry we’re late.” Rose said. She had bushy dark red hair. Her brother, Hugo, had light brown hair. “Mum and Dad should be here in a second, Dad just shoved us through the Floo Network to ‘save time.’”

On cue, I heard Hermione’s voice come from the living room with the sound of the front door opening.

“Honestly Ronald! That was completely unnecessary!” Hermione said. “I mean we live one house away! What’s the point of using the Floo Network and apparating us here when it’s a five minute walk.”

“We’re late Hermione! They’ll start eating without us!” Ron and Hermione came into the kitchen now.

“Well then you should have woken up earlier.” Hermione went to Ginny and hugged her. “Sorry we’re late Ginny, Harry. Ronald is being ridiculous.”

Everyone laughed, including me, but for different reasons. I know James must have told me this before but I don’t remember him saying that Hermione was his Aunt. I found it obvious that she would still be in contact with Ron and Harry after all they have been through, but I missed the point where James said that Ron and Hermione were married. As soon as I saw them together I realized how dumb I was to miss this, but at the same time it made so much sense.

Lunch went by fast and almost everyone went outside. After a few games of Quidditch, where James and Fred proceeded to knock Albus off his broom every chance they got, we went back inside. Albus wasn’t too happy at James and Fred, and held his, now broken, nose for his Mother to fix it.

James and I went and sat on the couch in the living room, as Fred went back outside to find another one of his cousin’s to harass. Sitting around the coffee table was Lily with Rose and Dominique. Dominique paid no attention to us as James through his coat on the floor by her. She merely ignored us. I couldn’t help looking at her though. She had long blond hair like her sister and bright blue eyes. She too looked extremely beautiful for her age. Although she still had childish features, her long curly hair, almost identical to her sister’s framed her face, giving her an air of maturity.

“That wasn’t funny James!” Albus came into the room and sat in a chair next to us. He crossed his arms and proceeded to pout.

“Shut up little brother, enjoy me while you can.” James said. “Lily told me how you turned Hermy’s hair green last week.”

Albus shoot Lily a look. She turned and stuck her tongue out at him, leaving Dominique and Rose and hopping on the couch with us. “I told you Albus, mess with my winged bunny and you’ll regret it.”

James and I laughed as Lily gave Albus a smug look.

Just as Albus looked like he was going to retort back the door from outside slammed open and Teddy came in and rushed upstairs with an angry look on his face. A second later I saw Victoire walk past the window outside.

“What’s his problem?” Albus asked.

Before I could say anything James chimed in.

“Maybe he has a furry little problem?” James suggested grinning at me.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at this. It caught me completely off guard. One it was coming from James, two it was about Remus’ son and three it was so well played.

Albus frowned not laughing with me or James. “What did you give him a Fanged Skvader too?”

“I don’t think that’s what James meant, Al” Lily said rolling her eyes. That girl seemed too mature for eight. It was unnerving, then again she was a descendent of the original Lily Evans and that girl could Charm anything she wanted by the time she was twelve.

“I would say he does have a problem, but instead of calling it furry, I would say blond.” I smirked at James.

Dominique, who until this point didn’t talk to me, tilted her head at my comment.

“What do you mean?” She asked me, turning away from her conversation with Rose to talk to me.

James answered her for me. “Sirius thinks that Teddy and your sister are dating.”

Her eyes harden and she turned to me. “Don’t you think that I would know if my sister is dating?”

I smiled at her. “I guess you would know. You might even be helping them hide it.” I winked at her.

She rolled her blue eyes at me. “Why would I do that?”

She was much better at reflecting the questions than Teddy or Victoire was. It surprised me. Maybe she didn’t know, or maybe she was just that good.

She seemed to lose interest in me because she turned back to Rose and began talking to her again.

I however, didn’t lose interest in her. From her actions today I assumed that she knew about her sister and Teddy, but just then it seemed like she wasn’t lying. That or she was very good at lying.

She flipped her light blond her off of her shoulder and smiled at Rose. I wonder if she too, was able to use her Veela blood to charm boys and men.

