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Blue by CooperTowne
Chapter 9 : Henry
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Many thanks to Magic_Pheonix!



I will never enjoy working on Saturday. No one wants to work on Saturday. That’s why the majority of the wizarding world is not working and in turn making me work.

Saturday is our busiest day simply because a lot of people just aren’t working.

Instead of doing something useful with their time, they spend it here, buying things that are apparently prohibited at their kids’ school. So it makes no sense.

I apparated into the back room at 9. Beth was standing in front of her locker pulling out the red robe we were scheduled to wear. She was whistling and swinging her hips back and forth to imaginary music.

“Looks like someone had fun on their date,” I said smiling. Beth turned around and, sure enough, smiled the biggest smile that I imagine she could muster.

“Blue!” she sang bounding toward me. “It was perfect!”

“Great! I’m so happy!” I exclaimed. “Tell me all about it.” I sat down at the nearby desk and Beth followed suit.

“Well we decided that we were just going to go from drinks. So we went to a pub somewhere in London. There were a fair amount of people there, but it wasn’t too loud. I mean, not loud enough that we couldn’t talk. I’m about 98 percent sure that this place was muggle though.”

“You don’t know?” I asked slightly amused.

Beth shook her head. “I prefer muggle alcohol anyways, and apparently so does Fred. Anyways, so we sat there talking for a while. Laughing, drinking, and eating all of the peanuts in the place.” She laughed slightly at this.

“Is that all? You just talked?” I asked. “There has to be more.”

“Well,” Beth said slowly coloring slightly in the face.

“There totally is,” I gushed. I propped up my chin in my hand and looked expectantly at her.

She smiled shyly at me. “It started out as joke I promise.”

“This is a promising beginning,” I gasped inching my chair forward.

“Shush! Well eventually Fred asked if I wanted to go to a club, a nightclub. I told him that it really wasn’t my thing. He said that he went there just to laugh at all the couples and desperate guys. So we went. I love to laugh obviously. So we got to the nightclub and the music is so loud and the lights are flashing. I could barely see Fred. But we somehow didn’t lose each other.

“We ended up deciding to dance in the giant mass of people. We started dancing and throughout one of us would point out a guy that was striking out or a guy that was generally trying too hard. While we were dancing, 4 different girls tried to dance with Fred. He rejected all of them. It forced him to started dancing with me, because before he seemed too nervous or awkward to do so.” Beth was trying so hard not to smile right now which means the good part is coming. “Just like before, we eventually became bored of the whole bump and grind scene in there and left. The night was kinda winding down for the both of us, we both wanted an early night since we had to come here in the morning.

“As were walking to a safe apparation spot, we talked about the people in the nightclub. They were people clearly trying to get laid. Fred laughed about the girls who tried to dance with him. He said things like ‘these girls look like they came out only to grind up on strangers’ or ‘they dress to provocatively for me’.”

“Sounds like he’s suggesting that he prefers a girl like you,” I interrupted.

Beth smiled and shrugged, “Maybe. After he said things like that, I couldn’t help myself.” A huge smile crossed her face. “So I kissed him. And we—uhh—ended up snogging at my flat for a while.”

I smiled at her and laughed loudly. “Yes! Score for Beth! Now did you only make out or are you lying to me?”

“Good morning!” Fred voice boomed as he sauntered into the room.

“You seem happy,” I commented slyly. “Beth has just finished telling me about your date.”

“Good then you won’t think its weird when I do this,” he said before bending down and kissing Beth hard on the lips. They didn’t break apart, Beth simply stood up and the kissing continued.

“And that’s my cue to leave,” I said quickly backing out of the room. Note to self: sanitize back room with Holy water.




A little bit later, Beth and I stood at the registers collecting money for various pranks.

“You could have not basically had sex in the back,” I whispered to Beth during a lull in customers.

“We did not have sex!” she whispered back.

“Your hair says otherwise,” I quietly snapped back. Beth’s immediately began smoothing her hair down. I snickered quietly and Beth glared at me.

Then her eyes narrowed on something in the shelves. “Hey, Blue. I think someone is watching you.”

“What?” I said confused. Beth pointed to the shelves and sure enough someone was looking in out direction. Their eyes snapped away when we looked over towards them. “I’ll go check it out.”

