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It's Not Love by dreamer21
Chapter 4 : The First Official Encounter Along With Presents
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Well not all of them.

Just the elderly.

I just wanted to add a little bit of dramatic effect.

Like a Drama Queen that I am.

The study seemed lighted. Its interior was wooden. Everyone stood up when my Mother and I entered. Adele and Samuel were sitting on the sofa which was opposite to the large bulky study table, Father was already standing. It looks like they have been here for quite a while.  The room was too cold for my taste. It’s July but even then I felt oddly cold. I never feel algid.

What is going on with me? I’m a bloody Slytherin for Merlin’s sake! I felt Goosebumps all over my tanned skin. The atmosphere was cold with in a split second. My heart was racing like a starved cheetah running for its prey. I wanted this day to end.

I was famished.

I wanted my mates.

I wanted this Sodding day to end but it was barely tea time.

 Someone really does hate me today.

Yes I’m talking to you God.

Why do you hate me so much? No reply.


 There was Adele King and Samuel King looking directly at me like I am a bloody monument!

 Adele was beautiful. She really was. She had black straight hair which reached till her mid waist and light brown eyes. Her features were softer with pale skin. With that innocent smile of hers she could do magic. She didn’t even need a bloody wand. If she can impress me and get through to me then she sure as hell can get what she wants.

Now why I can’t I be like that?

Why does every one think I’m an A Grade bitch when they first look at me? That has something to do with my smirks and eye rolls. Also that act is too good for me. If my mother couldn’t pull through it I can’t either. It doesn’t suit my style either.

 Ah well.

 Samuel was tall and dark and may I also add handsome. That’s where Nicolas got the perfect mashed up skin from.

Bloody Git.

His eyes were blue just like his elder son’s. He had very prominent features. They matched perfectly with his appearance. If I compare my Father still seems to be the more intimidating one.

Take that Kings! Malfoys over Kings! Anytime! Anywhere!

 Both of them were looking at me with warm eyes yet powerful expressions. I felt tremors all through my body. Everything is happening too hastily. I can't keep up with this pace. I’m not an Olympic runner you know.

I’m just a bloody Quidditch Captain and hopefully the Head Girl at Hogwarts. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.  I still need my conformation letter.

That should arrive any day now. I must keep a daily check. What if it’s already here today! I hope it’s not. If it is I’m sure I’ll end up being a loser. Today is just not my day.

So letter, don’t come today.

I’m bloody serious.

I’m talking to a letter now.

What life.

Adele smiled warmly at me. I tried to reply with mine.

Failed miserably.

Now would you look at that, me failing at something? That’s a new one. Mikaela, you have a reputation to maintain. Fix your bloody act!

Mother kept her cool. "Adele, Samuel" she said with a nod. Father intervened. It was too bloody typical.

"They thought it was time to sort it through. The sooner all of this is sorted out. The better it is." He said with a slight determination. There were shivers in my spine when I heard this. I can do this. I am a Malfoy.

"H-ey Mrs Kk-ing and Mr Ki-nng” I stammered.*Insert a mental slap*

"Hello Mikaela! Call me Adele please. How are you?  And Happy Birthday!" Said Adele and hugged me.

Can you believe that? Ughhh. "Great" I squeaked.

 This is just marvelous.

 Is today ‘Hug Mikaela Day’? It bloody hell looks like that! I sulked inwardly. I cursed too.


Don’t judge.
Samuel nodded and wished me.

I have a preference for Samuel over Adele for now. He seems more like my type of a person.

Adele seems nosy which I am praying to Merlin that she really is not.
‘Ahem’ Father coughed. She let me go.

Thank you Merlin!
Samuel picked the signal and spoke quickly.

‘Mikaela, firstly my sincere apologies for what our elders are putting you through. I will try my level best that you're provided with all the comforts.’ He paused. ‘Now, I am hoping that this engagement takes place as soon as possible. We don't have much time as you have already turned seventeen. Nicolas is ready. He couldn't make it today but he wants to take you out for lunch tomorrow. You two can catch up then. And I was thinking about hosting the engagement party this weekend. It is expected to be hosted at my country house in France.’

Before I could even think of a reply Father answered for me. "This seems reasonable"
The women just smiled knowing that it wasn't their call to make. In this moment I felt furious.

They aren't even asking me.

They are dictating it to me about what I am supposed to do and when I should do it.

