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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 42 : Betrayel
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 Just a quick not before we begin, the father of Rose’s baby will not be revealed just yet as for the sake of drama I decided now would be a bit too soon


Chapter Forty Two

“Have you thought of any baby names yet?”


“How about Hector?”

“Hector! You think I should name my child Hector!”

“No, just a suggestion – what about Billy-Bob? Or Oliver Jnr.”

“Oliver, I’m not naming my child after you”

“……But no one ever names their children after me”

Rose sighed and continued to flick through the week’s edition of Witch Weekly which must have been a bit odd for her seen as though she was the front story. Hugo had made a rota by which one of us sat with her for an hour on a Saturday afternoon as she wasn’t allowed out to Hogsmeade in her condition for some reason. It was my hour now, then Lily was coming back and my hell would be over. I liked Rose, but I did not like pregnant Rose; she was rude, snappy, angry and constantly, constantly hungry she was almost like unpregnant Lily.

It was snowing outside. I sighed knowing I could’ve been outside having fun ambushing fifth year girls with snowballs with Hugo, Ryan and Louis but no I was stuck inside the empty Gryffindor common room with a pregnant and hormonal Rose Weasley who despite being mild mannered for the most part certainly had the Weasley temper gene within her when she got annoyed. The again, throwing peanuts at her probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Suddenly, Rose clutched her stomach and gasped

Oh shit

“Oh shit” I exclaimed “Oh my god, you’re going into labour aren’t you? Oh shit. I have no idea what to do. I’ll get towels and hot blankets and leave you too it yeah?”

“Oliver, I’m not in labour you fucking idiot” said Rose through gritted teeth “The baby just kicked for the first time”

“What really?” I asked “Are you sure you should even be at that stage yet, it could have just been wind”

“It wasn’t wind, it was a kick and I know it” said Rose clutching her stomach “I am three months gone, maybe it is a bit early but it was certainly a kick. Oooh and another one – come and feel it”

“I don’t wanna feel it” I said. Pregnant women have scared me since I was about six and we got stuck in a lift with a woman whose water broke and mum had to deliver the baby. Bear in mind this was a glass lift and everyone in the shopping centre could see everything, which meant that it was hard to hide the fact that the six year old me had chosen that moment to wet himself, and two year old Jack decided to take his nappy off

“Pregnancy isn’t contagious Oliver” said Rose waddling over to me and placing my hand on her stomach, sure enough there was a kick. I’ll admit it was kind of cute but pregnant women still grossed me out

“Damn, that’s developed the Weasley spirit early” I said with a short laugh “There’s definitely some Ginny in that”

“I’ve fucked up my whole life haven’t I” moaned Rose

“No” I said “My parents had me at your age, a bit younger in fact, and they both did perfectly will until dad got ill”

“I suppose” sighed Rose “It’s just I’ve got NEWTS in four months by which point I’ll be ready to drop, that’s not exactly great timing is it. Oh, why did this happen to me?”

“Shit happens” I shrugged “Shit happens and you’ve just got to deal with it”

“See, that’s what I love about you Oliver” said Rose with a faint smile. The first time I’d seen her smile for a week. It was nice “You’re so deep, down to earth and realistic and you’re amazing at giving out advice”

“Do I detect a hint of sarcasm miss Weasley” I asked as Rose chuckled. Soon enough, Lily came through the door to sit with Rose but she didn’t once look at me. I kissed Rose on the forehead and left without uttering a word to Lily but I could tell she gave me a funny look, or possibly the middle finger, as I left the common room. Walking down to the grounds to meet Hugo and Louis I noticed that a lot more people were staring at me than usual, normally I got a few looks from silly third year girls but not much else, but what’s more a few of them were giggling and whispering about me as I went passed. I just shrugged it off and assumed it must have been something to do with Rose and the fact I stayed over at their house during Christmas. People probably thought I was the father or something stupid like that