“Want me to come with you?” Beth asked. I shook my head and went around the countered and into the shelves.

I saw just in time someone turn the corner and head up the stairs. It was a guy, and he seemed familiar. I walked up the stairs after him. I kept my eyes on his back as it disappeared again. I followed him among the shelves until I knew where he was going to end up. The flurry section that snows all the time and he was heading straight for it.

I took a short cut and found the flurry section within seconds. I stood behind the snow covered shelves of ancient products that no one seems to want to buy. I was only hiding a couple seconds before the guy with swooping dirty blonde hair came in. He looked around for a second and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Is there a reason you are running from me?” I asked suddenly.

He looked up surprised. “No,” he said.

“So that wasn’t running,” I said suspiciously. I stepped forward and he ran his hand through his hair.

“You don’t remember me do you?”

I stood frozen to my spot. Was this it? Was this when I found out who I was? I’m not prepared! I always imagined it would be this dramatic event in like the middle of a restaurant where everyone can watch as it unfolds. I would be wearing a glamorous dress and my hair would be done to look a waterfall of luscious locks.

But in an empty, snowing section of where I work is fine. And this red robe could be considered glamorous.

“I was at the Puddlemere party.” Oh thank god. My soap opera ending can still happen. And dammit! Why would someone from that party find me? “My name’s Henry Whitmoore.”

Oh I remember him. Hands all over me while we snogged like we weren’t in a crowded room. “Henry,” I breathed out. “Shit.” I wiped a hand over my face and sighed. Why him?

“I take it that I’m not really someone you want to see,” he said chuckling. I nodded truthfully. “Well I didn’t come here for you. I came for a present for my nephew, you just happened to work here.”

“Good to know you’re not stalking me,” I said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry about the party,” he said suddenly.

“You’re apologizing?” I said taken aback. Most guys would not apologize for being allowed to grope you while their tongue discovered yours.

“Yea,” he admitted. “I wasn’t exactly sober or acting myself that night. Snogging you and dancing with you like I was, I mean, that’s not me. I promise.” I looked at him carefully, but did not respond. I crossed my arms and waited. “You were drunk and I was drunk. Pretty much everyone was drunk. It was a huge mistake doing that, making you look like some girl that—”

He stopped and looking down shamefully.

“Some girl that sleeps around?” I asked.

“Yea,” Henry said.

That was almost sweet. Screw it, that’s the nicest apology I have ever heard.

“Do you want to go get a drink tonight?” I asked him. He head snapped up and he looked confused. “I mean so we can actually get to know each other. You seem like a nice guy.”

A smile spread across Henry’s face and he chuckled. “Yes sure, you don’t seem to bad yourself.”

“Good,” I smiled back. “So, Leaky Cauldron at 7?”

“Brilliant!” he said happily. “I’ll see you then.” He waved and then walked off back into the non-snowing part of the store.

This is not a bad idea, and no one will disprove of it. This is not a bad idea, and no one will disprove of it. This is not a bad idea, and no one will disprove of it. New mantra. I’ll get it tattooed on my back with a word spelled wrong.

When I got back down to the front of the store. Beth was watching me closely.

“What happened?” she asked.

“I have a date tonight,” I responded.

“What?” she exclaimed.

“It’s a long story,” I sighed.

“And this is a long shift, now spill,” Beth demanded.




I didn’t want to make myself too pretty. I don’t know exactly why I didn’t want to allow myself to be too pretty. Maybe it’s just the circumstance that I met Henry, and then re-met him. “What do you mean you’re not making us dinner?” Louis cried from the entrance of the bathroom. He watched me closely as I opened my tube of mascara to smother on my eyes.

“I mean, I won’t be here. I’m going on a date,” I replied opening my mouth slightly to put on the mascara. “More like we’re going to have drinks at the Leaky Cauldron, but you know.” I shrugged and screwed the cap back on my mascara.

Louis puckered his lips in thought and then stomped down the hallway. I was living in delusion when I believed they would be okay with this. Only the idea of a date is freaking them out, they don’t even know whom with yet. I am just praying to Merlin that Al went out after practice or got stuck at an interview or whatever it is that he does all day.

I don’t really know how he would take it.

