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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 17 : Chapter Seventeen: Comfort
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The next few days passed quickly, for everyone but Harry. He was taking at least five different potions and most of them made Harry want to vomit as soon as they entered his mouth. Molly and Ginny were alway's around to help Harry, who was still sore and slightly weak. Harry sat in the living room of the Burrow with a cup of tea in his hands, remembering the day after he had gotten back from the Riddle House, and Molly had indeed yelled herself hoarse at Harry for scaring her and not telling her that he had pain's in his chest. He remembered how he shrunk back into Ginny, and stared guilty down at his hands.

Harry sighed and turned his gaze back to the fire, where Ron and Hermione would soon be returning. It was only two days ago Kingsley had come to the Burrow to check on Harry, but to also tell Hermione that he, along with the Australian Ministry of Magic, had finally located her parents. Hermione squealed with happiness and had started packing right away, and Ron threw clothes at random into a bag and insisted he come with her. Arthur had dropped them off at the Ministry not long after so they could catch a Portkey to Australia. 


Molly was in the kitchen right now, cooking a welcome home meal for the whole family. Arthur left a half hour ago to meet Ron and Hermione, along with Hermione's parents, and bring them back to the Burrow. Bill had left early today and gone back to Shell Cottage with Fleur, Charlie and George sat in the middle of the living room, a game of Exploding Snap in front of them. Percy had gone back to his old apartment to meet with his friend Audrey, while Ginny was lying on the stomach in the floor next to Harry with a Muggle book she borrowed from Hermione open.


Harry sighed and set his tea down on the table next to him, thinking about his week ahead. Arthur had informed him that Narcissa and Draco's trials would be held on the same day, and that he could attend both if he wished. Harry was going to testify for both the Malfoy's, after all they did Harry thought they shouldn't end up in Azkaban. Lucius, on the other hand, was sent straight the Azkaban without a trial. Harry smirked to himself.


"Harry?" A voice asked.




Harry looked down to see Ginny staring at him, her book lay forgotten next to her.


"Yes?" He asked.


"You're doing it again." Ginny told him.


Ginny had told Harry countless times over the past few days that he had a tendency to stare off into space, and loose focus on what was happening in front of him.






"Sorry, Gin." Harry muttered.






Ginny stood up and stretched, and sat down next to Harry, snuggling into his side. Harry jumped slightly as he cold skin connected with his, and Ginny laughed softly. Harry rolled his eyes and kissed her forehead. Ginny lifted her head up and met Harry's lips with her own.


"Oi!" George called, looking at them with one singed eyebrow raised, " Keep your hands to yourself Potter." He mockingly scolded.






Ginny replied with a rude hand gesture and a couple of words Harry guessed she learned from Ron, and blushed slightly. Right then to fire before them erupted in green flames, and Fleur fell out of the fireplace. Charlie leaped forward and caught her before she could hit the ground.


"Thank you, Charlie." Fleur said.






Charlie nodded and let go of her. Just then Bill came out of the fireplace, a small smirk on his face.






"Did she fall again?" He asked, pointing his head towards Fleur.




The room filled with laughter and Fleur looked at her husband with annoyance and a small blush creeping up on her cheeks.






"E't is not funny, Bill." Fleur snapped.


Just before Bill could reply the fire erupted again and Percy came out, his glasses slightly out of place. A second later a pretty brunette came out and dusted herself off, and looked at everyone before her.




"Everyone, this is my friend Audrey." Percy announced, taking her cloak.


Charlie and George got off the floor and both did a stupid bow for her, and introduced themselves. Bill came over and shook her hand, giving her a small wink, introducing himself and Fleur. Ginny helped Harry up and made their was up to Audrey, and shook her hand as well. Molly then came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron, and gave Audrey a bone-crushing hug.


"Welcome dears. I assume you all are hungry, but we'll have to wait until Ron an Hermione arrive." Mrs. Weasley said, mostly to everyone.




Everyone sat themselves in a empty spot in the living room, but Ginny helped Harry into the kitchen, so she could help her mother and keep a eye on him at the same time.


"Honestly, you act as though I can't walk." Harry said as he sat down in the chair at the kitchen table.


