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Abandon by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 9 : Tug and Pull
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Stop being a brat just because you haven’t gotten your way! Life doesn’t work like that Weasley! You can’t always get what you want!” The harsh words seemed to explode in her ears and Roxanne turned away from the sight of Mr. Malfoy and Benjamin walking into the shop, the two of them splashes of black and grey. That morning and all of its events seemed to pound and dance in her skull and she fought down the strangest urge to run away, refusing to give Benjamin that favor.

Kisses and touches and the fury of their fight caused a tumult of strange, torturous emotions to grip her heart. Roxanne blinked rapidly, pretending to find the worn maroon carpet under the soles of her trainers the most fascinating thing in the world, “Roxie, you all right?” Perce demanded, having noticed the flashes of fury, panic and heartache on her face.

“I'm fine, just leave me alone.” Roxanne said to him, turning to stare back into his concerned face. Perce frowned at her tone but, deciding that that might be normal and he'd have plenty of time to interrogate her later, he released her upper arm, “do you think I should go and get Dad?” she asked, nodding at their two visitors.

Mr. Malfoy and Benjamin were looking around the shop curiously, even though both of them had been inside more than once. And yet, for the past year they had been in Italy and familiar sights of home must have meant a lot, judging from the soft smile that was forming on Mr. Malfoy's face, “I'm sorry for coming in late but I think we caught you right before closing,” the man said upon noticing them.

Perce's face seemed to settle into an unconcerned mask, though Roxanne could feel his irritation and dislike. The Daily Prophet had given them enough information on Mr. Malfoy's return to the Ministry, the scandal that had caused him and his son to leave being the most intriguing mystery.

While no one knew what it was, there were many guesses going around from the gossip columns that Roxanne had read, none of them pleasant and most of them cruel. “Yeah, you did. Our dad is still upstairs though so he might not mind,” Perce was saying to Mr. Malfoy with a shrug, though his eyes were going over Benjamin with contempt.

Roxanne forced herself not to look at him or even notice his movements but that tug...that strange tug that always pulled her towards him was overpowering. Unwillingly, her eyes took him in, noticing that he had hung back a bit by a shelf flooded with Deflagration Deluxe, Basic Blaze Boxes and her father's other wild assortments of fireworks.

Dressed in a dark jacket, white shirt, faded jeans and a pair of green dragon hide boots, he still was able to remind her of a thief or a Muggle pirate. The long black braid down his back only gave him an air of something that was both interesting and ominous...too tempting to leave alone and Roxanne felt her chest twist. “If its a bother, we could always come back some other time,” Mr. Malfoy said to Perce with disappointment, looking a little uncomfortable, though Roxanne had a feeling that his mind might be on other things.

Perce appeared as if he wouldn't mind it if they did but before he could say anything, their father's voice alerted them to his presence. “What were you two arguing about? I could hear you all upstairs,” he sounded more annoyed than angry and Roxanne tore her eyes away from Benjamin, who hadn't even looked at her, to see him walking over to them.

Mr. Malfoy stiffened a little at the sight of him, as if he expected something like a wild exclamation or a banishment. Instead of using the Malfoy's strange scandal to his advantage, her brother only said to their father, “We're not as bad as you and mum when you get started.”

That had their father laughing a little and Roxanne felt his arm going around her shoulders as he stopped beside her. Perce got a pat on the head that made him roll his eyes with resigned suffering, “Sometimes I only start fighting with your mum just to have the great make up sex,”

Dad!” Roxanne cried in horror as Perce made a gagging sound. Mr. Malfoy's eyes had widened a little and Benjamin, who had picked up a box of fireworks curiously, paused and glanced down at them, brow quirked. “No one wants to know!”

The disgust on his children's faces only seemed to make their father quite happy and he gave them both a kiss on the forehead. Perce groaned and squirmed away from him with an irritable laugh, “So, what's going on?” he asked curiously, finally catching sight of Mr. Malfoy standing politely in place, “well, shit, its been a while since I've seen you, Malfoy!”

Roxanne snuggled into her father's side a bit more, instinctively seeking protection as Benjamin glanced between them. There was a wary look in his blue-brown eyes that made her think of some wild creature about to pounce if necessary and she figured that he assumed everyone was against them. He had said that Roxanne would never understand what it was like walking with such a shameful stigma and she had to admit with a shamed frown that she didn't.