“Oh no young lady,” Scrap bellowed storming into the bathroom and grabbing my hand that was pining my hair back. “You are not going on some date with some bloke.”

“Scrap,” I said calmly, “he is not ‘some bloke’ that I just randomly met. It’s fine really.” Scrap let go of my hand and I resumed putting my hair back. “Besides,” I said, “why would I listen to you about if I date him or not?”

“Well, we don’t really know if you have any brothers,” Louis said lounging on the doorframe. “So we will take the burden.”

“Oh please don’t,” I remarked pushing past them and walking down the hallway. “I wouldn’t want to be a burden.” I walked into the kitchen and placed my bag on the counter. I walked over to the cupboard and got a glass out. Louis and Scrap soon came into the room and began rummaging through the fridge.

“Also,” I said filling my glass up with water, “could you not mention to Al where I’m going for this date?”

“Why not?” Louis asked looking curiously at a head of lettuce.

I drank some of my water before responding. “He just might not approve of who I’m going with, and I’m afraid if you tell him where we are going, he’s going to show up.”

Scrap laughed a little as he examined grapes. “How would he not approve, does he know who you’re going out with?”

“Maybe,” I admitted slowly.

“Where did you say you met this guy?” Louis inquired standing up straight.

I shrugged and looked at the ground. “Oh you know, around.”

“And how would Al know him if you met him ‘around’?” Scrap asked closing the fridge door. They both stood tall with their arms crossed, challenging me in a way.

“Fine, I met him at the Puddlemere party,” I grumbled. Louis and Scrap stood with their mouths open and their arms now hung limply by their sides. It was almost comical how much they mirrored each other. “Don’t look at me like that! He was at the shop today, and he seemed like a nice, not crazy guy.” I shrugged.

“So you just asked him out?” Louis exclaimed.

“To drinks!” I said defensively. “Not to do the horizontal tango.”

Louis looked at me grumpily for a couple seconds before saying, “I don’t understand what that means!” And then he stomped out of the room like the four year old he secretly is.

I rolled my eyes and turned to Scrap. “Please don’t tell Al,” I pleaded. Scrap nodded but his lips were pushed tightly together. He didn’t like it, I could tell. It just wouldn’t be pretty if Al knew. I’m trusting Scrap with this. Please don’t let me down.

I grabbed the black peacoat out of the closet and called to Scrap. A second later, his head poked out of the kitchen. “I’ll be back later. I’m not really sure of the time,” I said grabbing hair that was caught under my coat. He nodded stiffly at me and I took that as a sign to leave.

The Leaky Cauldron was just as I remember it from two months ago. Dark and dusty. Although I was a little early, I spotted Henry in the back flicking his hand through the flame of a candle.

“Hi,” I said dropping in the seat across from him. He smiled at me, but he looked slightly shocked. “You look surprised.”

“I just thought I had more time to mentally prepare myself before you got here,” he chuckled softly.

“I’m sorry!” I said as I shrugged off my coat. “Did you at least order a drink?”

“Not yet,” Henry said glancing towards the bar. “Didn’t want to get drunk before you got here.”

“That would be counterproductive,” I laughed.

“Do you want anything?” he asked standing up.

“I’m going to start with a butterbeer for right now,” I said. He smiled and nodded. He returned placing two butterbeers down.

We started talking and it was great. We talked about our respective jobs. Henry worked as a photographer for the Daily Prophet. He liked his job, but hated his boss. He worked mainly on taking pictures of quidditch games and their after parties. Which explained why he was at the party when we met and Al looked about ready to punch him in the face.

“But where was your camera?” I asked pushing the empty glass away from me.

“By that point, I had several hundred pictures of the party, and it was time for me to relax a little more. I had a couple drinks and,” he smiled shyly, “well you know the rest.”

“Hm, yes. I do. No party talk. Family? School?” I prompted.

“Hogwarts, Hufflepuff. Graduated two years after your friend Al,” he said scratching his head. “Family. I have two brothers, both older. Lucas, my oldest brother, lives in America and works in the ministry as head of transportation. William, my other brother, is currently pursuing his music dream.”

“Wow,” I said. “What about your mom and dad?”

“My dad died a couple years ago, and my mum lives in Cardiff,” Henry answered.

“What does she do in Cardiff?” I inquired.

