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Something About a Witch by bri_5_stars
Chapter 6 : Chapter the Sixth: Time to Kick Cannons
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 Rose felt rather proud of herself as she sat up cross-legged in bed, almost as proud as the first time she was able to beat Teddy in a Weasley Exploding Snap tournament. Casually, she glanced at the large sleeping figure beside her as she began the daily morning stretches she nearly always conveniently forgot. The night before she had done something that she considered to be her first real act as a grown up, (moving out on her own, apparently forgotten); bedding Dirk Wood, ladies man and Keeper extraordinaire, twice with no feelings involved.


It was a definite confidence boost knowing that she was capable of attracting someone of his caliber. He was a celebrity in the wizarding world, a famous, rich, incredibly handsome playboy; he was the kind of guy that little witches fawned over in magazines. Magazines that would go berserk if they ever found out about their “relationship”, which was why Dirk and Rose had mutually agreed to keep the fling out of the public eye since there would be no romance involved.


The sleeping figure beside Rose, stirred rolling over to face her. Rose giggled at how the blanked had managed to some how keep him covered in a modest fashion. Not that it really mattered now since she had seen it before.


“What time is it?” Dirk mumbled sleepily.


“No good morning Rose, thanks for the best night of my life? Oh well, its about 7:30. Why?” Rose answered coyly, closing her eyes as she stretched her arms upward.


“7:30? Blimey Rose, were going to wait until we absolutely had to be at the match to wake me up?” Dirk exclaimed sitting bolt upright.


“Maybe…besides we’ve got a half hour, and you are acting like a girl. Like my cousin Lucy, are you going to put on make up for the game as well?” Rose smirked deviously, peeking at him with one eye.


“Of course not, no. I just don’t want my dad to skin me alive for being anything less than on time. Now shut that pretty mouth, before I shut it for you.” Dirk said leaning in to kiss her.


“Ugh, no. You mentioned a parent which is a total mood killer; let’s get dressed.” She replied, pushing him away then shamelessly hopping from the bed without bothering to cover herself.


“But it was only a kiss. And how would that be any different from mentioning your cousin?” he replied putting his feet over the side of the bed.


“You are right, Lucy is definitely a mood killer too. But that’s beyond the point. You aren’t going to get all touchy-feely about this are you? Because we made a deal.” Rose responded as she sorted through her closet.


“I know, no feelings. Don’t you get all sappy on me either.” Dirk said.


He stretched his arms out wide, then began to search about for his scattered clothes. Looking back at him and his fit form; Rose was starting to consider jumping him in the few minutes they had, despite her already being in her sports bra and a pair of panties. He was certainly tempting.


“Don’t you worry, this whole non-commitial thing is a good idea. Too bad I never thought of it at school.” Rose answered, finding a pair of uniform shorts.


“If you had everyone would have probably thought you were a little harlot. You don’t need that following you into the big leagues.” Dirk shrugged.


“Because it’s only fine when a man does it.” Rose scoffed, “You’ve got fifteen minutes. While I’m sure it would cause a new fad if you arrived at the game in the buff… you might want to get dressed because I don’t think Coach would be too happy.” Her cheeks burned at the thought.


Dirk unwrapped the bed sheet from his waist as he reached to pull on his trousers that had been discarded the day before. He looked up as he buttoned them, noticing Rose watching him with her mouth hanging slightly open.


“How about we pick this up again when we aren’t pressed for time?” Dirk suggested, chuckling as he went to close Rose’s mouth for her with a little kiss.


“If you say so,” Rose replied with a small smile, pulling her own shorts up in the process.


“See you on the pitch,” Dirk said stepping back so that he could apparate.


“Don’t tell anyone!” she shouted at him. Now she would get to see how well she could keep a secret.


“Same to you,” Dirk replied with a wink, then apparated away.


The deal suited both of them being young Quidditch players. Rose was really just beginning her career, and Dirk was eclipsing his prime; it was a fun way for them to relieve stress with out any attachment since Dirk already had quite a reputation as a playboy. It wouldn’t last very long, and Rose knew that (he wasn’t the most intriguing person); but she shuddered to think of what her mother or grandmothers would have to say if they knew. Probably call her a harlot and try to disown her, as old-fashioned folks do. Oh well.


Quickly Rose began to braid her long hair to keep it out of the way during the game. Looking at the clock she saw that there was only a few minutes before James and Scorpius would show up to apparate to the match with her, and she didn’t want to look like she had been up to any funny business. Those two almost never did anything with out the other work, apparate, hang out, date for the last nearly 11 years. Rose would be surprised if they didn’t try to convince their girlfriends to let them have a double wedding. Bromance only began to describe their friendship.