At her home, there were moments of anger and sadness but none of it could compare to the pain that Benjamin and his family had to endure on a daily basis simply for having their last name. “Yes, it has been a while, hasn't it? Its good to see you, you're looking well.” Mr. Malfoy said with a faint smile and Roxanne heard her father giggle a little (Perce sighed wearily). “I hope you don't mind me stopping by, I was hoping to get some last minute things for my daughter's birthday this weekend.”

“Not a problem, Malfoy, I was just about to close up shop but we're waiting for my wife to get back from work. And I never say no to a dad wanting to spoil his little girl,” Roxanne's father said with a grin at her. She blushed a little and saw Perce roll his eyes at them, even though everyone said that he was just as much of a brat as she was, “since when did you and yours get back? I heard you were abroad.”

Mr. Malfoy's face flooded with color and Benjamin walked over, the box of fireworks having been placed back on its shelf. There was a defensive look on his face and he had narrowed his eyes, as if daring them all to make another remark, “I just came back a few weeks ago, actually. I felt that after a year it was time to come home,”

The words caused her father to nod in understanding and Roxanne watched as he seemed to log in more questions for later. Although he had admitted more than once to saying that he and Mr. Malfoy weren't exactly friends, he wasn't the sort of person to ever be rude to a customer when he had no reason to.

Instead of prying even more into his personal life, her father merely gave him a welcoming grin. “Well, welcome back. Taint yourself with more Weasley products, Malfoy, I've got some good stuff that you might like—holy shit, what the hell happened to you?” he said rudely to Benjamin, having noticed him glaring a hole into the three of them.

Perce snickered and Roxanne gawped up at their father. “Dad!”

Mr. Malfoy looked a little taken aback but her father ignored their reactions, gushing to Benjamin foolishly. “I don't think I can call you little Malfoy anymore, you're massive!” he said to him and Roxanne saw Perce snort a little and his enemies father relax noticeably. “And so delicious looking too. Merlin, if I were twenty years younger, I don't know what I'd be doing to you.”

Dad!” Roxanne cried as Benjamin roared with laughter. Mr. Malfoy's lips twitched a little, though there was a faint blush on his face that proved just how embarrassed he was by her father's antics and outrageous declarations, “would you stop?”

That only made her father waggle his eyebrows at her and Roxanne snorted with laughter before he returned his attention back to Mr. Malfoy. To her surprise, he appeared more amused now than anything, “Anyway, Malfoy, come with me. How old is your little girl turning? There are some really good love potions in the Wonder Witch section that she might like,” he was going into business mode and she frowned as he unwrapped his arms from her shoulders.

Mr. Malfoy, apparently relieved to be talking business, even when it had something to do with his own child, relaxed. An easy smile started on his face as her father pointed down to the Wonder Witch section of the shop, where garishly bright pink and purple products awaited, “She's turning nine, but I promised her I would get her a Pygmy Puff, is that what they're called?”

Pygmy Puffs were very popular with little girls and older women, though Roxanne shot her brother a look. Victoire had had a Pygmy Puff for years before Perce and Teddy Lupin had gotten their hands on the poor thing and used him for Bludger practice, “Yeah, that's what they're called, they're really cute, fluffy things.” Her father assured him with a gleam in his eye.

“I wasn't sure if she would be able to handle taking care of something so I was a tad worried when she asked.” Mr. Malfoy said to her father with a thoughtful frown. Roxanne had always wondered what his other two children were like since she had never met them before and found herself listening in curiously, “but she considers herself very mature.”

That made Roxanne's father laugh doubtfully before he said with a confident smile. “I'll let you know all about them, Malfoy but you should be careful. They need a lot of attention and some little girls can't handle it and abandon them,” he warned as they started to walk off.

Perce was frowning, his arms crossed. Benjamin looked a tad out of place as he watched his father leaving him behind, his obvious dislike of being stuck with the two of them for company apparent by his sudden scowl, “Dad, what are we supposed to do?” her brother called at his back.

“You're in a joke shop, Freddie! Talk to little Malfoy about girls or something. Beautiful girl, try not to fall in love back there!” their father teased at her over his shoulder. A very painful twist settled into Roxanne's chest and she hoped that her horrified expression didn't reveal how much the words had hurt her, “whew, that's not flattering!” her father laughed, though his eyes appeared more worried when he turned away.