“She and my uncle actually own an owl farm. They train them to carry packages and letters, and then they are sold to pet shops to be then sold again,” he explained.

“That’s awesome! I bet she loves doing that.”

“Yea she does. What about you? Family? School?” he asked innocently.

And now comes my long-winded explanation. “Well I think I may have drunkenly tricked you,” I smiled.

“No brother?” he asked amused. “Just a sister then.”

“No, well,” I started. “Long story short is that I’m kind of an amnesiac.”

“Hm,” Henry grunted thoughtfully. “Explain.”

“I woke up two months ago with no memory whatsoever of my personal life. Who I was, where I was from, my family, and my friends,” I answered. Henry stayed quiet for a couple moments while he processed this information.

“But you’re American,” he stated simply.

“It would appear that way, yes,” I shrugged.

“Then why are you here?” Henry asked gesturing to the rest of the Leaky Cauldron.

I laughed. “It’s all part of the mystery.”

“Well whomever you were before really likes to party,” he smiled at me.

“Oh god don’t remind me,” I said shaking my head and smiling embarrassed. “That night was like a primal instinct for me.”

“An innate reflex,” Henry offered.

“It was an out of body experience I was totally aware of,” I mocked. Henry laughed and nodded.

This date was going great. Henry was charming and funny. Plus I had it on good authority that he was good at making out, which never hurts. “Ok now basics,” Henry said. “Favorite color, book, and subject.”

“Hard questions when I can’t remember the majority of my life,” I said scratching my head. Henry nodded and shrugged. “Blue would be my favorite color.”

Henry’s eyes widened and pointed dramatically at me. “And thus the name!” he exclaimed. “If you had to rename yourself, why choose something like Carol or Martha?”

“I know right!” I cried. Henry gets me. “Hypothetically, you have a chance to rename yourself. What do you name yourself?”

Henry puckered his lips and scrunched his nose in thought. “Umm,” he drawled scratching his head. “Got it! Wicker. I would name myself Wicker.”

I raised an eyebrow at him and he looked at me confidently. “Wicker?” I asked incredulously. He nodded. “Like the wood?”

“Oi! Don’t be so judgmental! Your name is a color, why can’t mine be wood?” He exclaimed defensively. I smirked at him as he drummed his fingers in annoyance.

“Ok, blue is my favorite color. What’s your excuse?”

“Would you believe that I think it just sounds awesome?” he explained. Henry smirked triumphantly like he had actually beaten me in something worthwhile.

“Whatever Wicker,” I snorted rolling my eyes.

“Whatever Blue,” he challenged. I met his eyes and narrowed mine back at his. Henry, I mean Wicker, was smart and funny. I could see no downside to actually taking a chance in this relationship.

“My friends!” boomed a voice. A tall figure landed sloppily in Henry’s lap, and planted a kiss on his cheek before Henry could react.

“Isn’t this yours?” Henry asked. I hadn’t been able to see the face of the intruder yet until he turned around. I felt my blood boil and I believe my eyes flashed with murder.

“Hello Albus,” I growled through clenched teeth. “What brings you here?” Al flashed me an innocent smile.

“What brings anyone to a fine tavern such as this on a Saturday night? The fine company?” He stood up and swung his body around the room causing everyone to look his way. He seemed to be ballroom dancing without a partner. He looked drunk and ridiculous. “The atmosphere that would make any artist wet themselves? Or,” he slid up close to me and I could smell alcohol on his breath, “is it the secret rendezvous in the back?”

Henry looked nervously at me and I gave an apologetic grimace. I turned back to Al who seemed too intoxicated for 9 pm. He swayed in place as though a light breeze could knock him over.

“Well?” he snapped.

I stood up and placed my hands on his arms trying to steady him. “Al,” I said slowly. “You remember Henry? Right?”

“I sure the fuck do,” he grumbled snapping his head in Henry’s direction. I’m sure his glare would have been more threatening without one eyelid drooping lower than the other.

“We were just talking,” I explained in a calm voice. “He’s a very nice guy.” Henry’s face lit up momentarily as I glanced at him, but it melted away when Al turned back to him. Henry stood up and grabbed the cloak that was hanging on the back of his chair.

“I’m going to go,” Henry said. Sadness and anger washed over me as he put on his coat.

