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The Truth Behind The Freckles by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 2 : HeartBreakers, BackStabbers and Start Of Term Feasts
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Credits to the AMAZIN' Winterfell_Is_Coming@TDA


“I can’t talk to you anymore.” I say, looking down at the floor. Oli’s grey blue eyes bore into mine, and a wave of guilt runs over me. He runs a hand through his hair, something that I’m so used to Al doing. I smile at this thought, though I know it is forbidden. First I must say goodbye to Oli, Fred, and Dom and finally… Al. Never again will Al’s forest green eyes, so similar to mine, pierce me.

Oli scans me up and down, judging my body language, and I feel un-easy. “He made you do this didn’t he?” He shouts angrily. “I’m gonna kill that fucking Malfoy! Look what he’s done to you Luce!” He puts his hand on my cheek, “I’m gonna miss you.” I look into his grey blue eyes, which know more about myself than I do. He breaks our eye contact and walks away.

“Oli?” I wake up, laying down in a compartment in the Hogwarts Express. I must have fallen asleep, after Fred and Oli left. Tears sting my eyes at the thought of them, oh merlin I miss them. Scorpius said that I couldn’t talk to them shortly after we officially got together. It’s funny, he said the only male person I could talk to is him, yet he’s not here half the time. It’s as if he’s on another page, hiding all these secrets. But I get so lonely sometimes I go up to the Gryffindor tower and watch them laughing and joking around together.

I pull my trunk out, and flick through the photos that I took during my fourth year, it’s like a diary; I can see the progression of my life.
September: Al, Fred, Dom, Roxi, Oli and I on the Hogwarts Express. We’re all joking around, pushing each other out of the picture. Roxi and Fred’s dark skin stands out; Al’s dark hair; Dom’s strawberry blonde hair; Oli’s stunning grey blue eyes. I’m surrounding by friends, family, laughter and happiness, I would do anything do get back into that photo.

October: I’m sitting at the Gryffindor table, a normality in my Fourth year. I’m hugging Oli, for some reason I can’t even remember anymore. Al and Fred are discussing Quidditch tactics, I can tell from the excited expression of Fred’s face and the anxious one on Al’s. In the far left corner, you can see Scorpius and Rose, snogging with a passion that makes me want to throw up.

November: Al and Fred in their Gryffindor Quidditch robes, me in my Slytherin ones. Fred scoring goal after goal into Scorpius’ hoops. Oli doesn’t even try to stop me shooting again after again, he quit Quidditch after that, said his dad forced him into it in the first place.

December: Al, Fred, Dom and I spend time together on Christmas day. I squeal in delight as it is revealed that they got me a new broomstick: Firebolt Ice Edition. Later, when we have the Weasley/Potter Quidditch match, I break my leg trying to outfly James.

January: I’m studying for the transfiguration test, Oli is making paper planes fly at me, and Dom is snoring away on the table. She’s not one for studying.

February: The time Scorpius took me to Hogsmeade, drinking Butterbeer whilst the sun goes down, his arm wrapped lazily around my shoulder.

March: My fight with Dom, said that me disowning the rest of the family was hurting everybody and I was just being a selfish bitch. Typical Dom.

April: I quit the Slytherin Quidditch Team, Scorpius said that being chaser was too dangerous, Slytherin lost the first game in twenty two years after I quit. Gryffindor won the cup.

May: My first argument with Scorpius. He didn’t want me “flirting” with other boys, while all I did was ask a first year to pass me the chicken. I threw my pumpkin juice over him after that.

June: Al, Fred, Rose and Scorpius’ OWL’s. He was so busy that month that I didn’t see him once, I was so lonely

July: My first argument with Mum and Dad, they didn’t want me seeing Scorpius, I just thought that they were jealous. I was grounded all month.

August: The first time Scorpius made me sneak out. It was dark, and I had to walk, I was so scared, but he just didn’t care.

I look up, quickly shoving all the photos back into my trunk. The train has stopped, but the pain in my heart won’t go away.


“Gryffindor!” The sorting hat sings, oh boo hoo. Hardly anyone is ever sorted into Slytherin, so why should I bother listening? Scorpius is sitting at the front, at the head boy and girls table, with Rose. They’re flirting, laughing and giggling in a way that makes my shake with anger. How dare he, after everything I did for him. Rose looks up, flicking her bushy scarlet red hair and whispers something into his ear. I hate her with such a passion that it makes my skin crawl.

