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Standing Still by quaffle
Chapter 1 : Last Week
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“Be careful! You don’t want her to role onto you. She might break you! You know the gargoyle down by the Owlery? She sat on him! He cracked in half!”
“Lard Ass!”
“She barely fits through the door! I am surprised she fits in a Slytherin bed!”
“Allison Quinn? The stout  one, I know her!”
“What is she wearing?”
“She can’t even get on a broom! She’s too heavy! The broom can’t even get off the ground!”

A tap on the desk in front of me, breaks my thoughts, “Miss Quinn, I can assure you that whatever is drifting off to the unconscious of your memory, this class is of vital importance to get your Healer’s certificate. You know that, I presume?”  
I nod my head, “Sorry, it won’t happen again Healer Yolokov.”

She walks back to the front of the classroom, she flips around a chalkboard with a flick of her wrist.
“Now, memorize these notes. This is a healer’s final law. It is an oath to give your all to save an emergent patient and not just give up because they cannot afford to pay.” She taps the top of the board with her wand, “You will be required to memorize this and write it on your final exam next week. You are all fourth year healers, and this is a crucial part of your grade in this class.”

I pick up my quill and start writing on the parchment furiously, as she continues to talk. I scribble, almost ineligible words onto the paper, trying to write it all down before the time is up.  I finish the paragraph before the clock dings one time.

“I will see you all next week. Don’t forget, I need research notes from all of you for your final project by Monday. Half of your project grade depends on this. Don’t forget or you’ll have to repeat your final healer’s year again. You’re in the last week, you don’t want to repeat the whole year for a silly mistake, am I right?”

I stand up, slipping my quill into bag and then rolling the parchment and sliding it in into a different side. I check for my wand in my back pocket and then stand up, leaving the classroom.

I walk into the halls of St. Mungos. I want to work here one day. I was ecstatic that I made it into the Healer program here. With a thirty percent acceptance rate, the odds were not in my favor, but I succeeded. My N.E.W.T.S. grades saved me.

I wasn’t particularly intelligent, nor was I particularly daft. I was a hard worker though, which makes it hard for many to believe that I was put in Slytherin while I was at Hogwarts. I for sure thought that I would have been placed in Hufflepuff – seeing as I had the necessary qualities: loyal, does good & hardworking. It was between the two, Hufflepuff and Slytherin and the Sorting Hat saw something in me that deemed that I was perfect for Slytherin. What he saw, to this day, I have no idea. All I know is that my family was astonished and I was unsure. For the longest time, I thought that the Sorting Hat had made a mistake. With reassurance from my brother, I knew the Sorting Hat had made the right decision, but it was still confounding.  

My brother, like my mum, was put in Ravenclaw. Both my mum and him had intelligence that could not be mastered by a hardworking Slytherin like me. My father had been a Slytherin, through and through. He had the qualities that a Slytherin possessed, qualities that I did not seem to have.   Apparently, I am more like my father than I realize, since I had been placed in Slytherin.

I make my way down one of the moving staircases to the ground floor, so that I floo back to my apartment in London.  I clutched my bag tighter around my shoulder as I got to the main floor and opened the door leading to the lobby of the hospital. I walked up to the fireplace, dug in my purse and grabbed what little floo powder I had left. I took a step in and took a breath, “Apartment R19 – Water Crest” and threw the powder to the floor.

The powder went everywhere and I shut my eyes quickly as the green flames took over me and I felt a slight burning sensation all over my body. I coughed and opened my eyes as I took a step out in my fireplace. I hadn’t fallen this time. I threw my bag onto the chair and stretched my arms above my head and let out a soft moan.

I was in my last week of healer’s training, and the way my house looked, it showed. Dust had collected here and there, my fridge was nearly empty except with half eaten take out boxes and some bottles of fire whiskey. My living room had dozens of books and rolls of parchment all over the coffee table, with my research notes on the couch. I had a map pinned on the wall, with many pushpins pushed into it, showing the effects of a new magical virus that had hit nearly ever magical country in the world. I was tracking it and trying to find its origins. The coffee cups in my sink were stacked up and the living room was decorated with even more of them.

