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Dear Mr. Wizard God, Why do you hate me? Sincerely, Avery Willington by Crazy101
Chapter 2 : Hogwarts & The Great Prank
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A/N: not sure if I should do a disclaimer for every chapter,but remember all hp stuff belongs to j.k. Rowling. And Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyers. pretty please leave some comments. Actually I don't care.

Wait I do care now I'm begging (this is getting too far put me out of my misery folks) COMMENT PLEEEEEEEASE!!! Every body loves commenters. So if it is in your ability to comment, Pleeeeease do so!!!


Cat lady and I apparated. And let me tell you, what a joy it is. Imagine being suffocated in a tiny tube. I imagined my grave:

Avery Willington
Death by magical tiny tube
Dearest daughter

As you can see, pure comfort and joy. (If you didn't see my sarcasm, bless your soul)

I appeared right in front of a huuuuge and oooold man.

"What do they feed you, brother?" I muttered.

"Ms. Willington?"

"That's me!"

And with that, we were off. Just to help you visualize his huge-ness, he had to stoop to get out of the British train station.
We entered a run down pub. With run down people. Man, were there any type of witch under the age of fifty?

"Hello Hagrid!" an old woman yelled from across the counter.

"Hello Agatha. Sorry, can't talk. Taking Avery to get her stuff for hogwarts."

At the mention of my name, everyone turned and stared at me.


Hagrid was oblivious to all the attention and strode out, me helplessly tagging behind him.

He got out a battered old umbrella (weird, right?) and tapped a brick wall a few times. To my great surprise, the bricks shifted to make an archway to the best shopping place ever. I wish I had eight heads, like that rat did down in an alley.

We quickly found Gringotts. I've never been to Gringotts before, my dad usually went by himself.

"Uhmm Hagrid? I dont have my key" I mumbled.

"Don't you worry, got the little devil right here" He said in his Hagrid Accent, pulling out a tiny shiny key.

So we strode in, me gaping at the (not so attractive) goblins weighing gold bars the size of my head.

We walked over to a goblin behind a desk reading.

Hagrid cleared his throat.

He didn't look up.

"EXCUSE ME I WAS WONDERING IF WE COULD VISIT VAULT 112" Hagrid roared. The whole hall got dead silent. The goblin finally looked up.

"Do you have a key" He hissed in an evil-goblin way.

"Right here" He said, sliding it over. "Also, I have a request from Minerva" He dropped his voice. He also slid an envelope over.

The goblin ripped open the envelope, scanned it, and hissed,
"Very Well. Follow me."

Now, one thing you must know about me before you see my vault, is when I was 12 years old, I entered all these beauty pageants. I hated them, but my dad needed the money. I eventually won the Miss Junior Witch Award, crowning me the best-looking witch of my age. Along with that, I won 9,000 galleons. I never spent that money, but now I guess I have to.

Anyways, We arrived at my vault, and the little goblin hobbled over and said,
"Key please."

"Lamp, Please."

Hagrid went bug-eyed at my vault. I took a little pouch and filled it with money.

We continued on until we reached the highest level security in Gringotts. I followed Hagrid out of the cart.

As I looked up, I saw a



The goblin dude got this bell thingy and it whined, stepping past.

Next, he traced his finger on this door.

I gasped at what was in the vault.



After we got out of the dusty old bank, I immediately went to the nearest shop, Madam Malkin's.

I checked my list. To my dismay, there were plain old "standard uniforms".


I mean, something more exciting than that.

But not silk.


i bought the robes (along with a few shirts and cute dresses) and continued on to the next store. To my delight, it was Buexbea's Beauty. I bought a book on spells concerning your beauty and stuff (hair, nails,etc.) and a couple bottles for your hair.

Hagrid was about to die in the shop, so I finally reluctantly left.


The next shop was a pet shop, and I bought a sleek black owl with a few spots of neon on her feathers (she is cross bred) and named her Bella, after a girl in a book I was reading, she was really awesome (and no, that book is NOT twilight).

After that we ate lunch and had "pumpkin juice" which turned out to be delicious.

But while we were eating, I sat my wand down on a bench beside me.

The wand never chose me, it was a gift.

Didn't really like it, and it didnt like me, but oh well.

Some reaaaaly overweight dude came over and before I could stop him, he sat his rather large bosom on the bench, and on my wand. He ate his greasy burger as I helplessly watched as blue smoke left the remains of my crushed wand. He got up to order some more food and I gathered the bits of my wand.

