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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 40 : Baby
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 Chapter Forty

The rest of the New Year’s Party seemed to go by in a bit of a confusing haze, I seem to recall Louis and Fred somehow managed to bring a duck from the pond into the house that proceeded to do its business shall we say on various important Ministry personals shoes. I entered the New Year kissing Anita when I really wanted to be kissing Lily who was being kissed by the evil misogynist bench warming Quidditch jock from earlier, Ben and Louis kissed “as a joke” but I gather neither of them was happy as Fred in all his worldly tact shouted “Can you imagine how weird it would be if you two were together?”, Hugo entered the New Year not kissing Rebecca but having an argument with Teddy about homework (“You’re seriously asking me if I’ve done my essay? It’s three minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve”) and my little brother entered it hidden under a table with Lucy and another boy scoffing any going food they could get their grubby little hands on. I honestly felt as if they had the best deal. Then, about half an hour after midnight, came the announcement

Rose Weasley, a girl I’ve always considered to be sensible, mature and dignified jumped on a table, turned the music off and proceeded to shout “OI WANKERS… SORRY FAMILY AND THEIR STUCK UP FRIENDS”. Needless to say this was met with shock by Hermione and Ron (although Ron did look as if he was trying to hide a laugh), horror by the rest of the adult Weasley’s and general amusement from Hugo and all the other cousins. Anita looked at me clearly confused as to what was going on, I explained to her that parties with the Potter/Weasley’s always ended up in some kind of disaster or down in the emergency room. The duck chose then to poop on me.

“I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY” Rose shouted even louder, weirdly enough she did not seem that drunk at all

“Honey, I’m sure whatever you have to say is very important” said Hermione in one of her cross terrifying whispers. Ron gestured to Hugo who seemed thoroughly amused but reluctantly came over and helped his father try to get Rose off the table but she wasn’t having it “But will you please just get off the bloody table”

Ginny Potter was hiding her head in her hands, Harry Potter and Bill Weasley were trying to hurry guests out of the house and Arthur Weasley merely continued snoring in the armchair he’d plonked himself down in two hours ago

“No, no, no, no” shouted Rose batting the hands of her father and brother away “No I won’t come down, I have got something to say and I want everyone to hear it”

“I knew it” shouted James “You’re a lesbian”. This was met by laughter

“Takes one to know one shithead” Rose shouted back. That shut James up, clearly he could not comprehend a witty comeback having just been called a lesbian “Anyway, I’m not a lesbian. No, if anything my news should rule that out indefinitely”

“Is Rose actually a man” asked my little brother who’d come out of his little fort with Lucy and the other boy to see what was going on. I chuckled and pulled my little brother into a hug and assured him that Rose probably wasn’t a man… probably wasn’t, at this point anything was possible as this was highly out of character for Rose

“Maybe she’s having a breakdown” murmured Dom

“I think she’d discovered Hugo’s secret iguana” I suggested

“If she says anything about my fucking iguana I’ll kill her” replied Hugo angrily.

“I AM PREGNANT” shouted Rose with a sense of glee. I immediately looked at Hugo who looked as if he was going to faint, which was one step up from his father who did actually faint. I looked to Lily who, along with Ginny and James, looked rather amused for a second before frowning


“YOU’RE PREGNANT” must have been screamed about six or seven times every half an hour in the Potter household the next day. After Rose’s announcement James and Al had managed to convince a lot of guests that Rose was merely drunk and kidding and had been trying to get attention. I couldn’t tell if people actually believed this or pretended too out of respect for the family, either way Rose was definitely pregnant as Hermione made her do several tests once the guests had all gone. That particular branch of the Weasley family, as well as Roxy and Fred, stayed over at the Potter’s that night which meant Jack, Anita and I were also forced to endure in the screechy, screechy aftermath

I spent the majority of the day cooped up in Al’s bedroom with Al, Lily, Anita, Fred, Hugo, Rebecca and Roxy as we listened to the hell unfold downstairs. Hugo hadn’t said much since last night and even Rebecca was struggling to get anything out of him, the poor boy was in shock but then so would I if my sibling stood up in front of all my family and friends and announced they were pregnant. Luckily, with my sibling being an eleven year old boy that was not likely to happen anytime soon. Fred was doing his best to lighten the mood with jokes but it wasn’t working on anyone accept Anita who found him hilarious.

“Well this could take the heat off me and you” Lily told me as we finally got a moment alone as a few brave souls, read everyone but Lily and I, ventured downstairs to retrieve some food “I can’t believe Rose is pregnant, I always thought it would be Dominique or Roxy but certainly not Rose. Hell, I’d have put me before Rose”

“Who do you think the father is?” I asked “I haven’t seen her with any boyfriend lately, or any boys at all for that matter. Then again I have been kind of distracted for a while”

“Certainly has been a crazy few months hasn’t it?” said Lily “You and I realize we’re in love, Hugo discovers sex, James has fallen for someone who won’t have him and Louis is in a relationship with Ben of all people”

“How the hell do you know about that?” I exclaimed

“Eh, I just guessed last night after they kissed” shrugged Lily “It seemed way too real to be a fake kiss”

“Hey that reminds me” I said brightly “We never got to have our New Year’s Kiss did we?”

