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Who's Knocking on Granger's Door? by Viva la Violet
Chapter 1 : The Faceless Dream
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She ran her hand through my hair as I pulled her body up against mine. Her lips pressed on my jawbone as she kissed her way up to my mouth. I kissed her back eagerly wanting more, and more. I just couldn't get enough of the intoxicating feeling she gave me. We kept kissing harder, and harder. My hands were on either side of her face close enough to her hair line that I could entangle my fingers in her soft curls. Her stomach was pressed against mine as her hands were pressed against my chest. I moved my lips down her neck,

"George" she whispered, "George." The sound of her voice was starting to confuse me. It didn't sound as high pitched as I was expecting. In fact...

"George!" This time I knew it was no woman's voice. I opened my eyes to see Fred standing next to my bed and thanked God that my covers were still pulled up to my chin. "Bloody hell mate, how many times do I have to call your name to get you out of bed? Mum wants everyone downstairs in two minutes for breakfast." I nodded my head hoping that he would get the hint and leave before I had to get out of bed. Of course, he kept standing there.

"Have you ever heard of giving a man some privacy? I would like to get up in peace." I stared at him from the safety of my bed and he stared right back.

"Sure...Privacy and peace." He finally walked across the room. "Must have been one good dream!" He called over his shoulder as he shut the door behind him. Lying to your twin almost never works out.



I walked into the kitchen exactly two minutes later to find miscellaneous tables thrown together to accommodate every one for the summer. Ron had brought home Harry and Hermione, and Percy was living at home for awhile longer while he looked for a place of his own. All in all by the time I arrived it was a very full kitchen. I grabbed some of Mum's famous muffins and took a seat next to Ginny.

"George! Fred was just telling us that you had a nightmare last night! Was it about You Know Who, or something else?" Of course Mum had to make conversation this morning.

"Oh it was nothing really." I took a huge bite out of my muffin as an excuse not to elaborate on my answer and shot a look over to Fred. Surprisingly Mum let it drop without much more explanation on my part after I gave her some half-ass remark about dragons killing Charlie. We finished breakfast with some small talk and Mum assigned all of us chores for the day. Not surprisingly Fred and I were paired together to de-gnome the garden.

"Thanks for supporting me back there," I quipped as soon as we were out of ear shot.

"No problem! So you know I have to ask..."

"No you don't. You do not have to ask anything, and I bloody well don't have to answer." I bent over to grab the first gnome I saw.

"Fine. Be that way! I'll just start guessing... Angelina, Tara, Bethany, Marian, Caroline"

"No, no, no, no, and no! If you must know, I don't know who it was." I kept my eyes on the ground and picked out two more gnomes.

"What does that mean? You've never seen the person before, or you just didn't see their face?" Fred was leisurely leaning against one of the poles that held up the tomato plants.

"I didn't see their face! What's it matter to you anyway? Stop being a lazy bugger and pick up some gnomes," I laughed and tossed the gnome currently clawing at my vein at him.

"Fine, fine whatever you say," He caught the gnome and chucked it over the fence. He dropped the subject and we finished up in the garden within a couple of hours. Little did he know that I did see the face in my dream and knew exactly who it was, but somehow telling Fred that the dream was about Hermione while she was staying at our house didn't seem like a good idea.



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Who's Knocking on Granger's Door?: The Faceless Dream


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