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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 18 : Chapter Eighteen: Arguements
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 Harry and Ron sat on the floor next to George and Bill, who were playing a game of Wizards Chess, and talked in low voices as they kept glancing over at Hermione and Ginny.


"I bet you my broomstick they're talking about yelling at us later on tonight." Ron said as he watched George cheat as Bill looked away for a minute, and adapt a innocent look on his face.


"I know. I just hope they'll be quiet, or else we'll have to use Silencing Charms on the room so no one else wakes up." Harry muttered.






"I just hope that Hermione doesn't take anything away from me." Ron said, not thinking about anything he was saying.






"And what may I ask would Hermione take away from you? She can't take any of your things away." Harry said.






Ron blushed and muttered something incoherent, but Harry guessed what he meant, and was disgusted.






"So, can Ginny, um, take anything away from you?" Ron asked, looking down at his hands.






"No, it's not like that." Harry said hurriedly, feeling his cheeks flush in embarrassment.






Ron nodded and watched as Bill looked down at the chess board in confused. Before Ron could say anything else Bill stood up and kicked the chess board, sending the pieces everywhere as he stared down at George in mock outrage.












George looked up with a innocent smile across his face, but everyone knew by know not trust his facial expressions. Bill whipped out his wand and gave it a flick, and George's remaining ear turned into a large knut, and George clutched his ear and rolled around on the floor in fake agony.






"Boys!" Mrs. Weasley cried, sitting up from her chair, "You're over twenty years old, act your age!" She scolded.






Harry and Ron turned away so Molly couldn't see them laughing, and watched as Bill fixed George's ear, and with a flick of his wand fixed the chess board to play again. Fleur looked up at her husband, and rolled her eyes at his childish actions.






"So, when did you decide to become a Auror?" Harry asked Ron, who glanced over at Hermione.






"I don't know, I guess after the Battle. I want to be able to catch to remaining Death Eater, you know? To get the satisfaction of knowing that you're the one who put them away." Ron replied.






Harry nodded, knowing what Ron meant. But he also wanted to protect others from the wrath of Death Eaters, he sort of felt it was his job, since he killed Voldemort, that he too should be the one to get rid of those in league with him.






"Want to play a game of Exploding Snap?" Ron asked suddenly.






Harry nodded with a quick glance at Ginny, and wanted something to get his mind off the fight he knew was coming.




















Both Harry and Ron waited until late at night to go to bed, secretly hoping that Hermione and Ginny fell asleep. Harry stretched and made his way up the stairs with Ron, and stopped on the second floor.






"Good luck, mate." Ron said, clapping Harry on the shoulder.






"You too." Harry muttered, and opened the door.






Ginny was sitting on top of the bed with her pajamas, twirling her wand in her fingers, and glanced up as she saw Harry enter the room. Harry couldn't meet her eyes as he walked over to the dresser and grabbed his pajama's, and went to go to the bathroom and change, when Ginny stopped him.






"Why out of every choice, you chose to be a Auror?" She asked quietly.






Harry closed his eyes and sighed, and turned around to face her. Her eyes were narrowed as she glared at him, and Harry knew she would explode at any moment. He quickly grabbed his wand and put a Silencing Charm around the room.






"Because it's the one I want." Harry finally responded.






Ginny got off the bed and walked over to her window and stared out into the Burrow's front lawn.






"Do you know how dangerous it is?" Ginny asked.












"That you could die on the job?"












"Then why is it a risk you're willing to take?"






Ginny turned around and glared at him, anger clear on her face.






"Why can't you just accept my choices?" Harry asked, anger starting to bubble up inside him.






"Because you can die from it!" Ginny cried at him.






"You knew I could when I went to hunt Voldemort, why didn't you stop me then?" Harry asked her.






"Because I had faith in you!" Ginny yelled.






"And know you don't?" Harry yelled back.






"I never said that." Ginny said.






"You were implying it." Harry snapped.






"There's more than just one person to fight." Ginny told him.






"It was never just Voldemort and me, it was us against them. I can take whatever the Death Eaters throw at me." Harry replied.






"How do you know?" Ginny asked.






"Because I've been fighting them for years, Gin. I know what they can do." Harry told her.






"Why do you fight them still? You're free to do whatever the hell you want!" Ginny continued.






"Because I want to put away the person who killed Remus, Tonk's, Colin, Fred, everyone! I don't want them to be free, they don't deserve it!" Harry blurted out.






Ginny stared at him with wide eyes, the real truth of why he wanted to become a Auror finally came out. Harry grabbed his pajama's off the floor where he threw them, and walked out the door and into the bathroom, leaving Ginny standing in the middle of the room. Ginny had no clue that was driving him to be a Auror, and instantly felt guilty for arguing with him. She knew he was just trying to save others, but she was scared that he wouldn't come back one day.




Ginny wiped a  tear that fell from her eye and pulled the covers away from the bed, and laid down. Pulling the covers back over her with a shiver, she waited for Harry to come back out of the bathroom. After about ten minutes, the door opened again. Ginny turned over and saw Harry in his pajama's and slightly wet hair. Ginny watched as he turned the lights off in the room and laid down next to her, his back facing her.






"Harry." Ginny called out into the dark, placing her hand on his shoulder.






"What?" Harry groaned, and turned to face her.






"I'm not mad at you anymore." Ginny told him.






Harry gave a small sigh of relief, and placed a hand on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Ginny snuggled into his body and rested her head in the crook of his neck.






"Why not?" Harry asked her.






"I see why you want to be a Auror, I can see the appeal to you. Just, try not to get hurt, or killed while you're at it." Ginny replied.






Harry bit back a chuckle, "I'll try." He told her.