Who the hell do they think they are? Well my family and "going to be" family.

But still.

This doesn’t give them the right to decide each and every Sodding thing on my behalf.

It’s my life.

 It’s my decision!

They have not even asked me if I bloody agree or not!

I am going to burst and I did.

‘Have any of you even thought about what I want to do? If I even agree to this engagement or not? Have you even bothered to ask me? All of you are planning and deciding for yourself and for me! Who gave you that right? Huh? I am immature, I get that but this doesn't mean you people can order me around like I'm a new born puppy for Merlin’s sake! Listen to yourselves speaking! Your son (pointed towards the kings) has known about it since forever. Not once did he try to come and talk to me or get to know me. Even if he couldn't tell me for Merlin knows what reasons he still never came! He knew we had no way out then why didn't he come? He could have made it a bit easier for me and you two. (I looked at my parents) You should have told me the moment you two knew so that I was more mentally stable than I am right now. And NO, I don't want to see Nicolas tomorrow. I will see him on the engagement day now. If he couldn't come before I'm not going to go now either. And the engagement will be here. In this manor! I don't want large crowds or just immediate family. I want a normal party. I will pick out my own dress. Marriage right now is not an option. We will have a talk about that in a few years. This is how it will be and if you people don't agree then I'll be forced to leave the Wizarding land and shift to muggle lifestyle. Meaning Nicolas goes down as well. Take it or leave it. If you take it then you have to agree to each and every one of these points. Got it?" I snapped. I was fuming with anger. I have never been this furious. I am physically shaking. I swear to Merlin I could rip someone’s inside outwards.
They are all starring at me as if I performed a forbidden spell on a baby.

Aghast, I saw a tinge of anger and disappointment in my father's eyes. I know I humiliated him but this is the price they are paying. I don't give a Merlin's ass about what the Kings think. They can suck it! Mother understands. If she doesn't then she should. All this has just started and I am already annoyed.  What will happen for the next few decades?
Samuel is the first one to snap out of it. "Uhm, what do you want Mikaela? If you agree to get engaged then I am okay with the party being hosted at the manor. The guest list will be well chosen. You don't have to worry about that. About Nicolas, that was his choice. We did not force him to meet you or asked him not to. It was entirely up to him. I and Adele can't give you explanations for his decisions. That you're ought to find out from him. Although I will let him know that you are not available tomorrow."

"And you can wear what you want, darling" said Adele with a smile.

Mother rolled her eyes.

Father sighed.

"What do you want to do Mikaela?" He asked softly.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath. This is it. The most important decision I have ever made. I won’t be able to take it back once I say it out loud. Not even if I wanted to.

This is it.

"I'll get engaged to him. By this I mean wearing a ring 24/7. No other blokes, not that there are any right now. Once I graduate and I have decided what I want to do in life ONLY then we will plan the future accordingly. I don't want you people to expect anything more from me. Or you will be disappointed. For now, I don't want to meet or bond with Nicolas."

I could literally see them sigh with relief. Adele was the first to smile. Mother's eyes were gleaming with pride. Father stood emotionless. It seemed like a part of him wished that I had chosen muggle life over this. I did it for him and his status. I did it more for others than myself. He needs to know that.

Samuel's emotions were strained, as usual.

‘I guess it’s all decided then. Samuel and Adele, please join us for tea? We can discuss the details for the engagement with some good appetite.’ Mother asked politely.

Now it was father's turn to roll his eyes.

What in the name of Merlin is wrong with my family! I think I'm the only sane one.

Or not...

Samuel stiffened.

"Yes that would be great. Thank you. Just one more thing before that." Adele answered.

She mumbled a spell and a tiny velvet black box appeared. She handed it to me.

My eyes popped. "What's this?" I automatically asked.

"It’s your birthday, isn't it? It’s a small present. I hope you like it."

I quickly unwrapped the bow tie and saw a beautiful round emerald pendant surrounded by diamonds.

It was breath taking.

"I-i-i can't take this, it’s too much" I exclaimed.

"Hush now, it’s just a set of rocks for an actual rare diamond" Adele replied with a sincere smile.

I blushed.

I looked at mother and father for their approval. They both nodded. I guess it’s mine then. I felt my stomach twist. My body is not functioning correctly since this day started. For the moment I can’t worry myself with what’s wrong with it. There is already too much on my plate.

"Thank you, its’ beautiful. Emerald is my favorite stone. It is a very thoughtful present" I replied with a genuine smile.

