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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 41 : Everybody Talks
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 Chapter Forty One

Though Hugo and Rose’s family was imploding following her pregnancy announcement, I was actually quite pleased to be leaving with them rather than staying with the Potters following my argument with Lily. She didn’t speak to me once when we got back and deliberately avoided coming out to say goodbye as we were all leaving. Roxy said she’d been crying, but I didn’t really care and was almost regretting dumping Abi now. I know what I’d said to her was harsh, but it was true Lily liked to think she was so worldly wise but she was really just a spoiled daddy’s girl who had no clue what the real world was like. She’d always been like that, she’d always complained about how shitty her life was and it was one of the few things that did annoy me about her. Lily had a lot of bad qualities, she’s only human afterall, but for the most part I found her flaws cute and endearing but that one always pissed me off to no end. In happier news, Jack had told me he shared his first ever kiss with Lucy on New Year’s Eve so at least somebody was happy and he was also completely oblivious to the drama unfolding around him. I was very envious, it felt so awkward being with the Weasley’s for the next few days

Ron just sat there in a kind of stunned silent anger with Rose, Hermione tried to be practical and booked Rose some ‘mummy and me’ classes at the local community centre which made Rose freak out and call her mum some awful names, Rose herself just hid away in her room too scared and embarrassed to come out and as far as she was concerned her life was over and Hugo, well Hugo did what Hugo always did in a crisis. Drink. A lot, and I was happy to join in as I wasn’t feeling exactly jolly following my row with Lily. However, when I woke up on January 4th (the day we were going back to Hogwarts) with a hangover for the fifth day in a row I promised myself no more drinking for a while.

“Now Rosie, just remember you’ve done nothing wrong” said Hermione as we all made our way through King’s Cross station at 10.30am that morning “And if anyone says anything you just ignore them OK? You have done nothing wrong here”

“Whatever” Rose mumbled before catching my eye, I gave her an encouraging smile which she returned with a sad one before she ran through the wall to the platform. The second she was gone, Hermione turned on Ron

“Ronald, you honestly could have said something to her” she said sternly “A goodbye, a ‘I still love you’ would’ve done the trick. I know she’s been stupid but she is still your daughter”

“I know” said Ron grumpily. Hermione smothered Hugo with kisses and hugs as he turned towards the barrier, he looked a mixture of mortified by happy by this however his half-smile soon faded as Ron came towards him and placed a hand on his back

“Take good care of your sister, son” he said “She’s really going to need it this term”

“I know” said Hugo nodding and with that he was gone through the barrier. Hermione kissed me on the cheek and gave Jack a hug apologizing, for the nineteen hundredth time, about all that had happened whilst we were staying with them

“It’s fine honestly” I assured her “Wouldn’t be a Weasley Christmas without a bit of drama would it? And this one has certainly lived up to expectations”. It really had done as well; I’d punched James, Lily and I were sort of together for a while but then not so much, Rose was pregnant and Dom had accidentally dyed her hair bright green on New Year’s Day when she and Louis had been fighting at home. She looked like a pineapple according to Louis

We sad a final farewell to the Weasley’s and boarded the Hogwarts Express. I normally hated going back after the Christmas holidays but I was quite glad to be this year, I’d missed a lot of my friends more than usual and I could get quite a lot of space from Lily and Abi now we were back.

I was going to make this term a lot less dramatic than the first


“Thank merlin I’ve got you guys” said Hugo as he, Ben, Louis, Freddie, Ryan and I sat in our compartment on the train “I think I’d go insane if I didn’t have all of you fella’s and Rebecca. Honestly, my freaking sister is pregnant for merlin sake. Pregnant and I’ve got no idea what to say to her or what I’m meant to do”

“Just be supportive, it’s the best thing you can do” said Ryan, now dating Leila it seemed judging by their passionate kiss on the platform earlier, Ben nodded in agreement “Rose is going to need all the support she can get now”

“It’s quite funny in a way” said Hugo with a sad smirk “Everyone always had me pegged down as the one who was going to fuck up and make a mess of their life, now look at Rose. Having a kid at school is never a good thing is it?”

