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Seize the Day by wish right now x
Chapter 6 : Pretty Painful
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I am an idiot. I was so proud of myself for updating this story but accidently updated this chapter to my other story! Sorry! Will try and add chapters to both soon, especially with the short queue!

Enjoy (At last...)

"So Lana, wheres Alex on this fine thursday night?" Ellis asked as we sat crossed legged on our respective beds, piles of Transfiguration books in front of us, attempting to study for the no doubt impossible test that Professor Lloyd would shove in our faces tomorrow.

"He's, um, I'm not quite sure" I admitted in defeat going nearly bright red. Ever since everything that happened, the conversation of Alex humiliated me to no end, and upset me even more.

"He's studying obviously, you know how those Ravenclaws are, they have a book in their face all the time and never stop looking at it!" Sienna exclaimed, going to her usual jokes stereotyping the houses. Sienna and Ellis were far more competitive than they let on, however they never did anything about it. As said, they were fanatically loyal to their house, and would hardly consider making friends with others. They had each other and that was almost all they needed.

"I think he's got a Quidditch practice, actually" I made the excuse. My boyfriend didn't always study, he got a book out of his face, sometimes.

"And by Quidditch practice do you mean he's sitting on a broomstick studying?" Ellis asked, causing them both to burst out laughing.

"Funny" I muttered. Stereotyping really got boring and went too far sometimes. It meant practically nothing. I mean, look at Peter Pettigrew! He was in Gryffindor and the least brave man ever! The only reason he wasn't in Hufflepuff was because he was even less loyal than he was brave!

Or use me as an example. My loyalty has gone out the window and drowned in the black lake. I'm not being loyal to my boyfriend, at all! I mean, I'm snogging a complete ass every chance I get! And I'm hardly being loyal to my friends anymore, I've not told them anything about Al. I've not told them anything at all, they still think everything with Alex is perfect, and that we're the most perfectly happy couple ever to walk the earth. They tell me absolutely everything, and I use to explain the same to them as well. I know Hazel lost her virginity over the summer, I know that Izzy got very drunk at a party and has no idea what happened, I know Sienna has a massive crush on David Redson, Our Hufflepuff keeper and Ellis has shared her fears with the groups that her parents might be getting a divorce.

Yet they know nothing. I have completely gone against the morals and wishes of my house, as well as my own morals and standards. I've become a bitch! I know I can't keep on going on like this. I know the deeper I get into it, the more likely and the worse someone is going to get hurt. I know that no matter what happens, everything is going to go wrong.

"Lana, are you alright? You look pale?" Ellis asked me concerned. That was the last thing I heard before stress took over and everything went black.

"I wonder what it was? Do you think she'll be alright?" I heard voices in the background.

"It's probably just exam stress, people react in different ways"

"She wasn't this bad last year though! And the exams aren't for another couple of months!"

"Does anyone have a headache potion?" I ask opening my eyes and raising my hands to my head.

"Lana! You're up!" Izzy exclaimed whilst I looked around. I was still in my bedroom, though now lying on by bed.

"What happened?" I asked, though feeling the pain on the back of my head get worse.

"You collapsed in the bathroom! You were out for at least 10 minutes! Izzy and Hazel came up to help us move you onto your bed" Sienna told us.

"So that explains why my head kills, I hit it on that floor" I sighed. I tried to sit up properly, but felt nausiated the second I did. "Thats not a good idea"

"You must have hit your head pretty badly. Do you want to go to the hospital wing?" Hazel suggested.

"No, no I'll be fine" I said, shaking my head which had such a pain going through it I groaned loudly. "On second thought that might be a good idea"

My friends helped me wqlk down to the Hospital wing, with me having to stop to throw up a few times on the way. I must have really hit my head hard. Hazel explained to everyone in sight what was going on, and left to including many of Alex's teammates, who had just returned from practice. Madam Pomfrey diagnosed me with a concussion, which she could easily give me a potion for, but insisted I stayed overnight so she could observe me.

