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Cold by megthechef43
Chapter 4 : Dinner Party pt 1
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Hermione was fuming from her treatment she had received earlier. That man had a way of getting under her skin like no other person on this earth. Hermione had shut herself in her room which really wasn’t that horrible. When Draco first told her it would look like a closet she was pretty sure he had put her in a closet. Luckily she had been wrong because the room was bigger than her whole apartment. The room included a vanity, king-sized bed, desk and a sitting area that included a stocked bookshelf. If Hermione had not spent the day irate at her situation she might have started reading one of the books. Her mind couldn’t slow down enough to relax and read so Hermione went for a walk through the house to get her bearings before guests arrived that evening. Malfoy may have wanted her to crash and burn this evening but she was determined to prove him wrong.

Hermione was happy that Boppy had decided to join her on her tour of the house. Boppy would point out certain rooms and tell her what she could find behind each door. The little elf would also point out which paintings Hermione could talk to and which ones she should avoid. She was coming to the end of her tour when she noticed a familiar looking painting hanging on the wall. Upon closer inspection of the figure in the painting she couldn’t help her reaction.

“Bellatrix!” She hissed and was appalled by the very sight of her hanging on the wall and she wished with all her might that she could tear the portrait from where in hung and blast it into a million pieces. Even though the polyjuice covered the scars it was almost as if she could feel the evil woman’s hot blade being drug through the tender skin on her foreman. Hermione cringed when the portrait noticed her and then the evil woman attempted conversation with her wretched maniacal cackle. Hermione was about to rush through the closest door when she felt a tiny hand pull on the hem of her shirt.

“You must not go in there. That is a bad, bad place.” Boppy tried to educate Hermione but in Hermione’s haze to get away from the Bellatrix's portrait she didn’t understand what the elf was saying and continued for the door once more. Hermione recognized the little hand being replaced on her arm but Hermione only felt the need to get away. Hermione’s hand clasp the silver door handle but she felt the familiar tug at her navel and she and Boppy were standing in the middle of her bedroom.

“Please miss, you must not go in that room alone.” Boppy pleaded and her big eyes held true fear. Hermione, as always, was full of questions about what had just happened to her and what was behind that door, but fear in Boppy’s eyes abated her curiosity for now.

“I won’t.” Hermione told Boppy to calm the little creature but Hermione had every intention of going in that room and figuring out what was going on later. At the moment Hermione was tired and wish to take a small nap before the party.

When 6 o’ clock rolled around Hermione heard a single rap on her door and she had half a mind to make him wait five more minutes but she was incredible bored as she had been ready for nearly an hour. Hermione took a small sip from her flask before she hid it in a secret pocket in her dress. She was glad the flask was so small because the dress left little to be desired. Boppy had picked the dress out of the formal attire that had been sent for her. The emerald green dress was strapless and tight through the bodice and over her hips until it hit her knees at which point the dress flared to mermaid style dress. She remembered to put a charm on her heels so they felt like comfy tennis shoes rather than five inch spikes that were really on her feet.
She pulled open the door and there stood Draco impatiently tapping his foot waiting on her. She walked out of the room to meet up with the hateful man but was stopped by the wandering eyes of the devil himself. She felt his eyes play up and down her body and gave a involuntary shuddered. At that point she wished he knew her really identity and then he would keep his eyes to himself. He noticed her revulsion, his face turned from semi attraction to pissed off.

“Don’t worry you are not my type anyways.” Draco stated dryly. Hermione cocked an eyebrow at him.

“Are you sure about that?” She challenged him.

“I prefer shorter women.” He declared in distaste. “Let’s go. Everyone will be arriving soon.”

“It would be rude to not be here when they arrive.” She informed him from her training and simple common sense. She had shrugged off his comment because his ego had been injured.

“You don’t think I know that?” Draco asked as his anger was rising. “Can you try to not annoy the hell out of me when people get here.” He turned away. Draco was starting to wonder who the hell this person was and how long she would be living with him. Hermione resisted the urge to state the cheeky comments that kept recurring in her head as they quietly made their way to the billiards room where they would be accepting guests. This room also included a bar and a sitting area for the women.

Hermione got herself a glass of wine when they first arrived in the room. She knew it was her duty to entertain the woman who would be attending the dinner tonight. Everything about this role she was filling was tedious and too domestic for her liking. She heard a pair of voices float into the room and Hermione went to stand by Draco as customary. Draco greeted the couple as they entered the room.

“Cassius, welcome. Verveina, you look splendid this evening.” Draco shook the man’s hand and kissed the back of the harsh looking woman’s . She might have been pretty if her face wasn’t twisted up in a snobbish manner. Her brown eyes were scrutinizing Hermione. Draco noticed Verveina’s stare and realized he had almost forgotten to introduce his “girlfriend”.

“Cassius, Verveina this is Hailey Gibbon.” Draco avoided using the word girlfriend out loud. Everyone knew the reason the dinner had been planned. It was an initiation for Hailey, her trust would be tested this evening and Draco knew what he must do should she succeed and he hoped he wouldn’t have to do what had to be done if she failed her mission.

