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Discovering a Shocking Truth by LadyMalfoy10141920
Chapter 2 : The Search Begins
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          Hermione felt a shiver of fear rush through her veins when she landed in front of an old abandoned house. She took a deep breath and took a small hesitant step towards the house. The next thing she knew she could feel someone behind her. Hermione whirled around and pulled her wand out with a trembling hand. She illuminated the tip of her wand and felt her breath catch in her throat when she saw a hooded figure standing in front of her.

"Who are you" Hermione questioned as her heart started pounding rapidly within her chest. 

"Someone who has been waiting for you for many years" A woman's voice responded and Hermione felt her breath catch in her throat as she gripped her wand.

"What do you mean" Hermione questioned unaware of the fact that her father had followed her and was listening and watching from the shadows.

"There has been a prophecy about you that was set before you were born young priestess" The woman replied and a wave of confusion swept over Hermione as she stared at the hooded woman before her.

"What prophecy" Hermione asked and the woman walked forward as she removed something from within her robes.

"That you and you alone can truly defeat the beast within the man who has caused destruction in his path" The woman stated and Hermione's eyes widened in shock as the woman held up a sapphire encrusted pendent.

"I don't understand...I thought Harry was the Chosen One" Hermione responded and the woman held out the pendent.

"There are two paths that will bring about the downfall of the one who calls himself Lord Voldemort...One leads to tragedy and one leads to peace...It is up to you to decide which path will succeed" The woman replied and Hermione took the pendent with a trembling hand.

"How can I defeat him...I'm just a witch who turns to books for answers" Hermione questioned and the woman smiled as she pointed towards the pendent.

"The pendent will show you the way...It has been passed through your family for many generations young priestess" The woman said and Hermione sighed as she looked at the pendent.

"Why do you call me priestess" Hermione questioned and the woman smiled as she laced her fingers together.

"The pendent you hold is a symbol of your family on your mothers side...For you are not only a witch you are also part of the Demur family" The woman responded and Hermione felt her eyes widen in shock.

"That's the oldest Veela family ever recorded in magical history...Are you telling me that I'm part Veela" Hermione stated and the woman smiled as she bowed her head in affirmation.

"That is exactly what I'm telling you...On the morning of your 18th birthday your Veela inheritance will emerge and then you will truly be able to fulfill your role in the war that plagues this world" The woman stated and Hermione felt a wave of fear rush through her veins as she looked at the pendent in her hand. Her birthday was in one day and she wasn't sure she was prepared. She looked back up to ask the woman a question and found that the woman had disappeared. Hermione inhaled deeply and fastened the pendent around her neck. The minute the pendent touched her heart she felt her skin begin to tingle. She closed her eyes and images of a the Slytherin pendent began flashing through her mind. She felt her skin bristle in anger when she saw that it was around the neck of Dolores Umbridge. Her eyes flew open and she shook her head knowing that she'd have to get it from her somehow. Hermione disappariated and landed in the middle of the woods two seconds later still unaware of the fact that her father was following her. She summoned the tent and erected it with a flick of her wrist before placing the protection charms around it. She then entered the tent and walked over to her bed. Hermione sat down and held her head suddenly feeling exhausted. She didn't know how to comprehend the fact that her whole life was about to change. She massaged her temples and stifled a yawn as she laid down. Hermione curled up beneath her blanket and soon drifted off to sleep.


Voldemort sat down against a tree and watched the area where he knew the tent was located. He couldn't make sense of the conversation he had overheard. He was beginning to wonder if he had ever truly known Miss Granger. The conversation left him with many things to ponder. He recalled how the woman had mentioned the Demur family which puzzled him because he knew his wife was from the Demur family but as far as he knew she had never been with any man but him. Voldemort looked at the sky and saw that it was slowly darkening with the passing of the hours. Before he knew it night was upon him and he still couldn't work out what the woman had meant. He turned his attention back to the spot that hid the tent and suddenly felt a strong sense of protectiveness which puzzled him. Less than a minute later he watched as the tent appeared before his eyes and he knew that seeing it meant that the young witches protections spells were failing. Voldemort rose to his feet and suddenly heard a loud blood curdling ear piercing scream come from within the tent. A few minutes later he watched as a hooded figure materialized out of nowhere. He stepped closer to the tent and listened quietly for the conversation that he knew would soon follow. As he was listening he saw another hooded figure materialize and he watched as they with drew their wand before aiming it at the tent.


Hermione panted heavily and clutched her pillow as her whole body trembled in pain. Never before had she felt such agonizing pain before and the thought scared her. Tears fell from her eyes and she couldn't help but wish she had someone with her. The next thing she knew she could hear rustling at the mouth of the tent. Hermione slowly lifted herself up off the bed and watched as a hooded figure entered the tent. Her heart started pounding rapidly within her chest as the hooded figure walked towards her.

"Who are you...What do you want with me" Hermione asked weakly as her arms trembled under her weight. The hooded figure stopped next to the bed and lowered it's hood. Hermione felt her eyes widen in shock when she found herself staring up at Bellatrix LeStrange.

"You know I'll never understand why my sisters useless husband didn't kill you at the Ministry when he had the chance" Bellatrix stated and Hermione felt a rush of fear course through her veins as she sank against the bed.

"How did you find me...Why are you here" Hermione questioned weakly and Bellatrix sneered as she pulled out her wand.

"I don't have to answer your questions you filthy excuse for a witch...CRUCIO" Bellatrix screeched and Hermione let out a blood curdling scream as her whole body began to feel as if it were being pierced by several tiny daggers. Hot tears fell from her eyes as she felt her strength draining from her with each minute that passed.

"Please stop" Hermione cried as the pain in her body intensified with the changes that were occurring.