After that we shopped for some books ( I got some extra ones mwahahahaha) and then we went to a new place called Ollivander's ll ( to my great confusion, tears appeared in hagrid's eyes and he whispered,"never beats the first"). A 20 year old man was running the shiny shop.
"Come to get a new wand?"
"You've come to the right place!" And he gave me a wand. I unsurely waved it around.

I made a piece of ceiling fall on poor hagrid's head.

He seemed fine though.

I hope.

I put the wand back on the counter. It took about 3 minutes deciding what my wand would be like. He finally grabbed a random wand and said desperately,
"Unicorn hair and holly. Eleven inches. Durable, yet bendy."
I grabbed the wand. It glowed a warm red color and it gently blew wind across the room.
"That's the one" he said and I payed and left.
I shot up from my lumpy bed at a hotel. I forgot where I was. Then I realized, hey I'm a Hogwart-ian!!! No more powder blue dorms!

And then I remembered my bad dream. A man with a golden mask with tusks was reaching out to grab me. I checked my watch. 10:00. Great. Perfect time. Why must I always sleep late? Well, I brushed my hair and headed downstairs for a hot chocolate.

"'Ome on, 'illington!" Hagrid called as I ran downstairs. I grabbed my trunk and owl, and with a quick pop, we apparated again. Oh joy.

"Gotta go good luck" hagrid called as he left me in the same train station he picked me up in. Great. Now I have a ticket in my hand and no where to go.

Wait, Platform 9 3/4?

Eh, well this IS England.

aargh, these strange brits.

I looooooked and looooooked but NO, OF COURSE THERE IS NO PLATFORM 9 3/4!

I saw a huge family of redheads and some messy black-haired group. They all had all these owls and such.



I ninja-rolled behind a column and watched them (okay, maybe that was unnecessary, but I've always wanted to do that). I saw the red headed family making their way towards a very solid wall. I heard them mention the word hogwarts and first year.


I saw they walked through that annoyingly solid wall. Well what the heck, I thought. I'm a witch. Weirder things will happen. I ran towards the wall. As I waited for a broken nose, it didn't come. I wrenched my eyes open, noticing that they were closed, and gasped.



The train hooted a five minute warning. I sprinted toward the train.

All the compartments were full.

I hate my life.

I opened a random compartment door, and I noticed they were the same redheads I saw a minute ago.

"Do you mind every where else is full" I said hopefully.

"No not at all. Find yourself a seat." A girl said. I smiled and sat beside her.

"I'm Avery Willington"

At the mention of my name, the girl looked flustered, but then quickly recovered.

"I'm rose Weasley and this is Dom and Lily"

Rose pointed to the girl sitting on the other side of me. Dom had platinum blond hair and an evil expression.

Lily had sleek,wavy auburn hair and cute freckles.

I noticed three boys gaping at me and I blushed.

Rose laughed.

"Oh these dufuses are actually related to me. Well two of them are. This is Fred Weasley" she pointed to a cute, red haired boy.

Like, about as red-headed as you can get.

"This is Albus potter, my cousin" she continued.

I studied Albus. He looked about 14 and he had dark, windswept hair and startling green eyes. They were so green they started to scare me.


"And this one's Scorpius" she finished, a blush of her own creeping up. I raised an eyebrow. I knew EXACTLY what was going on.


Don't hate on my evil laugh! I'm working on it!

She gave me a pleading look that said, not now!

A young woman shouted,"anything from the trolley!"

And I was craving Hershey's right now.

I always crave Hersheys.

I wasn't surprised when there was only wizarding candy.



Well, I bought two of everything (things were cheap these days) and split it with the group. We laughed and chatted for about thirty minutes ( for some strange reason, Fred left to see some of his "besties") before a tall, dark haired sixth year crashed in, laughing. "Hey guys do you mind if I sit here I think Fred might murder me" he said, panting.

"That's James, another cousin" rose whispered. When Potter saw me,he stopped. His eyes widened. He gaped. As for me, I was tired of people looking, so I turned him into a pig. The whole compartment burst out laughing.

"This one's a keeper" Dom announced, wiping tears from her eyes. When Fred burst in asking where Potter was, he shrieked with joy when he saw the pig. He rode it up and down the train walkway like a bull.

"Yeehaw!!" He hooted as we laughed even harder.

our group squeezed into one carriage. I saw some skeletonish horses dragging them.

"Hey rose what are those dragging the carriages?"

"Th-those are thestrals. They can only be seen by people who have seen death"she replied gravely. I saw that everyone was expectantly looking at me. I sighed.
"Fine. When I was six years old, I was on a train going to Alabama when someone pulled a knife out in the same compartment I was. I barely made it out alive." I replied back to top her grave voice.

They all gave me sad looks.

