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A Clueless Mission by EvaLestrange
Chapter 3 : Plans and a clueless journey
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Hey everyone I hope you liked the last chapter. I know it was uploaded really quickly but I have my ways. Hope you like this one as well as the last and feel free to do a review if I didn’t mention that before. Enjoy.






Eva woke up feeling sick and tired. For a moment she thought she had been drunk the night before realizing her encounter with the Dark Lord two days ago. She still had not got over the late night’s sleep and the nightmare. Eva groaned at the thought of it and got up despite herself. Draco was looking scruffy and puffy as though he had been drunk the night before during breakfast. He obviously felt the same. But their friends weren’t helping either.




“So what’s up with you two today?” asked Millicent.







“Just tired” said the both of them in unison.







“I saw you two heading up to the castle really late at night” said Millicent, “And together two days ago. I’m not dropping it till you tell me” she added.



Pansy looked horrified. After all she had fancified Draco.



“What? Draco how could you? Tell me what happened yesterday” scolded Pansy.



“Nothing. It wasn’t what you think ok?” said Draco indignantly.



“Pansy I was outside taking some fresh air because I couldn’t sleep. And Draco happened to as well so we just talked you know. Then it got late so we headed back up together” lied Eva.



“But you hate each other! And when Millicent and I got back up you weren’t in bed already!” said Pansy shrilly.



“No big deal. I headed out before you came up” said Eva shrugging






Things did not turn out well. Pansy and Eva’s friendship seemed to struggle from what had happened and Draco couldn’t face talking to either one while the other was there. Everytime both girls were in the same room he disappeared with Crabbe and Goyle.



Though Pansy took every chance she got to get the better of Draco Eva stood her ground and stayed calm. She was far from liking a guy like Draco. Arrogant and attention-seeking. Though Eva had not really known him since that night she knew what he was like merely by sight. With enough of trying to keep Pansy out of her mind she focused on what she had to do: Planning on how they were going to find Ollivander and the information for Grimmauld Place. Obviously Malfoy could not be smart enough even to suggest something or come up with anything like that. By the end of the week though Eva had a plan working already. She couldn’t be more pleased with herself and had asked Malfoy (despite Pansy’s presence) to come with her to the library.



“So what did you think of?” said Malfoy the moment they had entered a private room.



“Like I thought you’d ask. Obviously I am the one to think up the plans because you won’t be bothered to” said Eva rolling her eyes.



Malfoy frowned. “Hey you talk of me like I’m senseless and stupid. I know what I do ok? I was being polite and asking you to go first” he snapped.



Eva looked at him surprised. What? “So you did do something?”



“Yeah of course. We’re in this together” said Malfoy.



Eva stared at him for a moment. Maybe she only thought she knew him.



“Ok. Well I’ll go first. I was thinking we should go to the place that Ollivander lives you know. We don’t really know Ollivander and he’s a wandmaker. So we need to find out from what the family tells us where he likes to go and all about him. It’ll tell us at least a bit of where he might like to hide and all. And I think we should visit Diagon Alley before all that. In case he left some evidence or if his friends might know something. Also I was thinking of taking all the Polyjuice Potion the school has got in case we need to transform so as to not be detected” explained Eva.



“I agree. I was thinking of stealing most of the food they have. And I think the list is too long to read out but I will bring all the things we need. In my pocket” he patted the pocket on his jacket.



“I don’t think a piece of bread would even fit into that. And have you ever thought of a way to somehow not be detected with a Trace?” asked Eva indignantly.



Once again Malfoy was being a very bad loser.



“My pocket has an Undetectable Extensive Charm. My dad did it. I have about more than the space of my school trunk in here. And as for the Trace I guess we’d have to live as Muggles for once. And only use magic when we need to though I won’t be able to bear it.” explained Malfoy disgustedly.



Eva did not ever think she would be owned by Malfoy. She had always thought he was indignant senseless arrogant and carefree. But now she could see a different person. A more careful sensible young man next to her. Eva pinched herself. She couldn’t think that. They weren’t even friends. Just not enemies anymore.



“Smart. I say we start packing up after Astronomy. That’s our last period of the day. And we will leave at midnight when everyone else is gone. What say you?” said Eva.



“I agree with you” agreed Malfoy.






At midnight Eva slipped on her clothes cast a Silencing Charm at herself checked on her friends wrote note explaining what was going on (it was hard not to mention Voldemort) and tipped out of her dorm. She went down into the common room then out passing many corridors. She heard Mrs Norris passing and rounded into a dark corridor. When she passed Eva walked on out and reaching the Entrance Hall where Filch and Professor Snape were talking. Eva cursed. She could see no way of opening the doors. Then an idea clicked into her mind. She set the Imperius Curse (something she forbid herself to do) on the two men. They both separated and walked in different directions. Eva slipped from her hiding spot and opened the doors of the Entrance Hall jumped out and closed the door behind her sighing with relief. A moment later the doors opened again and Eva drew out her wand. It was only Draco.



“Oh its you” sighed Eva.



“Who else were you expecting?” said Draco puzzled.



“No one Malfoy.” teased Eva. “Anyway how did you get through?” she said.



“Great. No teachers but I had to dodge Snape and Filch on the way out” breathed Draco.



Eva laughed. “You didn’t have to. I set the Imperius Curse on them on my way here”



“You are so bad” teased Draco.



They laughed again and made their way to the gates. It had been locked.



“Really convenient” said Draco sarcastically.



Eva murmured alohomora under her breath and they swung open. They stepped out and the gates swung shut.



“This is it. We cant go back” declared Eva.



Now you’ve done it you prick! said a tiny voice. Shut up! Said the more sensible voice.



Eva left her sensible voice do the job.



“Where first?” said Draco.



“Well if you brought our brooms I’m sure we can reach the Leaky Cauldron in no time. Can’t Apparate” replied Eva.



Draco took out two brooms from his pocket and the they set off towards the Leaky Cauldron. They reached there by five in the morning. Tom the landlord recognized both at the same time. They refused to tell him why they were not in school but he ordered them a room so they could sleep which lasted three hours only…






Draco had agreed with Eva that Ollivander was the more pleasant of the two jobs so the trip to Diagon Alley was easy. They questioned Tom about Ollivander before they set off and asked every shop owner and a few loyal customers of Ollivander’s about him. He lived in Diagon Alley too apparently and set off looking for his family. By the end of the day they had enough information about Ollivander which Eva had written in her notebook. She was back in her room with Draco by dinnertime.



“So he likes going to the mountains to look for anything he might use to make wands and he loves natural places. He visits Hogsmeade quite a lot and his family tells us that he is on holiday in a mountain and its quite excluded. That I think will give us exactly what we will need. I think we will find him pretty soon” said Eva.



“Eva a mountain is huge. We will have to climb a mountain to know and we don’t even know which mountain. From what we found in his shop it is a Muggle mountain” complained Draco.



Eva’s heart sank. She had not thought of that. “Well he might’ve paid a visit to Hogsmeade on the way. Maybe we could find some information there” she tried.



“Alright then” said Draco.



The next few days of their journey seemed pointless. So far the most information they had found was in Diagon Alley and no other place gave them further information. They were not close to tracking down Ollivander. And Eva was beginning to lose hope after a week.



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A Clueless Mission: Plans and a clueless journey


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