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Living In London by CharliesRose
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 - Belinda
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I wasn’t really quite sure why I agreed to going out with Albus, Rose and Scorpius; I knew parties and pubs and getting drunk usually wasn’t my scene, in France I’d generally been the goody-two-shoes that wanted to stay home. Either that or at parties I just didn’t drink. I’d like to think of myself as the sensible friend.

However I soon realised, after I’d agreed to going out of Friday, that there would be no last minute backing out. Rosie appeared on my doorstep a few hours before we were set to leave with a bag full of clothes and a wide smile.

‘Hey,’ She squealed, throwing her one free arm around my neck, ‘I thought I’d come get ready at yours, hope that’s okay.’ She didn’t wait for an answer, but I guess my stepping aside let her know she was welcome to come in and make herself at home.

‘You have such a nice place,’ she gasped, bending down to scratch Monkey between the ears, he flashed a very proud glance over in my direction. I swear that Crup can show more emotions than a human sometimes. ‘It’s so spacious; the flat Al used to live in...’ she shuddered at the thought; I never did learn what it looked like because Rose started on a new topic; ‘so what are you wearing tonight?’ she demanded with a confident grin.

‘Um,’ I blushed, ‘I don’t really know... maybe jeans?’

‘Jeans?’ Rose rolled her eyes, ‘no you are not wearing jeans! At the very least a skirt.’

‘Jeans are comfortable,’ I protested feebly, Rose only pursed her lips and continued through to the bedroom to find my clothes.

It was strange having Rose around in that, she was almost exactly like my best friend in France, Isabelle. They were both confident and seemed to know what they were doing all the time. The only difference was one rude comment could set Isabelle off on a Bitch rant that would last for days, while Rose I could only ever imagine being her bright and bubbly self. I I could say I found it easier to be around Rose.

Rose threw open the doors to my cupboard and a new grin light up her face, ‘Belinda,’ she said, ‘you have nice clothes.’ Her delicate hands riffled through them carefully, so as not to put them in the wrong order.

She picked out a tiny black skirt that I didn’t even know I owned, and a light red tank top with decorative holes punched along the bottom that showed off my belly.  She matched this with bright red lipstick, (which I didn’t agree with and was determined to wipe off) and pinned some of my curls back strategically.

Her own hair, she straightened and didn’t bother doing anything else with it, and she dressed herself in a little black dress that showed a lot of skin in all areas. It was definitely something Isabelle would be proud of. She only winked when I looked at it incredulously.

By seven, the time we’d agreed to meeting Scorpius and Al, we were ready. Rose and I exited my flat, leaving poor Monkey alone again, and locked up. Then Rose grabbed my wrist and I was dragged though apparition to the Leaky Cauldron. Rose quickly waved off greetings from Hannah and Neville, who owned the inn, and we set out into the streets of Muggle London.

Even though I was completely lost, Rose seemed to know what she was doing. She knew all the right streets to go down and which ways not to turn, and soon we had found ourselves down a quieter road, opposite large glass double doors. Rose pushed through them confidently, dragging me behind her.

To me it seemed as though we’d been plunged into darkness; it certainly took my eyes a moment to adjust to the dim flashing lights so I could survey the scene.

There was a dance floor, light up by numerous coloured spotlights. The music was blasting through a sound system over the entire club (not that I knew any of this Muggle music, and it definitely wasn’t The Weird Sisters, or Celestina Warbeck.)

There were little round tables dotted occasionally around the room, and those brightly coloured boxes that Muggles used for gambling in, and to the right there was the bar.

‘Keep your wand hidden,’ Rose said in a low voice so that no one would hear us, then she lead me over to where Albus and Scorpius were sitting in deep discussion, both of them looking a little put off.

‘Hey,’ Scorpius looked up at the sound of his girlfriend’s voice, but Al’s head stayed bent, looking at the floor. Rose wound her arms around Scorpius and planted a quick kiss on his lips, before turning to Al and tilting his head up. ‘How’s my favourite cousin?’ she asked, kissing his cheek.

I turned away from the rest of their short conversation and spoke to Scorpius, ‘sorry Rose just turned up at your house this afternoon,’ he apologised on Rose’s behalf, ‘she doesn’t seem to have quite grasped the concept of “you can let someone know before you meet up”.’ He laughed, shaking his head.

‘It was really no problem,’ I assured him, aside from her forcing me into these slut clothes, it was fun.

‘You look good in them, Rose has good taste,’ he pointed out, ‘and I’m pretty sure that Muggle over there has been staring at you since you arrived.’

‘Hmm,’ I replied with a small smile, ‘is that really a good thing?’ I asked.

‘Sure,’ he nodded, ‘would you like a drink?’ he didn’t wait for an answer, he hailed the barman over and ordered something that sounded very alcoholic, I shrugged and took the seat that Albus had previously occupied, but that was now empty seen as Rose had dragged him off to dance.’

Several shots later, and once Al and Rose had finally joined us; all of us were slightly tipsy. Perhaps me less than the others because I’d been so against having any more than two drinks; but I was so lightweight it didn’t really count.

‘Scorpy,’ Rose chided with a giggle, ‘let us go and dance,’ she demanded. Scorpius obediently followed her, swaying a little bit as he stood up and wrapping his arms around her waist.

Al and I were left in awkward silence.

‘Hi,’ I whispered, to break the awkwardness, it seemed that, though he’d invited me here this evening, he had barely even greeted me when I arrived.

‘Hi,’ he replied, letting out a short breath.

‘Are you okay?’ I asked tentatively, watching his face for any signs of life; it seemed absent. He just stared at his drink carefully, as though waiting for it to jump up and eat him.

‘Yeah, fine,’ he said bluntly. To be honest he didn’t sound fine.

