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Traitorous love. by AccioSachio
Chapter 9 : Traitorous love.
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I could not move. I could not breathe. I stood, in the doorway of my home with my scanty dress and my rubber gloves on, gawking at my former lover. I suddenly felt exposed. Ron's expression of anger and confusion had not changed since I opened the door. However, he raised his eyebrows at me; signalling that I should really say somehing.

I gave Ron a dark look. "What the hell are you doing here Ron?"

He looked taken aback for a moment and a streak of hurt crossed his face. I wasn't going to apologise.

"How did you know to come here Ron?" I asked, hoping he would answer one of my questions.

"I'm so confused Hermione, what is going on?" he hissed, and then made a move to enter the house.

"You can't come in here!" I told him shrilly. "You need to leave Ron."

"Why are you even here Hermione? I went to your apartment and there was a weird looking goblin inside. I then went home and made my mum tell me where you were."

"You're so rude Ronald! How dare you show up here unnanounced. How dare you speak to me like you own me."

"Hermione...I just want answers," he whispered, a single tear rolling down his cheek.


Call me a push over but I let him in. I felt jumpy and nervous as I led him through into the kitchen and offered him a drink.

"Something smells good," Ron said, accepting the pumpkin juice I offered. "You must have known I was coming."

I glared at him. "Actually Ron, I have very important plans," I told him, shooting a look towards the direction of the front door.

Ron took a sip of juice and then looked into my eyes. "Hermione, why are you in this house? And why do you look so different? Last time I saw you, you looked..."

"I looked what?" I asked him scathingly. He didn't answer. "If you must know Ron, I live here."

Ron scoffed. "Right," he said rudely. "Because your promotion of Elfish Welfare pays enough for a house like this."

I tutted and whisked away his empty glass. "And I don't even look that different."

"Yes you do Hermione, you look fucking fantastic."

I did not feel flattered at his complement. I felt violated from the way he was looking at me and the way his eyes always came back to my chest. I missed Draco. I needed him here with me.

"Ron, go home. You need to leave. You could not have come at a worst time," I told him warningly.

He was about to ask why, but was interrupted by a pop! from the hallway. Suddenly, my fears of Ron finding out about Draco and I were replaced by not only anxious lust to see my husband but also a giddy feeling at the encounter that would come next.

"Hermione?" Draco called, I heard him set his bag down at the foot of the stairs.

"Who's that?" asked Ron, worried. I just grinned at him.

"In the kitchen...darling," I replied. "We have a visitor." I added grudgingly.

Draco entering the kitchen to find me hosting my ex was not the homecoming either of us had planned. Luckily, when he did come into the room; no one shouted. Draco stood still in the doorway, a mixture of emotions crossing his face. At first he looked angry at the visitor and then he saw I was cooking and looked warmly towards me. Then, he saw my dress and his eyes glittered appreciatively.

Ron was motionless. He stared at Draco like he was petrefied. When I guessed no one was going to speak, I tottered around the island in the middle of the kitchen and stood in front of Draco.

"Hi," I whispered.

Draco stared down at me but his eyes kept flickering towards Ron, who was still unmoving.

"I'm very sorry," I began earnestly. "He appeared on the doorstep taking me completely off guard, I thought it was you and opened the door. He was asking me all of these awkward questions and then he was crying and then-"

Draco cut me off with a kiss. He kissed me tenderly and qiuckly. Over and over on my face letting me know just how much he had missed me. Our show of affection seemed to rouse Ron from his reverie.

"OI!" he yelled, jumping to him feet. "SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON!" he shouted at the top of his voice.

I turned away from Draco to glower at Ron. "If you'd only called or written, like a normal human being, you wouldn't be so confused right now."

Ron stepped towards me, his face a dangerous red colour. "You?" he asked, pointing directly at me. "And him?" He growled, his breathing becoming more laboured.

I nodded in response.

"How long?" he gasped, clutching at his chest.

"Long enough to be living together as husband and wife Weasley," supplied Draco, cutting in smoothly.

I winced. I had planned on breaking that news a little slower; taking caution to Ron's tempramental attitude.

"YOU'RE MARRIED?" he roared, running his hands into his hair.

"Stop shouting Weasely." hissed Draco.

"I don't believe it," Ron kept saying. He then looked towards my left hand. After seeing it covered in a glove, he made to remove it himself.

"Do not manhandle my wife, or I will cause you harm," said Draco in a chilling voice.

I got a sense that Draco was enjoying himself as he reached to remove my glove himself. When my wedding band and sparkling engagement ring were revealed, Ron looked dumbfounded.

