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Royal Patience by heartjily4ever
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14
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 "Your friends are crazy," Chelsea says the next morning, as we sit in my bedroom. Her hairs is all messed up, and her eyes look dull and worn down, which doesn't suit the loopy smile that's on her face.

"They aren't my friends! "

"Whatever, Muggles are crazy."

I sigh and turn back to the mirror. We are supposed to be getting ready for the "Royal Party" but have only made it as far as my sofa. The dresses were laid out after they passed my mother's approval test, and everything is ready to go. Except us.

"Well, it might not have been so crazy if you hadn't snogged one of the girls boyfriends," I roll my eyes at Chelsea's smug smirk.

"Not my fault. He was flirting with me, I didn't know he had a girlfriend!"

"You didn't have to kiss him."

"It was an experiment."

I swivel round to stare at Chelsea who has a slightly panicked / confused face on.


"Yeah.. to see whether Muggle guys are as good kissers as wizard ones."

"But, you've kissed Muggle guys before!"

"Ah, but only the ones from around my area. I've never kissed ones from London before."

I can never win. With a little groan I get up, pulling Chelsea up as well. I take a quick shower first, and she has one after. We help each other into the dresses and dry our hair. Finally we apply our makeup and slip on our shoes, grabbing our wands and stuffing them into our little purse bag things.

You never know!

We both go and stand in front of the mirror, gazing deeply.  I must say, we do look rather good. Chelsea's brown hair is up in an elaborate bun, with some soft little curls hanging down and some gold earrings that swirl down. Her makeup is soft like her dress, which looks beautiful with the little black shoes. Her legs looks gorgeous.

I am really pleased with how mine turned out in the end. My blond hair is straight, like really straight, and I have some big blue feather earrings in. I have my favourite pillar box red lips and some elaborate eyeliner. The dress floats around me, and I think my legs look really good in my black wedges.

I high five Chelsea before we head downstairs, where to my shock, my sister stands in a little black halter neck dress and leather jacket.

"Hey, Delilah," Chelsea calls out, as we go downstairs. My sisters eyes widen slightly, but the only sign of acknowledgement she gives is a little nod. Chelsea turns to me with a confused look in her eyes, but I only have time to shrug before my mum shovels us out of the door and into the big limo that's waiting outside.

"A limo," Chelsea squeals as we enter behind my sister. The journey is quick and pretty soon we are outside the palace, where there are camera's flashing and a big red carpet.

"It's just like the movies," Chelsea exclaims again, as we go past the camera's and the lights and enter the palace. The big ballroom is done up decoratively, with big glass chandeliers and a gold theme. A big buffet table adorns one wall and there are many people milling around, the chatter becoming very loud.

"Oh My Actual Merlin," Chelsea breathes out as we enter, as her eyes dart from one side of the room to the other, catching glimpses of the royal family, "The Princesses! Duke!"

"Probably, " I laugh at my friend, and pull out to the side, " Are the boys cute enough for you? There are some around our age, some very distant cousins."

"Yes, especially that one over there," she says, pointing out a dark haired boy with his back to us, " I haven't seen his face, but he looks hot from behind."

I nod agreeing and we stand there waiting as he turns slightly, and we can see his face. I hear Chelsea gasp at the same time I do. It's Albus.

"Quick," I gasp, pulling Chelsea into a little nook behind some over the top, regal vase thing, " what's he doing here?"

"I don't know."

"He isn't a royal. Not in this sense."

"I know."

"So why the heck is he here?"

"I don't know Cord, but don't panic."

I stare at Chelsea before frantically whispering, "But he doesn't know about the whole, Royal thing Chelsea!" Her eyes widen and she bites her lip, as we stand there for a moment, successfully hidden.  That is until my mother find us.

"Get out here now and mingle, " she orders, pulling us both out into the open. The minute we are there my eyes find Albus standing not far away, in an impressive suit. I watch, frozen in place as he turns towards us and catches my eye.

Oh, no. This isn't good.

I watch slowly as he recognises me and Chelsea, and I know Chelsea has noticed this by the quiet "Oh." she gives. We both watch as his eyes widen and his jaw drops, and stares at us. I am jolted into movement when he starts towards us.

"This way," Chelsea says, grabbing my arm and squeezing us both through a tiny gap between two people. We weave through the crowd, with me checking behind us all the time, and end up on the other side of the crowd near the buffet.

"I think we lost him, " I say, giving a sigh of relief, before I turn and bang into someone else. My eyes flit up quickly to the person holding my elbows to steady me, and I panic again.

It's James. What is it with the Potter guys being here?

"Cordelia?" he asks, and his eyes travel over my head, " Chelsea? What are you guys doing here?"

I stumble for answer, which I finding rather hard to give. The moment is made worse by Albus appearing behind James and striding up.

"Cordelia, what are you doing here?"

I freeze in place, words unable to form in my mouth and am saved , thankfully, by Chelsea.

"We could as you the same thing!"

James lets go of my arm and I stumble back. He runs his hand through his messy black hair before answering.

"We're here with Dad. There posing as security, for the Royal Family. So nothing happens. We asked if we could come as well, and they said yes."

Security. Why didn't I think of that?

"Why are you here?" Albus asks, rather coldly. I glance once at Chelsea before heading out a sigh and giving in.

"Because we were invited, " I begin, watching their faces carefully, " And we were invited because my family are part of this family. Distant. yes. But we are part of the royal family. I didn't tell anyone because, well, I was embarrassed. Only Rose and Chelsea knew and they promised not to tell anyone. I'm sorry I didn't say, but, well I guess you know now."

Their faces slowly show dawning understanding, and they both frown slightly, mouths open as if to speak.

"This whole time, " Albus begins, shaking his head, " You've actually been Royal. The whole cook thing you let slip, the money and clothes. I guess it makes sense."

He grins at me and Chelsea.

"Royal. Cool."

He reaches to the side and grabs a cocktail sausage, popping it in his mouth. James is still quiet, looking thoughtful. He suddenly snaps his head up and grabs my arm.

"Can I talk to you privately?" I nod slowly and he drags me away, and I can see Al and Chelsea looking after me worriedly. James leads me to a little alcove, which it's hard to see into from the most angles.

"What is it?" I ask, and I'm taken by surprise when he kisses me.  Yeah kisses me.

I don't feel anything.

It's just a kiss, not unpleasant, but I don't feel butterfly's or any of that rubbish. He breaks away slowly and nods.

"What was that about?" I stutter out, looking up into his unreadable face.

"I couldn't tell, " he eventually sighs, smiling down at me, " Couldn't tell whether I just liked annoying you, or actually liked you a bit more. But now, I know. I just love to annoy you. Nothing more. Don't feel anything at all."

I grin up at him. " Honestly," I say, " I didn't feel anything either. Friends?"

I hold out my hand, but he pulls me into a hug.


We walk out and I look around for the other two. I begin to head back to where we left them, but am pulled back by James again.

"You two are coming to the New Years bash right?" he asks, looking down at me, " You can stare all you like at Albus then." He winks at me before strutting away, towards some slightly older female relatives.

AAAAAh second to last chapter guys. I hope you like it. It's so sad to see it almost at the end.

I want to give a shout out to BBWotter, who has reviewed the most and is awesome.


You are the best. They have some really cool stories as well guys, so check them out!!

All in all, my usual message. REVIEWERS ARE THE BOMB, so please review <3

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