“Well if you leave now you’ll never find out my favorite book or subject,” I said a little desperately. I let go of Al and stood closer to Henry. Al gave an overly dramatic sigh that I chose to ignore.

“Well,” Henry smirked running his hand down my arm and softly stroking my hand. “We can’t have that can we?” Al drunkenly groaned. “Maybe lunch next time?”

I bit my lip and nodded. “Definitely!” Henry smiled and squeezed my hand before turning to leave. I watched as he left with a stupid smile on my face. I spun around to Al who was leaning grumpily on the table.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” he asked me.

I walked around him and put my coat on. I grabbed his hand and said, “Right now, I’m taking you home.”

“If that’s not an invitation for sex, I don’t know what is,” Al slurred. I rolled my eyes and ignored him. A couple seconds later, Al was hunched over on the floor of our flat trying not to puke up the contents of his stomach.

Without much success, I might add.

“Ok,” I said pulling Al to his feet after he left a little of his dinner on the floor. “It’s time for bed.”

I took Al to his room, conjured up a bucket just in case, and put him to bed.

I sighed as I closed his door and walked to my room. In my pajamas, I walked to the kitchen. I tied my hair back in a ponytail as I walked in. The contents of Al’s stomach remained on the floor and I swore about forgetting about it. Louis and Scrap were nowhere to be found, and honestly I wasn’t too keen on finding them.

It’s not that I was angry with them. No, I had just stopped being angry with them. They wanted to protect me, and someone who would share in their plight would be Al.

And he happened to be slightly inebriated.

Should be of no concern.

The floor newly spotless, I turned off the lights in both the rooms and went to bed.

I woke up early the next morning. The sun peeked through my curtains leaving an orange streak across my room. My watch said 6:30 and although it was really my one day to sleep in, I rolled out of bed and stretched my back until I heard several pops.

The flat was quiet besides the creaking floorboards from where I walked, and I enjoyed the silence. I peeked in momentarily to Al’s room to see him wrapped tightly in his blanket sleeping quietly. I smiled slightly and closed the door.

As I continued down the hallway, I heard the fridge door open.

It was probably Louis getting a snack or something. He tends to do that sometimes at early hours in the morning. Since I stocked the kitchen so well now, there was plenty more to eat.

But I don’t think it was Louis. I don’t think Louis wears lady underwear. Or has lady-like looking legs.

They stood up.

“Well,” I said startling them causing them to drop the carton of blueberries. “This is a development.”

The blueberries rolled out from the open container and Riley leaned down frantically to pick them up. She stood up quickly and brushed a hair behind her ear. I looked at her up and down. Wearing only a t-shirt that was clearly Louis’ and her underwear, Riley looked as guilty as anyone would be.

“Hi,” she said awkwardly. I raised an eyebrow at her wild, bedhead hair.

“So how long has this been going on?” I smirked.

“Not long I promise!” Riley exclaimed running towards me. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “Just a couple days! I swear!”

The desperate look in her eyes made me laugh. “It’s ok! I believe you.” She visibly relaxed. “Frankly, it’s about time.”

Riley hid her face behind her palm and smiled embarrassed. “So even you’ve noticed.”

“The only way I wouldn’t have noticed is if I didn’t know you two,” I said honestly. “So how did this happen? This being the romantic reunion between you and Louis?” I asked. Riley squirmed and I sat down at the table and smiled at her. She obviously was not in the kitchen to talk about her sexual exploits with Louis.

And I am obviously going drag this out and make it as uncomfortable as possible.

“I actually should, umm—” Riley stammered jabbing her thumb in the direction of the door.

“Louis can keep it in his pants for 5 more minutes I promise,” I dismissed with a wave of my hand.

“That would make sense if he were wearing pants,” Riley grumbled quietly. I smiled knowingly at her and she gave in. “On Thursday, he—uhh—came over and demanded to know why I thought he was a prat.”

“My fault that he knew about that by the way,” I piped up.

“I figured,” she said giving me a scathing look. I shrugged. “Anyways, I didn’t really have a reason for calling him a prat and it was awkward as hell.”

Classy. When you are going to call someone a name, it is always recommended that you have a reason.