Ginny nodded and grabbed his free hand in hers, and rested them on the small free space on the bed. Harry kissed the top of her head, glad that they were done fighting and that she finally saw it his way.






"I love you." Harry told her, feeling his body relax as he started to fall to sleep.






"I love you too." Ginny muttered, and was asleep in a minute.
























Harry walked quietly down the stairs the next morning, up earlier than usual. He found Ron sitting alone in the kitchen, a mug of coffee in his hands.






"Morning." Harry said, announcing himself.






"Morning, mate." Ron replied, looking up at him.






Harry made himself a small cuppa coffee and sat down next to Ron at the table, and noticed that Ron still looked tired and was fighting to keep his eyes open.






"What happened with you and Hermione last night?" Harry asked.






"She yelled, a lot. Saying that I should go back to school and choose a different career, a one were I wouldn't be put in danger. I had to use a Silencing Charm so she wouldn't wake the bloody house. I came down here early so she wouldn't scream in my ear the second she woke up." Ron told him.






Harry nodded and winced slightly, knowing Hermione's temper was almost as bad as Ginny's. Almost.






"What about you, mate?" Ron asked, taking another sip of his coffee.






"Ginny yelled too, hell, I yelled back. She's so stubborn, it took me a while to make her see my way. In the end she apologized." Harry told him.






"Do you think you could talk to Hermione for me? She won't listen to anything I say, she's even more stubborn than Ginny, with me anyway. " Ron asked, his eyes pleading with Harry.






"Fine," Harry grumbled, "I'll do it."






Ron smiled and finished the remainder of his coffee, and went over to clean it at the sink. Just then Molly entered the kitchen, slightly started that people were already up before her. She glanced at the clock to make sure that she had seen the time wrong, but it was in fact just past five.






"What are you two doing up?" Mrs. Weasley asked.






Harry jumped and looked over his shoulder at her, and gave her a warm smile which she returned.






"Rough night." Ron said, sitting back at the table.






"Alight, I can start breakfast if you want. Eggs? Bacon? Pancakes?" Mrs. Weasley said, walking towards the fridge.






"Yeah." Ron replied.






Molly rolled her eyes, but got everything she would need for the breakfast. Harry ran upstairs' for a moment to get changed into some clothes, and was careful not to wake Ginny as he did. When he finally came back downstairs Charlie and George sat at the table with Ron. Harry sat next to George, who was watching Molly flip the pancakes with her wand. Harry heard footsteps on the stairs and looked up just in time to see Hermione walk into the kitchen, glaring daggers at Ron, who was looking away from her.






"Trouble in paradise?" George muttered to Harry, watching Hermione sit far away from Ron.






Harry chuckled and nodded.






"Yeah, she isn't exactly on board with Ron being a Auror." Harry told him.






George nodded, and before he could say anything else plates of food appeared at the table, driving all thoughts of Ron and Hermione out of his brain. Harry fixed himself a plate of food and started a conversation with Charlie, who told him he would be leaving for Romania in a few days. Half way through his meal Ginny came downstairs and sat next to Harry, taking his hand under the table as she grabbed herself a plate.


When Harry finished his meal the whole family was now sitting at the table, with the exception of Bill and Fleur.




Harry watched Hermione from across the table, waiting for her to finish eating so he could talk to her for Ron. As Hermione finally finished her breakfast, she met eyes with Harry and raised her eyebrow. Harry nodded towards the front door and rose from his seat at the table, and walked out the door.






"Where did he go?" Ginny asked, peering out the window.






"I don't know, but I think he wants to talk to me." Hermione said, getting up from the table.






Ron looked at as he heard this, and silently thanked Harry inside his head. Hermione walked out the front door and saw Harry was walking slowly on the path that led to the hidden pond, and hurried up to meet him.






"What's going on?" Hermione asked as she finally caught up with him.






"Well, good morning to you too." Harry said cheekily.






Hermione rolled her eyes at him.






"What's going on?" She asked again.






"I wanted to talk to you about Ron becoming a Auror." Harry told her.






"Why? There's nothing that will change my mind about my decision." Hermione snapped at him.






"Let me try. Do you know why Ron wants to be a  Auror?" Harry asked.






"Well, not exactly-" Hermione started.






"Did you even bother to ask him?" Harry asked, cutting her off.






"No." Hermione responded, looking at the ground.






Harry sighed, if she had asked one small question she would actually understand why Ron wanted to be a Auror.






"Then I'll tell you why he wants to be a Auror, it's mostly the same reason why I want to be one. It's knowing that when you catch a Death Eater, or some criminal, you're saving someone's life, that putting that someone in Azkaban that doesn't deserve to get away with what they have done. Do you see what I mean?" Harry told her.






Hermione nodded and looked towards the Burrow, and Harry could see that she finally understood their point of view on things.






"Now go back and apologize to Ron before he loses it." Harry told her, pushing her lightly towards the Burrow.






Hermione smiled at him and nudged him back, but did what Harry told her. He followed her on the path and walked into the Burrow with her, and watched her as she walked over to Ron and muttered something in his ear, before pulling him towards the stairs. Ron looked over his shoulder and mouthed a thank you to Harry, and followed her up the stairs. Ginny walked over to Harry and took his hand, watching his face with a small frown.






"What happened?" Ginny asked, pulling him into the living room.






"Trouble in paradise." Harry repeated.






Ginny laughed and shook her head, and wandered over to George, who was talking about opening the joke shop once again.







 A/N: Thank you to everyone who had been patient with me with my overdue chapters. I would also like to tell you that I have made some changes to the others chapters, so you may want to go back and reread them. Other than that please R&R, I love to read your comments and give you some spoiler alerts every once in a while!



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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Eighteen: Arguements


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