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Average Ally. by BlameItOnTheNargles
Chapter 12 : Rule Number Twelve: Boyfriends Are Made To Do Stuff.
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A smile appeared on my face as I saw James sitting by Barry. Well I think that’s who the guy was. I remember him being the guy at the bar, who fed me the muggle vodka. Vile stuff that. I think it was a solution to make me even worse than usual.

“Alright Barry?” I asked while kissing James on the cheek and robbing a chip of his plate. Barry's plate that is.

“It's Josh.” He responded flatly.


“Are we really doing this again?” He asked.

“Doing what Barry?” I smirked at him.

He didn't look too impressed. However I was. James must be so proud of his girlfriend.

“Party Girl, play nice.” He wishes.

“I’m always nice, Jamesie.” I smirked as he winced.

“You’re on your own Josh.” Victory is mine suckers. I am the ruler of the world. Bow down to me and give me my crown. Gold, not silver. Nobody likes silver, it is a mockery of gold. A big fat one.

“So how was Quidditch practice?” I asked stealing another chip, off James’ plate this time.

“What do you want Ally?” Damn. He knows me well now.

“Nothing...” I trailed off, trying to seem innocent.

“You wouldn’t of asked about Quidditch if you didn’t want something Party Girl.” I grumbled lightly, a pout placing onto my features.

“Well Reed has a birthday coming up.”

“And what does that have to do with me?”

“Well your girlfriend wants to throw her a party, or is being made to throw her a party. That said girlfriend sucks at parties, but her loving boyfriend doesn’t suck at them and should plan it all for her.” He rolled his eyes as I smiled innocently up at him. Or as innocent as a child eating cookies from the jar.



I knew there was a reason I liked this boy. Other than the fact he was hot. And he left me no choice as he stalked me into liking him. I mean I even hid under a table and claimed I was Mike. This dude is crazy to still like me. I’m actually shocked he has still kept me around. I mean it’s me.

I also haven’t forgot the one main fact; he is in love with someone else. I’m just a girl to keep him occupied. However I’m too scared to bring it up. As much as I hated to admit it, I liked having James in my life.

Though I still haven’t seen Albus since the whole choking on a pickle dilemma. That was three weeks ago, I had a feeling he was avoiding me.

In fact, I know he is avoiding me. I even tried to chase him down, but I tripped and he got away.


“Great, Barry can help you!” I exclaimed while winking at Barry, his eyes narrowed at me.

Oh, Barry.

“Your girlfriend is crazy James.”

“I know.” Me and James replied at the same time, making us both laugh.

At least somebody finds me funny. Other than myself that is. Because in my opinion, I am bloody darn hilarious. Funnier than a clown slipping on a banana peel. And that is some funny shizz.

“When’s her birthday anyway?” James asked his mouth full of food. Attractive.

“This Saturday..” I quickly spoke.


“Thanks James! You’re the best. I’ll find you later to see how planning is going.” I quickly got up, kissing his cheek and fleeing the scene quickly.

Did I forget to mention, Saturday is tomorrow. Whoops?


Sitting in my favorite place in the universe, the kitchens, I hummed lightly, my voice filled with cheesecake. The heavenly goodness once again taking over my body. I want to kiss the ground of whoever invented this stuff. I would literally pounce on them. Ditch James and run off and marry the god who invented cheesecake. I wouldn’t even care about getting fat.

A whisper snapped me out of my day dreaming of cheesecake. My head snapping towards the doors of the kitchens. A very guilty looking Albus Potter trying to escape.

Oh, no he doesn’t.

Pouncing off my seat, I was quick on the running away boys tail.

“Albus Severus Potter!” I exclaimed, my voice already out of breath. Man, I need to do more exercise. I am so unfit. Forcing my legs to move faster, I leaped onto of the boy, bringing us both crashing down onto the hard cold flooring of the castles corridor.

“What the hell is your problem?” I snapped, my breathing heavy as I stayed on top of him. No way in hell was I letting him get away again. Stupid bloody Gryffindor.

“Nothing.” I winced at his voice. It sound like a dull rock.

“Don’t lie to me Potter.”

“I’m not Turner.” The words sliced through me, the venom almost leaking out of his voice. Ouch.

“What have I done?” I whispered, looking into his eyes, I felt like he just punched me in the stomach. I hadn’t done anything wrong. Well I didn’t think I have. I mean maybe I ate one of his carrots at lunch. Or maybe I accidently burnt another eyebrow off him again and forgot...

Or I could of maybe murdered him and brought him back to life. I mean I would be pissed if someone did that to me. However we all know, I did none of the above. I haven’t seen him since I walked away from him being attached to the Barbies face.

“Nothing. Can you get off me?”

“No. Now tell me or I will stay here all night.” With that he pushed me off him, a shock of pain running up my arm as my elbow crashed roughly onto one of the stone tiles. Bloody dick.


“If you say nothing again, my foot will be up your arse Albus Potter.” I growled, my paitents wearing low as I rubbed my elbow. The both of us just sitting on the floor still.

“I can’t do it.”

“Do what?” Is this boy on crack? Maybe I should find him a nice rehab.


“Us?” There is no us. What is he on about?

“Exactly Ally, there is no us.” Crap did I say that out loud?

“Yes.” God sake brain stop it before I eat you alive.

With that Albus got up and walked away, leaving me in  puddle filled of confusion. What the hell did he mean? What can’t he do. Us? What did us mean?

Did he not want to be my friend anymore?

Author Note: So a new chapter finally! I'M SORRY IT SUCKS ROYAL HIPPOGRIFF! Don't hate me! 
Anyway if any of you are still reading the story, what did you think? Team Jally or Alibus? What will happen? Will a magic flying carpet enter the scene? Who knows! 

Until Next Time,


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