“We did not” said Lily looking at me and smiling. She moved in and began kissing me, but not just a little kiss as one normally does at midnight but a big massive kiss that nearly knocked me off my feet. Soon enough we were both laid out flat on Hugo’s bed kissing the life out of eachother, Lily undid my belt buckle and ran her hand up my shirt but then just as she did everyone else walked back in the room with ice cream

“And that’s how you perform CPR” I said immediately springing up. Hugo smirked and said something along the lines of ‘once pregnancy is enough’ before handing me a bowl of ice cream. Jack, completely oblivious to this as Roxy had shielded his eyes as they walked in, came and sat in between Lily and myself and rested his head on Lily’s shoulders. I looked at them as they cuddled and felt all warm inside, which was nice as Hugo’s room wasn’t the best room for heat ventilation in the house

“What do you think they’re gonna do with Rose” asked Roxy, clearly it was time to talk about the elephant in the room “Do you think that she’ll get rid of it”

“Might depend on how far along she is” said Lily still red in the face from being caught “If she’s over a certain amount of months then there is nothing that she can do, she’ll have to keep it”

“Oh my god I’m going to be an uncle” exclaimed Hugo as if he’d only just realised. Rebecca patted him on the head and said “Yes babe, well done”. I chuckled

About half an hour later Anita got a message from her mother asking her to come home, she didn’t seem to want to leave but she seemed glad when Fred told her that they should hang out at school sometime now the whole Margaret lie was over. Being the gentleman, and more importantly fake boyfriend that I am, I offered to walk Anita down to the local village where her mum was picking her up. To my surprise Lily offered to come as well

“Bye Mr and Mrs Potter” said Anita with no trace of a French accent, it hardly seemed as if anyone would notice or care now “Thank you for a… lovely evening”

“Oh that’s alright dear” said Ginny “Come again, although preferably next time use your real name and don’t pretend to be Oliver’s French girlfriend to cover up for the fact he and my daughter are blatantly in love… oh don’t look so shocked you two it’s so bloody obvious, even Ron has spotted it”

Anita’s mum met us where planned and she seemed very interested for Anita to tell her all the Potter scandal that had gone down at the party, word had already spread around most of the UK that Rose Weasley was pregnant

“I can’t believe my mum knows” groaned Lily as she and I walked back up to the house through the snow “I thought we’d hidden it so well”

“Could be a good thing” I said “At least now we don’t have to run around like we’re guilty and have something to hide, at least this way everyone knows and we can just be happily together”

“Not that simple” said Lily shortly “James will kill you when he finds out you do know that, he’ll see it as a complete betrayal of trust and he’ll rip you apart limb from limb”

“I don’t care” I said taking Lily’s hand and giving her a big kiss “I don’t care if James submits me to the worst torture on the planet, if I want to be with you then I’m going to be with you and nothing is going to stop us now”

“We can’t” said Lily “Look, that’s really sweet but we can’t get together right now things are just so… inconvenient”

“Oh what so I’m an inconvenience to you am I” I shouted getting angry

“Oliver, you are the most important person in the world to me” Lily said “But, right now things are SO complicated what with Rose and everything, and you only broke up with your girlfriend yesterday people will talk if they see we’re together the next bloody day”

“Since when have you cared what anyone thinks” I retorted “I don’t see why you’re so down on us all of a sudden, you’ve been the one chasing me since Halloween I was perfectly happy with Abi before you started interfering”

“Oh dating someone you weren’t in love with, that was happy was it” Lily screamed “I told you how I feel about you because I couldn’t bare it anymore, I took a risk and I knew what damage it could do to us, I broke up with Malfoy for you. Then there was James, he’s so overprotective and I know what he’ll do to you if he ever finds out”

“Excuses” I shouted “If you wanna be with me which you say you do then we should be together right now, I’ve wanted this for six bloody years and now it’s here you’re being all pathetic and girly about it”

“Girly?” said Lily angrily “You think I’m being girly, you need to grow up Oliver and realize that the world isn’t just some magical Fairytale where everyone’s wishes come true and we all get what we want”

“I know that a lot better than you do you sheltered little princess” I shouted back “I’ve had to bring up my little brother virtually on my own for the past few years with almost no help. How is your life hard tell me, go on I wanna know? Is it all that money? Is it too high to count? Is it the massive family support system you have? Oh how terrible that must be for you”

With that she stormed off and unfortunately I had to follow her as I had no idea how to get back to the house.

It’s all happening now isn’t it? What do you think will happen next? Will Rose keep her baby, and more importantly who is the father? Will Lily and Oliver make up anytime soon, and will Lily come round to the idea of them dating?

Next Time: The gang are back at Hogwarts, but it’s not only Rose that people seem to be talking about

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