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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 12 : The First Meeting
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Chapter 12

The burrow was packed to the brim with more people than it had held in a while. The only other time this many people had been there it had been the weddings of the different Weasley children. However, this was not nearly as happy of occasion. It was a somber occasion where the Weasley family and friends met to discuss the terrible events that had been happening.

Everyone was worried. Just the day before they had found out about Percy and Audrey’s deaths. That meant that six people close to the family, seven if Charlie’s death was included, had died recently. It was beyond the possibility of thinking it was a random bar shooting or house invasion. By this point, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were all being targeted.

People sat uncomfortably in their chairs as they waited for the meeting to start. They glanced back and forth between the other people in the room. They were to the point where they were wondering which of these people they wouldn’t be seeing again.

“So I’m sure you’ve all heard about the recent deaths,” Harry started, trying to think of the calmest way of starting the conversation, “We believe that we are being targeted and are concerned for everyone’s safety.”

Silence filled the room for a second. Most people had already guessed what Harry thought.

“Do we have any idea who the killer is?” Oliver Wood asked, breaking the silence.

“No we don’t,” Harry replied, wishing he had something better to say.

More silence filled the room. They could hear the worry and sadness in Harry’s voice. A lot of them had fought in the last Wizarding war. They knew how bad things could go. They now had families of their own and were desperately afraid that they would be harmed. This time around, they had a lot more to lose and they had no idea who was trying to take it all from them.

“Do we have any idea what kind of people in our family are being targeted?” James asked.

“No, it’s all over the board,” Ron replied, sounding freaked out, “The only generations that hasn’t been targeted is our parent’s generation and our grandkid’s generation.”

“They probably think that those two generations aren’t a threat because one is quite old and the other way too young,” Rose added, trying to be logical.

“I don’t want to lose any of my kids,” Oliver stated.

“I already have,” Bill spat, unhappy that this killer had already taken his son’s life.

“I’ve lost three, so please don’t argue,” Molly said sternly, “It’s not going to do anyone any good.”

This caused everyone to shut up. Even though Molly Weasley was quite old by now, she was still a force to be reckoned with. No one was going to argue with her.

“Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves?” Savannah asked, not wanting to be a victim.

“Well we’d suggest not going anywhere alone,” Hermione replied.

“Mom, pretty much everyone who’s died hasn’t been alone,” Hugo argued, causing murmurs among the people in the room.

“Yeah, Rolf and Hannah were in a bar with six other people when they were killed,” Lily agreed.

The murmurs grew louder as people grew more afraid for their safety. Everyone had always been taught that there was safety in numbers. Now that rule didn’t apply anymore. It didn’t matter if you were alone or not, you could very well be the next person targeted.

“Anything else we can do to protect ourselves?” Victorie asked, hoping for a better suggestion.

“Keep your wands on you at all time,” Harry replied, “That way you at least have a chance to fight back.”

“Also, they’ll probably try and attack when you’re unprepared,” Ron added, “So be prepared.”

The murmurs died down a bit. At least now they had a couple good suggestions of how they could protect themselves. They weren’t totally helpless.

“Any questions?” Hermione finished.

No one said anything for a few minutes. Most were still having problems accepting what was going on. A killer was targeting them. A lot of people had never experienced the fear that came with this kind of attack before. Those who had hadn’t experienced it in decades, and thought that all of that had ended the day that Voldemort died. No one wanted to accept that that sort of thing was happening again.

“I can’t believe that next time we meet, there’s good chance that more of us will be dead,” Teddy Lupin stated after a while, voicing the thought that had been running through everyone’s mind.

Eyes glanced around the room. Would it be a friend? A sibling? A parent? A child? A cousin? An uncle?

“The question is,” Albus said, “Who?”




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Everyone is really getting worried about who is going to die next. Who do you think it will be? Who do you think Raven and Viper are? I'd love to know what you think! As always, I'd love it if you continued to read, review, and enjoy this story :D ***

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As The Days Grow Dark: The First Meeting


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