"You can hardly walk, dear." Ginny replied cheekily as she stirred the soup.


Harry muttered something incoherent under his breath and looked out of the window, up into the early June night sky. It was then Harry could see a disturbance in the wards, and reactively reached for the wand in his pocket. Harry watched as the figure passed the wards, along with two other people. Harry sighed in relief as he saw the two ginger men and a brown bushy-haired girl walk towards the Burrow. Harry got out of his chair and leaned on it for support as they all walked through the door, and smiled at them in greeting.


"Where are your parents?" Harry asked as Hermione walked over to give him a hug.


"I'm glad to see you too." Hermione said cheekily as he wrapped his arms around her.




"You know I'm happy to see you." Harry chuckled.


Ron came over and gave him a one-armed hug and patted his back being careful, Harry was still sore.


"Good to see you, mate." Ron said.


Harry reached up and ruffled Ron's hair before he swatted Harry's hand away.


"You too." Harry said.


Harry sat back in his chair as people started coming out of the living room to greet Ron and Hermione, and Ginny and her mother started to place dinner at the table.


"You still didn't answer my question, Hermione." Harry said as everyone else sat down.


"Oh, Kingsley suggested I take them to St. Mungo's so they could be checked over, to make sure the Memory Charm didn't do any long lasting damage." Hermione replied.




Harry nodded in reply and started fishing out food to put on his plate. Chatter ran through the table, no one talking about anything inparticular. Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Ginny were all discussing the differences in the British and Australian Ministry's, when Molly cleared her throat to get their attention.


"I talked to Minerva yesterday, and she wanted to know if any of you were going back to Hogwarts this year? She wants to know so she knows who she can make Head's and Quidditch captains." She said.


The table ran silent as all heads turn to the the four teens, who all thought it over for a minute.














"I don't know."


Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry spoke at the same time. 


"What do you mean 'no', Ron? I thought you wanted to go back." Hermione spoke.






Ron shifted uncomfortably in his chair, "I feel like I've done too much to go back to school and try to go back to normal." 




"What about you, Harry? Hermione and Ginny are going back, what about you?" Molly asked.


"I don't know," Harry repeated, "I want to go back, but like Ron said, it would never be the same. I was going to talk to Kingsley about becoming a Auror."




"Haven't you had enough with dark wizards?" Charlie asked the question burning in everyone's mind as they stared at Harry with disbelief.


Harry chuckled, "Yeah, but I feel like I could help, you know? To capture all the Death Eaters that got away, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."


"Up your what?" Ron asked.


"It's a Muggle expression." Hermione told him.


"But I thought it only worked for Voldemort? I mean, couldn't anybody kill you now?" Ron asked, clearly not thinking over his words.


"Ronald!" Mrs. Weasley scolded.


"I didn't mean that, I meant that I know how dark wizards think, I know they could the same ideas as Voldemort." Harry said.


"You know what? I think I want to be a Auror too." Ron announced, and Harry smiled at him while Hermione, Ginny, and Molly looked outraged.


"No, I will not have another one of my children not finish school!" Molly said.




"You know you have to have N.E.W.T's, don't you both?" Hermione told them.




"Why can't killing one dark wizard be enough for them?" Ginny moaned no one inparticular.




"That's why I was going to talk to Kingsley, to see if we could be Auror's without N.E.W.T's, seeing as what we did last month should be enough." Harry said, trying to save himself and Ron from the hole they dug themselves into.






Molly huffed angrily, but went back to her food. Hermione and Ginny both looked at their boyfriends, then looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Harry sighed and ruffled his hair with his hand, and caught the annoyed look on Ron's face, and held back a snicker. Harry didn't like the way Ginny was staring at him right now, and knew later she would give him a mouth full about wanting to become a Auror. He continued to eat as conversation rang out in the room again, and secretly hoped Ginny, along with Hermione for Ron's sake, would drop it. Harry knew it was as likely as Umbridge marrying a werewolf.








A/N: I am SO sorry for the long wait! I had a severe case of writing's block, but I know you don't care for my excuses. I know this isn't much right now, but its the best I got. Happy Reading and R&R!



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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Seventeen: Comfort


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