"I promise, it's just stress from all the workload. It's my fault, I should have been more organised!" I lied to my friends, who were still concerned about me and crowded round my hospital bed. Other than a few second years, who had left after a quick potion for a cold, it was just me in the hospital wing. And the group of friends that I was feeling guilty about.

"Are you sure Lana? You know you can tell us anything" Ellis promised, though I ignored her as this was something each of them had repeated in their own individual words. They were beginning to suspect something was wrong, as I wasn't the best at lying.

"Ladies, I must ask you to leave. Miss Cohen needs her rest, and if you don't start heading back to your dormitory now, you may be caught out after curfew, and we wouldn't want that to happen now would we?" Pomfrey asked, shooing them away with her hands. Although I liked the company, and appreciated the fact that they were concerned for my wellbeing I was grateful they were no longer here. It gave me a chance to think, to breath and to process everything that was going on in my brain.

The lights went off moments later, signalling curfew had begun and it was time for me to sleep. But I wasn't ready to sleep, as thoughts were running through my head.

Alex didn't show up. He knew I was sick, he knew I was in the hospital, Hazel had made sure of that. Yet he was too busy with his stupid Quidditch practice and the homework he didn't have to do for another week. To busy to care that his girlfriend was in the hospital wing. Too busy to even check I was okay. He didn't know what was wrong with me, but I knew he'd been to the library this afternoon, meaning he had to pass the hospital wing to get back to his common room. Surely he could take a two minute detour from this walk to check I was okay? Comfort me a little? Maybe he was the only one I really wanted to see?

My eyes were shut the next time I felt a visitor come in. The lights were still off, and it was still dark, so the fact that someone entered surprised me. I felt strong arms shake me on my bed, in a gentle, yet panicky mode.

"Mmm" I groaned, rolling over to see who it was. To my surprise, it was Albus, who was now sitting on the end of my bed, poking my leg. "What are you doing here?"

"I heard through the grapevine that you fell down the staircase, were out for an hour and dashed to the hospital wing, so I figured something must be wrong and came here to check you were okay" He explained quickly, looking more nervous than I'd ever seen him before.

"By that they mean I collapsed in my dormitory bathroom and got a mild concussion" I explained.

"So are you okay?" He asked awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

"I promise you I'm fine, I'm more about how you got into the hospital wing at this time to be honest" I tell him, though he still seems frantic and nervous.

"Look, if this relationshippy thingy is bothering you this much we can just break it off, it obviously isn't being good for you health..." He rambles nervously. Realising there is no one else in the Hospital Wing but us, I grab him by the collar of his grey pyjama t-shirt and pull him towards me, crashing my lips on his. He responds immediately, completely forgetting everything he was saying before and just living in the moment. Something I hardly ever do. I run my tongue over his lower lip and soon we're lying with him on top of me on my hospital bed, snogging happily.

We eventually break apart, giggling like first years.

"Look at us being adventurous, snogging somewhere other than that closet" Al says, his cocky attitude now back along with his famous smirk. He knew now that I was fine, that I could handle everything that was going on.

"But you belong in a closet don't you Potter? That way no one has to see your ugly face" I tease, and he looks honestly offended.

"Take that back, my face is amazing and you know you love it!" He says. I shake my head, a small smile appearing on my lips. "Take it back!"

"Sorry Potter, no can do" I claim. In response he brings his arms out tickling me so I burst out laughing. I eventually give in. "Fine! You have a nice face"

The light flicks on in the room where Madame Pomfrey stays, and her footsteps seem to be coming nearer. I look back to Al who seems to have disappeared from sight, though I feel someone's lips lightly touch my forehead as I pretend to go back to sleep. Madam Pomfrey enters a silent, empty hospital wing, before returning to her room, believing she must have imagined any noise she heard from me or Al.

I look around after she has left, and notice beds moving, sheets changing places and curtains and windows being messed up. Al was obviously playing one of his little pranks on poor Madam Pomfrey. I'm sure the smirk on my face was mirroring his. 

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Seize the Day: Pretty Painful


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