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The Bet by kjp
Chapter 1 : 1 - third year
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 The bet


Third Year


Sirius is going to die, a slow and hopefully painful death. By me. James Potter, because to be honest I really don’t want to do this bet. Not at all. As you’ve probably guessed by now. Because your not stupid. I’m stupid, for getting into this mess. Very stupid.

It’s more of a dare to be honest, but Sirius just keeps calling it ‘The bet’ in a really drastic voice and I kinda just went along with it. As you do.

It’s not even a really bad dare, I just need to kiss Lily Evans and get her to kiss me back. Pretty simple (especially for me, since I am James Potter) but really! Evans! It could have been anyone in the whole entire universe and it had to be her; Perfect Evans, flawless Evans, clever Evans… or so she thinks.

Actually, thinking about it, she’s quite a nice person. Always smiling, being kind and caring to people (bar me and Sirius) but to be quite frank she does have the tendency to be quite annoying and irritating, always there when you don’t want her to be. This as you can guess can be frustrating at times, especially when in the middle of a party, a bottle of firewhiskey in your hand and suddenly professor McGonagall comes storming in with Evans behind her smirking. It was probably one of the worst’s nights of my life including McGonagall constantly shouting “ONLY SECOND YEARS!” I’m glad she never found out how exactly we got the firewhiskey. We’d have sure been expelled.

Nah, Lily’s pretty much a horrible person. Evil. She’s like the girl version of Voldermort… but ginger and a lot prettier.

Anyway it all started when we played truth or dare (a game I will refuse to play from this point onwards)

Sirius who (I don’t know why) decided he would choose all the dares. Remus and Peter joined in later but at the start it was just me, Sirius and Mary (as in Mary McDonald, a brave enough girl to join playing us with the game of truth or dare)

It started of pretty straight forward, Sirius was forced to strip down to his underwear and run around the hallways singing Barbie doll (an incredibly annoying muggle song… that is… unfortunately… very catchy) Mary had to go pronouncing her love for some random Ravenclaw first year and constantly stalk him (to which I still think she does) and then it came around to me, and Sirius bloody Black just went “I know, lets get you and Evans together”


“Sirius it’s your turn” James said, sitting down on the floor and grabbing a handful or sweets from his pockets, popping them all into his mouth in one.

“oh no you don’t! It’s your turn and you know it”

James stared for a minute glaring, his fingernails digging deeper into his hands and sweets, he hadn’t actually agreed to play and knowing Sirius something bad was just about to happen.

“Ugh! Fine. Truth” He said finally throwing his hands up into the air, along with the remains of his chocolate frog.

“Your such a chicken” Mary announced, raising an eyebrow “We’ve both done a dare, it’s only fair for you to do one too”

James blushed, not wanting to seem stupid in front of Mar -y to whom he’s had a fancy for since first year- He nodded, cringing a little as he did so.

“YES!” Screamed Sirius punching the air a little “Sorry” He grinned weakly grabbing his own pile of sweets and thrusting them into his mouth, through a very big mouthful he managed to spit out the words “James your to make-out with Evans for a full minute” He nodded finally, gulping down his food.

“What! You’re joking right!”


And that is how it happened, of course we carried on playing the game though I forfeited all my go’s, too worried about the whole Make-out-with-Lily-Evans-plan, Nothing drastic or big at all about that!

Now your probably all thinking What’s so big about kissing a girl? Well to be quite honest if you had this girl who hated your guts out and the feeling was pretty much mutual you might just feel differently about this… Because Lily Evans was not or will never be my type, and why I hear you ask;

Number one; she’s too nice, no one likes a girl who would jump of a cliff if you asked her too. I mean the other day she gave half a packet of sweets away to a random girl that SHE brought with HER own money. Who does that! She’s just too nice and too kind.

Number two: Lily Evans always has to be right. No, she cannot be wrong at all. Even if she is wrong, she’s right! It is sometimes completely insane how her logic works.

Number three: She’s feisty, a bit too much for my liking and a tad bit of a hard punch. Which is scary.

And finally number four: SHE CAN’T PLAY QUIDDITCH! I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW SHE CAN’T PLAY! It’s weird. She’s weird and this bet is most certainly and definitely weird.

I really feel like crying right now.

A/N A new story! This will probably only be a little one and i'm still working on my other fanfic; Seriously Black. The song Barbie girl is clearly not mine, it's by aqua :D Thanks

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The Bet: 1 - third year


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