“I admit it’s not ideal” I said “But it doesn’t mean Rose’s life is going to turn out terrible, my mum and dad had me at Hogwarts. Hell I was born in the second floor girl’s bathroom floor because they couldn’t get my mum to the Hospital Wing in time. Their lives turned out OK, mum has a good job”

“I suppose so” said Hugo “I just don’t know what to do; it’s always been Rose who’s been the mature one out of the two of us. It’s always been her looking after me, and now I’ve got to look after her and I’m not sure I know how to do it”

I thought to myself about Jack and what our lives would be like if he’d been the one having to look after me for five years. I was pretty sure that Jack could have done it, and I knew deep down that Hugo would be able to do it as well if he really put his mind to it. He and Rose may act like they hate eachother but they always, always stick up for eachother and Hugo would rip anyone who upset Rose limb from limb if he could. He was an awesome brother. Of course, I didn’t tell him this because we’re men and we don’t do that

The conversation soon turned to Christmas holidays, presents and Quidditch. Ben and Louis were sitting next to eachother secretly hand in hand; I did feel quite sorry for them. I was the only one inside this carriage who knew that Ben was gay and in a relationship with Louis and it must be very hard for Louis not being able to shout openly about the person he loved. But he couldn’t, because Ben wasn’t out yet and was clearly terrified of the prospect and it was clearly killing Louis. I looked over at him sometimes when he thought nobody was looking and he looked quite unhappy but he never said anything and that’s because it’s Louis and he is one of the kindest people on the planet. Ryan looked happier than I’d ever seen him as he talked openly about how he and Leila were now officially dating, Hugo said Rebecca was the only thing keeping him sane and it then hit me that I was the only single person in the carriage. Well except for Fred, but he was never really alone at night time if you know what I mean. It made me feel quite lonely

“Hey guys, do you mind if we sit in here” asked Melissa who came in with Leila, Rebecca, Lily, Rose and Dom. Rose was in tears and Lily looked as if she had just been dragged through a hedge backwards. Hugo immediately stood up and went to comfort his crying sister who gripped onto him very tightly. Lily didn’t look at me but I could tell that she was in her ‘so-angry-I-will-punch-anything-and-everything’ mood.

“What the hell has happened” as Ryan as Leila came and sat down on his knee

“Some seventh year Slytherin slut began cackling at Rose as we were getting snacks” said Melissa with a sigh “She called Rose a slag and a hypocrite and began pushing her so Lily sort of waded in and beat the absolute shit out of her”

“You beat someone up” exclaimed Louis “Lily, you do realize that Albus is going to murder you”

“I couldn’t give less of a shit if I tried” retorted Lily making Louis look as if he was about to be killed “I was sticking up for Rose, I am not in the wrong here and anyway broken noses can be fixed in a heartbeat”

“You broke his nose” I exclaimed. Lily shot me a cold look

“Yes” she said harshly “Did you think I was too girly to?”

That shut me up

Rose eventually stopped crying after ten minutes and apologized to Hugo who patted her on the back and told her it was alright. He already seemed to be stepping into his new role as the mature Weasley sibling well, but it didn’t last long as he pushed Rose to one side the second that the Sweet trolley came to our compartment

So much for this term not being dramatic, we weren’t even at Hogwarts yet and already Lily had been in a fight. Also, I noticed multiple times throughout the course of the journey that almost everyone who want passed our compartment either shot me a pitiful look, whispered to the person next to them or just smirked and pointed

Well, the Slytherins smirked and pointed

Bloody Slytherins

They ruin everything

Well, well, well it’s all kicking off… again. Do you think Lily was in the right or should she have not reacted to the Slytherin girl? And why are people staring at Oliver?

Next Time: The Hogwarts gossips are in full swing, it’s Oliver’s turn to fight and we learn who the father of Rose’s baby is

P.S.: Is this all getting a bit too Days of Our Lives? Just wondering

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Everybody Talks


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