“Rose! You better be ready, it’s time to go!” James voice followed a knock on her door, just as she was trying to pull a long-sleeved thermal shirt over her head.


“I am… whoa!” Rose began to reply, just as she tripped over her own feet and fell to the ground with a loud thump in exclamation. She wasn’t exactly what one would call coordinated.


“Rosebud, are you alright?” Scorpius called through the door, letting himself and James in with a spare key.


Rose shifted into a sitting position so that she could put her shirt on all the way and see what was going on.


“Erm, I’m okay probably.” Rose muttered, noticing that from her vantage she could see her game shoes under the bed that she thought she had lost a week before. “Look. Shoes!”


She laid flat out on the floor to reach under the bed and grab the shoes. Scooting them out dramatically, Rose sat up to put them on. James and Scorpius stood watching her antics rather amused.


“Good job Rosie, shoes. Are you on something? You haven’t been drinking have you?” James asked in observation of Rose’s odd behavior.


“Of course not!” Rose answered realizing she may have replied too quick.


“Merlin, what are you up to?” James asked, this time with an older brother tone he was so great at.


“If I am up to something, then its not any of your business you big git.” She replied haughtily, tying on her shoes and hopping to her feet.


“As much as I enjoy watching the two of you argue, I’m quite sure that we have a match to attend in a matter of minutes.” Scorpius interjected, pointing toward the door.


“Right, its time to go kick some Cannon arse.” Rose said, slinging her bag over her shoulder.


“Let’s get a move on; and don’t think I won’t find out your secret Rosie. I always do.” James replied, leading the way out of Rose’s flat and down to the lobby.


There really wasn’t any sense in fighting him, he was right. James always had the uncanny ability to uncover embarrassing secrets about people in the family, Rose just happened to be his favorite target. For example, Rose had managed to keep the fake yet very realistic tattoo she got at the age of thirteen secret for all of about four hours; or when she was six and had a secret crush on Teddy, James had read her diary aloud to everyone at dinner for Christmas of her first year as a present to Teddy. It went down as probably one of the worst holidays she had ever had, and resulted in James’ pillow being stuffed with dungbombs every night for the rest of the break.


That had only kept his nose out of her business for a couple of years. Needless to say he yet again became a bringer of awkward situations. Rose only hoped that it would be long over, or that he wouldn’t dislike Dirk as much when he did eventually find out. 


“Did you know that the Cleansweep was invented in 1926?” Rose blurted out, hoping perhaps that James wasn’t in fact a legilimens and that spewing a random Quidditch fact might have distracted him.


“Pretty sure you’ve said that one before Rose. I think you are getting stale.” James shrugged pushing her forward to the apparition point in the corner of the lobby. Well he wasn’t a legilimens.


“Um, Bob Bill Barnaby Ollerton invented the Cleansweep because he was tired of only being known for having a ridiculous name, and to have a broom that he could use for cleaning and play- Ahh!” Rose was cut off as James and Scorpius each grabbed one of her arms and disapparated.


“They’ll be here, I was just talking to Rose.” Dirk was explaining just as the trio materialized with a loud POP!


“They had better be! We can’t very well play missing two Chasers and the bloody Seeker. Thank Merlin, there you ruffians are, I ought to cuff you.” Coach Wood demanded with a dangerous look on his face, “The officials are getting antsy, get to the bench and put your colors on.”


“Sorry Coach, we had to save Rose from being her clutzy self.” James said, elbowing past Rose.


“We can’t all be the second coming of Harry Potter, Jamie.” Rose replied glaring into the back of James’ head, as she tossed her bag at the bench. She sat down on the bench beside Scorpius and began putting on her gaurds.


“It’s alright Rosebud, its all in his head.” Scorpius winked at her.


“So do you know if anyone is going to be here today?” Rose whispered to James, as she looked out at the stands.


“Well Dad, and Uncle Ron are more than likely in the Ministry’s box, if they aren’t at work. My Mom is here somewhere with that camera she never let’s go of. She has more than likely dragged Lily with her, and maybe Grandpa Arthur. How about your side?” James replied in whisper.


“Mum has never much been keen on Quidditch, especially since I made a pro team. And well Hugo isn’t much of a sports fan, being artsy-fartsy and all.” Rose shrugged, the only one in her immediate family who completely supported her, was her father.


