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The Life of a Young Black by DracoGal
Chapter 17 : Where I Belong
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A/N: This chapter starts in Blaise’s point of view. Enjoy!


I want to come home. Please, take me home. 


I ran downstairs to the kitchen where my parents were having tea. “Mum!” I exclaimed.

“What is it, sweetie?”

“I need to bring Rex home. She sent me this note.” I handed her the parchment and her eyes started to tear up.

“Oh, my poor baby. Steve, would you apparate Blaise to the Blacks’?”

“Why don’t you just floo there, son?” I sighed.

“I want to make a point to Sirius and the rest of the family. I would like to knock on the front door instead of barging into their house.”

Dad put down his paper and stood up. “Alright, let’s go.”

Rex’s POV

I wanted to stay locked in my room for the rest of the night. My dad came to my door to coax me out, but I ignored him. After staying in there for a half hour, there was a knock on the front door. Curious, I opened my door and saw the entire family standing in the foyer.

“You cannot just take her with you!” my father exclaimed. I inched my way down the stairs.

“I can and I will. She sent me a note with Roxie. I have it here if you don’t believe me.”

There was a moment of silence. “She’s already home! Her home is here!”

“She doesn’t seem to think so if she’s writing me to take her.”

I peered around the corner and smiled. Blaise. I walked further into the room and then all eyes turned to me.

“Alexa…” my dad breathed.

“I don’t want to be here anymore. My trunk is packed and I’m going home with Blaise.”

“This is your home!” he exclaimed.

“No Dad, it isn’t. It used to be. This was home for me when I was loved by you and everyone else. It stopped being home right after I went to Hogwarts, and that is entirely your fault. I did what was asked of me, I gave you another chance. Now that I see it will never work out again between us, I want to go home to my family.”

Tears started flowing from his eyes. “I don’t want to lose you like I lost your mother.”

“Well then maybe you should have thought of that before you disowned me in my first year. Maybe you should have thought of that before you basically blamed me for Mum’s death.”

Remus gasped. “You didn’t?” he questioned, turning to my dad.

“Al-Rex,” he said. Does he really think calling me by my nickname will change anything? “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I love you. You are my daughter. I want to be part of your life.”

I walked right past him and into Blaise’s arms. “Can we go home?” I asked. He pulled me tighter to him and nodded. My dad let out a cry and flew up the stairs and a door slammed.

“Where’s your trunk?” Blaise asked.

“In my room, come on.” I took his hand and led him to my room; ignoring everyone else. I went to grab my trunk, but Blaise picked it up before I could. “So chivalrous,” I said with a giggle. He smiled and pecked me on the lips. He took my hand and we went downstairs to the fireplace. “How did you get here if we are flooing back?” I asked.

“I came with my dad by Side-Along. I thought it would make a better impression.” I rolled my eyes and we were engulfed in the green flames to head back to Zabini Manor.

As soon as I dusted myself off, I was enveloped into a motherly hug. “Oh Rex, are you okay? What happened?” I hugged her back tightly and sighed.


“Oh dear, come sit. I’ll make you a cup of tea. Blaise, take her trunk up to her room.” He complied and headed upstairs.

Amy handed me a cup of tea and asked me to continue with the story of the evening. Blaise came back down about halfway through and sat beside. He rested his hand on my leg as a sign of comfort.

“Those monsters…” Steve growled when I was finished. Amy had tears in her eyes, and couldn’t help but let them fall down her cheeks.

“Oh, please don’t cry.” I said as I went over and hugged her. She smiled.

“Did you eat, darling? I’ll make you some dinner if you didn’t.”

“I’m not that hungry, but thanks.”

Blaise took my hand and pulled me up off the couch. “You must be tired, love. Let’s go to bed.” I followed him reluctantly. The last thing I wanted to do was sleep.

I was walking down the hallway from the bathroom when I heard Amy and Steve talking in their bedroom. I stopped to listen.

“How could they do that to our baby?” Amy asked in disbelief. “Steve, I don’t ever want her going back there.”

“We can’t stop her from doing what she wants. She wanted to give them all a second chance…”

“They blew it!” she interrupted.

“Even so, we can’t force her into anything.”

“She doesn’t belong with them! She belongs with us! I told you back in their first year, we should have taken her in full time; be her adopted parents.”

“We are though, you know what Blaise says in his letters. ‘Rex can’t stop talking about coming home to her family; you and Mum, and Narcissa and Lucius.’ Besides, Sirius wouldn’t have allowed it!”

“He didn’t care about my baby girl until this year.” Amy retorted.

Steve sighed. “Let’s just go to bed, love. You’re upset and exhausted.”

I heard them shuffling the blankets of their bed and that’s when I started walking again. I opened the door to Blaise’s room and giggled at the sight before me. He was sprawled across the entire bed on his back with one arm flung over his eyes.

“Are you going to stand there all day or come and cuddle with me?” he asked as he sat up.

I giggled again. “Sorry, I thought you were asleep.”

“I can’t sleep unless you are with me.” I rolled my eyes.

“You can be such a girl sometimes, you know that?”

“Oi! I am not a girl! Take it back!” he exclaimed, standing up.

“I won’t ever take back the truth.”

“Oh, you will once I’m done with you.” He came closer and put his hands on my waist. Just as I thought he was going to hug me, he started tickling me relentlessly.

“B-Blaise! Stop! I c-c-can’t breathe!”

“Not unless you take it back.” I laughed even harder, and managed to rip myself from his grip. I jumped on the bed and snuggled into the covers. He shook his head at me and wrapped an arm around my waist once he was laying down.

“You know, I just heard your parents talking earlier about how I belong here.”

“Well, it’s the truth babe.”

A/N: So what do you think? Weren't Amy and Steve wonderful? I thought it was about time to show their personalities and affection towards Rex. You'll see more of that and also of Lucius and Narcissa in later chapters. Please please leave a review! I’ll give you a cookie hehe. I baked some today so I have plenty! :)

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