“We ended up having a super cliché ‘talk about our feelings’ moments, and that lead to that—umm—physical activity,” Riley finished.

“And the physical activity hasn’t stopped since,” I said. Riley rolled her eyes and opened the container of blueberries and started to eat them.

“It’s just the majority of the time we spend together,” she muttered. She swallowed the blueberries and looked at me defensively as I laughed at her. “Don’t blame me! He’s just so bloody good at it!”

“No, no, no, no,” Louis said quickly sliding into the kitchen. He was wearing a pair of boxers that were obviously just thrown on and socks. He clamped a hand over Riley mouth and she rolled her eyes again. “That’s where we stop talking.”

“But I was so fascinated to hear about your skills in the sack,” I said sarcastically. Louis gave me a bitter look before letting go of Riley’s mouth and sitting down.

“What can I say? He had a good teacher,” Riley commented nonchalantly. Louis paled significantly and I laughed at his shocked expression.

He recovered quickly and turned menacingly towards me. “Let’s stop talking about us, and start talking about you.”

“Me?” I said innocently. “I have nothing new to report.”

“Come off it,” Riley snorted. “Louis told me about your little date.”

“Good to know you had time to discuss my life after your relations,” I said. I went to the fridge trying to find something to eat. I pulled out eggs and various condiments for an omelet.

“I’d say it was more in between,” Riley commented lightly. I wrinkled my nose at the thought. “So spill. Some bloke that you snog and practically shag turns out to be Prince Charming?”

As much I would like to deny it totally and get their judging glares turned away from me, Henry was very nice. No, he’s not some Disney prince that will rescue me. No, he’s not perfect. Drunk Henry is about as slutty as Drunk Blue. His blonde hair certainly resembles the sleek and orderly way the animated dreamboats had. He wasn’t muscular, but he did have a lean body type that I would not mind staring at.

Yes, I’m going to see him again. And no, I don’t care what anyone says. They have the wrong impression of him.

“His name is Henry,” I said finally. The omelet I had been making sizzled happily on the stove and I could barely hear Riley tsk at me. “The only impression you have of him is the fact that I drunkenly made out with him,” I snapped suddenly angry. I turned on Riley and Louis with an oily spatula posed menacingly in my hand.

“He’s a nice guy. Really nice. And it’s someone outside this little circle I have myself in,” I muttered under my breath. Besides Beth, I had no friends outside the Weasley/Potter circle. Everyone was in some way connected to their family. Since they seemed to be everywhere, I couldn’t get away.

Wait, not even Beth. Duh. She works for a Weasley in a Weasley company. And now she’s dating a Weasley! My life is a web of interconnected idiots.

Riley was beside me as I flipped the omelet upside down in the pan. “I just don’t like how you guys met. It’s not promising for an actual relationship.”

I shrugged. She had a point, but then again so did the voice inside my head. And I tend to be a little biased. “Is there food in here?” Al’s voice drawled groggily through the door and into the kitchen. A body soon followed the voice looking tired and not excited to see light.

Riley squeaked and grabbed at a dishtowel to wrap haphazardly around her waist.

Al looked bemused from Louis, Riley, and me. His gaze settled on Riley would looks to be having some sort of panic attack. Al’s eyes looked away lazily and he sat down at the table. “Please just don’t have sex on the couch or anywhere where I can see you,” he grumbled.

“Can do cousin,” Louis said brightly. He jumped up and wrapped an arm around Riley’s waist. After placing a light kiss on Riley’s lips, he whispered something in her ear. She glanced towards me and nodded.

Then, Al and I were alone.

There was a long silence as I finished the omelet and sat down at the table and began to eat it.

When I was halfway done, I decided to break the silence. “I hope you are sitting here staring at me to figure out how to apologize.”

I didn’t look at him as I talked, but I could sense the shift in his demeanor. Tired and confusion to cold stiffness. “Why would I need to apologize?” he asked harshly.

“Drunkenly crashing my date,” I said finally looking at him. “Thus cutting it short and maybe ruining the ending a little bit.”

Al scoffed and leaned back in his seat. He crossed his arms over his chest and let out a humorless laugh. “I saved you. He’s scum. I saw how he treated you!”