“Of the unimportant ones, I hear Lucy may be here but only because Molly and her latest boyfriend are here. And anyone else is probably going to catch at least a bit of the game on WizTV. How about you Score?” James asked.


“She is going to be here?! I’m going to get Boris to send a Bludger at her smug little face.” Rose muttered, seething at the thought of having to see her relentlessly unappealing cousin Lucy. “She’s probably only here for the after party, tramp.”


“Just don’t get yourself into trouble, Rosebud. I think my Mother is taking Aurelia and my cousins. Piper said she would try to tag along.” Scorpius said scanning the crowd.


“Too bad she doesn’t fancy Quidditch or flying like Red does.” James replied.


“Its not so bad, though I don’t want her to try and kill me if I offer to teach her to fly again.” He shrugged.


“I take it the first time didn’t go so well.” Rose smirked at the image of perfect Piper trying to fly and doing a nosedive for the ground.


“For one, she had cursed him for a week with jelly legs. And anyone who brought a broom near her.” James snickered.


“Among other things, yeah. It doesn’t help that she was still on the broom when she did it. Piper fell off of it from about six feet and blamed everything on me, but there is no disputing with her and winning.” Scorpius grinned.


“But wouldn’t she have had at least a Quidditch or flying lesson back at school?” Rose asked. Nearly everyone she knew, knew how to fly and at least the basics of Quidditch. Even her mother who would rather a broom just be used for household chores.


“We weren’t in her class, but I’ve always supposed that she must have just found a way around it.” Scorpius replied.


“Enough of the gossiping , we have a game to win, and I don’t want any of you getting broken to pieces from distractions.” Coach Wood ordered, slapping Scorpius so hard on the back that he lurched forward.


“Not out to a very good start then,” Scorpius whispered to both James and Rose, making them laugh out loud and receive looks from the rest of the team.


The trio stood to ready themselves for the game. James and Scorpius strapped on their shin and arm guards carelessly, since they were clearly superheroes who only needed them for show. Rose on the other hand wasn’t so keen on having any major injuries this game, though that was likely wishful thinking. As she laced up her shoes, Rose glanced across the pitch at her old team dressed in that most eye assaulting orange, and found herself quite glad that she was no longer settled with being on what was almost certainly the worst team in the league, (though The Quibbler claims that the Cannons were the top third; then again the sports writer for the Quibbler was known to write articles drunk, and take bribes from Rose’s father.)


“You look nervous, Rosie.” James said, putting an arm around her shoulder, “You should take this, it has helped me more than a few times for big games.” He subtly handed her a tiny purple corked bottle.  


Rose accepted the bottle, looking at it skeptically, “What is this Jamie?” hopefully it wasn’t something illegal.


It wasn’t completely unthinkable that since both James’ father and brother were Aurors, he believed he was untouchable and could get away with Azkaban worthy offenses including taking the CEO of the Kestrals gold plated Moontrimmer, and Spell-O-Taping it to the top of the fountain in the Atrium of the Ministry.


“Everyone has their calm down thing they use from time to time. And don’t worry, it isn’t illegal and won’t get you kicked off the team. It’s just a bit of pepper up potion. It is to get you amped and focused, like an energy drink only good for you.” James said with an older brotherly wink, and nudge on the shoulder.


Rose nodded her head and threw back the contents of the bottle, instantly feeling the invigorating effects of the fizzy drink making waves through her body. It was definitely what she needed to take the edge off of playing her old team.


“I see what you mean about this stuff. Let’s kick some Cannons.” Rose said suddenly ridicously excited.


“Good attitude Weasley! The lot of you better take example and get on the pitch.” Coach Wood commanded, “Go, go, go!”


“Yes, Coach!” The team responded, hustling out on to the pitch all with their brooms over their shoulders.


“This is it Rosebud. How are you feeling?” Scorpius asked.


“Score, this may be the first time I’ve ever felt the part of a team.”


Scorpius smiled, “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”


“Let’s play Rosie!” James said, fire in his eyes. He was ready to leap into the air as soon as the referee blew the whistle.


“Alright teams, I want a fair game from all of you. Ready? Play!” The referee shouted, throwing the Quaffle high into the air, and blowing the whistle. Both teams shot up into the air, Rose immediately going into game mode and swooping for the Quaffle.


A/N: Sorry, its taken me nearly forever to update this story. I really am. I hope you liked this one and even might review to tell me what you think. Please and thanks for reading! I'm going to try to update way more often than I have been. :D 

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