Roxanne blinked rapidly to fight back a sting of nasty tears, hating that she was hurting her parents this way. While her father and Mr. Malfoy's voices became a bit hard to hear, she tried to inhale deeply and calm herself down, knowing that if she allowed Benjamin to get to her, he would only win. Molly had been right about that and she hated the thought of him controlling her emotions when he looked as calm and at ease as ever, as if nothing had happened between them.

After squaring her shoulders and turning to say something, desperate to make this as less awkward as possible, she heard Perce ask Benjamin rudely. “So where'd you get that shiner Malfoy?” and, knowing that she had been too distracted by the rest of him to look too closely at his face, Roxanne turned just in time to see Benjamin raise his hand to his eye.

The memory of raising her fist and punching him as hard as she had been able flashed in her mind. Added with the scar over his eyebrow, it only made him look like some rugged male character from a cheesy romance novel, though Roxanne felt a nasty bit of pleasure at the sight of the bruise. “None of your bloody business, Weasley.” Benjamin said as he lowered his fingers and raised his upper lip.

“Not my business but its just sort of hard not to notice.” Perce said while taking him in with heated dislike. Benjamin returned it, a cold expression entering his eyes and making Roxanne feel the slightest bit of chills, “Looks like someone got a good blow in.”

Benjamin's jaw tightened and Roxanne saw his eyes glance over at her for just one moment before sliding away. It left her feeling hollow, “Would you like to find out what a nice punch in the face feels like, Weasley? I owe you a few.”

Roxanne glanced between them with burgeoning unease. Though she knew, without a doubt now that her brother and Teddy Lupin had bullied Benjamin quite badly at Hogwarts, it still made her stomach twist. “Go ahead and try it. You're always getting into trouble anyway, no one's going to be surprised,” Perce said smartly and without a hint of concern for himself.

“You might want to be careful about what you're trying to say, Weasley.” Benjamin warned darkly and when Roxanne made a motion to step in, he shot her a glance that almost looked like like an apology. “I hate to ruin the special bond between siblings,”

“I'm just letting you know that your attitude and whatever the hell you think you can get away with won't get past me. Especially with my sister around,” Perce said with a very pleased look on his face that made him appear just like the bully that Benjamin had always said he was.

That caused a very strange reaction on Benjamin's face. Roxanne watched his eyes widen a little before a sly smile spread over his mouth, as if he knew a secret that he couldn't tell and she felt a bolt of terror—he was going to tell her brother what they'd done. “Get over yourself, Weasley. I'm not and have never been, interested in your sister, no matter if she is a really cute lump,” he stunned her by saying.

Roxanne felt dizzy with emotion, knowing that he was lying, that he couldn't be telling the truth. All of the hurt that he had caused threatened to build up and she could feel the press of his lips along her throat...the scent of him invading her nose and it was very hard to breathe, “Let's keep it that way, Malfoy. I don't care what everyone says about you and I could really give a rat's ass who your father is, but you keep yourself away from her.”

“Why so suddenly over protective, Weasley? I've been hanging around your sister and contaminating her for years.” Benjamin said with a wide eyed look of mockery. Roxanne felt herself flushing as he angled his head at her, a private smile spreading over his face and making her think of days gone by.

There had been so much fun between them over the years and it hurt so much to see him now after what he had done. How could he act so casual? How could he act like he hadn't done anything wrong and left her sobbing for days? Why...why was he looking at her like he wanted to eat her?

Roxanne suddenly thought in alarm, watching as his eyes, for just a moment, flared with need. The look was over before she could draw in a suitable breath and she heard Perce practically snarling, “My parents might not have cared that you two were hanging around each other but I've never liked it and I've never liked you.”

Or the way you look at her, Roxanne didn't hear him say. Those unspoken words hung in the air though and she felt an uncomfortable wave go over her, “Ooh, I'm so scared, Weasley.” Benjamin said with a mock shudder before he gave a cold bark of a laugh that felt like a sting to her heart, “I don't give a shit about what you think or how you feel and I didn't come in here today with my dad by the way, to get into it with you.”

Perce made a motion as if he wanted to prove to him how afraid he should be and Roxanne gripped his wrist. She might have made some sort of sound in response to it because her brother turned to her with a faint smile, “Why don't you go upstairs or something and get dressed before mum gets back?”

Roxanne knew that he meant well, in his own over-protective way but she gave him an annoyed look. Benjamin had turned away from the two of them, going back to the shelf of fireworks thoughtfully, the slightest of smiles on his face, “You don't have to act like this just because he's here. Stop it Perce, you're being stupid,” she hissed to her brother.

