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We're The Lucky Ones by MaddiePHughes
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 “Ron?” Hermione smiled as she walked inside the small beige colored apartment in Godric’s Hollow. She placed her purse down on the coffee table and glanced around curiously at the empty apartment.

“Ron?” She called again. Suddenly, her eyes widened at the sound of a feminine giggle at the top of the spiral staircase. Quickly, Hermione ran up the staircase and stood outside of their bedroom. She placed her ear next to the door and listened carefully to the sound of giggles from both a man and woman.

Hearing enough she threw the door open and stood at the foot of the bed with her hands on her hips and her eyes glaring venomously at Ron, and Lavender Brown.

“So you caught me,” Ron chuckled standing up from the bed and pulling on his dirty jeans, a large smirk strewn across his and Lavender’s face.

“You think this is funny?” Hermione screeched pointing her finger to Lavender, whom was still in THEIR bed.

“I find it quite humorous actually Mi,” He replied walking towards her. He brought his left hand to her cheek, but she quickly smacked it away.

“Don’t touch me,” She growled through gritted teeth. Her hands were now in fists at her sides and her teeth were grinding against each other angrily.

“I’ll do what I want, you’re my fiancé,” Ron snarled grasping her wrist and turning her hand around so she caught a glimpse of the cheap engagement ring he gave her almost two months ago.

“Let me go!” Hermione shrieked trying to pull her hands away from Ron’s grasp but to her prevail she couldn’t.

Ron threw his head back and laughed “No.”

“Ronald, you’re hurting me, please let go,” Hermione said beginning to feel tears fall down her cheeks.

“Won-Won she’s crying,” Lavender laughed.

Hermione glared at Lavender and then shot her eyes back to Ron’s. She did the only think she thought to do. She pulled her right foot up and stomped her heels down on Ron’s bate feet. He let out a loud howl and released Hermione quickly pushing her towards the ground as he clutched at his foot. She stumbled to her feet and quickly ran out of the bedroom listening as Ron yelled after her. She grabbed her purse from the coffee table and quickly towards the door until a rough hand gripped her from around her waist and pulled her back into the room with a sinister laugh.


“Hermione!” A voice screamed waking her from her dream and shaking her shoulders roughly. Her eyes opened and she sat up quickly clutching her chest with her right hand. Her forehead was beating from sweat, and her hair was sticking to her forehead. Hermione brought her hand up to her forehead and pushed the hair back from her face.

“Hell Hermione, what’s been going on with you lately?” Blaise asked rubbing his sleep deprived eyes with the backs of his hands.

“Just a few bad dreams, they’ll go away,” Hermione reassured forcing a tight smile onto her lips.

“We have to get ready, mother says breakfast is ready in half an hour,” He replied standing up from the bed.


Hermione rose from her plush blue four-post bed and walked across the cold hard wood floor of her bedroom. She gripped her coral colored satin robe from the back of the bathroom door and shut it behind her.


“Are you almost ready?” Blaise asked from the corridors outside of Hermione’s room.

“You can come in if you want,” Hermione sighed standing in the middle of her walk in closet. She had on a pair of tight fitting dark denim jeans, her favorite long sleeve see-through black blouse, and a pair of four inch peep toe heels showing off her freshly manicured toes.

“Are you alright?” Blaise wandered leaning against the doorframe of the white closet door tousling his hands through his longer than normal black hair.

“Yes,” Hermione smiled pulling her long wavy auburn hair into a high ponytail. Since her change her appearance had changed immensely. Her hair was no longer frizzy and honey brown, but long and wavy and a dark auburn color. Her chocolate eyes had transformed to an exotic emerald green.

“Let’s go to the dining hall shall we?” Blaise chuckled holding out his arm. Hermione nodded her beautiful head and clutched onto his arm as they walked down the large corridors of their manor.

“Good morning children,” Their mother greeted from the head of the dining room table.  