James pulled me out of my train of thought when he tapped my shoulder.

“Albus and I are going upstairs to play wizard’s chess, want to join us?” James said getting up with Albus. When I was about to say ‘yes,’ Victoire walked in. She went to sit by Dominique and had a hard smile on her face that was clearly fake.

“Sure, I’ll be up in a minute though, I might get some dessert.” I grinned at James.

James nodded.

“I want to watch James.” Lily said batting her green eyes at her older brothers.

“Come on then.” James said not waiting for her.

“Dom I think I’m going to go too, are you coming?” Rose said getting up with Lily.

“I’ll be up in a second.” She smiled at Rose then looked at her sister concerned.

Rose and Lily climb the stairs, leaving me with the two Veela sisters. Dominique looked as though she wanted to talk to her sister, but then remembered I was there. She glared at me.

“Shouldn’t you go get your dessert?” She barked at me.

I was taken aback for a moment at her tone, but then grinned. “And miss you talking about why Victoire and Teddy are fighting? No way.”

She frowned. “Why does this concern you? Who are you again? You don’t look like our family.”

“Dom, be nice. This is Sirius, one of James’ friends.” Victoire frowned at her sister.

“Who cares!” Dominique seemed more fiery than her sister.

“Drop the act sweet cheeks and tell us how you really fell.” I gave her a cocky grin. I wanted to see how much I could push her before she cracked and that did it.

She snapped her head to me and reached for my arm from her spot on the floor. I thought she was going to try to drag me to the ground so she could punch me, but instead she just wrapped her hand around my wrist.

I felt funny, like all I wanted in the whole was to make this girl happy, this small, blond, perfect goddess before me. I forgot everything except her and my body became limp.


My body shot up and her hand let go of my wrist. My mind then became clear and I remember that this ‘this small, blond, perfect goddess’ that was ten years old, was also an eighth Veela.

My head snapped to her. “What did you just do?”

I knew exactly what she did, but I have never felt it so strong before. It was frightening that it came from a ten year old girl.

She looked like she was grinding her teeth. “It doesn’t normally wear off yet.”

“Dom! Don’t do that to Sirius!” Victoire shouted at her sister. “I’m sorry Sirius…Dom apologize.”

Dominique rolled her eyes. “Like that is going to happen.”

“That was your Veela charm right? Why was it so strong?” I gave Dominique an amazed look.

Dominique flipped her hair and ignored me. Victoire was the one to finally answer, glaring at her sister.

“Dom was concentrating it all on you. She doesn’t do good with range, but if she grabs hold of you she can make you do whatever she wants. It stops working on the stronger minded people as soon as she lets go, but on weaker souls…”

“They do whatever I want and I’m too far away by the time it wears off.” Dominique was frowning. “You were supposed to be upstairs by the time it wore off.”

Honestly, she was terrifying. Dominique might be ten, but she already had more power than her sister did. True it wasn’t useful after she let go, but until then Dominique could do whatever she wanted. I didn’t know which was worst: Victoire, who had more control and range or her sister, who didn’t have range, but had more power. Victoire at least seemed like she didn’t want to be classified as Veela, Dominique didn’t seem to care.

I decided to back away from her. She raised an eyebrow at me, as if she was challenging me or daring me to come back, closer to her.

I sat down on the other side of the table, out of her reach and turned to Victoire.

“So anyways, crazy Veela’s aside,” I started to say as Dominique glared at me. “What’s up with you and Teddy? Is this still because one of your friends kissed him, because Vic, he doesn’t like her. He likes you.” I cut to the point.

Dominique glared at me, but before she could defend her sister Victoire spoke up.

“It’s not that…I’m not mad about that anymore…”

I stared at her with wide eyes, surprised that she was finally admitting it. Dominique rolled her eyes and huffed.

“I told you not to worry about it Vicky.” Dominique said. “You’re sixteen, you have plenty of time.”