"No I don't think I will because you see as far as I'm concerned you are a plague that should be exterminanted" Bellatrix responded and Hermione panted heavily as beads of sweat began to form on her skin. She was about to respond when the mouth of the tent suddenly blasted open and another hooded figure entered the tent. Hermione trembled as her heart started pounding rapidly within her chest.

"Get away from her you murderous raving hag" A males voiced hissed and Bellatrix whirled around in shock.

"Draco what are you doing here" Bellatrix questioned and the hooded figure lowered it's hood revealing a head of blond hair.

"I followed you and it's a good thing I did...Now do as I said before you really piss me off" Draco snarled and Hermione watched as his whole body started trembling in violently with anger.

"Draco this doesn't concern you" Bellatrix responded and Draco clenched his fists to the point his knuckles turned white.

"When it comes to her it does concern me...Don't make me say it again" Draco snarled and Hermione's eyes widened in shock when she saw that his eyes were slowly turning black. She looked back and forth between the nephew and the aunt as her heart started pounding rapidly within her chest. Before she could ponder what was happening before her another sharp pain hit her chest and she arched her back as a blood curdling scream erupted from her lips. Less than a minute later she felt Draco pulling her into his lap.

"Draco what are you doing...She's filth what would your father and the dark lord say" Bellatrix screeched and Draco looked up at his aunt as hot burning rage began to boil within his blood.

"DON'T YOU EVER CALL HER FILTH AGAIN" Draco yelled and Bellatrix stumbled back at the sound of authority in her nephews voice. She looked back and forth between the two teens and gasped when she saw how possessive her nephew was of the witch in his arms.

"That's not possible...She can't be...She's just a filthy mudblood" Bellatrix screeched and Draco glared at her as a feral snarl erupted from his lips. Hermione panted heavily and placed her hand on Draco's cheek as she came to the same revelation that his aunt had. She knew that with him being possessive of her that it meant that he was a Veela and that she was his mate.

"Don't she's not worth it" Hermione whispered weakly and she sank against him as the darkness overwhelmed her. Draco tensed and trembled with rage as he looked up at his aunt.

"Get. Out." Draco hissed darkly and Bellatrix stumbled back once again when she heard the authority in his voice.

"The dark lord will hear about this" Bellatrix responded and Draco eased Hermione onto the bed as he rose to his feet.

"If there is anyone that will be punished tonight by the Dark Lord it will be you...Do you honestly think you can attack her and not suffer the consequences" Draco growled as his canines formed in his mouth and his nails became claws. Bellatrix was about to respond when the mouth of the tent flew open and Snape entered the tent.

"That's enough both of you...Bellatrix leave" Snape ordered and Bellatrix scurried without another word.

"Stay away from us" Draco growled when he saw that his godfather was making his way towards his mate.

"Draco calm yourself...You must get back to your parents they are worried for you...Tell me how did you know that she was your mate" Snape responded and Draco took a deep breath as he forced himself to calm down.

"I've been having dreams of her every night for months...It's why I followed Bellatrix...The closer I got to the tent the more protective I felt" Draco replied and Snape nodded as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Draco from what I can tell your mate is also a Veela...Now that she's unconscious the rest of the changes won't bother her...Go home and rest...She'll be fine" Snape said and Draco nodded as he eased his mate back onto the mattress. He rose to his feet and forced himself to leave the tent. Snape sighed and turned towards the young woman on the bed once his godson was gone. He moved her cloak away from her face and gasped when he saw that dark luscious curls covering her head. He also noticed that her skin was paler than before. Snape then noticed the pendent around the young woman's neck and felt his heart start pounding rapidly within his chest. It was in that moment that he knew who the young woman truly was. He rose to his feet and exited the tent not wanting her to catch him when she woke up.


Voldemort tensed and walked over to the tree line as he fought the anger that raged within him. He couldn't believe that one of his faithful servants had gone out of her way just to kill the girl within the tent. He clenched his fists and paced back and forth as he tried to figure out why he was drawn to the young witch. The next thing he knew he could hear footsteps coming towards him. Voldemort turned around and took a deep breath when he saw Snape coming towards him.

"What news do you have Severus" Voldemort questioned and Snape ran his fingers through his hair as he looked at the man before him.

"I know why Miss Granger was running" Snape responded and Voldemort became confused as his anger dissipated.

"Why was she running" Voldemort questioned and Snape took a deep breath as he crossed his arms.

"My lord the young woman we've known as Hermione Granger is none other than your daughter Mya and I think Bellatrix knows...I don't think she cares and that as far as she's concerned Mya is still just a mudblood...My lord I think she wanted to kill your daughter before you could find out" Snape replied and Voldemort tensed as his anger began to return.

"What stopped her" Voldemort questioned and Snape tensed unaware of how the man before him would react to what he was about to say.

"My lord your daughter is also Draco's Veela mate and I have no doubt that once her changes finish occurring that he'll end up being her mate" Snape stated and Voldemort turned towards the tent that his daughter currently occupied.

"Place the protection charms back on the tent...I don't want anymore deatheaters finding her....The only one I want to be able to find her is Draco...She's in for a rough road and only he can protect her" Voldemort replied and Snape nodded as he laced his fingers.

"My lord if I may...You are aware of what she's destined for" Snape said and Voldemort looked over at him as his muscles started twitching.

"Yes I'm aware...It was a mistake for me to make the horcruxes...I'm tired and I just want everthing over with...If that means I have to endure watching my daughter risk her life to find my horcruxes then that's what I'll do because I refuse to let that Potter boy be the one to destroy them" Voldemort replied and Snape nodded as he turned towards the tent. He too was worried about the troubles the young woman would face over the course of the war.


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