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The Piano by TheHallow
Chapter 2 : The Mysterious Music
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  Scorpius Malfoy

I never had the pleasure of meeting Rose Weasley.

That is what Scorpius Malfoy always tells himself, that which is a lie. Scorpius met Rose the first time they went to Hogwarts, they bumped into each other. But instead of helping her up he sneered at her and said "Watch it Weasel!" and walked away. Later when he passed the loo, he heared somebody crying. He knew it was her, she ran in that direction. He didn't mean it, he never meant it. 

And now, she hated him.

He couldn't blame her, he was completely out of line. He teased her for years because he felt he had to... but he always knew it was a bit more than that. The first time she bumped into him, he couldn't help but catch his breath. What he felt was hours staring at her was meer seconds. But in those seconds he sculpted all of her with his grey cold eyes. Her thick red curls that went all the way down to her waist, her sky blue eyes, and those small dots that lightly freckled her cheeks and nose.

He never saw anything more beautiful in his entire life.

Now, he is 15, blonde, tall, and lean. He has some built from quidditch but not much. He is an average Malfoy, in the house of Slytherin. But now, he doesn't care about social standings, about who is muggle born and who isn't. And it is all because of her.

And he is planning on saying something real to her, he is going to confront her. He saw her the very second he got on the train, he already found an empty compartment put his trunk above him, and walked as fast as he could down the train.

When he finally saw her, he knew that she saw him because with her cat in hand she turned with her long curls and fled in the other direction with her brother.

Great. She hates me.

I can't blame her though. Should I call out to her? 

What do I even say? She might not even listen to me. What if she just keeps running away? 

All of these things were running through his head the very second she looked at him with her wide blue eyes and turned away.

I've never had the pleasure of meeting Rose Weasley.

When he got back to his compartment, and opened the door. a flash of dark hair was flung at him in a gripping hug.

"SCORPIUS!", it squeeled.

Oh Gods why! 

" 'Sup Parkinson", he replied.

As she finally lossened her grip on him, she sat him down and sat straight on his lap.


"Scorpyyyyy!" , she giggled.

Pansy Parkinson's daughter was a bubbling, flirty, disaster. And she had always crushed on Scorpius. He long dark hair, with dark eyes, her chest threatening to spill into his face.

Good gods this is not cool.

"Look Jewely, I kind of don't want you on my lap please..." , he gulped.

Scorpius had used Jewely for his benefit before, but now he was different... and yes her name was Jewely as in a Jewel, why Pansy Parkinson came up with such a name he would never know...

she frowned and sat next to him instead, "You don't want to do anything with me anymore!"

He looked away from her... specifically towards the compartment door, trying to plan his escape... when he saw sky blue eyes, and freckles. He gaped, then felt really hot around his ears. She ran.



I ran away... yup I ran away... that is soooo immature of me.

Why am I sucha pansy. I ran towards the bathroom,

you don't need to pee!

"Weasley!", Great he's following me! Keep running!

Suddenly the loo looked like the perfect safe heaven. I ran in and shut the door behind me. I hear his foot steps, and saw his shadow through the grates at the bottom of the sliding door. I heard him thump his head against the door.

"I'm sorry, I like you" I heard the whisper, and I stood there stuck...

then the shadow was gone...




Everybody knew about the mysterius music.

For the past 5 years or so, somewhere on the seventh floor everybody can here the music eminating from the walls. And nobody knows why or where it comes from.

Rumors first went around that it was a new ghost that played music forever for her loved one who was still alive.

The second rumor was that somebody cast jinx on the floor that was so complicated that even the teachers couldn't fix it. But everybody knew that was impossible.

And on the first weekend back at Hogwarts the music was there.

And nobody knew that there was a little Rose Weasley inside the Room of Requirement playing to her hearts content.



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