I can’t believe Victoire was getting advice from her ten year old sister. I disregarded this and turned back to Victoire.

“What’s wrong then?” I asked.

Victoire just shook her head and tears started running down her face. I recoiled back away from her. I know it wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but I was never good with girls crying. I remember the first time I saw Lily cry, she thought James had died on an Order mission and when James, Remus and I came back she punched James and started screaming and crying all at once. It actually would have been funny. That is if she wasn’t screaming and crying at me too. At least Victoire wasn’t screaming, yet…

Dominique shot me a look when I started backing away. I gave her a pleading look to make it stop, but instead she gave me the answer to my question. Glaring the whole time.

“Victoire told Teddy that she wanted to tell people they were dating. Teddy said he wasn’t ready, so Victoire broke up with him.” Dominique looked now at her sister with a worried look. “Now she’s an emotional wreak and cries every time she sees him, thinks of him, or realizes that he’s basically a part of the family and she can’t avoid him.”

Dominique waved her hand in the air the whole time she was talking, like it proved her point.

“Ah.” I said, but then something occurred to me. “Why is Teddy in a bad mood then?”

Dominique gave me a dirty look. I guess that was a touchy subject, but Victoire was the one to answer this time.

“It-it’s not like he doesn’t like me…he just said he doesn’t want to make things to-too official. As in tell the fa-family.” Victoire managed to choke out and then compose herself. She swallowed hard, like that would stop her from crying anymore. Needless to say it probably made it worst.

I didn’t understand what was so horrid about this, but I didn’t want to ask. Dominique picked up my confused look and guessed what I was thinking.

“Vic basically thinks that Teddy isn’t serious about her and doesn’t want anything long-term.” Dominique rolled her eyes like her sister was dumb. “She is also under the delusion that Teddy was cheating on her.”

“He kissed Courtney! Who else do you think he snogged?” Victoire said a bit loudly. “I mean, he is the most popular guy in his year, what should I think?”

Dominique and I shushed her, looking toward the kitchen, making sure no one came out. It was silent for a moment before I spoke up.

“By that logic, Victoire…does that mean you cheated on Teddy?” I asked her carefully. Her head snapped up and looked at me, her eyes now red. “You are the most popular girl in your year. So did you cheat on him?”

She looked at me and shook her head ‘no.’

I smiled and got up. “That’s what I thought.”

“Where do you think you’re going?” Dominique asked as I headed toward the stairs.

“I’m leaving like you wanted me to.” I smirked turning her words against her. “James will wonder why I’m not up there yet.”

I hurried up the stairs before she could say anything. Just as I got to the top, I turned to the guest room before I headed up to where James and the others were. I gave it three knocks and sighed. This is for you Remus

Teddy came to the door a few seconds later and looked at me. He was still clearly in a bad mood. I worked up my courage, I didn’t normally play cupid, but I made an exception since it was on of my best friend’s kid.

“Hey, Teddy. I think we should talk.”


“He’s going to get your queen!” James shouted in my ear.

“Could you maybe lower your voice a bit?” I growled. James was pretty much pushing me onto my side of the chessboard. I was currently playing against Albus, and losing.

When I finally came up here, James had just lost to Albus and was throwing a fit. I could see why he lost though. James was impatient most of the time and needed to move around. Chess was a mental game, something James couldn’t do for too long of a time. Albus knew this and used it to his advantage. Sadly, chess wasn’t my game either. If I didn’t win by the first ten moves than my interest faded. I was probably worst than James besides, it didn’t help that James was leaning all over me. I guess for some reason he thought this helped…

“That’s not all I’m going to do. Checkmate.” Albus said with a grin.

“Yep, that sounds about right.” I pushed James off of me and he fell to the floor.

“Ouch!” James complained as he hit his head.

“Aww, Jamie? I’m sorry did that hurt?” I asked.

“Yeah, it did.” He said sitting back up.

“Good.” I pushed him over once more as I got up. “Good game, Al.”

“Good game, Sirius.” Albus nodded politely.