"This is so wrong Hermione," he finally said. "You must have lost all your friends, no wonder Harry and Ginny stopped mentioning you in their letters."

"Don't be an idiot Ron. Of course I haven't lost any friends. We are all very great friends in fact. Draco stood up with Harry at his own wedding." I told him.

"Draco!" he mimicked. He paused. "Harry got married?"

"Yes," I said. "To your sister. If your head wasn't so large, you'd take the time to ask questions about others in your letters and then you'd know more."

"Everything has changed." whispered Ron. "I thought everyone would be happy to see me. I wanted you to be waiting for me in your crappy apartment, in your frumpy clothes. I planned on returning to you to be told that you loved me and that you loved no one else. I planned to have sex with you...and then leave you."

I knew he was just saying these things to hurt me, so I tried to stay silent. I squeezed Draco's hand when I felt him tense in anger.

"I thought you'd look no different Hermione," he continued sadly. "But instead, here you are pretending to live the high life. Spending your husbands money and dressing like a slut."

Draco made a move with his fist, but I beat him there. My had connected with Ron's face with a sickening slap. He was silent.

"Ronald Weasley," I said harshly. I was pissed that this is what we had to deal with right now. My lovely dinner was going to waste. "You left me unexpectedly nearly two years ago during a relationship that had barely begun. The very idea that you thought I would sit around doing nothing, sickens me. Draco was there for me when I needed someone the most. He showed me friendship, love and even good sex. Something I never had with you. I married Draco because I love him. We are going to spend the rest of our lives together, happy. As for spending his money," I spat. "It's bullshit. We work together, Draco and I, along with Harry at the Auror office. I make my own damn money, thank you very much. And finally, I am not dressed like a slut. I am dressed in a way that appeals to my husband, because guess what? We're probably going to have sex tonight. Probably right after you leave. Don't you stand there and call me degrading names and judge me, because I caught you looking. So don't tell me you don't like it."

The kitchen was silent once more as both Ron and Draco took in my words.

"You need to leave Weasley. Go home and do not come calling around here when you please. You're not welcome anymore. Everyone has moved on." Draco said finally.

WIthout another word, Ron shuffled past us and into the hall. He walked with a dogged pace with his head hung low. He paused at the front door and turned towards me.

"Who even are you 'Mione?" he whispered.

I glared at him. "Don't call me that. My name is Hermione Malfoy and I want you out of my house."

Ron stepped out into the darkness and apparated away once he was out of the protective enchantments.


"He did what?" Ginny hissed after I told her about our encounter with her brother. It was the weekend and I was sat in her kitchen drinking coffee with her and Harry while Draco visited his mother. We had begun our meeting with the usual gossip and then the swapping of stories about Draco and Harry's safe return home from their undeniable assignment. "What a twat."

I nodded. "Yes, he completely ruined Draco's homecoming."

"He shouldn't even be back yet, and what's he playing at? He can't just show up somewhere unannounced," Harry interjected, disappointed in his oldest friend.

As if planned, there was a knock on their front door, and when answered; Ron was revealed once more.

"Hey sis," he said, walking though the house uninvited. He came to a halt in the kitchen and glowered at me. "Hey Harry, long time no see."

"Ron, what the hell are you doing here?" hissed Ginny. "You have some nerve."

"You're my sister, Harry's my best friend..." he supplied rudely.

"Why are you really here Ron?" I asked.

"Hermione, you weren't at your house and I needed to speak with you," he said rushed.

"We told you not to come to our house anymore Ron," I growled.

Ron looked sheepish. "I know, but I had to find you to tell you that I am going to fight for you. I love you Hermione, it's always been you. Please don't settle for the ferret, it can be just as it was before I made the mistake of leaving you," Ron came forward and took my hand.

I snatched it away. "You make the unecessary effort now because you can't have me Ron. There's no competition, or settling. I love Draco. That's why I married him you idiot. You're just making a mockery of yourself and it is not pleasant to watch. Do yourself a favour and give up. If you can't accept the way life has changed since you left, then you might as well piss off." Ginny giggled quietly. "Face it Ron, it's over."

Ron huffed and ran a hand through his hair. "No," he said, adamant. "It's not over. You loved me once Hermione and I can make you love me again. I'm going to fight for you. You'll see. You'll remember what it's like to be with someone other than the ferret and you'll see sense. I'll make sure of it." With that statement, Ron took his leave.

When he was gone, Harry laughed. "It's official," he said. "Ron is finally more insufferable than you Hermione." He told me with a wink.

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