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Dear Mr. Wizard God, Why do you hate me? Sincerely, Avery Willington by Crazy101
Chapter 3 : Evacuation
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A/N okay guys I'm really sad NO ONE has commented on my awesomeness. Also of course all hp stuff goes to Jk Rowling and Barney theme song goes to Philip A. Parker. And in the story, also in the previous chapters, I spelled some Harry potter character names backwards. See if you can spot them all. Now, back to me begging. Any constructive criticism? Any points in the story where the awesomeness overwhelms you? Hello? Oh right, no one likes to read this stuff. Sigh. Well I guess on with the story then.


It was just a Normal Friday night, me and my friends were in our pajamas, singing to karaoke, and eating chocolate and gummy bears in an unladylike way.

Hey, Don't hate on our manly ways!

Surprisingly, and in the middle of my epic solo of the Barney Theme Song, cat woman burst in. What she screeched confused me.
"Ladies get out now Tromedlov was spotted in the girls' dormitories to your right! Go to the Great Hall!"



That sounds like a chocolate.

(I was slightly hyper off of all that sugar, NO HATING ALLOWED)

So me, in my Pygmy puffs tank top and running shorts, along with the rest of my friends ran to the great hall.

We plopped down, huffing and puffing. I grabbed Rose and said,
"Tell me what's going on NOW" my friends (which now included the guys)

looked at each other. Finally, Al said,
"There's a man called tromedlov who wears a golden mask. He murdered, like, a ton of people. He has this unexplainable hatred for anyone related to Godric Gryffindor. The prophecy stated:

On the 24th day of the 3rd month,
A young girl by the name of Avery
Shall defeat the one seeking revenge

He is the last son of Salazar Slytherin, he's that old. He has been worse than all evil in the wizarding world. Now, his target is a girl named Avery"

I just sat there stupidly.

(I AM a blonde you know)


then I realized, hey my name is Avery!

"Naw, can't be me. It's a shame that we have to sleep in the great hall, though. I wonder if we can ge out of classes tomorrow"

"Y-you aren't as afraid?"

"Heck no. He's just some dude in an expensive mask."

Before al could reply, about two hundred sleeping bags covered the floor.

The girls took the right side of the great hall, and boys took the left. A curtain split the room in half.



I couldn't sleep. A thousand thoughts jumbled through my head.

I have some sort of Deja Vu with this golden mask.

Hmmm...... golden mask, golden mask.....

Finally, I just sneaked out.

I sloooooowly got outta my stuffy sleeping bag.

"OH POOPY!" I whisper-screamed as I realised that there were sleeping bags all around me.

I stretched a little, rolled my neck, and then.....


I lept between the tiny spaces that resembled the floor, occasionally launching off with my hands.

I flipped over the last snoring fluff pile and continued to tiptoe.

"Quidditch piiiiitch!" I cried, charging outside when I was clearly out of earshot.

I started jogging around the Quidditch pitch. I did that the whole morning.

I like running.


At 6:00, I jogged back inside. I ignored cat woman's threat not to go back inside your dorm and took a shower and got dressed.

I snuck out and went to the kitchen.

I got a plate of WAFFLES GALORE!


I hours of my morning burying my face in the perfect waffles.

I then walked over to the charms classroom and practiced jinxes so next time I saw Potter I could make his face grow tentacles.I wandered out.

I spent the next hour being bored.

As I drew in my notebook, I sensed someone was behind me. I slowly got my wand out.


AN: heh sorry for ANOTHER author's note but fyi: Waffles Galore is 8 waffles, each soaked with chocolate sauce, with chocolate chips, and finally chocolate whipped cream (I've actually tried the chocolate whipped cream, I nearly died it was so good).

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Dear Mr. Wizard God, Why do you hate me? Sincerely, Avery Willington: Evacuation


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