“Hello mother,” Blaise replied kissing his mother on her cheek chastely. Hermione sat down and smiled politely before grabbing a piece of toast and pouring herself a small glass of raspberry tea. She held the cup in both of her hands and pulled her knees up to her chest, sipping occasionally on the exotic flavored tea.

“Just toast?” Blaise inquired raising an eyebrow. On his plate was everything offered at the table which wasn’t abnormal for Blaise to do.

“How’s this?” Hermione asked coyly grabbing a half of a grapefruit and sprinkling a spoonful of sugar over it. She dipped her small spoon into the center of the sweet tasting fruit, and relished the taste on her tongue.

“Better,” He chuckled taking a large gulp of his glass of water. Blaise watched as his mother reached her hand across the table and clutched Hermione’s free hand lightly in her own. A warm smile spread across her face, which was always resulting in being contagious throughout everyone around her.

“How about I take you shopping today? I’m sure Ginny would love to go,” Catalina offered.

“That’d be pleasurable,” She agreed placing her spoon down.

“I’ll go send her an owl,” Her mother informed. She rose from her chair and stopped at the entryway of the dining room, “Place nice children.”

“You need to stop doing this,” Blaise demanded as his mother’s footsteps grew quiet down the corridors.

“I have no clue as to what you’re talking about,” Hermione replied glancing down at her newly manicured nails, purposely avoiding eye contact with Blaise.

“You act like you’re perfectly fine when mother’s around, but when she isn’t you’re completely oblivious towards others,” Blaise scolded.

“I will do what I want Blaise,” Hermione snapped rising from her chair and running out of the dining room with anger filling each of her strides.

“Hermione!” A very happy Ginny squealed from the top of the stairs. Hermione smiled and rushed up to Ginny, hugging her tightly.

“Hi Ginny,” Hermione smiled after releasing Ginny.

“Your mother said once I’ve found you to meet her in the foyer,” She replied leading Hermione down the stairs.

“Alright,” Was all she replied.


“Hermione, why not this one dear?” Catalina replied inspecting the red knee length dress with the beaded sweetheart neckline.

“It isn’t me mother,” Hermione replied looking furiously through the large rack of dresses.

“Hermione!” Ginny squealed from a few aisles away.

“Yes?” She asked closing her eyes and pulling her hands up to her forehead.

“This is perfect, go try it on!” Ginny demanded thrusting the dress into Hermione’s hands and pushing her into the changing room. Ginny sat down next to Catalina and waited happily until the curtain opened. Both Catalina and Ginny were speechless at the sight of Hermione.

“Is it that bad?” Hermione asked hesitantly.

“No!” Catalina immediately protested.

“Go look in the mirror Hermione,” Ginny smiled.

Hermione walked to the large floor length mirror and felt her breath hitch at the sight of the dress. It was a strapless teal chiffon dress. It hugger her curves giving her a sexy look, and had a small trail behind her when she walked. Her perfect skin and long auburn hair matched beautifully with the color. Catalina handed Hermione a pair of beige four inch heels with straps surrounding all around her feet and stopping at her ankles.

“Why am I buying a dress again?” Hermione asked turning around to face her mother and Ginny.

“We have a dinner party at the Malfoy’s tonight, if you haven’t already forgot,” Catalina reminded standing up and walking towards her mother.

“Oh, right,” She sighed.

“Go change so we can eat lunch,” Ginny giggled grasping her hand and walking into the dressing room with her.

Ginny sat down in a large chair flipping through the Daily Prophet while Hermione continued to change back to her clothes from earlier.

“Did you read this article on you and Blaise?” Ginny asked starring at it annoyingly.

“Why would I read that garbage? All Rita Skeeter does it make up ridiculously untrue stories about wizards and she’ll write them right in front of you,” Hermione scoffed buttoning her shirt.

“This one’s a bit funny,” Ginny protested. The only thing that came out of Hermione’s mouth was a large laugh. She watched as Ginny sneered and then began reading the article out loud to Hermione.

