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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 11 : Two More Die
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Chapter 11

Raven and Viper hid in the bushes in front of a rather nice house located slightly outside of London. Midnight was approaching and they realized that the husband had yet to arrive home from his job at the ministry. The two of them would have killed the wife and waited inside, where it was warm, but unlike Louis and Alyssa, Percy and Audrey Weasley actually had safety spells around their home. They were actually smart enough to be cautious.

In order for Raven and Viper to enter, they would have to wait for Percy to get home and remove the spells so he would be allowed to enter. It was a very small window they had to kill Percy, but they were going to try and take it. Besides, in Raven’s mind, this made the killing more fun. It became sort of like a game.

A loud pop caught the killer’s attention, signaling that someone had just apparated nearby. Approaching the house was a man who looked to be in his fifties with red hair that was thinning and graying. They assumed it was Percy and prepared to strike. Raven closely watched as Percy undid the different safety spells. She recognized most of them. There weren’t a lot, but they were fairly powerful.

When the last spell had been undone, Percy stepped across the threshold into his house. He lifted up his wand to redo the security spells but was instead met with the killing curse from Viper’s wand. Percy had gasped in shock when he realized that the curse was heading straight towards him, but did not have time to side step his fate. The older man hit the floor and didn’t move.

From upstairs a light turned on, signaling that Audrey Weasley had seen or heard something. The downside to the killing curse was that the green light was quite noticeable. Raven grabbed her wand and climbed out of the bushes, anxious for more killing.

“I’ll kill the wife,” Raven said, a slight smile on her lips, “You stay out here and kill anyone else that comes this way.”

Viper curtly nodded as he watched his partner disappear into the house.

Raven stepped into the large foyer that greeted her as she entered the house. From upstairs, she could hear footsteps heading towards the stairs. Raven hid behind a banister, trying to make herself hidden from Audrey’s path of sight. She needed to get Audrey by surprise as well.

“Who’s there?” she heard Audrey asked.

Raven stayed silent. Audrey calling out reminded her of the victims in muggle horror movies that Kristen had made her watch before. It was rather stupid for her to do this in her opinion. She would wait for Audrey to come to her. Even though Audrey was in her fifties, Raven did not underestimate her magical ability. If Raven was not prepared, she could end up dead and not her intended target.

The footsteps started heading down the stairs and Raven knew it was almost her time to strike. The smile grew on her lips.

“Percy? Are you here?” Audrey asked, “What’s going on?”

Audrey had finished descending the stairs and was now making her way to towards the ajar front door, trying to find her husband. Raven decided this was the best time to strike.

“Avada Kedavra!”

Audrey turned her head in the direction of Raven’s voice just to be hit squarely in the chest with the same curse that had taken her husband’s life. Raven walked out from behind the banner and looked at Audrey’s dead body, a larger smile upon her face.

“Did you kill her?” she heard Viper asked from outside.

“Yes I did,” Raven replied, “It has been another successful night.”

Viper was feeling quite happy as well. Things had gone according to plan; hopefully Raven wouldn’t use the cruciatus curse on him again. With that, Raven and Viper disapperated, leaving the bodies to be discovered in the morning




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Sorry it isn't very long. Hopefully, they will be slightly longer in the future. Did any of you expect Percy and Audrey to be the next to die? Who do you think is going to be targeted next? Who do you think Raven and Viper really are? I'd love to know! As always, I hope you continue to read, review, and enjoy this story :D***

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As The Days Grow Dark: Two More Die


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