“Sirius, you suck at chess.” James said as he finally got up off the floor.

I glared at him. “Half the moves I made were because you were over my shoulder yelling them to your pieces! Who do you think they are going to listen to? Me or you?”

James shrugged. “Excuses, excuses.”

“I’m sorry, what were you saying when you lost earlier?” I glared. “Oh that’s right, nothing because you were trying to shove a Rook up your brother’s nose.”

“He had it coming!”

“Shut up you two!” Lily rolled her eyes as she sat by the window with Rose, who was reading a book in Albus’ collection. “You both suck.” She turned her head and looked out the window.

James mumbled something about cheating and Albus and I exchanged looks.

“Hey James?” Lily said after a minute.

“I know, I know! I suck at chess!” James shouted at his sister.

“Yes, but I have a question…” Lily frowned and continued to look out the window.

“What is it?” James said, still in a bad mood.

“Were we expecting Kingsley today?” This caught Rose’s attention and she looked out the door with Lily.

“I…I guess so. He normally comes by around Christmas to see the family.” James shrugged. “What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal…” Rose started to say with a worried expression. She then turned to James. “The big deal is he’s at your front door, with three other officials from the Ministry.”

James’ head snapped up. He picked himself up, running over to the window.

Albus and I joined them, but by the time that we got over I just saw the three Ministry officials entering the house.

“James, I don’t think they were invited for afternoon tea…” Albus shoot his brother a look.

James nodded. “They’ll be in the second floor study away from the rest of the family. Get the Ears.”

Albus nodded and shoot up, running to retrieve a box from underneath his bed. James headed for the door with myself and everyone else following.

“James, why do I get the feeling we are about to snoop on Ministry business?” I asked him.

“Because we are.” James said as we descended the staircase to the second floor. “It’s almost like you know me, Sirius.” He grinned and winked at me when we reached the second floor.

“Come on, James.” Lily said opening the door to her room.

James and Albus shook their heads. “The guest room is better; we already made a hole in the wall.” James told her.

Clearly, they had done this before…

“Teddy’s in there!” Lily hissed.

“Good, he can listen too.” James knocked on the door.

Teddy quickly came to the door and frowned at our little gang we had put together, outside of his room.

“What do you want James?” Teddy glared.

James frowned. “Quit being grumpy and let us in. We have important work to listen in on.”

The voices from downstairs suddenly got a lot closer than before. James shoved his way in and the rest of us quickly filed through closing the door just in time. I stared intently at the door as the voices started speaking right outside the door. Everyone was silent and I saw Albus handing James the box, out of the corner of my eye.

“I swear Kingsley, if you try to brag Harry in today I’ll hex you right now.” I heard Ginny’s voice come from outside the door. “It’s Christmas for crying out loud and that’s the only reason that I’m letting all of you in my house.” She seemed rather bitter about the company she was addressing and something told me she wasn’t entirely talking to Kingsley.

“I can assure you that I don’t intend to take your husband away from you or the family today, Ginny.” I hear Kingsley’s warm voice joining Ginny’s.

“Mrs. Potter! That is no way to address the Minister of Magic!” Another voice joined them. This one I didn’t recognize. It was more gruff and scolding. “Just because you’re-”

“That’s enough Smith.” I heard Kingsley say. “Mrs. Potter and I go way back as you know. She isn’t going to stop speaking her mind just because I’m the Minister now.

“In here.” Harry said opening the door to what I could only assume was the study.

I turn around and saw that James’s legs were sticking out from under Teddy’s bed. Teddy was standing over James. He seemed a little reluctant, but wasn’t complaining for the time being.

“Got it?” He asked James quietly. Albus, Lily and Rose also made their way over to James and Teddy.

Without answering James crawled out from under the bed with an Ear. I realized at one what it was and thanked Merlin for Fred and George Weasley. The six of us all gathered around James and the Extendable Ear.

“…came all the way just to tell us that? It’s not even Harry’s Department and you’re giving him more work.” Ginny said. I could tell she wasn’t happy with whatever they were just talking about.