Perce had the audacity to turn a bit pink but he shrugged it off, glowering at Benjamin's tall form. He didn't appear interested or had even bothered to acknowledge her presence and Roxanne thought that it was silly of her to feel a sting from it, “What do you expect? I ask you what's been bothering you for the past few days and as soon as I mention that prick's name you look like you're about to cry.”


Ignoring her slight interruption, her brother went on in a low voice that caused Roxanne to feel a wave of guilt. It would take all that she had to keep what had happened a secret but she wasn't sure how long she would be able to fight it, “I don't want to hear it, Roxie.”

“Since when do you get off on being so rude? I don't...I haven't even talked to Ben. He and I aren't...we're not friends anymore, we never were,” Roxanne found herself saying tightly, knowing that her voice sounded harsh.

Perce's eyes widened a little at the expression on her face and he sighed heavily, briefly pressing his forehead against hers. Roxanne could feel Benjamin's eyes pressing into her commandingly, as if he were stopping himself from obeying that tug that seemed to push and pull them towards one another. “Look, Roxie, I'm sorry. But I really want to know what's been bothering you, you haven't even bothered to tell us.”

Roxanne felt her lips trembling and moved away from him, though she kept her fingers around his wrist. “Its..its nothing. Just before-school jitters,”

“Oh , bullshit. Since when did you ever care about going to school? Even being made Prefect can't make you want to work harder,” Perce said dryly, tearing apart her lie so easily that it scared her. “You can lie as much as you want but I know that whatever is wrong, has something to do with that thing over there,” he said in reference to Benjamin, who, upon sensing that he was the topic of discussion, raised his brows.

“Saying kind things, Weasley?” Benjamin asked dryly as he took two boxes of fireworks and balanced them in his arms. Roxanne had a feeling that he wasn't just going to use those for his sister's birthday party, “I can't understand why we're not best friends,”

Roxanne didn't know why she said it but she snapped angrily. “Would you mind shutting up, Ben?” she didn't register the look of genuine surprise on his face because she was snapping at her smug brother just as harshly. “And you can shut up, too Perce. Maybe you two have some sort of sexual tension going on that you should work out, I'm tired of listening to you harping at one another,” she said irritably, folding her arms.

“As if he'd be my type!” Perce snapped and while Benjamin's face had gone pale at the thought of rolling around in silk sheets with her brother, Roxanne never heard what else he would have said as the front doors of the shop opened.

“I could hear you fighting from outside. Luckily for me, you all haven't started eating one another from starvation,” their mother said with a laugh as she stepped inside. As usual, she was dressed in a simple set of robes and had managed to put her curly hair on top of her head, looking fresh and lively even though Roxanne knew she had to be exhausted.

Benjamin's lips twitched and Roxanne watched his cheeks turning faintly pink and almost found herself commenting on it. But it would be silly to assume that teasing him about his crush on her mother would have the same results as they used to, “Mum, don't be silly. You know Dad would eat us first,” Perce said by way of greeting and their mother roared with laughter.

Roxanne was glad to see her but noticed that there was someone standing behind her and would know the sight of that blonde Mohawk anywhere. “Who'd you bring back with you?” her brother asked curiously.

Their mother gave them both a teasing look as she motioned for her guest to step inside, Roxanne wincing when Perce roughly nudged her arm. Adam Jordan gave an awkward little wave as he made his way in, Benjamin giving a snort of disbelief at the sight of him, “My other son, Adam! I scooped him up while he was walking over and thought he and his family would want to come for dinner tonight.” Their mother explained.

“Hey, Rox, Fred,” Adam Jordan said with an embarrassed laugh while their mother reached up to pinch his cheeks. Roxanne had thought that he would have gone home by now but he explained his presence by saying with a shrug at them, “thought I'd stop by and get my girlfriend something before heading home.”

Perce nodded his approval while their mother gave the boy a fond little kiss on the cheek, making him blush. Benjamin, from the corner of Roxanne's eye, appeared a little envious as he watched the spectacle, “Where's your dad?” their mother asked after Adam had made the smart choice to step away.

“Oh, he's back by the Wonder Witch section,” Roxanne explained while shooting a look at Benjamin. The sounds of their father's talking could be heard coming closer to them and she felt a wave of relief at the thought that this would be over soon and he would go back to his life and she could return to acting out her own. “Mr. Malfoy and Benjamin came in at the last minute for some shopping,” she was surprised that she hadn't bumbled over the words.