"Well isn't this cozy" Dom muttered. Rose seemed to be enjoying herself, she was squished in between Scorpius and I.


I politely ignored them as I talked about bridge engineering. Then somehow we changed the subject to Quidditch.
" hey Avery have you played Quidditch"
"Nope I'm from Buexbaton's, NO QUIDDITCH" I reminded them.
"Well what sports did you play as a muggle? My dad taught us all the sports, he likes them."
"Oh goodness. Soccer,basketball,softball,baseball,ice skating,roller stating,skiing, football quarterback,swimming,long distance running,short distance running, and volleyball." Everyone gaped at me.
" I like football,soccer,and running the most" I said simply.
"Woooooah" was all Fred could manage.
"In three years I was going for the Olympics if I hadn't been a witch" I sighed.





Hogwarts was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.




As soon as we got to the castle, cat lady whisked me off to her office.



She told me all about the sorting hat (I nearly fell asleep). After the dusty hat was placed on my head, it began to speak in my mind:
"Ah yes, wit beyond everything. But oh, your ambition is fierce. You're not afraid of getting your hands dirty, but you best belong in... GRIFFYNDOR!!!!"

He shouted the last word to cat lady. she smiled and showed me the way out. I grinned and bounced down to the griffyndor table, where all my friends sat except rose, who placed in ravenclaw.

Smart people these days.

Be gettin' in Ravenclaw.

I was delighted when I saw food appear.

"FOOOOOOOOD." I roared as I dug in.

Dom looked at me like I was crazy.

"I like food ok?" I announced.

I ate until finally they showed us to the Griffyndor common room, then to our dorms so we could sleep. To my delight, I shared a dorm with Lily,Dom, and a nice girl named Tasha. We all collapsed on our beds and fell asleep.

At a bright and early 8 a.m., my Weird Sisters (magical) alarm clock went off (that's really early for me, ok? Don't hate)


And trust me, you don't want an old man screaming in your ear to wake you up.


By 8:30, I was all ready. All I had to do was throw on my robes,take a shower,blow dry my hair,and brush my hair and teeth. I had my bag and was walking towards the great hall when a group of mean girls decided great hall can wait (I later found out that they woke up on time just to find prey). A girl tripped me.

I gave out a squeak of surprise as I tumbled down.

They laughed loudly.

" What's the matter, you fat, clumsy troll?" One girl sneered.

I stood up.

Real Slim Shady over here.

My mind was wild with scenarios that would leave them running.

No, child.

Calm yourself.

Well while I was off in dreamland, fighting the urge to curse their sorry behinds into tomorrow, completely zoned out, apparently the Trip sisters (that's what I decided to call them) were asking me some question.

"Huh?" She asked impatiently.

They failed to get my attention.

One girl grabbed a textbook from her bag and wung it at my face.


I heard my nose snap, and blood flowed down my face.

Surprisingly, pretty much everyone saw that.

Including cat lady ( wait, what about cat woman? How about yes.).

I heard Fred sing out,


Sure enough, cat woman dragged the trip sisters out, leaving me awkwardly standing there with my broken nose with blood still gushing out in front of the school.

"err......" I said.

I can be awkward, okay?


I finally just headed out, everyone still staring. I went up to the common room to compose myself.

So there I was, sitting in a ball, rocking myself, saying,

"compooooose. compooooose. compooooose."

I found one of Al's best friends, Artemis, kinda stand there awkwardly with a frightened expression.

"err.... do you need help with your nose?" She squeaked.

Oh yeah.

Forgot about my broken nose.


"yeah, sure." I muttered. I didn't care that she was a fourth year. She seemed fine to me.

"Episkey" She muttered and with a crack, my nose was back to a nosey-shape.

"Thanks!" I said, my mood brightening.

"You know, you are perfect for Al" I continued evilly.

She turned a bright red and shot back,"Well you are perfect for James"

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.



wow, besides her horrible, scarring comments on my love life, she's a pretty cool kid.

"OWENS HERE LOOOOOVES ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER!" I screeched to the common room, which was now full of people.

That was pretty much, like, all of gryffindor.

Including Al.


dead silence.

Next thing you knew, I was rolling on the floor laughing.

I mean, that's ridiculous.

"Um.... I must be thinking of a different James sirius potter" I giggled, still tickled by the thought.

"Well then I must be thinking of a different Albus Severus Potter" She chuckled.

For a moment, I saw a look of reject on Al's face.

Awwww..... they're so cute.

"Well anyways, thanks for the help and YES IN FACT YOU DO LOVE HIM" I called behind my back as I left.

Sigh. Someday they will get together, and I will be there for it.

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