“The two infamous Zabini twins Blaise and Hermione, aka Hermione Granger, have been spotted recently in Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop at least once a month with a large group of previous Hogwarts students, a few times we have spotted the one and only Draco Malfoy accompanying the group. Sources say Bachelorette Malfoy has been secretly dating none other than the brains of the Golden Trio Hermione Granger. In the last year Miss. Granger now Miss. Zabini went through a heart breaking break up with another Golden Trio member Ronald Weasley. Mr. Weasley is now currently dating another previous Hogwarts Student Lavender Brown. They are to expecting a child in eight and a half months,” Ginny stopped at that part.

“I didn’t read that yet,” She said throwing the paper on the ground with a disgusted look.

Hermione starred at Ginny with wide eyes, and felt her breath hitch. She watched as Ginny stood up hesitantly and began walking towards her. The moment Ginny’s fingers made contact with Hermione’s forearm her eyes immediately rolled back and everything around her turned black.


“Explain again why you felt the need to keep your heels on while you’re in the bathtub?” Ginny asked glancing over at Hermione. She was in the large circular tub, with pink bubbles filled to the top, a champagne glass in her right hand, and her feet hanging off the edge of the tub, decorated in her new beige heels.

“I. Wanted. To.” Hermione said in different breaths. Her neck was craned back on the small bath pillow and her eyes were closed softly. She felt more relaxed now that her whole body was under warm water and the bareness of it was covered by the different sized bubbles.

“You’re losing your mind,” Ginny replied before walking out of the bathroom closing the door softly behind her.

“I’m losing control,” Hermione sighed pulling her head beneath the water and lying there for a moment then quickly coming up and wiping her face from the left over soap particles from the water. She shook her head quickly and stepped out of the bathtub, pulling the drain attached to the metallic string and wrapped the coral knee length robe around her body.

“Hermione?” She heard her mother’s voice called from outside her bedroom door. Merlin! Can’t I just be left alone?

“Yes mother?” Hermione squeaked walking towards the door and opened it with a forced smile on her face.

“It’s almost time to leave, are you almost ready?” Catalina asked. She was dressed in a pomegranate colored floor length dress that had long lacey sleeves and square neckline.

“Yes, give me ten minutes please,” Hermione pleaded before shutting the door and rushing over to her closet to pull her chiffon dress over her head and quickly began drying her hair with her wand. Her ran her fingers through her now dry waves and placed a small layer of makeup on her face. Lastly, she pulled out her favorite pink lipstick and placed it delicately on her lips.

“Ready!” Hermione called holding the end of the dress as she walked down the stairs.

“Mum already left, Narcissa wanted her to be there early. Now I’m just looking for Ginny,” Blaise huffed placing his hands in his pockets. He was dressed in a pair of khaki trousers and a white linen quarter length shirt. His hair was the way it always was, messy, but he looked comfortable.

“Stop fussing, I’m right here,” Ginny teased walking down the corridor fixing her left earring. She was dressed in a tight fitting floor length turquoise dress, with a sweetheart neckline, and a small trail behind her the same as Hermione’s. Her beautiful red hair was pulled back into an elegant bun behind her head and a small diamond pendant was placed underneath the bun.

“Are we ready ladies?” Blaise asked holding out his arm for both of them to take. Ginny nodded happily while Hermione’s was hesitant. They each clutched onto Blaise’s arm and began to feel the usual tug and pull of apparation until the large foyer of Malfoy Manor came in sight.

“Blaise I thought this was just a simple dinner party with a few people?” Hermione whispered glancing at the room full of wizards and witches.

“I assumed so too,” Ginny replied.

“Maybe mother was mistaken,” He shrugged.

Hermione’s eyes scanned the room, then suddenly she released Blaise’s arm and turned around quickly before she thought he could spot her. Her assumptions were wrong.

“Blaise, get me out of here,” Hermione pleaded walking towards the door.

“Wh-,” He began but wasn’t able to finish.

“Hello Mione.”


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