Their mother took in the information curiously before finally turning her attention to Benjamin, who turned surprisingly pink. “This is Benjamin? I barely recognized you, you're so handsome!” she said with a laugh while walking up and making him bend down so she could get a good look at him. “I haven't seen you in ages!”

“Sorry about that,” Benjamin said with a shy grin. While her mother chatted away to him, asking questions here and there, Adam slipped by Roxanne's side and she barely noticed the grin he shot her and she briefly returned it, “no, no, I don't have a girlfriend,” she heard him say.

Roxanne felt another stab in her chest because she was just another mark on a long list of girls he had tossed aside. The feeling threatened to sink in but vanished as she heard Adam ask her in a low whisper, “So...what's freaky Malfoy and his dad doing here?”

“What do you mean?” Roxanne asked him dryly while Perce gave a rude laugh beside her. Adam's pierced eyebrow and lip only made her cringe a bit but she didn't detect any real malice behind his words, only curiosity, “he and his dad are just here to buy some stuff for a birthday party.”

Adam raised his brows a little at her defensive tone but Roxanne was already inwardly cursing herself. She had been defending Benjamin and his family for years and that was a strange habit to break, “Oh, well, I was just wondering. Merlin, he's even spookier up close,” the boy said while leaning away from her. Roxanne rolled her eyes, “its those eyes of his, you know? Its like he doesn't have a soul.”

“That's not even nice and you know it—” Roxanne started, though her voice was drowned out by Perce's laughter. “Shut up, Perce!” she snapped.

The sound of their father's voice broke up whatever fight had been about to ensue and she was relieved for it. “Angie, you're back! I knew my body started getting all tingly for a reason,” Adam and Perce roared with laughter, looking chummy.

Roxanne suspected that Adam's rude words comments about Benjamin had won her brother over a little. It made her a little sick to her stomach and she distracted herself by watching Mr. Malfoy handling a tiny cage carefully, a pink Pygmy Puff purring at him from inside, “Georgie, I'm having the same reaction,” their mother replied huskily.

“I see you've latched on to another man, traitor.” Her father replied with an exaggerated gasp. Mr. Malfoy's Pygmy Puff squeaked and chirped in agreement and she almost laughed, “thought redheads were your type?”

Adam and Perce were laughing loudly as Roxanne's mother grinned impishly. She gave her husband a flirtatious little wink, “Georgie, you'll always be my type,” that only made him puff out his chest as she turned her attention back to the boy, “Benjamin, you've gotten so big!”

“And then some,” Benjamin said suggestively, waggling his eyebrows.

Mr. Malfoy shot him a furious look even though Roxanne's parents were roaring with laughter. “Benjamin, don't be rude.” He chastised and his son heaved a sigh, shooting him a look that made her wonder what sort of tension they were experiencing at home.

When her parents eventually stopped laughing, Roxanne's father asked curiously, having spotted Adam finally. “What are you doing here, anyway?” and when the boy explained about getting something for his girlfriend, he gave a very serious nod. “I see, I see, that's some serious business. Beautiful girl, why not go show him some stuff in the Wonder Witch section?”

Roxanne wasn't sure if she liked the hopeful look on his face and shot Perce a glare when he started to smile smugly. “Why not, Rox?” Adam asked happily while slinging an arm around her shoulders and causing Benjamin to shoot him a dark look from the corner of his eye.

“Uhm, I'm not sure if I could help with that,” Roxanne muttered uncomfortably, feeling the trail of Benjamin's eyes on them before he looked away. Her mother was still chatting away to him before turning her attention to his father, going on in embarrassing detail on how handsome and tasty he looked (Mr. Malfoy actually blushed at some point), “I don't even really know your girlfriend,” she muttered.

Adam gave a careless shrug and pulled her closer to his side with an exaggerated sigh that made her laugh. “What's to know, Rox? She's a girly girl. Anything pink and frilly would do. Bianca made me stay with her for two hours looking at gloves and scarves and whatnot in Beauty Within—erm, sorry,” he said hastily at Benjamin and Mr. Malfoy.

Though he hadn't said anything negative about his wife's shop, Mr. Malfoy just gave him a nod. Benjamin on the other hand shot him a nasty glare that was only made worse when he flicked his eyes to her embarrassed face, “How about I get your stuff wrapped up for you, Malfoy?” her father asked, breaking the little silence that had fallen easily.