“Hailey this is Cassius and Verveina Black.” Hermione knew to extend her hand to Cassius and he took it and brushed his lips across her knuckles. Then she gave a small curtsy in Verveina’s direction as she had been taught. When she straightened she was relieved to see that Verveina copied her motions in a signal of acceptance.

Cassius and Verveina left Draco and Hermione together as they made their way to the bar. As soon as the couple was out of earshot Draco leaned close to Hermione.

“The worst is over.” Hermione heard him whisper in a low voice. Hermione congratulated herself for not flinching away for him. Hermione noticed Verveina was looking in their direction from the bar so for appearances she smiled as though he had said something familiar and assuming to her. Draco continued to whisper.

“You are better at this than I expected. Keep it up and you will be fine.”

“You were worried?” She queried.

“Of course.” He stated simply. Their conversation ended when another couple walked through the doors of the room and Draco followed the same routine with them. Hermione made a mental note of all the people she met that evening so that she could write it down later in her notes for Harry. There was the German couple Horst and Ariane Herrmann and the Irish couple Aidan and Isla MacAleese. Hermione was shocked when Blaise Zabini and Astoria Greengrass walked in the room. She greatly disliked Astoria in school even though she happened to be few years younger than herself.

The next person to come in the room had Hermione boiling over with rage. Hermione stopped in her tracks and found it hard to be bias when it came to that man. Draco had his arm around Hermione but was holding her as loosely as he possibly could. Draco couldn't help but notice that Hermione had stiffen when Rodolphus Lestrange entered the room. Rodolphus had been thought to be dead to many people. It wasn’t because it was true but he figured it was because it helped people sleep better at night knowing that this man with no remorse or moral compass was not around to torment. Draco was afraid to introduce the Hailey and his uncle because he was afraid of her reaction and what it could mean. Draco could see Rodolphus eyes wandering where they shouldn’t. Draco wanted to punch his uncle for his lack of respect in his own house. Hailey may not be his girlfriend that isn’t what these people believed and for Rodolphus to be blantant in his observation undermined Draco on the deepest level. Rodolphus’s eyes wandered upwards again and locked with Draco’s. Rodolphus’s features changed instantly and he gave a nodded of apology. Draco didn’t accept it.

“Rodolphus.” Draco observed curtly. His anger was present but he wouldn’t allow it to spill over in front of his guests.

“Draco.” Rodolphus’s voice held a note of insanity. Draco was fairly uncomfortable around the man he had grown up around but he still wouldn’t back down.

“This is Hailey Gibbon. My girlfriend.” It was the first time he had made the statement all night, but Hermione knew the reason Draco had stated it the way he did. Hermione did not fail to notice the looks Rodolphus was given her as he entered the room and she made a mental note to stay away from him.

“Gibbon, hmm. I knew a Gibbon but he didn’t have a daughter.” Rodolphus stated crudely.

“I believe are referring to my father. He was not aware of my existence until April 30th, 1996. If you knew him you should know what happened next.” Hermione answered.

“I do indeed.” He responded before leaving their presence. Hermione exhaled in relief when he was far enough away. Hermione wondered how many more people were to arrive. She was about to ask Malfoy when she felt a chill about the room.

“He is here.” Draco breathed. Hermione had noticed that everyone in the room had stopped what they were doing and had stood to greet the next guest to walk through the door. Hermione eyes wandered about the faces that were all aimed towards door in anticipation. Draco nudged the woman standing beside him for her to give her full attention in front of her. Hermione got the hint and looked upon the door. She didn’t know what or who to expect to be walking through the door but when he did Hermione was shocked beyond belief.

Antonin Dolohov strode through the doors with power and supremacy that he didn’t have under Lord Voldemort’s reign of terror. His beady eyes held an evil gleam as he eyed Hermione who was standing next to Draco. The last time Hermione had seen Antonin he had nearly killed her during the last battle, but she was positive that Professor Flitwick had killed him during the Battle of Hogwarts because she had seen the man before her lying among the bodies of the dead.

“Draco, this must be the guest of honor.” Antonin commented to Draco.

“It is my pleasure to introduce to you Antonin Dolohov and this is Hailey Gibbon. She is the daughter of the late Henry Gibbon.” Draco exchanged the introduction. Hermione quick got over the shock of seeing a dead man walking for the second time that evening and found her manners.
“It is a pleasure indeed to meet you Mr. Dolohov. I must point out that I am merely a host and you are the guest of honor this evening.” Hermione was trying to get on his good side.

“Please call me Antonin.” He smiled at Hermione. Draco was relieved that she had passed the initial introduction and hoped the rest of the night went as smoothly. Draco was sure he did not want to dump the dead body of this girl back on Kingsley’s doorstep.

A/N: Coming up next is the true intiation. Dun dun dun dunnnnn... I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please review and tell me what you liked and what I could work on.

Until next time...


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Cold: Dinner Party pt 1


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