I was working on trying to get my internship at St.Mungos. I loved living here in England, and I didn’t want to have to move to Scotland or Ireland or overseas to the United States of America. I wanted to stay right here where I grew up: close to my family (in particularly my baby niece and my nephew).


I walked into the kitchen and decided to mutter a simple cleaning spell I had found scribbled into a large book for class. “You’ll need this”. It had said, with the incantation written under it very scribbly, it almost looked like chicken scratch. Had I not been doing healer’s training, I probably would not have been able to decipher it. One thing is for sure, you learn how to read most of your own, terrible chicken scratch writing. That is one thing you will walk away from. It is difficult to write the notes in you classes if you don’t write them quickly.  The cups magically started to wash themselves, the sponge rising up and scrubbing the insides of them.


I hear a scratch at the window and turn to see Eyren, my brother’s owl at my window. Thankful that I have magic and can just summon dishes to clean themselves, I have time to look at the letter. I pop open the window and he jumps in. I pet him on the back of his head and he lets out a coo sound before untying the parchment on his leg. I unroll it, revealing my brother’s handwriting.

Sis! It has been ages. We haven’t spoken in months! We wanted to break the news to you in person, but since you’ve been busy with work, a letter is as good as anything. Idora is pregnant, again. The healers say that it’s twins. We are ecstatic and would love to come see you when you’re finished with your training! One week left, right? Expect us to be there around the following Sunday after your break. Isabelle and Dom miss their aunt! Love, Benjamin. P.S. Feed Eyren and let him rest at your house a night before sending him back, please. Scotland and England are so far away, I don’t want him to be tired.”

I let out a little smile. My brother and his wife are already expecting two more children? I remember my brother being unsure of having one child. I grab a quill, trying to write a little slower than what I had been recently accustomed to, 

Ben, that’s wonderful news! Congratulations! A week from Sunday sounds wonderful. I will officially be a healer by then, hopefully. Don’t worry about Eyren, he slept in my old Hogwart’s Owl cage, the one that mum and dad’s owl slept in that they let me borrow while at school. It’s just sitting on a table, I’m glad it’s getting some use. I can’t wait to see you four. Love, Al.


After staring at it for a moment, and deciding that it was legible enough, I scratch Eyren’s head once more before placing my finger down on the counter.
“Let’s get you some food and a nap before we send you back, shall we?”

He hoots in response and hops on my arm. I lift him up, cautiously, and bring him to the owl cage that was sitting in the corner of my living room. He jumps off of my arm and flies into the cage.

I don’t shut the cage, but grab the dishes from the bottom. “I will be right back”. He blinks at me and then I go back into the kitchen, turning the water on to put the water bowl under and digging under the sink to find some Owl Feed. I grab the bowl and scoop some in there and bring the water and food back to his cage. “Here you go, Eryen, eat up.”

Without moving his feet, he falls forward, his face falling into the food and he digs into it furiously. I let out a little laugh and then make my way up the stairs. Thankfully, it is Friday. One week to go.

I make my way to the tiny bedroom that sits behind my living room and open the door. I look around my room at the messy bed and the clothes all over the floor and make my way to my bed. I climb in it, not bothering to take off any of the clothes that I am wearing at the moment and pull the blanket above me. I didn’t realize how tired I was, but I fall asleep before I even have time to think about anything.

I hope you all enjoy this first chapter. I rewrote this a few times until I finally loved it. I have two ways that I want this story to go and I can't seem to decide which one I like best at the moment. No worries, it won't affect any of the first few chapters, but I will make a decision soon. Constructive critism is welcomed. I'll add more backstory into the next chapter. Thanks!

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