‘You sure?’ I asked again.

‘Yes,’ he downed yet another shot of something mixed with Vodka... very Muggle. I hadn’t drunk nearly as much as he had but still he seemed so composed and, well... sober. How he did it I will never know.

‘You don’t seem okay,’ I replied bluntly. He chuckled, a low dark chuckle to match his mysterious smirk. Albus, in general, was quite a good looking bloke; he had dark hair and enchanting green eyes, and features that were perfectly unflawed. Somehow, mysterious and reserved almost seemed to suit him better. Long shadows were thrown by the light over his face and the skin on his face glowed golden. It took some serious effort to drag my eyes away from him.

‘Sorry,’ he smiled sadly, ‘I shouldn’t have come tonight, I don’t want to ruin your evening.’

‘Don’t,’ I brought up a small smile, ‘come and dance and maybe forget why you’re so unhappy... just for a few minutes?’ I suggested. I half expected him to refuse and turn back to his multiple drinks, but instead he stood up, a slight gleam returning to his eyes, and followed me over to the dance floor where Rose and Scorpius were already swaying to the music.

The song that began was slower than the one that had been playing previously. Albus hesitated slightly, putting his hands on my waist; I grinned encouragingly and reached up to wrap my arms around his neck.

‘Now if you would only just smile,’ I teased quietly, tempting the corners of his lips into a smile.

‘Are you happy now?’ He asked, rolling his eyes.


He spoke a little bit more after that. Still reserved and hiding behind long eyelashes that any girl would be jealous of, but at least I got a conversation out of him, though nothing would convince him to tell me why he seemed so upset. Whenever I mentioned it he shook his head and forced out a laugh. A very unconvincing laugh at that.

By around eleven he had cheered up a little; he still avoided the topics of girls and work but other than that we did manage to get to know each other a little better; he told me a lot about his sister, and the daughter of Neville and Hannah; her name was Alice and she was like a sister to him too. And I discovered a little more about James too... but not so much that I could boast about. Mostly little things like how they got on as kids.

Then Scorpius intervened.

‘Hey Belle,’ he slurred, the drunkenness bringing out a nickname that no one had called me in years, Albus chuckled and backed away into the dancing crowd. Meanwhile I steered a very drunk Scorpius to the bar where he took a seat on one of the stools.

‘You okay,’ I laughed as he mumbled my name. ‘Where’s Rose?’

‘Rosie left me,’ he wailed, ‘she left and she’s never coming back.’

‘Aw,’ I replied, patting his cheek very unsympathetically. Over his shoulder I saw Rose emerging from the Ladies room, I knew she wouldn’t leave Scorpius in this state, but I decided not to mention this.

‘Can I have another drink,’ Scorpius demanded from the bar man, ‘something with Firewhiskey.’ I elbowed him in the stomach, he seemed to have forgotten he was speaking to a Muggle but he ignored that and turned back, looking very serious.

Or trying to look serious, but not succeeding because he was under a strong influence of alcohol.

‘I saw you,’ he hiccoughed, ‘getting very close with my Albie-poo.’ He waved a disapproving finger in front on my face, I only raised an eyebrow.

‘We were just dancing,’ I pointed out with a laugh, Scorpius laughed too.

‘Yes,’ he nodded wildly, ‘but you lurve him,’ he grinned proudly, ‘you can’t – hic – love him,’ he whined, ‘he’s mine.’

‘Ohh,’ I winked, pushing away Scorpius’s hand, that was still waving, ‘I didn’t realise your sexual preferences swung the other way too?’

‘Shut up, I mean he’s my best – hic – mate,’ he snapped, this time not sounding so amused, ‘I’m warning you because – hic – I don’t think – hic – you realise – hic –‘

‘Realise what,’ I urged quietly when Scorpius pressed his hand over his mouth.

‘Albus,’ he whispered, ‘he’s so fucked up.’

I didn’t expect that. I didn’t even like Albus as anything more than a friend, the most I expected was Scorpius telling me that he was in love with someone else and I should be warned.

‘He’s my – hic – best friend, Belle,’ he hiccoughed again, ‘I know him... he’s so fucked up. He had a girlfriend, Jess... she was fucking gorgeous and sometimes – hic – I was kinda jealous before I hooked up with Rosie.’ He paused and looked a little confused, then continued, ‘it was bad Belle, she was-’

‘She was what?’ Albus’s voice burst in over Scorpius’s, ‘what was she Scorpius,’ he sounded furious, like he wanted nothing more than me to be completely ignorant to this.

‘Al relax, I wasn’t going to tell-’

 ‘You were,’ Albus seethed, ‘don’t lie to me, she was the best fucking thing that ever happened to me, you can just stop talking about her okay, whatever happened it’s done, and don’t fucking ever mention her again, you promised.’

‘I know Al, I just-’

‘Shut up,’ Albus snapped loudly, his voice raised over many others. ‘I said shut up about Jess.’

And then he did something I really didn’t expect. He punched his best friend full in the face. Scorpius staggered backwards, not doing anything to defend himself. Shrieks went up and Albus ran. I didn’t the only thing I could think of doing.

I followed Albus straight out into Muggle London.

Stupidest idea of my life.





Hey Guys,

So how are you enjoying the story so far? Do you like the characters... personally I love Scorpius; he loves Rose so much and he really cares about Albie, don’t get me wrong, but he’s such a stupid drunk, don’t you think?

Well please tell me what you like/dislike/hate/love/and such about my story. Please tell me where I can improve and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW!!! I really love reading what you guys think and it’s so useful!

Anyways as usual I own nothing, I do not claim to own anything and JK Rowling created Harry Potter. Thanks for reading and continue being so supportive!


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