“It’s a big deal!” Another male voice nearly shouted at Ginny. “If the Dementors are-”

“I’ve tried to have the Dementors removed from Azkaban.” Harry said firmly. “Kingsley even agrees with me, but as long as the council is voting against us, there is nothing we can do and I would rather personally, say out of the matter until you lot start to listen to reason.”

There was some mumbling before Harry spoke up again.

“Is that all this was about Kingsley?”

“Actually, that’s not why we are here at all, Potter. Nott and Smith just got off topic.” The new voice sneered.

“Then what is this about Malfoy?” Harry asked. “I’m sure that you want to go back to your family, as well. So let’s make this quick.”

Malfoy? As in Lucian Malfoy?

I felt sick. I didn’t want my Godson in the same room as that snake. Why was he still working for the Ministry anyways?

“Draco and Theodore had an interesting day today.” Kingsley started. “I’m sure they both would like to go back to their families, but unfortunately, they might be spending the rest of the day in St. Mungo.”

There was dead silence.

“Okay…What happened?” Harry finally said.

“Astoria was…attack today.” Malfoy said slowly.

“Is she alright?” Harry asked.

“The Healers say that she’ll be fine, she is just going to spend the night at St. Mungo’s, just in case.” Malfoy said a little concern fell into his voice. This didn’t seem like Lucian, but I didn’t have time to wonder too long, before he continued. “My son is with my parents, but I’m taking him to St. Mungo’s after our little chit-chat is done.”

 “And you, Theodore?” I heard Harry ask one of the others.

“A similar incident with my wife as well.”

“Same attacker?” Harry asked.

“We’re not sure.” Kingsley spoke up. “It was rather odd how it happened…”


“Our wives were both at home.” Malfoy said.

“Then are we sure that it’s an attack?” Harry asked.

There was silence and the sound of paper rustling. Ginny gasped and something fell, breaking on the floor.

“Very well.” Harry ended up saying. “Leave the files here. I’ll look over them tonight and go in early first thing tomorrow. I would also like to interview your wives if they are feeling up to it. Anyone in your house at the time the attack took place, as well.”

There was another long silence.

“Thank you.” I finally heard Malfoy say as James pulled the Extendable Ear back and looked around the room at all of us confused.

“What was that all about?” Teddy finally voiced what everyone was thinking.

“Malfoy and Nott coming to your Father for help…” Rose said turning to Albus and James. Albus still had a confused expression, but James looked like he was calculating something. “That’s unheard of…even after the war…”

“They do work at the Ministry together…” Albus said softly. “Maybe they became work friends and this is just a favor-”

“No way! You should hear the way my Dad still talks about the Malfoys.” Rose shook her head. “He hates them.”

“That’s just your Dad though.” Lily voiced leaning against the wall. “Our Dad never says anything bad about anyone, if he can help it.”

“Mum might have a few things to say though.” Albus noted.

“I don’t get it…” James said suddenly.

Everyone turned to him. He still looked like he was in deep thought. He turned to Teddy.

“Malfoy and Nott are both purebloods and Slytherins to the boot, right?” James asked Teddy.

“Yeah, but what does that-” Teddy started to say.

“Dad is an Auror-the Head of the Department.” James stressed to us. “Malfoy and Nott are not just going to come by asking the Head, for a friendly favor.”

Teddy rolled his eyes. “James, this isn’t like when the Death Eaters-”

“That’s right! It’s not!” James looked at all of us like we were missing something big. Suddenly it clicked in my head.

“Purebloods were attacked…Not just purebloods, but purebloods from families that have Death Eater relatives…” I said understanding what James meant.

James nodded and Teddy seemed to catch on too. The others still looked confused.

“Meaning?” Albus encouraged.

I looked at him.

“Meaning that since your Father is now involved that these probably are not the first two attacks.” I told him. “Meaning that this isn’t a former Death Eater organized event, purebloods are being attacked. So it’s someone else…”


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