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Come with Me by adluvshp
Chapter 1 : Come with me
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A/N: This story contains sensitive themes and strong violence, and is rated mature. Please ensure you're comfortable with it before reading onward. 

Magic. He has always found it amazing. What wonders could one flick of a wand do? Amazing indeed.

He shakes his head and closes his eyes briefly. A face swims in front of his shut lids. He opens them again.

He does not like magic anymore. Two magical words were all it took to wrench her away from him.  

Avada Kedavra.

His insides cringe as the words echo in his head. He stares into the darkness, hoping for it to swallow him. He wants to drown in it, to bury deep under it.

He never wants to feel again.

His head pounds relentlessly. His heart beats louder and louder still. His soul twists in agony every now and then. His form moves back and forth with the motion of the rocking chair he sits on.

Back and Forth.

Suddenly he is nine again, playing on the swing with her. She is soaring high in the air, her blonde curls tumbling behind her back, and he is listening to her laugh.

“Come with me, Draco! Come, fly with me!” She had called out to him, throwing her head back and enjoying the rustle of the wind around her as it kissed her tender body. He had kicked his feet harder and harder, until he was at par with her. They had soared together then, swinging back and forth, high and low, and he was happy to have joined her.

His lips release a sound that is somewhere between a whimper and a snort as the memory fades away. He stops the motion of the chair.

He has always known what pain is. He has experienced it since he has been a child. Flashes of his father’s blows flicker in front of his eyes. He thinks he should have been used to pain by now. Yet, a pain like this, it is worse than any he has ever experienced before. He wants it to stop.

Come with me.

Her voice reverberates in his mind. She had always beckoned to him, helping him move forward, leading him on. He remembers how she had led him out from the darkness, towards the light.

“Come on, Draco. You don’t have to be afraid. We will all be fine.

“But Catherine, the Dark Lord – if he finds us?”

“He will not. Professor Snape is with us. The entire Order can stand by us. We don’t have a choice, Draco. You failed your task, and I am glad you did, but The Dark Lord shall not spare you, or your family. We need the Order’s protection.”

“You are right, I know you are. But you have to understand, these are the people I have spent all my life hating and fighting against. Will they even accept me as one of them?”

“They will. Have faith. Come with me.”

She had guided him then, into the Order’s headquarters, and into a whole new side of the world. He had had a hard time fitting in, but with her by his side, he had eventually succeeded.

He snorts then. What good had it been? They won the war, the Dark Lord perished, but he was the one who lost. He lost her to the two words that had been directed at him, to the green light that had been meant for him.

Guilt washes through every fiber of his being and his hands bunch into fists. He wishes that he had never come into this world, that he had never tainted her beautiful existence. He wishes that death had seized him the way it was supposed to, and had not grasped her instead.  His soul twists in agony once more. He flinches painfully as his heart constricts at the memory.

“You bastard! You killed my father!”

“Now, now, mind your tongue, you little Malfoy. I can easily send you the same way.”

“Only if I let you. Impedimenta!”

“Now, that was too easy to deflect! Crucio!”

He had dropped his wand and screamed as pain had pierced him then. He had seen Catherine running towards him after having stunned the death-eater she had been dueling. He had wanted to reach out to her, but to stop her at the same time.

“This is what you get for betraying the Dark Lord, you filthy little traitor. Avada Kedavra!”

He had watched in horror as the green light had streaked towards him. However, it never reached its intended target.

His breath comes in gasps now and his body begins to shake as he recollects how his precious Catherine had arrived then, taking the green light to her chest, and falling down on the bloodied war ground with her face vacant and eyes unseeing. He remembers his screams of agony and his mad rage as he had murdered Rodolphus Lestrange then and there. He remembers shaking Catherine’s limp form and begging for her forgiveness. He remembers it all as if it were yesterday. And yet, his mind seems to be frozen on the memory of her lifeless face.

Come with me.

Her whisper echoes in his head once again and he freezes. His mind is telling him something.

She has always called out to him. She has always led him down the right path. She has always shown him the best for him, and today she is showing him a way out of his anguish and guilt.

He wonders why he never has thought of it before. He could have avoided so many days of misery and pain. But now, he knows. He is not going to waste another moment. He rises and stumbles through the darkness towards his wand. He finds it on the floor, lying in a heap of dust. He picks it up and smiles.

Come with me.

He responds to her beckoning. He is ready to join her. The same two words that took her away from him are now going to bring them together. He closes his eyes and focuses as he points his wand at his head.

A/N: This was written for the One-Shot, Title, Rating & Pairing Challenge where I was given "Come with me", Mature, and Draco/OC. This was also written for A Single Spell challenge where my spell was Avada Kedavra.

This is the first I attempted to write something like this, so I'd appreciate all your comments and views. Thank you.

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Come with Me: Come with me


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