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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 15 : High In The Clouds
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AN: Sorry guys for the late update; been really busy with school work. But, now the half term has started, so I've got a week to write up as many chapters as possible! How great it is that, right?! Anyways, here it is...


Chapter 15 - High In The Clouds



Hermione awoke from her slumber when she heard someone calling her.

“Hermione! Wake up! You have to get ready for your trip!” Ginny called.

Hermione slowly rolled out of bed and got into the shower. She recollected yesterday and smiled. Draco had saved her from Jake. If he hadn’t arrived on time, then she could’ve have been captured by Jake again.

Pushing the horrid thought out of her mind, she got dressed. She put on a checked shirt and blue jeans. She grabbed her luggage and dragged it downstairs, where Harry and Ron were waiting for her.

“Come on, dear, quickly have your breakfast, then you can go ahead for your mission.” Molly ushered Hermione to the table and sat her down. She pushed an already filled plate towards Hermione, urging her to eat. Hermione obeyed.


“Goodbye Molly, Ginny.” Hermione hugged the two women. She picked up her suitcase by the handle and carried it outside. The Golden Trio said goodbye once more before they set off for the doors of the Ministry.











The other Aurors had already arrived and were waiting for the Golden Trio, so they could all go to the airport.

“Did you hear? Hermione Granger was raped by Jake Clorset?” an Auror told another.

“Yeah, apparently she refused to get back together with him and he wouldn’t accept that, so he had his revenge.” The other said.

“I heard that the reason behind her refusal was Draco Malfoy.” One whispered.

“I think that they are secretly going out with each other.” The fourth one whispered.

“I think that you should shut up before I pummel you, Grindylaw.” Draco threatened, having heard their entire conversation.

“Um...the name is actually Grinden.” He corrected.

“Does it look like I care, Grindylaw?” Grinden retreated cowardly to his friends.

Just then, the trio arrived. Draco’s eyes immediately landed on Hermione.

Hermione felt like she was being watched and looked towards the crowd of Aurors.

Chocolate met grey. She blushed and looked away.

Draco smirked. He loved making her blush. He then remembered that she wanted to know about the telepathic connection they shared.

‘Do you still want to know about how you can read my thoughts?’ he sent the message to her, causing her to get startled.

Hermione was just talking to an Auror when she heard Draco’s voice inside her mind. She jumped slightly.

‘Could you not do that? Honestly, scared the life out of me.’ She spoke telepathically. She could see the smirk on his face. She rolled her eyes.

‘So, how exactly is this connection possible?’

‘I can’t tell you now, not here. Too many people, someone may suspect something. I’ll tell you on the plane.’ He informed.

‘What do you...-wait. You mean we’re going to sitting next to each other on the plane?’ she asked.

‘Yes. ‘ Was all he had the chance to say as the Minister had started to pair the Aurors.

Hermione paid attention to the minister, who was going over the rules about not using magic in front of muggles, though that would be very obvious, but you would be surprised to see how many idiots like that roam around in the wizarding world. He then ordered them to get into their pairs as they went to the Transportation Department.

“Each pair, grab onto the portkey, right now.” Kingsley instructed. “Good luck to all of you.” He said before the Aurors were sucked into thin air, appearing just a few blocks away from Heathrow Airport.

They walked in their pairs, scattering, as they talked amongst themselves.

“So, do you want to tell me now? The others are ahead of us, so no one will overhear us.” Hermione asked.

“Well, I believe that it is connected to that accident you had a few months ago. Since I had donated my blood to you, this connection had gotten stronger day by day. I have looked everywhere for any information about connections, but no such luck.” He finished.

Hermione remembered seeing a book named Telepathy Temptations. Maybe it could aid them to learn more about this connection. But, how could she retrieve it now? They were all leaving for Australia.

“I saw this book, when I was at Flourish and Blott’s. I think it may have some answers to our questions. It was called Telepathy Temptations, but I never actually got around to purchasing it as Ginny was becoming bored, saying that I had enough books already; I mean, you can never have too many books.” She added, making Draco chuckle.

“Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to retrieve the book now, as there is no wizard shops in Australia, as far as I know.” She frowned, having read numerous books about which places have a wizarding world, and which don’t.

“Unless...” Draco pondered.

“Unless...what?” she asked.

“I could ask Blaise to retrieve that book and then, he would owl it to me.” He said.

“Yes, that could work.” She smiled.

“We’ll have to wait till we get to Sydney, though.” He said.

They walked in silence until they finally boarded the plane.

Hermione lifted her suitcase and slid it inside the compartment above her seat. She sat down while Draco did the same.

He lifted the baggage and attempted to slide it smoothly inside the compartment, next to Hermione’s, but failed, miserably. The suitcase slipped and fell down on Draco’s head. He dropped the suitcase, causing it to hurt his toe. He rubbed his head with one hand and jumped up and down holding his foot with the other.

For Hermione, it was a sight to see.

“Here, let me do it.” She got up and lifted his suitcase, sliding it inside the compartment with no difficulty whatsoever. Draco decided to sit down and relax.

When she sat down, she was still giggling.

“It’s not that funny, Granger.” Draco grumbled.

“Maybe not you, Malfoy, but everyone else thinks so.” She smirked. Draco looked around and the other passengers were in fact, sniggering at him.

“Muggles.” He muttered under his breath. Hermione just rolled her eyes at the comment.

*Everybody, please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to take off.* a voice was heard.
Hermione buckled her seatbelt, while Draco tried to, but failed once again.