The food arrives, but I ignore it. The tears burn my cheeks, but looking over at the Gryffindor table, Oli’s face us one of pity. “Legilimens!” I whisper, pointing my wand at Oli. A strange feeling penetrates me, it’s as if I’ve got control over Oli, and he’s my only point of safety. I close my eyes, and allow myself to be drawn into the world of Oliver Wood Junior.

“You are born to be a Keeper.” Oliver Wood’s Scottish accent roars loudly around the Wood’s personal Quidditch Pitch. Oli bows his head, whispering into the ground “Yes father.”

The scene changes, “Oli!” I see my third year self run up to him, my face the picture of innocence. Oli runs his hand through his hair, “Uhh duhh phh khh!” He stutters, his face blushing bright red.

“Okay… Well as your being slightly strange, I’ll see you later.” The younger version of me leans onto her tip toes and hugs Oli’s shoulders then leaves.

Oli kicks the wall in frustration, “For fucks sake Oli you can’t even form a real word! No wonder she only sees you as a friend!”


Something snaps me out of Oli’s head. “What did you see?” The voice tickles my ear. I spin my head round, Oli’s eyes are steel grey, full of worry. I get up, and kiss Oli’s cheek. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”


“What the fuck was that Lucia?” Scorpius shouts his face bright red.

“Why don’t you tell me Scorpius?” I shout back, with equal menace.

“Don’t play games with me Lucy!”

“Me playing games?! You’re the one flirting with Rose right in front of me!”

“Well I’m allowed to flirt, whilst you, didn’t I tell you not to talk to Oliver again?”

“Well I’m sorry if I want to have friends!”

He points towards the door, “GET. OUT!”


I lay on my bed, playing with the serpent engraved head board. When I hear the giggling of my roommates, I pull my drapes, cautious to ignore the shallow and self-loving bitches that I am forced to share my Dormitory with. I’m not being unfair: they shaved off my eyebrows on the first night on the first year.

“Merlin’s beard, Albus Potter is fit.” I hear Georgia Goyle say.

“Eww!” Her best friend Rachael Zabini, replies disgusted. “He’s a Gryffindor and uhh, Lucy’s cousin.”

“I don’t care, I’d let that Lion ride me any day.” Seriously? I am present and listening.

“I heard he has a nine pack.” Rachael giggles.

“I heard it was an eleven.” No, this has gone too far. I emerge from my bed, staring at Rachael and Georgia. They avoid my gaze, looking at the floor, their faces bright red.

“For your information, Ally Servy only has a one pack, and has a pygmy puff tattooed into his chest*.” With that, I strut out of the room, in search of Scorpius.


In his seventh year, Uncle George, along with his dead twin Fred, charmed every doorway to open when the wand is flickered into a triangle, then shouts, “Manito!” When Teddy came a few years later, he updated it and included it in the new statues.

I arrive at the Heads Dormitory, straighten Albus Dumbledore’s nose, then the door opens. The Heads Common Room is large and spacious, including elements from each house. The Girls Dormitory, occupied by Rose, is on the left, a fierce lion coating the stairs. Scorpius’ dormitory is on the right, a serpent snaking upon the banister and arm rail. The common room was empty, but hearing the noise from his room, I walk up Scorpius’ stairs.

“Password?” The Portrait of Sazlar Slytherin asks.
“Manito!” I say, pointing my wand in a triangle. The door opens into Scorpius’ room, which he is standing in with Rose. But they’re standing close, too close. I look again, and see Scorpius’ lips sucking onto Rose’s.

“No!” Someone shouts, and I’m slightly aware that it was probably me. In that second my life crashes, all because of Rose.


"Rose what happened?" I hear Al's worried voice.

Oli gasps, "No no NO! What the fuck did you do Scorpius? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!" I open my eyes, desperate for Oli to calm down.

"He.... Scorpius.... Rose.... Kiss... Please... help... Me..."

Disclaimer: I own nothing, apart from my original characters and story line.
* - This is out of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, owned by J K Rowling, Warner Bros and etc..

Anyway, I redid chapter two, so do you like it? I review back,
R & R
~ Macy x

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