“Sure, I should be heading back soon. Benjamin, are you intending on paying for those?” Mr. Malfoy asked with raised brows, nodding his head at the boxes of fireworks in his son's arms. He received an annoyed glance, “I'm not sure if your sister would like the fireworks so much as your brother, something always explodes,”

That made Adam laugh. “Sounds like my dad,” he said while leading Roxanne towards the Wonder Witch section, ignoring how she couldn't return his enthusiasm. When she chanced a glance over her shoulder, she was surprised to find Benjamin staring at her, the look in his eyes so dark and heated that it made her blood boil.

His eyes, blue-brown and narrowed seemed to possess enough heat to burn Roxanne to the core. Chills danced on her skin and she forced herself not to think of kisses and touches and caresses... seeing the memories echoing between them before she forced herself to look away. “You all right, Rox? I know helping me get something for my girlfriend is awful but I'll make it easy on you and not keep you all night,” Adam was saying to her, noticing her face.

“I'm fine, I'll, uhm, help as much as I can.” Roxanne replied with an easy smile that she didn't feel. The press of Benjamin's eyes were still on her back and she wondered if it were her imagination that she had caught a flash of envy in them. It had to be a joke because he had made it more than obvious that he didn't care about her and she turned sharply away, willing the tug pulling her to him to stop.


Nighttime in Diagon Alley was noisy and loud, drunken voices and pub doors ringing in all directions. It wasn't a peaceful sound but over the years, Roxanne had been able to sleep without a care in the world, comfortable even in her Uncle Fred's room despite the sadness that she got occasionally of having it. There were no lingering traces of him here but Roxanne could feel whatever energy he left hanging about, though she was certain that it was mostly her imagination. Most people assumed that her brother would be here in Uncle Fred's room but her parents had decided that it being a much larger space would suit a growing girl better.

Over the years, she had flooded every space with furniture, toys and masses of clothes, wondering sometimes if Uncle Fred minded much that she had painted the room pink and pale blue. Fierce posters of her favorite Quidditch players took away from the extreme girlishness of her room, while photos and little trinkets on every available flat surface hinted at a childhood that she still loved.

Roxanne couldn't sleep and rolled over onto her side, the softness of her bed as fluffy as a cloud. Though her covers were light, her pillow soft and the familiar shadows of her Hogwarts trunk, desk and clothes soothing her body into a state of relaxation, her mind was whirling. Sometimes when she got this way, it would only take a few moments of counting dragons before her eyes grew heavy but tonight was different...nothing she'd tried for the last half hour had caused her to grow tired.

Whenever she managed to close her eyes, she seemed to relive every moment with Benjamin in jarring detail. It felt more than cruel that he had come back into her life right at a moment when she had started to feel a little peace, when she had been forcing herself to get through the day without crying. But now, the taste and scent of him was flooding back...she was remembering the look in his eyes when he had told her to leave and get out of his life.

“Bastard,” Roxanne muttered, pressing the heels of her hands into her eyes to try to block the memories out. It was so difficult when she felt that tug and pull even now, even with Benjamin being safely tucked away at the Manor...laughing with his family and putting it all from his mind. She didn't expect him to have his mind centered around her while with his family but she wasn't sure how he would react to her later at Hogwarts and if she would be strong enough to tune him out.

If she had been braver, she would have asked her mother for advice but she didn't dare confess to her troubles. The disappointment would kill her and Perce had only made it worse with all of his questions today and later, practically shoving Adam Jordan into her lap. “Ugh,” Roxanne groaned with distaste, rolling over onto her side and punching her pillow for something to do, “not my type at all, Perce,” she grumbled after she'd finished.

Though her brother knew that she didn't care about Adam, he had been overly nice to the boy during dinner. It had pained him, obviously but Perce had made it more than apparent that he thought the boy would make a much better boyfriend for her, their father appearing oddly hopeful even when he tried not to show it.

Roxanne knew that her parents weren't stupid, they had shot her worried looks during dinner and every mention of Mr. Malfoy and Benjamin had made her pale. It was so pathetic— Ping. Ping. Ping. Startled, she shot up in bed, thinking that she was hearing things but when the sound came again from her window, she stumbled out of bed, tripping a little as she wandered to it.

There was an alley down below and as she pushed her window open and looked for the source, she was amazed to find the familiar shape of Benjamin's silhouette. He was looking up at her, hand thrown back to toss one last rock before letting it slip from his fingertips and Roxanne felt her heart nearly stop, unable to utter a word.

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