“Damn it, stupid seatbelt!” he cursed a bit too loudly. The other passengers started to stare at him.

“I’m guessing this is your first time on a plane.” She said.

“Yes.” Draco said, still struggling to put his belt on.


“Stop!” she halted him. He stopped trying and allowed her to fasten it. She did this effortlessly.

*Everybody, please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to take off.* the invisible voice said again.

The passengers awaited as the plane roared to life, slowly gliding forwards. It picked up speed, zooming slightly faster and faster until it finally folded its wheels inside and took off.
Draco closed his eyes, having the strange feeling in his stomach. He opened his eyes to check on Hermione, who seemed to be unaffected by this.

He noticed that a little boy was looking at him strangely. The boy had stuck out his tongue and had his thumbs pointed at the sides of his forehead, with his fingers wiggling. He smirked. ‘Two can play this game’. He made his own funny face, his tongue out and his eyes pointing in different directions.

The battle went on until Draco decided to accept defeat, having run out of more funny faces to pull. The boy blew a raspberry at him. Annoyed, he turned his attention away from the boy, noticing that Hermione was looking at him, an amused expression on her face.

He turned to look outside the window and saw only white and blue. It was an amazing view.
He imagined what it would be like to fly above the clouds. He had ridden on his broomstick for a while now and he missed that.

Thinking about his time on his Night Chaser, he drifted off to sleep.

Draco was shaken awoke by Hermione. He groaned, opening one eye.

“What is it, Granger?”

“Don’t you want to eat, Malfoy?”

He sat up straight and looked towards the air hostess that was placing a plate full of small containers of food on Hermione’s platform. How in the world did she find? He thought.

“The platform is right here. You just need to pull it down.” Hermione pointed to the front of Draco. He pulled it down and waited for the hostess to put food on his platform.
The stewardess grabbed another plate of containers of food and placed it on Draco’s platform.

“Thank you.” He said, and looked at the hostess. He winked at her, making her blush. She then walked away to attend to the other passengers.

Hermione rolled her eyes at his typical behaviour and started to eat her food. Draco did the same, glancing at Hermione once in a while to check what she was doing so that he could follow.

When he opened the first container, though, he immediately felt disgusted.

“What in the world is this? You call this food?” Draco complained to Hermione.

“Oh, I'm sorry. Should I order some fish fillet, with some caviar and crème brulee?” she asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She took a bite out of her chicken.

“Why didn’t they give me that then?” he asked confused and annoyed.

“I was being sarcastic, you idiot.” Hermione remarked. “Now, eat what you have, cos you won’t be getting anything else until we reach Sydney.” She ordered him.

Draco was beyond disgusted. He couldn’t eat this excuse of a meal. Just then, his stomach grumbled, demanding for food.

“Fine.” He gave up and began eating with a disgusted face painted on his face, loathing every bite he took.

The air hostess came back to collect Hermione’s and Draco’s plate. She looked towards Draco.

“Would you like anything else, sir?” she asked him, batting her eyelashes over exaggeratingly.

“No, thank you.” Draco said. The stewardess, disappointed, walked away. He glanced towards Hermione, who was now wearing ear phones.

“What are you listening to?” he asked, curious.

“Nothing, just music.” She replied reluctantly.

“What kind of music?” he inquired.

“’s rock music. You wouldn’t be interested. You probably only listen to classical.” She remarked.

“No. I listen to all sorts of music genres.” He snatched one ear phone and plugged it into his right ear.

Only silence could be heard. He was confused. What kind of music was this?

Then, all of a sudden, an electric guitar blasted loudly in the ear phone. Draco jumped, startled by the sudden sound and banged his head on the ceiling.

“Ow!” he cried, rubbing his head. He sat back down and turned to Hermione, frustration showing on his face. “What the hell was that?!”

“The start of another song.” Hermione giggled.

“Did it have to be so fricking loud?” he complained.

“No, I just raised the volume to full.” She simply replied.

“Are you deaf or something, Granger?”

“No, I just did that to annoy you.” She sniggered.

“Not. Funny.” He said through gritted teeth. She laughed even harder. He smirked. “So, you think it’d funny, do you?” she continued giggling. “Well, then, let’s see if you find this funny, shall we?”

Hermione looked at him confused. He had his two fingers pointed at the direction of her abdomen. Oh no. Before she could stop him, he tickled her.

She burst out laughing, unable to control it. “Draco, stop!” she cried between giggles.

“But this is funny, isn’t it? I'm afraid I just can’t stop.” He smirked wider, if that was even possible.

“Okay, okay! I'm sorry!” Hermione exclaimed. Draco halted, reminding him that he had banged his head on the ceiling. He rubbed his head.

“Excuse me.” Hermione called a stewardess, who noticed Hermione and walked towards her. “Do you have an ice pack?” she asked.

“Yes, one moment, miss.” The hostess walked away towards the front of the plane and turned right. She came out with an ice pack in her hand.

“Here you go, miss. Is there anything else you need?” she asked.

“No, thank you.” The stewardess nodded and walked back to tend to the other passengers.

“Here.” Hermione handed the ice pack to Draco, who placed it on his head, feeling instant relief. “Sorry about that.” She apologised.

“Apology accepted.” Hermione went back to listening to her music and soon drifted off to sleep.






AN: Well, I hope you liked this chapter. I know it's really short, but I promise the next one will be longer. Please review if you have the time. I would really appreciate it! Other than that, thank you to all of you for giving my story a chance. You are awesome! :D I will get the next chapter up as soon as possible! ^_^



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