I wasn’t


“Do people keep looking at either of you two” I asked as Hugo, Louis and I began to make our way into Hogsmeade “On the way down here, easily like seven people all looked at me and started whispering to eachother”

“It’ll about Rose” shrugged Louis “Besides, you’ll get used to people staring at you and whispering comes with the territory when you’re a Weasley or a Potter. I tend to just block it out and ignore it these days”

“Me too” said Hugo “Besides, they were probably just checking out yo fine ass”

Clearly Hugo’s New Year’s Resolution of trying to sound like an American gangster was holding up well. I sighed, relaxed and put the whole thing out of my mind when we arrived in Hogsmeade our main purpose being to spy on Fred and Anita’s blind date. We’d organised it a few nights before and Fred had no idea that the date would be with Anita, it was a bit risky but I owed Anita massively so agreed to set it up. I’d never played matchmaker before and to be honest I quite enjoyed doing it

“It seems to be going quite well” Louis whispered as he, Hugo and I sat ourselves down in the Three Broomsticks and spied on Fred and Anita. Anita seemed to be laughing a lot and had a constant smile on her face but I couldn’t tell what Fred was like as he had his back facing us though I gathered he was probably telling quite a lot of jokes in order to lighten the mood. Classic Fred Weasley

“For now” said Hugo “This is Fred we’re talking about, he could just as easily fuck it up. I hope he doesn’t though the dude needs a girlfriend like there’s no freaking tomorrow”

“I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s faces when Fred brings home his girlfriend as an English girl called Anita when everyone knows her as Oliver’s French girlfriend called Margaret” said Louis with a cheeky grin plastered across his face. I hadn’t thought of that

“Hey guys, mind if we sit here” asked Melissa as she, Rebecca and Leila plonked themselves down next to us on the table “Merlin, the shops have been mental today. January sales will be the death of me”

“Will you be quiet, we’re spying on Fred” said Hugo in a fast cross whisper, very reminiscent of his mother

“Why is it whenever I approach you, you seem to be spying on someone” groaned Rebecca tilting her head around and spotting Fred and Anita.

“Awww that’s quite cute” said Leila “Ryan took me out to dinner on our first date, insisted that he paid and everything. It was so cute”

“At least you have a boyfriend” groaned Melissa “I might as well be on the other bus the amount of action I’m getting these days”

“Join the club” I said bitterly

“I don’t know if you’re strictly alone Mel” said Rebecca “That second years seems pretty intent on wooing you”

“He’s 12 and his name is Angus” exclaimed Melissa “Who the hell calls their child Angus, it’s the name of a burger for god sake”

“Better than half the names in my family” grunted Hugo “I mean Albus Severus, I’m sorry but that is a fucked up stupid name if ever I’ve heard one. They called me Hugo; it sounds like a slang term for a bogie”

I smiled delighted my parents had called me a sensible name. Oliver. Not much wrong with that, and what’s more nothing abusive rhymes with it. Win. Suddenly we all had to duck as Fred and Anita got out of their chairs and left the pub hand in hand. Naturally, we all followed but six teenagers trying to act stealth like never really works

“Hugo, you look like you’re in part of a Scooby Doo cartoon” said Melissa as Hugo creeped along after Fred and Anita. His response was to throw a snowball at Melissa; it missed and instead hit me in the eye. Anita had seemed to realize we were following her and Freddie but didn’t say anything his pet fish Andy. They went into the sweet shop which Hugo figured was a good thing as everyone goes in there and it would be a good cover if they happened to turn around and see us. Plus, he was really hungry

“I’ve never got the point of toffee apples” Melissa sighed as she and I stood by the toffee apples “I mean it’s just so strange putting toffee and apples together, don’t you think?”