“Yes Al you did. The night that both of us were drunk. Not last night when he acted like a gentleman. He asked me questions about myself and teased me and—”

“Boring!” Al exclaimed lulling his head dramatically. “You probably would have ended up in bed with him by the end of the night if I didn’t show up.”

Was he suggesting what I think he was suggesting? Suggesting that he knew me better than I knew me? That I had no self control? It was like he didn’t trust me at all.

“Ok that sounded bad,” he stammered as I stood up angrily. “I swear I didn’t mean it like that.” I threw the plate and the leftovers of my food in the sink. I could care less about what Al had to say right now. He is assuming that I am some sort of girl who sleeps around.

“Oh you didn’t?” I snapped storming from the room. The footsteps behind me were desperate and quick.

“Please,” he said. “I was drunk when I got back here last night. Then Louis told me where you were, and I just got angry.” We were in front of my closed door by now and I sighed. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the cold wood of the door. Al still smelled of alcohol, and somehow that helped his case. “But you can’t date him!” he exclaimed. “He would not be good for you!”

So close to accepting Al was just being stupid.

I opened the door and immediately closed it in his face.




It’s like I’m surrounded by stupid.

Louis and Riley are cuddling on the couch whispering sweet nothings that everyone can hear and make me want to barf.

Scrap is doing yoga so he doesn’t freak out about the letter he sent to Rose three days ago.

Julia and Bella are doing yoga with him.

And dear Kole is asleep in a bowl of cereal.

Sanity for me is rooted in work which is opposite with most people. But Henry showed up again on Monday and took me out to lunch. He took me to this place in muggle London that he really liked. Can’t remember what it was called though.

I like Henry. Really like him. The terms on which we met were not the best, but now we laugh about it. Charming and funny, Henry was perfect. I would love to run my hands through his hair and grab his—ANYWAYS. At the end of our date, he not only hugged me but he also kissed me on the cheek.

Excuse me while I squeal.

He had a little panic attack after he kissed my cheek however. He thought he was moving too fast, and immediately apologized. To which I said, “You’re so cute when you panic.” Fun fact: Henry blushes like a ginger.

Another great date, better without Al stumbling halfway through it.

Speaking of Al, I haven’t seen him since I closed the door in his face.

“OM,” Scrap, Julia, and Bella chanted.

“Om my god, shut up!” I exclaimed exasperated. I placed the book I was reading in my lap and groaned. “Since when was yoga so loud?”

“Don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen,” Bella said standing peacefully on one foot.

“Kole’s asleep in the kitchen,” I said boredly. Bella shrugged and raised her arms. She let out a huge breath out of her mouth. “I need more friends.”

“Go hang out with your boyfriend,” Julia mocked. She had given up on yoga and she was laying face down on the mat.

I smiled a little stupidly. “Maybe I will!” I said standing up from my place on the floor. The book fell from my lap and I didn’t bother to pick it up. “At least he’s normal. And he’s not technically my boyfriend.”

“Whatever you say love,” Scrap said. He attempted a pose on one foot and presented a beautiful representation of a sick flamingo. Flapping arms starring as the wings. I left the room with full intention of going to see Henry.

Not to sound creepy, but I can tell you where his is right now.

There is no way to not sound creepy.

But a faint crack stopped me as I entered my room. Well not the crack itself, but the resounding crashes, gasps, and ‘WHAT THE FUCK’s. The crash was probably Scrap finally falling from his ridiculous pose. I went back to the living room, and, after three days, saw Al standing in the middle of the room.

As predicted, Scrap was on the floor, but was staring in disbelief at Al. Louis was on his feet with Riley still sitting on the couch. She grabbed Louis’ hand as it stiffened in anger.

Riley and Bella were staring at Al. More like whom he was with. His hand placed around the waist of a girl. Not just any girl.

“Mates,” he announced glancing around the room until his eyes landed on me. “You remember Clarrice, right?” Al smirked and continued to look mockingly at me. My mouth dropped open as Clarrice smiled and placed a light kiss on his jaw. “Clarrice is my girlfriend.”

In the kitchen, Kole snorted into the cereal bowl and subsequently woke himself up.


A/N: I am really nervous about this chapter. I hope it is good and that you like it. I do like this chapter with Henry. He's a nice guy as opposed to Al who's an idiot.

Please tell me if you love it or hate it...

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