 I even felt bad for thinking rudely about Adele before and screaming at all of them.

Just for a second.

 Then the feeling died. Adele beamed.

 I saw a tiny smile appear on Samuel's face which quickly vanished. They aren’t that bad. They are actually better than my expectation but this is too early to make up a judgment. My head has started hurting I can't stay here much longer. It’s bloody getting suffocating.

"My work is done. I will show you the dress I have decided once I go shopping with my girls. Thank you for coming and for the present. I will be seeing you around now, I guess. Take care" I said in my Malfoy-manner.

"Mother and Father" I nodded.

"Astoria and I will talk to you later. For now you may leave."


Time to run as far away as I can.

Before I could leave the room I heard my father call my name.

"And Mikaela?"

"Yes father?"

"Happy Birthday!" He smiled.

 A genuine smile.

 I couldn't help but grin myself.

I must look like a fool.

And then I left the room. Feeling a lot better than I did before I entered the room.
I was still dressed up in my night suit. I mentally slapped myself for that. This is one of the most important days of my life and I am not even dressed properly. I needed to shower and then talk to Scorp. Where is he? Where are my girls? They are probably waiting for my owl. I'll owl them later. We can have dinner together.

Right now it’s time for a cold shower.




This feels refreshing. That's afterward effect of a long bath. Now what sort of apparel and accouterments to wear? Let's keep it casual now, but not that simple either.

It took me quite a while to make up my previously baffled mind. My wardrobe is stocked. As soon as I entered it, there was another world wanting to be explored. Every item was sorted and stacked with such tidiness. It made me feel organized which in truth I really was not. I'm too spoilt for that. All that I was viewing with proudness had a lot to do with Mother's peculiar nature about neatness besides 20 house elves and most definitely NOT me. Every item has its own set of slide closets. The slide doors of the closets were charcoal black. The lights in my closet were golden. I abhor white lighting so golden works. There were huge mirrors on each of the sides. There were twelve of them. Three of shoes which started from floor going till the wall ended, I had to fly up there to pick. Literally, fly in my closet! Yeah, be jealous! That's right. I'm a Malfoy,baby. They rule! All of these were filled magic brands and muggle brands like Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, Chanel. Pick any label, I had it. There were other two for accessories. It had taken me an extremely long time to collect most of the items. I travelled mostly for shopping purposes. I wanted to travel for the sights as well but my first priority was to buy what pleased my eyes. There was another separate one for bags, one of my favorite accessories. There were five for clothes. Categorized in three; formal, semi formal and casual. I decided to go with semi formal thus settling on black tights with emerald green tank-top along with a black full sleeved net shirt. I also wore my favorite loubitons. I put on the necklace that the Kings gave me. Don't look at me like that! I simply adored it. And the bracelet never left my wrist.

Look at me, all jeweled up.

I quickly dried my hair with a drying spell. Slightly curled the waves. Applied dead black mascara and a thin line of silver liner. Light pink blush and transparent chapstick. My lips are already too pink. I looked at myself 'Yeah, I got the glam,baby' while checking myself out in front of the huge mirror.

I need to give scorp his present. He doesn’t deserve to get his legal day ruined because of our Sodding grandmother’s messed up mind. Where the hell is he? Is he still hosting that party? I quickly casted a spell so that the gift appeared in front of me. The wrapping looked good. It was black with a mahogany bow tie on it.

He’s the only one in the history of Malfoys who’s not a Slyth. Father was very disappointed but then he got over it. It wasn’t easy but with Draco Malfoy as a father it never is.

Scorp reminds me of Sirius Black. The half blood prince how he was expected to become one of the purebloods and then he didn’t because he was different. Whenever I hear war stories it’s his character that appeals to me the most. I wish I could see him in person and tell him how interesting I found him.

With me and scorp there aren’t any complications. We get along very well. We have a very strong bond; he doesn’t have to ask me to know if something is wrong. He already knows.

I got him the latest broom, Firebolt Nimbus 790. It hasn't been announced yet. It took me a hell lot of persuasion and effort to get it.
I heard a loud knock on my door. When I opened it I saw my two favorite people.

Dominique Weasely and Alexandra Armstrong.

 My two gorgeous best friends.

They embraced me into a hug. It was a trio hug.

This was the only golden trio I wanted to belong to and I did.

Everything else was forgotten.

It felt like home.

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