“I’ve never really thought about it that much” I said

“You’ll have a lot of time to think about boring mundane things like that now you’re single” said Melissa staring intently at the toffee apple as if she was trying to decode a foreign text “Take me for example, just the other night I spent three hours thinking about what my life would have been like if my mum had been in the Dixie Chicks”

“Wow, you’re really selling the single life too me” I said with a slight grin.

“It’s not all bad I suppose” said Melissa “At least this way I can openly look at fit boys without feeling guilty, and this school has a lot of fit boys”

Freddie and Anita left the sweet shop after a while and headed back to Hogwarts, all of us still on their trail. Roxy had joined us after finding out her older brother was on a date; this was a big thing for Roxy fourth years loved to hear about this kind of thing. Fred and Anita were holding hands by this point. Everything was going well and we were perfectly well hidden until Hugo decided it would be a good idea to annoy Fred by unleashing a snowball fight on him. As Fred fought back eventually everyone joined and we were having a good time until Malfoy arrived

“Well, well, well what’s this then” he snarled at the sight of us all, Louis have me a concerned look and Hugo looked really pissed off “As a prefect I should inform you that any forms of fighting have been banned in school”

“This is a snowball fight you arse” said Hugo “It’s hardly hurting anyone is it, besides we’re off school grounds anyway you have no jurisdiction” I was inwardly pleased Hugo was using the complicated new words I’d taught him over the holidays

“I think you’ll find I do Weasley” snarled Malfoy again “Besides, since I became a prefect all I’ve wanted to do is find an excuse to get the Weasley’s in detention and now I’ve done it”

“Well good luck with that one” said Louis “You can’t really prove much can you Malfoy, it’d be your word against ours and there’s a lot more of us than there is of you”

“Oh you can count well done” said Malfoy cruelly “Like I car what some pretty little fairy boy this anyway”

Louis looked like he was about to burst into tears at these words, Freddie and I looked to eachother and we tried our best to grab onto Hugo but we were too late to stop him going up to Malfoy and punching him in the jaw. We probably should have stopped him sooner but seeing Malfoy whimper in his cowardly way was just too amusing but we eventually managed to pry Hugo away from Malfoy

“You all think you’re so perfect don’t you?” snarled Malfoy with a bloody nose “The Weasley’s, great saviours of the Wizarding World only you lot aren’t. You’re just a bunch of pathetic parasites living off the achievements of one man, one small pathetic man. You’re the saddest bunch of losers I’ve ever met”

“Coming from you” said Freddie “That’s rich. Everyone knows you’re a snivelling little toad Malfoy, even your own dad knows that.  You’re pathetic and nothing but a cowardly bully”

Malfoy smirked and looked towards Hugo

“That part of the family is the worst” said Malfoy “My father always said Ron Weasley was a weak little runt of the litter and his son is no different. Aint that right Hugo and your slag of a sister is no better. Getting herself pregnant at this age tsk, tsk, tsk what a mess”

Luckily, Freddie and I had a pretty firm grip on Hugo by this point though I didn’t know why we were holding him back. I’d loved nothing more than to see Malfoy ripped limb from limb, I guessed we were doing it to stop Hugo getting into any trouble as it was the last thing Hermione and Ron needed

“You’re just as bad, worse even” said Malfoy turning towards me, I should have expected it “I mean, you follow them around as if you owe them something. Desperate to be a part of their family because the one you have is shit because daddy’s a bit mental”

I’d never wanted to punch anyone more in my life, but I refused to give Malfoy the satisfaction. Freddie pushed passed Malfoy and led us all back into the Common Room where, to my horror, I found Rose and Lily comforting a crying Jack. Instinctively I rushed towards him, hugged him and let him cry in my arms

“What’s happened to him” I shot at Rose and Lily

“Some kids were picking on him” gulped Lily “Oliver, somehow everyone has found about your dad’s illness”


What will happen now Oliver’s secret is out, and who blabbed? Malfoy? Abi? Lily? The Weasley’s who know? Who do you think it was?

Next Chapter: Oliver’s world comes crashing down around him 

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