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The Sight by Xaria
Chapter 1 : The Letter
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Chapter 1: The Letter


“Father, I don't want to go!” a little girl cried out, her dark blue hair hiding her face as she gazed down at the antique rug that was spread out in the sitting room. Her pale hand held an unmistakable Hogwarts letter.


Her father who sat on the fancy sofa, his brown eyes looked up to his daughter, “I'm sorry Delphia, with your mother gone there's no one to look after you while I'm at work. I'll owl Dumbledore and next week we can go to Diagon Alley to get your things.”


Delphia stomped in frustration and crumbled up her letter of acceptance, tossing it somewhere she didn't care to see.


“But they're going to make fun of me! I'm not normal.” She shot her head up to look at her father so she could remind him once again of how different she truly was. Although it felt unnatural and disturbing to look into her eyes he did not look away.


She knew he was the only one that could actually look at her and not cringe or stare. His eyes softened, with a whisper he said, “I know, sweetheart, but it's the only choice I've got. You'll learn lots at Hogwarts. It's a good school. Now I have to go send an owl.”


Delphia watched her father set down the Daily Prophet and head up the stairs to his study. Knowing she wasn't going to win this argument she followed him and angrily burst into her room. She began to throw stuff into her trunk from beneath her bed.


It was Saturday morning, a week after she received her letter, and she had began to accept that her life was in the hands of all the staff at Hogwarts until she turned seventeen. It wasn't a pleasant thought, she didn't know how she would be accepted, that's if she ever were. Delphia glanced out the window where the mist hung low in the air, shadowing everything ten feet from her house.


“Let's go, Delphia.” Her father called from the other room, she turned to see him putting his cloak on. Delphia strode over to him and grasped his large hand in her smaller one. With the horrible sensation of everything going black, like walls pushing her from all sides. Before she knew it she and her father were already in Diagon Alley.


The first stop they made was Flourish and Blotts. The book list was very long and it took a while until she had found all of the books she needed. And Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions was packed full of other kids who were probably beginning their first year at Hogwarts. Delphia looked down at the hardwood floor as Madam Malkin took her measurments. Once she received everything but her wand her father gave her some galleons while he went to Eeylops Owl Emporium. Delphia sourly snatched up the gold coins and marched over to Ollivander's Wand Shop.


With her unusually colored bangs falling in front of her eyes she opened the door, from somewhere in the shop a bell dinged softly. Although the bell was fairly quiet an old man appeared from behind a counter. Most likely being Ollivander himself. She slowly approached him, her eyes wondering around to all the rows of thin boxes on rows and rows of shelves all over the store.


“First year at Hogwarts?” he asked kindly. She nodded slowly as he turned around and begun to dig through some boxes. Once he found one that he thought suitable he handed it to her. Delphia took it in her hand and the lights immediately went out.


They flickered back on and she noticed Ollivander had his own wand out, taking the one from her he went back to the shelves.


“I think you should try the second one from the left, three boxes in the back on the shelf at the very top.” She said confidently.


Ollivander gave her a curious look but did as she said. When she finally held the smooth black wooden wand in her hand she knew it was right, it was warm and comforting and everything about it felt right.


“What made you say that one?” the old man asked, his bright gaze fixed on her. Through her hair she looked back to him.


“I guessed.” Delphia said slowly, her brows furrowed as if it were obvious.


The bell ringed again and she turned to see her father walk in. He carried a cage in his hand where a dark owl perched, its eyes closed.


“An amazing daughter you have, Braxton.” said Ollivander as Delphia handed him the galleons. Braxton nodded kindly at him and ushered Delphia out of the store.


“I bought you an owl to keep you company at Hogwarts.” Braxton told her. “I had already told them to hold onto him for me. I saw him in the window a few weeks ago and he reminded me a lot of you, Delphia.”


She bent down to look at the owl in his cage, he twisted his head around and opened his eyes to look at her. One eye was bright blue while the other was a green. Delphia gave the bird a small smile, knowing she was not the only one with two different colored eyes.



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The Sight: The Letter


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